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RE: Is this forum dead, wow

Yeh, I only visit here rarely anymore. Just had an awesome time in my new Pop Up.
Mike Up 09/21/19 11:49am Folding Trailers
RE: Hard Sided Pop Up Questions

We had two Trailmanors. I miss it. They were ideal for towing with a small SUV. We had the comfort of our Nissan Pathfinder and the use of a 1) 2001 2720 and then 2) 2001 3326. Truly comfortable, easy setup, low maintenance and did I mention easy towing? :) Great kitchen with full stovetop/oven, microwave and a huge kitchen sink. In 2720 we had a cabinet A/C which was great. We moved to a standard TT which we love but it's not the same. Only problem with the Trailmanor is the price. However, there are many used units at very good prices. Maybe in the future. Both of the Trailmanor campers looked significantly larger inside than your current funfinder but with a lot less storage space. My main concern with a Trailmanor is they look fragile and flimsy but I know owners love them as I haven't read to many complaints. A coworker had a Hi-Lo which Trailmanor took over. He loved his Hi-Lo and had nothing but good things to say about it.
Mike Up 09/16/19 12:00am Folding Trailers
RE: Hard Sided Pop Up Questions

The A-Frame Hard side pop ups are to small to be comfortable for me, even when alone. I honestly would rather camp in my 9' X 9' Eureka Tent. I downsized from a 29' bunkhouse TT to a 14' box (opened 25' living area) soft size pop up. I have tons of room, a bathroom with shower and toilet, and a slide out. Love how big it is and how open. What I hate is the lack of storage compared to my 29' TT BH but even a midsize or small TT would be lacking compared to all the storage I had. I tried to like the A frame pop ups but their lack of headroom, storage, living space just wasn't comfortable for me. You need to compile a list of your wants and needs and go spend some time in one, and go through the motions if as you were actually camping in it, and see if it would work for you. Good luck
Mike Up 09/15/19 08:04pm Folding Trailers
RE: Photo Thread - Post Your PUP Pics Here

Not sure if I have ever seen a slide out on a pop up camper. AWESOME! Thanks
Mike Up 09/04/19 03:21pm Folding Trailers
RE: A small Trailer for complete outdoor living

I think I could piece together something nicer for ME for far cheaper. That thing is expensive!!! "Starting MSRP $46,000.00 USD final price based on options" I would use a cargo box trailer, that has some cabinets and shelves, wired for electric 30A, windows and man door, an AC/heat strip, portable full size bed, make shift sink with battery or AC powered water pump, 7 gallon aquatainer fresh water tank, some folding chairs and a table, and an outside fold up table, portable grill and stove, and nice ice box or AC/DC portable refrigerator. Oh, here it is.The start of it. :)
Mike Up 06/26/19 08:54pm Folding Trailers
RE: Photo Thread - Post Your PUP Pics Here

Great-looking rig, MikeUp! Thanks, I appreciate it!
Mike Up 06/26/19 07:18pm Folding Trailers
RE: New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g, ready for camping

Mike, very nice pop up. When it comes do doing things "easier" there are lots of ways to look at that. I had a pop up that our girls grew up in. We had it for 17 years, moved up (?) to a hybrid and now have a regular trailer. I found our old pop up on Craigslist and bought it back about 3 years ago, fixed it up and turned it over to our youngest daughter. I love that trailer. Each move we made created issues for us. Things got easier for us in that we did far less packing before trips. All of the dishes, bedding and cooking utensils remained in the trailer. The refrigerator was a huge step up because I no longer had to pack heavy ice boxes out to the trailer. But, things did get harder for us in that access to some of our old places became much more difficult if not impossible. Storage of the trailer was harder, towing more complicated but the care of the trailer, while it did change, was not any more time consuming that what I put into the pop up. Setting up my current trailer actually takes much less time. Back it in, level it, unhook and you are basically done. I guess it comes down to your point of view. What is really important is that you enjoy whatever kind of unit you are using. I still miss the pop up especially when I have to put up a tent now at my favorite fishing spot because I can't get the trailer in. Your trailer looks great. I would love to have had something as nice as this all those years ago. Looks like you made a good decision. Enjoy every minute using it. Thanks! With this new floorplan, I'll be fine tuning storage options as I did in the previous Pop Ups. Every trip and thought, I'm changing around what is stored and where. I do have a lot of storage but nothing like I had in the 2012 Jayco Jay Flight 26BH bunkhouse travel trailer. That thing was like a storage shed. I think I had every table, chair, latern, and other stuff, in there with still plenty of storage area left. I mean a lot left. I actually found half I had in there hadn't been used in 6 years. I was literally using it as a storage shed. House cleaning was definitely needed!
Mike Up 06/23/19 11:07am Folding Trailers
RE: New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g, ready for camping

Next, the way the spare tire mounts is what I consider a major design flaw. The two big bolts that come thru the body are bolted to nothing more than paper thin plywood. After a couple of years, the bolts started pulling thru the boards on mine. A bracket really needs to be made that will even out the stress across a larger area. I now just throw the spare in the bed of the truck when going down the road to minimize the damage until I can come up with a better solution. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind and an eye out.
Mike Up 06/23/19 11:00am Folding Trailers
RE: New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g, ready for camping

PUGS Having a pop-up, I STRONGLY recommend these to be one of your first purchases. Not only will it keep the sun from boiling you inside the camper, it will instantly keep it about 15 deg cooler on the inside. Plus, it will catch all the tree sap and anything else that might fall on the bunkends. Second, Get some large rolls of Reflextix and cut them for the bunk end windows. Easy to store under the matresses during transport and it will give the same cooling effects as the PUGS, plus a little more privacy. I thought about both of those years ago when I had the pop ups around 2005. I honestly don't see a need for them. My AC and heat do fine in the bunkends and heat and cold had never been a concern. The one thing that kept me from getting them as a trial is the time to put them on and finding space to store them, beside they're really not cheap. I also don't like clipping things on areas that weren't meant to be weight bearing or have tension on them. Maybe no wearing damage would happen but since I don't actually need them, no sense in finding out. I do appreciate the heads up as I know in the tropics and desert (California, Florida, Arizona, Texas :) ), they may be useful. Thanks again.
Mike Up 06/23/19 10:57am Folding Trailers
RE: New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g, ready for camping

Hi Mike. Glad it’s working out great for you. Biggest benefit I see going back to pups is the boondocking and off road appeals. My 12 foot box with front trunk is 20 feet long closed. That’s long to k turn on a forest road but doable. Thanks, never been boondocking except when tent camping. The older I get, I need electric for things as my body isn't as tolerant as it use to be. :) But, the new camper is all LED and it's unbelievable how long the lights and such last on a battery charge so I may try to find a way to go without hookups.
Mike Up 06/23/19 10:52am Folding Trailers
RE: Is this forum dead, wow

I've been at the Forest River Pop Up forum as it's been the most active, but now Pop Up Portal seems the most active so I'll start sharing my time there as well. Thanks for the heads up. Yeh, the fighting, flaming, name calling got to be old here so I stopped visiting as much. But with moderators that can be changed so I'm all for strict moderators. Even with the fighting here, it always was very very busy and if I didn't want to join in the fighting, I could always read what I needed and only respond to that thread. Now that's not even an option.
Mike Up 06/23/19 10:21am Folding Trailers
RE: Photo Thread - Post Your PUP Pics Here

Wow. Super nice and spacious! Thank You! :)
Mike Up 06/22/19 08:55pm Folding Trailers
RE: New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g, ready for camping

I like it, it looks sharp. The carpet in the wet bath is a nice touch. I've thought about selling my 27bh and going strictly popup. Actually since my Suburban is currently dead I'm having to use the popup anyway. And with the kids out of school I was thinking about hitting a local campground in the middle of this week. This post made me want to go all the more. :) Thanks for the compliments. I camp mostly at state parks that are very unlevel so with a large 29' travel trailer, it was time consuming with lynx levelers trying to get the camper side to side and back to back level, many times had to block up both tire sides to get rear up high enough to be level with front when on an unlevel decline. The pop up being very short from jack to axle, makes leveling much MUCH easier. I also always had to carry my heavy 80# Blue Ox Sway Pro or Reese Strait-Line (HP Dual Cam) anti-sway hitch system to the shed on the other side of the yard. That was real work right there. Since my driveway and street are so narrow, I'd have to almost jack knife the camper into the driveway and doing so, required taking the WDH spring bars off while parked on the street, before backing into the driveway. Yet another pain that I never have to do with the pop up. Unbelieveable how much cheaper plates and insurance are I'm saving about $500 - $600 just on those a year and that's from a 2012 Jay Flight to a new 2020 Rockwood Premier. Even though the pop up has longer setup time, backing and leveling are very quick so it's about a wash overall. It's so nice not worrying about hitting low hanging trees limbs and needing to back up and turn around like I had to do several times with the Jay Flight. Older campgrounds just don't always keep their trees trimmed for higher profile campers in the more scenic spots. Out in treeless green grass you didn't have to worry a lot but I wanted wooded, scenic sites that weren't on top of everyone like a parking lot. So I'm starting to see the benefits of the pop up already with my first trips which negate the setup of the pop up.
Mike Up 06/22/19 08:43pm Folding Trailers
RE: Is this forum dead, wow

There are many RV groups on Facebook. I think that is why the forums have less traffic. But this is still my "go to" RV forum! I would be lost without it! Facebook for me, is only for actual friends and family. If I don't know you, but know of you, I don't want to be facebook friends. I like to keep it close unlike some friends of mine who have hundreds and thousands of facebook friends and many that they have never met or seen. I guess I'd have to start a new facebook account just for those forums if I chose to follow them. Thanks for the heads up, didn't even know anything like that even existed.
Mike Up 06/22/19 04:51pm Folding Trailers
RE: Photo Thread - Post Your PUP Pics Here

New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g Pop Up. 14' box, 50" X 80" dinette slide out, 19'2" overall length, Special features are inside shower/toilet and outside compressor refrigerator along with inside ammonia absorption refrigerator. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083709696_800efbc186_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083704402_f403044f13_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083644093_e46b939696_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083603616_a5119be9d5_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083643618_581ee1bb7f_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083703747_0b51a0737a_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083704142_893e36f7f4_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083601811_8b8126dc2d_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083703887_c14c994372_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083602296_359421423d_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083642233_8dc4903027_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083642623_d86b696fd3_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083842367_03e1194cf0_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48083703802_f87d75f4cf_b.jpg
Mike Up 06/22/19 03:11pm Folding Trailers
RE: Is this forum dead, wow

Moderation is a bit heavy handed here and that don't help. Well I'll say out of all the other forums, I've never seen the rudeness, fighting, and baiting I've seen here so the mods are likely trying to change the atmosphere here. However, this forum used to be the very VERY active and the place to go. Now it's the slowest out of any forum. Hopefully there will be a come back here. Been here since 2005 and never this slow.
Mike Up 06/22/19 02:55pm Folding Trailers
New 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g, ready for camping

After having a Jayco Jay Flight 26BH 29' travel trailer, I got sick of all the work involved with going camping with the monster travel trailer so I wanted something easier. This 14' box pop up, with a slide out, proved to be the answer. I also got sick of all the money going out with the Jayco Jay Flight on seams needing resealing all the time, and how hard it was finding and sealing leaks in the roof. I just didn't have the time to mess with it all the time or want to drop big money on the camper for just a few short camping trips each each. Had some issues with the first pop up camper I had, that replaced the Jay Flight so that one is gone now, and I have a new one that seems much better. Here's the new 2020 Rockwood Premier 2716g camper. Here's the first trip in it and it was a good one!
Mike Up 06/22/19 02:07pm Folding Trailers
Is this forum dead, wow

I stopped posting here because no one is here anymore. I visit 3 other forums now where only one has normal activity. Years ago this was the most active pop up forum but now everyone looks to have left. What the hek happened here.
Mike Up 06/22/19 01:55pm Folding Trailers
RE: Ghost Trailer?

As much as I am an advocate for stick and tin, I've come to realize that Jayco has lousy quality Aluminum siding and wouldn't recommend it again. My 19BH Jay Flight had to have all of it's siding replaced due to the paint just falling off of it. Warranty covered it. My 26BH Jay Flight started getting corrosion spots on it. I got tired of repairing them and repainting it all the time. Out of warranty and Jayco (now under Thor) wouldn't do anything but give very bad advise. It wasn't water but may have been Galvanic corrosion. A coworker has seen this on his friends Jay Flight as well. So I just wouldn't recommend a Jay Flight with aluminum siding. Pony up and get the fiberglass wall option instead. I honestly got sick of the expense of the travel trailer and went back to a very large Premium Pop Up with every feature/option under the sun. That Jay Flight SLX8 298BH is a new floor plan very similar to my old 26BH but with the couch going with the length of the camper instead of across it. No slide but ads an extra 3' of length. Think that one out as that's a very long camper that will have a lot of sidewall wind resistance. Make sure you have a good anti-sway hitch and a good pickup truck with a longer wheelbase or you could get pushed around quite a bit.
Mike Up 03/17/19 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pop Up question

Not sure on you model, but now I have had 3 brand new pop ups and each one has voids or holes where the canvas attaches in spots. Even my new camper does but you can push the canvas together to make the spots smaller or just stick paper towel to fill them in. Usually the spots are so small, bugs usually don't get in there, and more come in every time you open the door. But my wife is allergic to bees and wasps and yellow jackets love to find holes to come in, so I make sure canvas attachment voids are very very small. You really need to take some pics so we actually know what you're talking about. Good luck
Mike Up 02/24/19 06:38pm Folding Trailers
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