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RE: Rooftop ac repair

Mike, Nice Silphos job. I have to wonder why you didn't braze in the access fitting. Cheap trick from an old reefer mechanic (that is who taught me), get power on the compressor give it a shot with a soft faced hammer. It may just start, and you sure have nothing to loose by trying. It worked the once he showed me and twice more for me. He told me that this may work because when a pump (compressor) is run charge short, something happens to the lube oil. Good Luck Matt
Matt_Colie 06/19/19 11:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batteries

We own a 2006 Fleetwood Bounder 32W, Ford chassis. Want to confirm the correct wiring of the house batteries. Wire from rear of MH connected to POS of rear battery, NEG of rear battery is connected to POS of front battery, NEG of front battery is connected to wire from front of MH. Is this the correct wiring??? Phil, I hope I am not understanding what you have.... In basic terms, positive should attach to positive most of the time. The exception to this is if there are two jars (batteries) that are in series to provide a higher service voltage. This is the case where your house bank is a pair of GC2s (6Veach) strapped together to make a 12V bank. There is also an issue with having the parts of a series bank in different locations. The temperature of any jar in the banl may matter. This does not sound like what you are describing. I don't know if you can find wiring diagrams for a Fleetwood Bounder, but it is worth a try. Come back if you can assemble another question. That is why some of us are here. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/19/19 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Michigan & The Great Lakes bound, July 2019

Hi Friends, I'm planning a 3-week motorhome trip for my family of three from our home in Connecticut to the Great Lakes region. None of us have ever spent time in that area but it looks like Michigan has a lot to offer in terms of beauty within a reasonable driving area. Without knowing that part of the country, I hesitate making advance reservations out of concern that we may limit our flexibility. My question to those who know Michigan and the other Great Lakes states, is it ill-advised to wing it in July? I do understand that finding a campground on weekends would be tough but how about during the week? Also, can you please name some must-see locations? Thank you in advance. Steve Steve, As a refugee from the megopolis (used to live in Mystic/Stonington) I can confirm that Michigan has a lot to offer. But first, travel advice: Cross the Hudson at Newburgh. Take I-84 to I-81 by Scranton and then drop to I-80. When you get to Akron, you need to do some careful navigating and hook up with I-77 north to I-90. Stay with that until you see signs for SR-2. That is a good and pretty fast road all the way to I-280. It does become 2-lane part of that way, but it still is fast. Run I-280 to I-75. After a couple of miles on I-75 start looking for Alexis Rd. Open GasBuddy and start shopping. Fuel is more expensive in Michigan.... You could make the run here in one day. (Back in the day, we made runs east to visit grands in a single pull regularly.) I don't have an ONP to suggest. Word of warning. Do not do stupid things in Ohio. the Ohio Air Farce targets out of state plates. Overnight parking can be an issue in Ohio, at some of the turnpike rest areas (you won't be near) they have RV parking areas that they charge for and we never stay there. Now questions for you.. Museums? If museums, what is special interests? Scenery? The Henry Ford is an amazing museum of the 19th and 20th century. It is attached to Greenfield Village (separate admission) that is kind of a middle America Mystic Seaport. RV parking there is sometimes an issue. The Yankee Air Museum is still there, but suffered a disastrous fire some years back. There are other museums all over, but without a hint, and only thing I can do is guess, and With the exception of Sleeping Bear Dunes, there is not much for scenery in the lower peninsula. The upper has some falls and the Pictured Rocks Lake front. Campgrounds may be tough to get into, but there are lots of places to ONP if you are self-contained. Let me know what you think you want to do and I will try to be an effective native guide. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/17/19 02:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fleetwood Niagara PUP - Weird Electrical Issue

I can tell you right where the short is..... IT IS RIGHT THERE...... Negative to positive and negative to positive will get you NOTHING but Heat... It is a pretty safe bet that nothing got hurt because it was dead before it go started. If you have anything at all, then one jar has been successfully charged backward. I will have to suggest that both of the jars (batteries) are only good for a core deposit at this point. Get an new pair of Grp 29s and strap them in parallel (Pos to Pos and Neg to Neg) or a pair of GC2 (6V golfcart) and strap them in series. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/16/19 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Installing a clean out at home

I’m having a slab and hookups put in my side yard for RV parking. The clean out will tap into the sewer system from my property in CA. I want to make sure the Contractor is doing it right, so asking for guidelines from the group around: 1). How far away should the clean out be from the rig (away from the rig and/or downstream)? This is my most important question 2). Is there a pipe thickness/material I should be requiring? 3). For the hose hookup, is there a kind/brand I need to mandate? 4). Tips to make sure it doesn’t stink (like threaded cap, any shapes/slope I need to look for, etc.) Smoothio, Answers as I know them and may not be applicable to CA. (They have their own way for lots of things.) 1- It's your rig and your pad, put it where you want, but along the edge (so it is easy to mow around) and not too far from where the dump will be when parked. 2- Standard 4" DWV pipe is all it needs to be. (Basic stuff) 3- No. If the hose might be there longer than just to dump. you might get a male adapter to put the hose tapered collar into. 4- You do want a threaded cap for when it is not in use, but when it is, just do like you are in crowded campground. Mine is in Michigan and in grass so I set it up that I can mow right over it with the plug in. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/13/19 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best battery charger options

Sooner, You have an interesting situation.... It seems that the first thing you have to do is run a spreadsheet all about your power consumption. If you can't manage with what you have, change what you are doing.... Yes, bury the WFCO, I have never seen one perform to spec.... Don't count for much from the TV charging as the cable will be too small and too long to do much good. Having AGMs helps because they could be charged faster, and if you talk to either Progressive Dynamics or Iota, they can set a unit up to match the battery. The weight of the copper is all important. You only have to buy it once, but if you go short on it, you will pay for that forever. Yes, Solar is always on - except in Michigan (Sun is rare)- it can even work when underway, but it takes a lot of square feet to do very much good. It is still often a decent ROI. Good Luck there. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/13/19 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: On line source for Lifeline batteries?

For installations, I always get a bid from: www.powerstridebattery.com Matt
Matt_Colie 06/12/19 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Extension on Battery post

In about fifty years of doing boat electrics and all of the last ten before the depression ended the profit side of the work, I never put more than two lugs on a battery post. More than that and you are asking for trouble down the way. If you sit down with a paper and pencil and draw out the plan, you can get all of the jars connected and never have more than two connections on a post and also have the same number and length of jumpers in each string. This may sound stupid, but the balance of a multi-string bank can be upset by milliohms in one string. If you need a sensor lead to the bank or other very low drain attachment, don't put in on the bank directly, attach it at the other end of the feeder cable where it will not be subject to the corrosion and include a fuse. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/11/19 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: Series, then Parallel or Parallel then Series?

I always looked at it this way. Two 6v batteries is series may give a you more power but if one battery dies while you are out in the boonies, you are out of power. But if you are using 2-12v batteries in parallel and one dies, you can keep going, you just need to run your generator more often. Dusty Dusty has a point, but what he has not seen is that if one of the 12 jars develops an internal short (a very common failure) the (was) good jar will pour power into it until one or both explode. Even single multi-cell jars can explode, but it is much rarer than it is for hard parallel sets. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/10/19 06:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Parallel batteries and a question regarding reserve capacity

Well Mac, The golf cart batteries are the hot set up... They are designed to survive that sort of abuse. They are typically in the range of 220+/- ampere hour and can be depleted to 50% without damage. Lifeline AGM say that they can do this 80 cycles with no loss of capacity. What you are trying to figure out is the rating given because car battery manufactures did not want to be held to a 20 hour rate for Ampere-Hour capacity. What reserve means (kind of) is "How long can I leave the headlights (~25amp) and still start an engine" that doesn't need a lot of cranking (because it won't be there). That measure goes from 12.8V starting at 25amps until the terminal gets to 10.5V (iirc). At 10.5 most Lead Acid batteries have been harmed. You get to do this about three times before that jar is toast. Go with the golf cart pair in series. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/10/19 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Kona Electric Car

To date, I have queried four different EV manufacturers about towing 4-down and all said it was not advised but could not say why. I know why hybrids don't like it. One was a real engineer, and allowed as how it should not be damaging, but might void the warranty. It was he that I asked if the regenerative braking could be possibly be controlled remotely. He seriously thought I was joking and they I explained our position and issues. Wouldn't it be nice to arrive at the end of the day's travel to a fully charged EV Towed?? Now we just have to get someone to listen. But I couldn't even save S&T or SA so I'm not going to dream. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/09/19 09:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Zephyr Cove Charging $75 a night!

I was very personally ruined by the illegal abrogation. We could afford one of those high priced "resort" campgrounds if the excursion was only for one night and then home. As it is, I will continue to seek out less expensive locations. Yes, we paid a lot for the nights in Yellowstone, and at the Balloon Fiesta, but those were carefully planned and once in our lifetime events for us. We are never going to Key West. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/09/19 08:36am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Parking at Walmart

This is why it pays to call ahead and ask the manager. If we have any doubt, one of us will call and ask. The call usually starts with - we would like to stop at your store, do some shopping, then have dinner but remain until morning when we will be on our way. The response is typically positive. At one such place, we were told that there was a new ordinance against it, but the local police had no interest in enforcing it and the store had a policy that was the same. She just instructed us as to where she would like us to park. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/09/19 08:28am General RVing Issues
RE: First RV

How could I forget about fairgrounds??? Sterling State park is another nice campground That would be easy in my book. I think Sterling is very forgettable too. It is largely a shadeless parking lot. Half of it is FHU and the other is Eonly. The beach is OK. There are others, but she should decide what she likes and work RVpark (now Campground) reviews to think about them. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/09/19 08:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Can't find Mass Air Flow Sensor

Wiz, As a refugee of Detroit engine labs of many years, I can tell you that those codes only tell you what the ECU thinks is a problem. MAPS kind of come in two kinds. There are some that are hard mounted to the throttle body and others are off on a bracket somewhere with a small hose that goes to someplace on the intake. The ones mounted on the throttle body can get gummed up. They would sometimes accumulate fuel and such. Those can be cleaned with electrical cleaner. Just be real careful to not hit it too hard. If you stick the straw in and hit the button, that may kill it. Be sure to shake it nipple down when you think you are done. If it is on a hose, check the hose for cracks and blow some solvent through it also check the port where it is attached. Try cleaning it as recommended. They can go bad, but that was very rare. Our durability test were huge mile equivalent, but run in hours (weeks actually). We never figured out how to do more years in less time. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/08/19 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First RV

CF, PhilH has a good point about practicing parking at BHS. The other thing you should plan is to camp at least the first night in your driveway. That way you can discover how things work (or don't) when it is not critical. We have a Belleville zip, but are in New Boston. I can maybe help as I do know the local area. We seldom "camp" less than 4 hours away, but I keep tabs on what is local so I can tell others. In the above, at least two were missed. There is a camping area at the fairground that is largely FHU, but it is an open parking area. Then there is the campground at Lower Huron that is 0HU, and kind of pricey for that. There are lots of others withing an hours drive. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/08/19 07:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Best Fridge setups for stationary camping

As someone that has been running a "residential" for lots of years now, I think your first question you need to answer is," How many times and for how long will we be away from shore power?" If that answer is: Only when actually traveling - then put anything in there. Many contiguous days - then think about gas. We can run ours on a large inverter, but also other do not. It will keep for 4~6 hours if we pay attention. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/06/19 09:00am Family Camping
RE: How do you manage without a toad?

As we are more travelers than campers, I would expect that you might feel somewhat site-bound, but there are other considerations.... We travel in a small vintage A. As we can get into most parking lots, getting where we want to go and provisioning are not issues. Most of the time, we carry inflatable bicycles and they are great at the rallies or in the odd campground. I call them inflatable because in my world things that are carried at less than full size are all such. They stow under the dinette table and stay clean and safe. We had a towed for a while, but we live in Michigan with the most expensive car insurance in the country (that may change soon) and the cost was just not worth the price. Thirty plus feet will not close you out most commercial lots, but it may be rough at some attractions. If you are going to campgrounds and touring from there, it will have its charm. If you can tow a daily driver, then the added expense of rigging it to tow may be worth it. The best part of this is that you can change your mind later. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/04/19 05:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I need a RV mentor

Al, I did not follow this thread real carefully, but I have some experience to lay on you. As far a routine maintenance, if you cannot document that it has been done, it has not. Even with a coach that new (way newer than ours) some things will have aged out and not just tires. At that age all rubber parts like coolant hoses, fuel lines and brake hoses should be inspected. The cooling system and brakes should be flushed. The corrosion inhibitors in the coolant are depleted and the brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. If you can get under it to grease it, buy a nice grease gun and a couple of tubes of Valvoline Syn-power (~8$). This is expensive grease, but it is synthetic and will not run with high temperatures and contains molybdenum disulfide (so it can permanently stain anything). Caterpillar Desert gold may be better, but it is hard to find and costs way more. No Matter, grease is always cheaper than parts. Matt
Matt_Colie 06/02/19 06:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ohio to Mt. Rushmore

JCK, I have not been on either that way recently. But, Both Google Maps as AAA will get you reasonable information about construction and such. You can use the Online Triptik function of AAA without being a member, but there is something that you can't do and I don't remember what that is.... If you go out I-80, you might see the I-80 truck stop. (Like you would have to try to miss it.) The real restaurant there is nice if you feel like it, but you may want to park the rig on the north side of the lot and wander over to the truck museum. Parking at the museum is limited. You can get free ice water and 5¢ coffee at Wall Drug and there is a nice parking area at the north end of town, but it is just a huge tourist trap. Matt Matt
Matt_Colie 06/02/19 05:42am Roads and Routes
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