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RE: Shore Power 12V to vehicle

If it still has the 1993 converter, get it out of there. Since about 2000, a new line of smart converters has hit that will never boil a battery, will charge it hard when it needs it and burp it to keep it from stagnating. There is a company called "Best Converter". I have never done business with them, but others have. Installing an isolater would keep you from accidentally killing main engine (truck) battery and that may be very worth while having. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/30/20 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Shore Power 12V to vehicle

Baddog, You have a lot to not worry about there. If the converter is something newer dirt, then it won't care about the output from the main engine alternator. Again, if that converter is a decent piece, it will not hurt the vehicle battery any more that it would hurt the bank in the camper. What you should do is look up the model of the converter and find out how smart it is. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/30/20 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Are all RV's noisy and rattle?

I was shocked. We had unloaded the coach for the winter, and then I needed to pickup the boon for a friend's sailboat. I can fit 13'6" in easily, but do not have a truck. So, I drove the coach. Without all the stuff in it, it was a lot quieter than usual. We do separate pans and stuff so I don't know what all that noise was, but it was gone. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/30/20 11:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Grey water pump into portable waste tank

Get one of these. With my Dewalt 18v drill it will pump 5 1/2 gpm and will work pumping gray water. I use one to transfer fresh water from a tank in my truck bed into my RV holding tank. Works really well and cheap.Drill pump Can you tell me why you want to put water INTO your holding tank? Matt
Matt_Colie 06/29/20 09:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Can an RV even get East of the Hudson?

This was a year we were supposed to go east (Down East as we say). It looks like apart from unloading the firearms and such, we may not be able to go through New Jersey, New York and Connecticut without stopping for two weeks. Is it really that bad there? Can we get a permit to drive through and not stop? Matt
Matt_Colie 06/28/20 09:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Decent inexpensive modified sine wave inverter

Pretty hard to beat Triplite. I have to disagree. I was a loyal Triplite client until I bought a UPS that with that name on it. After about four years the internal battery went bad. I tried to decase the unit to replace it. I could not figure out how that would not break some plastic, so I called them and was told that the UPS (not cheap one) was not a serviceable unit. It was intended to be scrapped. I didn't do that, I did buy an APC replacement and the Triplite is in my shop in pieces so I can salvage small parts from it. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/28/20 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: A Minor Consequence of Touch Screen Technology

I am close to Guy here. While I have been around this stuff since the beginning, I still fight to do things that used to be possible with key-strokes as opposed to letting go of the keyboard to find the mouse. The worst was my new laptop is one that can also be a tablet. The other day while trying to point out something to my wife, I touched the screen.... It took way too long to get back to where I wanted it to be. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/28/20 09:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Decent inexpensive modified sine wave inverter

When our original refrigerator dies (of course a few days before a departure), I found a dorm reefer that would fit and then stopped at Hazard Fright and bought their 750/1500 modified square wave box (I refuse to use the word sine in this context). It was a complete success. Now comes the adventure.... I managed to repair the unit, a wife does not want it back as the new box worked better. But, she did not like the arrangement of the freezer compartment at all. So, a year or so later, we found one at a big box that she liked and the out side dimensions were about the same. In it went and I sold off the other two. Down the road a couple years, we were just barely out bound when the magic smoke leaked out the HF inverter. As we were actually closer to the store than home, for 39$us+tax we pick up a replacement and bought the warranty this time. I took the dead one back and the replacement has been riding with us for years now. It also serves to provide the AC to power the laptop and many other things as it has a lot of reserve power. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/27/20 09:05am Tech Issues
RE: Ran over Gator

Realtor Rick, I hate to tell you this but, the failure of retreads is not much different than that of first moldings. Retreads are prohibited on the steer wheels (I think that is DOT and not just state) and there are other limits as well. Time was I ran lots of retreads and had little issue apart from the fact that tires were an expense just a little below fuel. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/23/20 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: 220V circuit for electric dryer

deleted duplicate
Matt_Colie 06/23/20 03:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 220V circuit for electric dryer

In 1973 I was an engineer at Thetford. The GMC motorhome was introduced. They were all built with for a 50 amp (14-50) service. It was widely believed that all campgrounds would be going this way and the simple reasons were that coaches were getting bigger and needed more A/C and things like microwaves were being installed. Well, flash forward 40 years and they were wrong. I would have thought that for the cost of the extra copper, no park builder would limit to 30 amp. I am wrong, I have even been in newer parks that only have 15 amp (R6-15) at the site and not even 20(R6-20) and yes, they are different. There were some GMCs that went for other upfitters that are only 30. Some have been retro fitted to 30 with another 15/20 cable for another A/C unit. I was told that this was because it was too difficult to wrestle that 50 amp cable. I don't have a problem with it. I did talk to one owner that was under the impression that if he wired the sites for 50, he would need to have a meter for each site. Well, Edison also sold the light bulbs, so he used to bill based on the bulbs you owned. Then he invented an accumulating watt hour meter for billing. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/23/20 03:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Grey tank mysteriously filled

As soon as we moved to a boat with pressure water system, I decided I liked noisy water pumps. Shortly after departure, someone made a mistake and so pumped most of the potable water onboard overboard. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/22/20 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: How do you folks plan travel for long distances?

I have no good answer, but at 40$us/year RVtripwizard did not work for us. That was decided after paying for three years and only getting to use it for two and then it was still a failure. First off it is a webapp. Even though we do carry wire, we are out of good coverage (even with a 3ERP repeater) that it has zero value underway. This means that the day's route has to be loaded to the navigating GPS before departure, and if you deviate from that route, you better have a good way to deal with it. When any of our GPS would revise a route to meet the current situation, it has universally been a disaster. That has been true of Garmin, Rand Macnally and Magelan. Our newest as last Street Atlas is now 6 years out of date and wasn't very good then. I am waiting for either completely universal cell/web coverage, or a standalone planner/navigator to give us some good direction. As you can see I have disappointed by Garmin. They bought Delorme and then dropped that line. They still make a good GPS, but don't even try to read the device instructions or use it for more than an "This is where we are now" application. Well, I'll step off this milk crate and go about the day and continue planning at home only and on paper charts/maps. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/21/20 09:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Venting Indoors

OK Wines.... There are two very related issues here. The vents in a sewer system of an RV are for two purposes. The vents on the gray water runs are to keep the flow from pulling the traps dry. Those you could cover with an air admittance valve. But the vent on the black tank has to accommodate the outgasing of the biological activity. This is the one you need to get outside. That black vent does not need to be huge. It can actually be choked to something small and still function. Boats do this all the time because few can afford the 1-1/2 vent through a weather deck. Now, can you see thought some of the edge of ribs in the steel roof? Get the largest piece of plastic pipe that you can push though there. There may be places between the panel joints that are not nailed, go to one of those. Join that up to you vent header. If you still get anything back, go outside and put a Ell up and another foot of pipe so the draft over the roof takes the outgas away. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/18/20 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: My dad worked on this

This was an unfortunate thing, but a cousin to my wife worked on the program admitted to me that much of the reason the program was dropped was that is was so riddled with soviet spies that the US (we) would not cooperate and assist in the needed testing and upgrades to the power plants. He did say that the aircraft was amazing. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/17/20 08:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Flat Leaf Springs- Replacement Required?

Get it to a scale and then go find a truck spring shop. They can fix it right the first time. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/16/20 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: First Aid Kit Contents

When you have the kit, put a card in it that has: A - Specifics of those that travel with you B - What you need to do to use your phone as a way to summon help C - Have an App like iTriage that will provide direct medical support information. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/16/20 08:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Small Class C with out tow car

We don't have a C, what we have is a very small A. At 23', we have never found that we needed a towed. We did have one for a while, but quickly found that it was more trouble than it was worth unless you want to go 4-wheeling. We have a pair of bicycles to get around the rare big campground and I never have to worry about what is happening with the towed. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/16/20 08:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it just me !

From what I have read, there are still a few private yachts and small planes lost at irregular intervals. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/16/20 08:09am Around the Campfire
RE: long term non-use/storage

Steve, You are in boat country. Barrow a battery to start it and then find someone (they are all over around here (down river) that knows how to "fog" an engine for storage. We do this all the time around here. Worst that happens with a vehicle is that the O2 sensor (~20$) will die because they don't have much sense of humor when it comes to oil. Block it up to get the weight of the tires and if it is over soil, spread a poly sheet under it so the condensation doesn't rot the frame. For one year, start with the tank full and stabilizer in it. If it gets on to three years, you will want to dump that fuel. No lead lasts better than the old fuel did because the TEL doesn't age out and the alcohol absorbs the moisture. Do that, and she will wait for you. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/11/20 06:26pm General RVing Issues
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