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RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

I signed on to FB when DW told me that the GMC group had a good number of local owners that were not part of or even unaware of the existing community of owners. From that I managed to get maybe a dozen of the two or more dozen into out Saturday lunch group. That was a good start, but I am not sure if I am going to try to revive it even though Michigan is not as locked down as it was. The most disturbing thing was the level of bad - Even dangerous advice presented there. Our coaches are all old and not many know of their special requirements. None on that is all that involved, but some is different than the truck-based RV. So far I have seen bad advice taken three times and the end result was that the repairable coach was sold as scrap when the event ended. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/10/21 08:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Marathon driving

Prior to our both being retired, we do some Bonzai Driving. With a log book that shows a 1101 mile day to show for it, we have dropped this entirely. I set the planner for 8 hours of driving and do my best to make that work. Life is better this way. Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything. Charles Kuralt Matt
Matt_Colie 05/09/21 09:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traveling around Lake Michigan

The ship wreck museum at Whitefish Point is out of the way, but a great stop. Worth the diversion. When you get to Sault Saint Marie, drive by the lock visitor center and drop someone to go in and look at the board that gives approximate passage times. Take a picture of the board with a phone and go to either camp ground as both are pretty nice. Be back there for the passage. The times on the board are a guess and often off by some. Arrange to get back there to be in the "peanut gallery" to watch them flush a real ship though the lock. There are three museums in town. The River of History is good, but is closed Sundays. The ship Valley Camp is a ship size Museum. There is a tower that is part of the set, but unless it is no additional cast on the tickets, don't bother. I haven't been there in a few years, but I can't imagine it has changed very much. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/06/21 10:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dead batteries

Poppy, As said, try to jump start it, but don't plan to idle the main engine long enough to recharge either the chassis or the house banks. Nothing good happens to an idling engine. As soon as you can, start the APU (on board generator) and use that to charge the house bank. While that is happening, find out how to cross link the house to the main engine battery and use your existing converter/charger to charge that as well. Be ready, as dead as they may be, they may take a day to recover. They also may not recover. I have some dead AGMs in my shop right now that have not recovered. I have been trying for a while. It's a total **** shoot. You will have to do the full diagnostic to know what you have to replace. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/06/21 10:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which of these 3 battery brands would you choose?

John, My T-105s are not AGM. Of the other two, I'm not sure. Decca is a manufacturer and interstate makes a few, but I don't think that they make any AGM Good Luck, Matt
Matt_Colie 05/04/21 06:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disc brakes temperatures

As someone that has been doing this for years, I can tell you that the results can be confusing until you understand what you are looking at in very complete terms. The walk around did tell me that a rear wheel bearing was just a little too tight. The red numbers were right and I got that fixed before it became an expensive issue. Our classic (boarding on antique) coach is a disk and drum set. I am also paranoid because it is old (so am I) and I really like to head off problems before they are expensive. We did have a caliper hang up and the routine temperature walk around told me about it early on and it was an easy fix. What did puzzle me most was that when I did the walk at a mid-day stop, all the brakes on one side were hotter than those on the other.... We had been going west and the left side was hotter. When I was the reverse when we were home bound.... We now have an IR gun dedicated to the coach. Matt
Matt_Colie 05/02/21 09:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: SiO2, Lead Crystal, Soneil Batteries

At the end of this sailing season, I will report how well the FireFly Carbon Foam batteries I just installed in a client's performance cruiser. Because most of the deckspace is working area, the solar portion is very limited. I am going to have to find a bigger alternator that is no larger because what the main engine is came equipped with is only 50Amp and that may take a long time to recover the pair of ~110Ah Gp 31s. Trick is finding one with a tachometer output. Firefly says that these can be discharged to less the 50%SOC with no reduction in capacity. If I can qualify this, I will let you know. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/30/21 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Tom, I have done diagnostics on systems that looked a lot like your situation. I am guessing that the ACC circuit comes out of a gang plug on the ignition switch... If that is the case, can you identify that wire? If you can, remove that wire from the gang plug. This is just about always possible, but it is never easy (we seem to be way past easy) and it may take a special tool to release the latches that hold that connector in the plug body. When it is loose, now at least you can power things up and fine out what is not working. That may lead you in the direction you need to go. Now that the system does not blow the main fuse, it might blow a single fuse for a single part of the ACC system. This could be your bast bet to track down the problem. You can now get things started. Next cheap, dirty and very effective search method. Now that the problem circuit is isolated, feed it power through a good sized light bulb. I have a collection of bulbs with wire leads attached but I do this more than most people. When powered up that light should light up - if there is the solid ground you reported. Now here comes the simple and cheap part. Get a small compass. The current in that wire is creating a magnetic field that you can follow. You won't be able to follow it when it is inside the frame rail, but any place that wire is exposed, you should be able to identify it. Sorry, I had to put a break in here. The compass needle will lead you along. Just keep looking for the indication of current flowing, when you no longer get that, the short to ground is behind you. Please keep us informed what you find or don't. Everything matters. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/26/21 05:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is the year of the coach based on the year of the chassis

This will continue to be a PITA for most self-propelled RVs. Because EPA, DOT and MVSS regulations are all tied to the model year of the chassis, RV upfitters can no longer identify the unit by their own model year. Years back, the final upfitter would assign a VIN of their choosing, but as soon as the powers that be forced the 17 character VINs as a primary certification, that all had to change. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/25/21 03:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Streets & Trips Replacement

Randy, You and I are in the same situation. I traded between S&T and SA regularly and finally settled in with SA because it was the last one on sale. Google Maps can layout a path, but as it web app, changes underway require that you find wire (old term for getting internet access). For us this was a complete stopper until we put a repeater in the coach and even then, if there is no signal, there is nothing to work with.... They say that you can down load the charts (maps) in advance, but that assumes that you know where you are going and we often are not at all sure. GM also will not follow your onboard GPS. This makes it more or less useless as an enroute navigator. I really liked the way it could be updated enroute, and when you stopped for fuel or the overnight at a different than planned time, the change would wrinkle trough the entire plan. Someone told me that CoPilot can do most of this, but I have not had the time to learn enough of it to say that for a fact. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/24/21 12:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Magnetic Map of US states visited

LindaAnn, Ours is in the living room and I had to make it by getting a magnetic white board and a nice size map and using Dry-Mount to put the map on the board. We did this because Mary collects refrigerator magnets. We also got some stick on arrows. I printed a string of numbers and -dry mount again- stuck numbers to arrows and magnets. Makes a nice display. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/18/21 03:42pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Paducah, Kentucky question

Reader, As I recall, and we are museum people, there was a railroad museum that was worth the effort only if you were in town already. The quilt museum is a real experience even if you don't care about quilts at all. But most of all, drive the entire flood wall for the murals.... Matt
Matt_Colie 04/13/21 11:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5050 miles in 9 Travel Days

I won't tell you about one extreme entry in our log, but I now travel with more relaxing exposure and firmly believe: Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything. Charles Kuralt Matt
Matt_Colie 04/13/21 11:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Multimeter Question

While I like BB's breakout a lot, I have been in the "camp" with Boon Docker and YC1 for lots of years. Most of my service meters are so old that they have the long probes, but I still like to go at it from the side and bottom to get the pins that matter. Now, If I could find one of those things like RK911 has, I would get that. Matt - got a bad hit one time, it still causes problems 50+years later.
Matt_Colie 04/12/21 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Class C that's easy to fix?

Well Et, This has been a really good thread and a lot of knowledgeable people contributed. What does bother me about a lot about your plan is RV elephant called structural rot. If you buy anything that has a hard corner roof, watch out..... Few class Cs live long enough to need serious engine work. So that is just not an issue. Most RVs are a type of construction often referred to as "stick and staple". That does not sound very substantial does it?? Well it isn't. Want an example? Go to Camper Woman and read. She bought a TT that looked real good. It turns out that it only needs everything above the frame.... Most RVs that are this construction have this problem. They were built to last 10~15 years. If you manage to acquire something this age, be ready for an interesting time. At about this age, all the rubber parts are shot. So, if the house is good, no big problem. Just plan to replace all the hoses and belts. This means brake and fuel as well as all the coolant hoses. While you are at this, flush the coolant and the brake fluid. This will kind of happen automatically when you take the hoses out. The coolants anti-corrosives will be depleted, and the brake fluid will probably have moisture in it. Cost?? If you do it yourself? All told less than one thousand dollars - typically (Most in my circle have done this at least once.) Regular maintenance is essential for reliability. Our coach is a real odd-man-out. It is 48yo and now on the second overhaul of the engine at about 170k. It should not have needed it, but it broke a piston. It still needs very regular maintenance. Grease is cheaper than parts..... Matt
Matt_Colie 04/12/21 05:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Model PD9280A converter problems

Travel glampers, I have to say that this is most uncommon. I have installed a significant number of PD92XX (new or replacement and PD40XX (panel service replacement) and never had only a single issue that the people managed promptly. It was a defective unit. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/05/21 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Black tank

I have a 2018 Bounder does the black tank have a vent from the tank ? SSSooo, It better have one. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/05/21 10:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: gas mileage

This has to be the line of the year. "way2roll wrote: "It gets great mileage for an apartment". I hope he won't mind if I borrow it. We had a bumper sticker that stated: "There is more to life than MPGs." The one above is better. (That bumper had to be replaced.) I am one of "those kind" of engineers that lives his life at the bottom right corner of a spreadsheet. I know exactly what out coach costs us. I never regret that expense. We have been to and stayed in places where, without a self contained accommodations, it would have been massively impractical if not impossible. Sure we could pack ourselves and the dogs in a small car and go between motels, but with the price of a motel these days.... Not many have kitchens and you may have to get out of your night clothes to get a cup of coffee. You can get really tired of restaurant food, and where do you stow the leftovers?? Yes, my coach is old (classic bordering on antique) and so requires a lot of attention to maintenance. But I can do that myself. She is all paid for and even the expensive parts are not that expensive. Matt
Matt_Colie 04/03/21 11:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toilet lasted 22 months, replaced it

So, The old pot that lasted less than 2 years was a Thetford product. Did you know that if you try to order parts directly form Thetford in Ann Arbor Michigan, they wait three days before they ship anything? I don't recognize the new one, can you tell us what you just installed? Matt
Matt_Colie 03/31/21 09:53am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What do you use for local travel once camped up?

Well Chester, It all depends on what your situation actually is..... We have a small almost antique coach that is barely larger that car size, and shorter than some pick-ups. We do carry a pair of folding (I often call inflatable) bicycles and they serve us well. We do not tow the towed anymore, it was just too much worry and hassle. As it takes mere moments to clear away the utilities if we have bothered to hook up. I go someplace that we know we will want convenient local travel, we just rent a car on the way into town. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/31/21 09:43am Beginning RVing
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