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RE: The perfect RV campground

I really didn't want to jump into this, but I now see that maybe I should. In all of our travels, we have probably paid for only a few dozen campgrounds aside from those where we attended rallies and then had zero choice in the matter. That situation has made me very sensitive to private space. Many of the campgrounds were we attended rallies worked very hard to earn the term "cramp ground". Some were as a writer posted were arranged so the neighbors slide (we don't have) was right at our window or door. But worse still to me those times when their sewer dump was so close to our door that it had to be watched for when entering or leaving the coach. I would hope that you could afford some space, Wisconsin is not high land value, but I do not know how taxes are there. If you can, offset one slip (I am a waterman) from the other to avoid the utility crowd issue. Another to put in the plan is that you have a slip inventory available. So, if a guest wants more space for a slide or awning, you van offer it (with an expected surcharge). Just make no issue of it. If the guest has a 102" wide coach and 4' slides, he can deploy them if he chooses to do so. You may find that a good portion of the owners have do not know the actual dimensions of the fully deploy rig. You can also have trees and have that in the inventory so you can offer satellite ready slips. I happen to like trees more than I like television, but I have heard about this enough. If you do have WiFi available, please make it clear that it does not have the bandwidth for streaming (IPTV). I no longer even try to use any campground internet as it has never seen any that was capable of more than simple e-mail. Oh, Yeah, I almost forgot... Have a number of slips prepared to cold weather guests. So, those should have heated water taps and metered full 50amp power. I am not sure what else goes with that, but we used to do most of out travel in October because of DW employment. In the north, freezing was an issue. Whatever, I wish you great success in this enterprise. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/28/20 11:53am Family Camping
RE: Battery Time. 6V?

Grit, This ended up in "General" which is not a TC forum, but I have a little bit to contribute. I do not know the brands you are asking about, but 200$us ea for AGM golf cart batteries is a decent deal. I can't do much better until I buy 10 at a time. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/26/20 08:53am General RVing Issues
RE: 6 volt batteries in series

for the last 60 years fisherpersons have used two 12 volt batteries in parallel to run their trolling motors. I have Never heard of this explosion. I certainly would not take this "fact?" into consideration on my setup. bumpy Bumpy, I have seen one (and only one) explosion in a trolling motor bank of parallel 12V. That happened when the owner tried to use it to crank the big motor on his bass boat. Trolling motor service is basicaly light duty and the related chargers are not all that powerful. That all works in your favor. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/26/20 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6 volt batteries in series

Matt, How about explosion/issues with 4x 6V for 12V? I have never seen or gotten paid to clean up after a bank of 6V that had problems. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/26/20 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: sceamig help for my 2000 rexall airbus

Code readers and now cheap. Real cheap gets you one that works with your smart phone. More money gets you one with a read out and a book of what the numbers mean. You can spend a lot more if you chose. They all work the same, they just tell what the ECU says it does not like. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/25/20 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: 6 volt batteries in series

I used to do a lot of work for pleasure boat owners. I learned some things. Should you decide to parallel 12V jars, please carry at least one full box of baking soda. You may need this when there is a battery explosion. This is unlikely in three years, still not bad by five years, but after that, the chance becomes much better. This is only for two batteries that are IDENTICAL and have always been together and are strapped to distribute the load equally. I have never seen an explosion of any 6V jars in series. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/25/20 08:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

Millenials and GenXers have it right. Only look at the cost per month and only pay that. If things go bad just go Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. That is how they sell 1000$ telephones and 1E6$ RVs. I can never again advise anyone to try to save for retirement. I had done this. No big toys and no great vacations for the last 28 years (after the kids moved out was our first chance), it all went into an account to make retirement comfortable. Then came the abrogation. The regime decided that since they couldn't legally reward the labor organization that supported them well enough, they have to do something else. They did. Until that time corporate bonds had been treated as real property, like I owned a piece of a building or a 1Kton stamping press. Even if the company was forced to liquidate, I would still get most of my money back. That is not what happened. They decided that they could buy out our (the plan's) interest for 5¢/$. Then they put rules in place that made the cost to recover that 5¢ to be 3¢$. It was a little too late in my life for me to recover, so I have done the best I could with what I had left and lots of sweat. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/25/20 08:39am Beginning RVing

I think this is a great display.... While listing to the radio at breakfast this morning, the morning person was reading a list of what companies are doing what to supply both disposable materials like masks and gloves and other things like ventilators (that are now in short supply) by revising and re-tooling some existing manufacturing facilities. This is what America is all about. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/25/20 08:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Multi month trip planning

Veebyes and PawPaw n Gram, I am so with both of you. I cannot see the value in something that I cannot use if I don't have internet. It is a big shame that nobody will ever again know the planning and navigation power available with these program packages. The nearest to them was Copilot RV, but I never learned how to make it do all of what we want. It is still a resident maps package, but with an annual subscription. Maps should be good because they are now owned by Trimble. But having Garmin buy up Delorme didn't do us any favors. Furkot is every bit as good as TripWizard and it was free. When I last used it, it was suffering because they were having some disagreement about Goofall Maps. Now, Who Plans?? Before we departed on a 119 day ~11,000 miles excursion, I had a solid plan in place. Of course the plan had to be modified on the third morning because we found fuel at a very good price and then a museum that took more time than I had allotted, but those things have to be accommodated. When we travel our schedule is always loose. Veebyes: If you would like a copy of Street Atlas 2015, I could make that happen. That is the last published, and it was years out of date that season. I still use it because it is the only thing that works as an enroute navigator and can be updated on the fly so the ONP and fuel stops suggestions stay good. When we are in travel mode, we have the laptop with GPS running SA, and a road GPS for the driver that has been loaded with the day's plan before departure. It is then up to the navigator of the day to chase attractions with guide books and internet (if available) and make possible changes to the day or maybe future plans. We have had some amazing and wonderful stops. It works the other way too. One stop we were told was good for a whole day. lasted less than two hours before we were bored. These sort of things make revision underway essential. I did try this with RVT, that is why I never renewed it. We have always had a repeater and an outside antenna for cell service. Even with that, you can end up in dead areas once you are clear of the interstate. This is less common east of the Mississippi, but it still happens. While I know that part of my attitude is left over from the days that I had a name tag that said "Navigator" under my name, I developed a number of very good habits in those days. Things like managing fuel inventory and having confirmed places to moor for the night just take a whole lot of unneeded stress out of the excursion. In an unfortunate incident last year, we lost most of the 9yo laptop that had replaced the almost as old predecessor. I have a new one and it is running SA and a GPS puck and has been a good friend. If you have not tried this type of cooperative travel, you should. If the driver does not have to also be the navigator, it unloads a lot of the stress for that individual. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/22/20 11:42am Roads and Routes
RE: 1984 Revcon!!!!! Garbage or decent?

Revcon of that period were no part GMC. As you can see from the one picture, the took just the front drive part of a 4x4 and used that for the powerplant. As such, those parts should be available, but that could be a small part of the overall issue. Anything that old will need a lot of attention to make and keep it reliable enough to travel. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/19/20 08:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4-way Flashers not working

When you write that "they are not working", do you mean that they do not illuminate or that they do not flash. The fact that the turn signal indicators come on with the brakes indicates that the problem is with the hazard light switch itself as that should never happen. I suggest that you start there. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/12/20 07:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any photographer using Sequator for stars...

Nancy, Thank you for pointing up Sequator to me. We are planning to be at one of Michigan's dark sky parks for a while this season, I was hoping to do some star things. Now I have a better reason and a chance of success. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/08/20 04:32pm Technology Corner

I once broke down near Hot Springs, and managed to get to Unique Automotive Services in N. Little Rock. They pulled off some magic. I can't find the card or I would give you a phone number. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/05/20 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alternator power

You might just do a bit more of an on line search. Several times I have run into low output water turbines one looked a lot like an electric outboard. But to answer your first question, 1Hp = 1.3Kw. Automotive alternators are not the most efficient, but they sure are cheap. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/03/20 01:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding a 2nd Battery?

Plattpd, If you parallel two 12V jars that are less than identical, your result will be way less than the sum of the capacity. How much less? That depends on many things, too many to go into here. As a short term fix, it might be good, but carry a new box of baking soda. You may need it. I have seen very few battery explosions that did not involve jars in parallel. For reference, for a time our coach had a single 4D house jar. It could run the heat all night if I did not start it until we went to bed. We now have a pair of GC2 (actually T105s now) and that will run the heat evening into the next morning, but they are done. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/02/20 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Paint underneath holding tank to protect the plastic?

I don't think I would worry about that. My black tank is 46yo at this point and the only repair has been from road damage. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/01/20 09:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newbie to do first outing

You Know What Guy? It almost doesn't matter. Just get the paperwork from each and read them throughly. In 15 years and 70Kmiles+, we have needed help just twice. If you are in a state that has a AAA presence and you have RV+, they are as good as any other. None of them own the service/two trucks, they contract with local companies. FMCA has a road service plan, so does Coachnet and Good Sams. You have to read the fine print. If you can change a tire on your own or keep track of your fuel inventory, then there is not much need. If anything happens, it is going to cost you money. That is why towing is a big issue. Your insurance may offer towing. Matt
Matt_Colie 03/01/20 08:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing TT AC

Rfloyd, Not being a replaceable part means one of two things: The manufacturer does not supply an identical part to replace it. OR The failed part is buried in an assembly that make replacement very difficult. Neither of these is a reason to scrap the entire unit. Do you have a friend (or even a friend of a friend) that is an electric or HVAC smart person?? Offer said something of moderate value (dinner or glass encased substance) to look at the unit and see if he has an idea. Capacitors are nothing special. It pretty much has to be external to the refrigerant circuit, but it might be a physical problem that needs a creative solution. I am distressed that Domentic doesn't want to help you, but that is their choice. Oh, and when you get this figured out, sell the plan. There is nothing that they can legally do to stop you from selling a repair part that they will not supply. Matt
Matt_Colie 02/26/20 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Shenandoah NP to Great Smoky Mountains NP

We have only run the Blue ridge once and that was from Cherokee north and it was the very end of April and into May of 2010. The grades were no issue for our classic/antique motorhome, but being a sea level a person, I was not ready for it to still be winter at 5~6000'MSL. Craggy Garden was planned to be a stop for some hiking. We got there and were quickly convinced that we did not pack the proper clothes for that. There was a welcome fire going in the visitor center there and we talked to both of the people that were there. This changed our plan by some. We also go shut off traveling north at Pisgah. We had planned to EOD there, but the camp ground was not open. The crew that was supposed to do that was clearing the road of a late winter storm. Because the road was closed ahead and we would have to back track nearly 30 miles or go down the mountain. We went down the mountain. 1800' drop in ~3.8 miles of road on 1.5 miles of map.... Mary was driving, and I think I could have checked the taillights if I were paying attention to that. Altogether a good time that we may repeat some day. Matt
Matt_Colie 02/25/20 07:47am Roads and Routes
RE: Best RV trip planner

You are about 5 years too late. Delmore Street Atlas was better than anything else has been. The only problem now is that the charts are terribly old. With a GPS puck it can do everything you might need or want and there is no end to the POI files that can be up loaded. I could (and did) plan a 8000 mile excursion including all the end of day places a year in advance. Yes, the plan did require revision the third day, but with SA on the laptop that is easy. Changes made (like fuel stops) can wrinkle through the rest of the plan and still be good. If you are going to stick to the blue roads, it doesn't matter. But if not, you need it to still works when those little bars go away. So, if it cannot run without cell service, I don't want it. The is my stopper of RVTP. So, if you only plan to run blue roads and/or only ONP at crampgrounds with bad WiFi, then that is a good option. The only one that will plan and still work as an enroute navigator is Copilot RV and there are problems reported with getting it to find the GPS on a Win10 laptop. I plan to keep looking, but it is getting grim. Matt - Was once a real navigator.
Matt_Colie 02/24/20 11:14am Class A Motorhomes
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