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RE: Wheelbase question

From parking in truck stops, I know I'm a little longer than a 53' semi trailer. Probably about 55-56' or so. That's plenty. I'm concerned with getting the new truck with 20" or more wheelbase than my Excursion and pulling my TT with it for a few years until we get a FW. This is a slightly different question than where you began. Wheelbase (the distance between your axles) can give you a sturdier feel. On the F350, the difference between the two beds is 160" vs 176", or 10%, but I've never heard anyone complain about wheelbase as an issue with the F350. Considerations are usually more based on vehicle storage, room for gear, etc., as has been mentioned above. If I were in the market to tow a fifth wheel, the 16" difference in wheelbase would not be my deciding factor. That said, this second question is not one of wheelbase, but one of total length. The short bed F30 would increase your current total length by 23", the long bed would increase you by 39". On this, I stand by my earlier comment - in the scheme of things, when discussing a set-up that will be upwards of 60' long, I don't think you are going to notice an extra 16" as a particular difference as you are headed down the road.
Mickeyfan0805 09/22/20 02:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheelbase question

Your not long until your nearing the 60 ft mark. I'm just over 50 ft with the 5th wheel but 60 ft with my bumper pull car Very true. I'm just shy of 57' end to end with our bumper-pull. A FW of the same size would likely cut that total length by a good 5'. That said, once you are in that range, I'm not sure a 10% variance one way or another makes the difference, and the number of people pulling with shortbeds seems to indicate that it's not a world of difference. I think it likely becomes more an issue of priorities. The long bed will give you room for gear and/or a gear box in your bed, and removes the need for a slider. A short bed is a bit easier as a daily driver and will fit into a smaller garage if need be.
Mickeyfan0805 09/21/20 03:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Question on Jayco cargo carrying capacity

Interesting... the dry weight went up by 1,000 pounds from 2015 to 2016, but the GVWR stayed the same. Looks like the dry weight stayed close to the same from 2016 to 2017, but the GVWR jumped by 1,000 pounds. Seems as though they realized there were some weight issues growing as the trailer became more updated and buffed up their weakest links after the 2016 model year. That said, for the 2016, it's hard to tell what the 'options' were. Generator, residential fridge, larger awnings, cargo trays... the list goes on of what could have been considered options. Some of those larger items could have easily eaten up that 1,000 pounds.
Mickeyfan0805 09/21/20 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can my Pathfinder tow it?

You need to check all of the limits being mentioned above, and your weakest link is your limiting factor. To really know, you have t go to the scales. For a preliminary look, however, to really help provide useful responses we'd need: -Payload (according to the yellow sticker on the door jam) -Tow capacity of your Pathfinder configuration -Hitch ratings listed in your manual and/or on the hitch itself -Estimated total weight of occupants (you, family, animals, etc.) and gear that will travel in the Pathfinder.
Mickeyfan0805 08/25/20 02:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help Deciphering CAT Scale Weights

What the GVWR on your truck? I did a quick check online and it looks like 7300lb but you are at 7580lb already but you might have a different model from what I found. This is the piece of this conversation that I think is getting overlooked in all of this. What is your GVWR, and were you fully loaded, with both people and gear, when you got these numbers? You are not only over RAWR, but likely over your GVWR. If you weren't fully loaded, it means things only get worse from there. If this is a full load, WDH adjustment might help, but that depends on how much you are already dialed in - and you still may be be over weight. If you still have additional passengers or gear to load on top of the weights you are sharing, that just exacerbates the problem.
Mickeyfan0805 08/25/20 02:52pm Towing
RE: Lynx Levelers -- 10-year warranty ?????

My Lynx sets are 10 years old. Those that ride in the rig and come out while camping still look practically new. The set that sits under the tongue jack (and thus out year round in the sun) are heavily bleached but show no sign of cracking. I will be replacing that set this winter just to be safer than sorry, but I will order another set of Lynx to do so. I can't speak to the warranty question, but I've been very happy with mine.
Mickeyfan0805 08/24/20 07:58am General RVing Issues
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

Can you tell us what the other upgrades are? I haven't seem anything about them. It actually seems to generate a lot of confusion. If you look on the towing guides it will state that the max tow capacity is only possible with 20" wheels, but it does not say any more than that. This leads many to believe it is based solely on the smaller sidewall leading to less flex. This was my impression as well, and my clueless dealer told me no different when I purchased. It is not until you dig into the order guide that you see a bit more. There is a small note under the "Max Trailer Tow Package" line that says, Note: Max GCWR/Max Tow only achieved on SuperCrew® equipped with 20” Wheels. These trucks will also come equipped with max springs, steering gear and upgraded stabilizer bar for this configuration. While I don't need the max tow rating, and have no issues with power, these adds would have been a nice boon to truck stability had I done enough homework to understand before buying. They had the truck I wanted with both the 20's and the 18's. I didn't want to spend a thousand bucks on aesthetics, so I didn't. If I knew then...
Mickeyfan0805 08/20/20 04:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

Our 2018 F150 got flooded in the hurricane recently. Looking for a new 2020. We are finding quite a few F150's on the lot have 20" " chrome like pvd wheels, a 1295.00 option. I know the dealers are getting them that way for more $$. Question is has anyone got first hand experience with these wheels vs the 18" standard wheels? I know I can special order but don't really have time for that. Apparently the order process is delayed more than usual due to Covid. 2021 deliveries are late. Hardly any on the lots yet. Also if I were to special order I would get the HDPP package. Thanks If you dig into the details, you will actually find that there is more to that option than just the wheels. There are a few other structural upgrades that come with this option. If you look at the towing guides, you will find that you need the 20" wheels for the truly maximum tow rating on the F150 - the structural upgrades included are part of the reason why. I learned this hidden detail too late and have the 18's. I wish I'd known then what I know now!
Mickeyfan0805 08/20/20 10:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tongue Weight Calculation

Got it. Total weight of entire trailer including TW, Thanks Correct. Trailer Weight - 9,200 Tongue Weight - 1,500 Ratio - 16.3% It still seems a bit high, but if your tow vehicle can handle it, you should be ok.
Mickeyfan0805 08/19/20 08:36am Towing
RE: enough truck ???

I'm separating this comment from my previous because it addresses an entirely different issue. One of the common payload management strategies for 1/2 ton pickups is to move gear from the truck to the trailer - bikes, tool kits, wood...all of this is sometimes moved to the trailer to lessen the load on the truck. In your scenario, however, you have minimal carrying capacity on the trailer as well. 1,000 pounds of carrying capacity for a 30' trailer is very small. Your trailer is already likely a few hundred pounds above the 'dry' weight with filled propane, battery, etc. And, if you travel with water, that can readily add another 200-300 pounds or more to your. All this is to say that you won't have a lot of room to move things from truck to trailer without overloading the trailer. You will be tight all around.
Mickeyfan0805 08/19/20 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: enough truck ???

As many have said - ignore the book and know your numbers. When shopping for our F150 late last year, I was extremely picky about what we wanted. XLT trim, minimal upgrades, etc. All of this was because every upgrade comes at a cost of payload (those wonderful sunroofs can cost you a couple hundred pounds in and of themselves). Even the more subtle things like the FX4 package can knock 50-100 pounds of the payload. With all of this as background, my XLT shortbed CC has 1,870 pounds of payload. Many other XLTs on the lot were readily 100-300 below that due to options. The truck is a towing beast - it doesn't even blink at the 8,000 pounds I put behind it (except in the gas gauge!). It's your payload that will matter. With that trailer your hitch is likely to way somewhere around 1,000 pounds (give or take 100). Add another 100 for your WD hitch, and then add the weight of everyone and everything you have/will put in the truck (including aftermarket adds like bedliners, covers, carry bars, etc.). Compare that total to the payload listed on your yellow sticker and that will tell you where things stand.
Mickeyfan0805 08/19/20 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Ascent towing 4,400 pounds

Yep, the truck would be much better. Unfortunately, I don't think the specs work in the way he might think it does. The Ascent, per their website, caps out at 5,000 pounds tow capacity. If that 4,400 is GVWR, he's probably right at the limit of the ascent once loaded. If that 4,400 is dry, however, he's likely overloaded by a good 10-20%. Start talk about hitch ratings and payload and I'll bet you start finding other ratings that are out of line as well. You're dead on - cart before the horse. Sadly, not a new or unusual tale that we hear on these board.
Mickeyfan0805 08/19/20 08:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: TT storage criteria

All good points of input from BurbMan. Two others that jump to mind are accessibility and surface. Is it concrete? Overgrown grass that houses critters and snakes? Also, what does the back-in look like? Is it tight up against storage facilities and between two long trailers, making access difficult, or do you have more opportunity to straighten out and back in? Our current lot has been good, but I grow tired of having to have a spotter with me every time I park it in order to avoid getting out 5 times to check my blind corner while backing in on an angle.
Mickeyfan0805 08/18/20 02:35pm Beginning RVing
Bullseye dent in fiberglass rv

While washing our rig yesterday, I discovered a small dent in the fiberglass. The center of the dent is quite small, with concentric rings, like that of a 'bullseye' formation, extending out to about the size of a nickel. If it were up front or on the side I'd expect a small stone. Being on the rear, I'm not sure what happened. It honestly looks as though it was shot with a BB-gun. It is not especially apparent, but I'm a bit concerned about water intrusion leading to delamination. Anything I can do to try to repair, or at least secure, this dent so that it doesn't cause increased damage?
Mickeyfan0805 08/17/20 01:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dry vs Gross weight

I would disagree with that. Both trailers are more then likely to have the same axles under them. The second trailer just assumes you have more tongue weight then the first trailer, hence giving you a higher GVWR. Now if they have different axles under them, then you may have a point. But they only make axles in a few ratings, the difference in axle ratings are in thousands of pounds, not hundreds. Axles, brakes, tires - they all impact ccc. You'd have to analyze the components of each trailer to know where the differences are coming from, but to say that the difference in hitch weight is not accurate. For just one of what I know would be many examples if explored... Keystone Passport 2210RBWE GT: -Length: 26'3" -Dry: 4,796 -Dry Hitch: 560 -CCC: 2,704 Keystone Bullet 221RBSWE -Length: 26'8" -Dry: 4,690 -Dry Hitch: 490 -CCC: 1,720 Two nearly identical trailers, from the same manufacturer, and the GVWR for the first is 7,500 while the GVWR for the latter is 6,410. I assure you that they are not expecting that 1,000 pound difference to be because of hitch weight. Add in the single axle trailers that roll off the lot with barely enough ccc to fill their tanks, much less carry any gear, and GVWR is clearly not a tell-all rating. GVWR is one of many considerations, but it truly should not be used as a catch all.
Mickeyfan0805 08/06/20 10:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Dry vs Gross weight

I agree completely. The only difference is the one with the higher GVWR will have better brakes tires and suspension. And even that sometimes can be questionable. Absolutely - which simply underlines the point. My greatest fear of the 'Go by GVWR' mantra is that someone new to trailering would go out and buy a 5,000 pound trailer with a 6,000 GVWR over a 5,000 pound trailer with a 7,500 pound GVWR based purely on the advice that they should stay under 7,000 pounds GVWR. Both would be equally safe in regard to weight, but the first will quite possibly end up dangerously overloaded on the trailer side while the second will travel with capacity to spare.
Mickeyfan0805 08/06/20 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Dry vs Gross weight

IMO it is very fair to consider the CCC of a trailer in the equation - I've always pushed back against the generalized GVWR advice for that very reason. With the wide variance of ccc limits on these trailers, you have to be aware of it. A 4k trailer with a GVWR of 6k will be no different than a 4k trailer with a GVWR of 7k. Both start at the same weight and will be loaded the same - to consider one as ok and the other as too much is silly. Furthermore, you could find a 5k trailer with only 1k in ccc, which would also be 'ok' by the GVWR rule, and I wouldn't touch a trailer like that with a 10 foot pole! That said, there are two things I'd add to your consideration... First, the one piece I see missing from your calculations is the hitch weight. Your WDH is going to weigh another 100 pounds. If you are down to 720 after your family and gear, your real tongue weight limit is close to 620. Second, counting on 12% is a bit risky IMHO. While 12% is certainly within the range of acceptable weights, every trailer is a bit different. If your loaded trailer comes in more naturally at 14% when loaded, how are you going to reduce the ratio? Shorter trailers have less opportunity to shift the load behind the axles to accomplish this, so you could find yourself overloaded with a heavier tongue and no way to adjust it.
Mickeyfan0805 08/05/20 01:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

If this thread has done one thing for me, it has shown me the absolute arrogance and lack of concern for some people's dogs. While i have never reported anyone in a CG, that is going to change when i see dogs not being properly cared for. Thank you all for you input. The hypocrisy of naming the arrogance of another in such a self-righteously arrogant post is mind-numbing to me. I am convinced that most every campground that has a 'no dogs left behind' rule has it so that they have a basis on which to deal with a camper whose dog is problematic in some way. A dog resting comfortably and quietly in an RV is no one's business, and that campground doesn't want to deal with your pointless complaints. If you see active abuse of an animal in any circumstance - report it. If a dog is left behind, contrary to campground rules, and it is being particularly bothersome - report it. Otherwise, MYOB and stop walking around as though you know what is best for everyone and everything else in the world.
Mickeyfan0805 08/04/20 11:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Why remove dinette booth and replace with table and chairs

I've actually been muddling around with this one myself. We despise our U-shaped dinette. The cushions don't stay on the bench well, now that the kids are older it really only seats 3 instead of our 5, etc. The open space and flexibility of our table and chairs would be a real advantage. For us, however, it's not only interior but exterior storage that would be lost. Our hoses, power cables and levelers are all stored under that bench. I simply can't afford to lose that space, so we're staying with what we've got. That said, in a larger 5th wheel with more available storage, I'd opt for the table and chairs over the bench in a heartbeat!
Mickeyfan0805 08/04/20 08:11am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Florida closed to travel?

Was wondering what the possibility of Florida closing this winter to out-of-state residents this winter No one knows what will happen. That said, most state mandates I've seen, so far, have been mandatory quarantines, not outright bans. Thus, as a snowbird, you could travel down, quarantine for 14 days, and then go about your business.
Mickeyfan0805 08/03/20 06:53pm Snowbirds
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