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RE: thoughts on our 2019 Rubicon

I read old Mechanics Illustrated and you should have heard the controversy when Detroit integrated the ignition switch with the starter back in the 50s, eliminating the need to engage the starter with the foot pedal. You would have thought the world was coming to an end - The horror to think you would be stranded out there when this new fangled ignition switch failed and you couldn't manually engage the bendix. Nothing changes does it :) Although my heart did race a bit when the 2019 Sahara would shut down to save fuel - nothing I would like on the trails, although I know you can bypass that.
Mile High 07/15/19 07:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: thoughts on our 2019 Rubicon

That's incredible on the fuel. They are nice, I've rented a 2019 Sahara a couple of times.
Mile High 07/14/19 08:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magnum Inverter/Converter Question

Now, Are the AGM's ORIGINAL factory installed style batteries? NOT asking if the batteries were original, asking if the Meridian came with AGM's. Why? Because the Magnum has to be SET for charging regular Lead batteries OR AGM batteries. Very few people realize this. The Owner replaces the Lead batteries with AGM's but does not know to set the Magnum for AGM charging. You do the set up thru the remote panel. Verify this and if set for Lead, your new batteries will be ruined in a few months. Doug The 2011 Meridian came factory with four (4) 31 series AGM coach batteries and a Magnum 2000W inverter. With the residential refrigerator option - that got upgraded to six (6) 31 series AGM coach batteries and a Magnum 2800W inverter (2812). Ranger - you should make sure they didn't change the settings on the Magnum. Under battery type, Use AGM2 for the typical East Penn or Trojan (most brands), or if you installed Lifeline use AGM1.
Mile High 07/07/19 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Remember the EM 50?

This was kind of interesting Why GM Cancelled the 1973-1978 GMC Motorhome
Mile High 06/19/19 08:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sub 35 foot Well Built Motorhome?

Looked at a 2001 Winnebago Journey 32' for a friend. Looked pretty well constructed on Freightliner chassis My concerns were: Basement air-- no longer in production. Smaller transmission (2000, not 3000). The basement AC had been back in production for several years: Coleman 2-ton Basement AC
Mile High 06/16/19 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Caulking Roof to gutter

After a roof inspection (2000 Itasca Horizon) in Forest City several years ago the tech told me the roof needed re-caulking. They would do it for $400 or I could do it myself just for the price of the caulk. I chose the 'do it myself' route. I cleaned the roof and gutter with an alcohol based window cleaner and did the caulk job. Decided I did not want to ever go thru that again and bought a 4 inch wide roll of EBond tape. I split the tape and then cleaned again. Marked a straight line above the gutter edge on the roof. Let the factory edge of the tape follow that line and the width of the tape follow the roof line and lap onto the side of the gutter next to the body of the coach. This was the fiber tape and had to be painted with the UV resistant paint. We kept that coach until 2008 and the EBond was as strong as the day I put it on. Great stuffThat must have been more than a couple of years ago, because Forest City wants closer to $2,000 to do it now.
Mile High 06/15/19 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Caulking Roof to gutter

If it is not a full body paint, the tape is probably fine, especially if you have already used scotch brite pads on it.
Mile High 06/14/19 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire warranty

Well here is the final solution to my dismay about supposed no warranty on my tires. I don't know who the idiot was that told me there was no warranty, but he was totally wrong. When I physically went to my local Les Schwab, there was no question about Michelin's seven year warranty. They were happy to submit a warranty request to Michelin.Submitting a warranty request and getting resolve are two different issues. You can submit a warranty request yourself and they will find you a Dealer for verification. Getting Michelin to respond favorably to the Warranty........good luck.
Mile High 06/12/19 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire warranty

After the Rep denied my warranty for cracking and walked away - the Dealer said Michelin and Goodyear warranty tires until they get tired of it for the year it seems - "until they have had enough".
Mile High 06/10/19 09:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The wide world of steering stabilizers

The other one I recommend is the Safe-T-Steer with the OPTIONAL Remote adjustment device.. What is the name of Safe-T-Steer's optional remote adjustment device? I can never re-find it.
Mile High 06/08/19 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Dealer trying to sell me older tires, what do I do?

Just replaced all 8 of my 22.5 with Michelin X Line Energy Zs 10 days ago. Two things: Shopped several Michelin commercial tire dealers, most were $10-$30 under FMCA discount if I never mentioned the discount. Some of the shops were high volume shops that had over 50 of my tires in stock, but they were stored outside. The shop I settled on ordered me new tires on request, and they were all dated 1219, or less than 2 months old.
Mile High 05/18/19 08:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVi3 portable brake

I have the RVi2 and it works fine - A key advantage to the RVi3 is the piston foot has a sensor to detect if it has a constant steady pressure on it, which sends an alarm to cab or tablet. The main screw up with the RVi2 was depressing the brake after everything was set up, letting the piston slide down the rail to a new position causing your brakes to drag ruining your car in short order with no real warning. The sensor on the RVi3 is supposed to at least give you warning.
Mile High 05/18/19 08:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Intent 26M

The Intent Class A and Outback Class C were the first Winnebago's in decades to be introduced with rubber roofs - if that tells you anything. They are entry level coaches - a step lower than anything produced before. You would yourself a favor to jump up a level or two.
Mile High 05/18/19 08:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Balancing Rear Tires?

The beads are often used by the mobile guys because they can't spin balance from their truck. If you have them mounted at a shop, insist on the spin balance. I was quoted spin on front and beads on the rear 6, but they did spin anyway on all 8 because it was done at the shop for no extra charge.
Mile High 05/07/19 11:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: FMCA Michelin tires program.

Just had my 8 Michelin 275/80R22.5 LRH #66205 X Line Energy Z tires installed Friday for $543 per tire. FMCA discount price was higher at $556.59. When shopping, I got even lower from the Michelin Dealer closer to our house at $535 per tire, but I couldn't get in his drive because of the angle. The commercial tire dealer I went to is an authorized Michelin retailer, and when I said my tires age out rather than wear out he new exactly what I meant. He ordered me fresh tires that took a week to arrive, and they are all date coded 12/19 or 5 weeks old. Before you throw out the FMCA number at the front desk, ask for their price first. It might surprise you. Once you pull out your FMCA price list, they are obligated to stay with that price, even it is higher than they would have sold it to you for to begin with.
Mile High 05/05/19 11:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorcycle Lift on Rear Rad

There are many, many posts on the cleaning of rear radiators. Some say they have success in doing it while it's still in the coach. Well, based on just how are coach is built, the surrounding area of the entire radiator/shroud/CAC/bracing/exhaust/trans cooler/and a whole lot more, I can't even get a syringe needle near my fins, much less a garden hose with any form of pressure. So, this is why I yank it out of there. Scott I guess I'll do some crawling around first to see if its even bad first, before I start a big mess with a hose :)
Mile High 04/17/19 01:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorcycle Lift on Rear Rad

Oh by the way, we were carrying an '08 Honda GL 1800 Goldwing. While the bike was quite warm, I saw no detrimental effects. As for the coach engine getting warm, it was due to a fin-clogged radiator that I didn't know I had. That condition has since been remedied. I heard about that fin clogging issue - slobber tube throwing some oil. I going to try to clean mine this spring just for grins Mile High, The fin clogging as you noted, was primarily caused by the slobber tube tip, that was too far under the coach. And, it emmited oily fumes which, collected on the CAC and radiator fins which, collected all the dust, debris, leaves, hay, trash bags, grass and anything else that the fan vacuumed up and forced into those fins. Extend the slobber tube and make darn sure the correct amount of oil is placed in the engine at oil changes,( this primarily applies to C-7 engines with the correct oil pan) and, your fin clogging days are ALMOST ELIMINATED. I say almost because, the EARTH is dirty. And, driving around on it with a diesel pusher, especially with a rear radiator, you're gonna still accumulate SOME dust, debris, hay etc. It's a given. On another note, funny you should comment on that picture of the coach and swivel wheel trailer as potentially, possibly being your coach. When I had the Hydralift on ours, I'd taken many photos of it and showed lots of folks here and other RV forums. Well, one or more of my pics made the circuit in many ways. Several years after I'd removed that Hydralift and moved on to other means of hauling the bike, I was looking in a Craigslist ad about a "Bike Hauler". I clicked on the ad and low and behold, there was a picture of OUR MOTORHOME, WITH OUR LIFT, SHOWING OUR GOLDWING!!!! I have considered those swivel wheel trailers, many times. At present, we haul the bike on a Rampage lift/carrier in the back of our '11 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab 4x4. It works great. But, we'd like to bring along our Jeep with the bike and, we can't do it because I've removed the Hydralift several years ago. Still might go the swivel wheel route yet. ScottThat is too funny on the pic! Once it hits the net, its public that is for sure. I put a picture on IRV2 and noticed it a month later as a lead photo on one of their articles, unfortunately for the "wrong way" to do something :) It looks like Swivel Wheel has something that allows for a toad behind it - I haven't looked serious but it must be a real stout frame under the trailer to support that extended receiver. Did you clean your radiator yourself, or have it done?
Mile High 04/14/19 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorcycle Lift on Rear Rad

Thanks all, it sounds like I may be fine. I want to be able to tow the Jeep and lift the bike, but I'll have to get the lift itself. I have the 3-receiver hitch assembly already welded to the back. Interesting, I visited the Cruiserlift website and noticed a MH like mine with the Swivelwheel, which uses the same 3-receiver hitch assembly by Cruiserlift. It's not a real popular color, so I wonder if that actually was my MH. That would be kind of funny. http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL1523/6528899/12657597/414188470.jpg
Mile High 04/14/19 10:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorcycle Lift on Rear Rad

Oh by the way, we were carrying an '08 Honda GL 1800 Goldwing. While the bike was quite warm, I saw no detrimental effects. As for the coach engine getting warm, it was due to a fin-clogged radiator that I didn't know I had. That condition has since been remedied. I heard about that fin clogging issue - slobber tube throwing some oil. I going to try to clean mine this spring just for grins
Mile High 04/14/19 10:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorcycle Lift on Rear Rad

I would have to go buy the physical lift. I only have the hitch system that was welded on the back.
Mile High 04/13/19 12:02pm Class A Motorhomes
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