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RE: Axle and Hub Question

Another thing... I bet if you were to authorize the work, all they would do is repack your bearings and still charge you for the new axles! Why? Because they know the axles are fine.. Wow.. What is the world coming to? Mitch
MitchF150 07/09/20 07:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Axle and Hub Question

The only thing I would replace is the place that told you that you needed to do that kind of repair... That should just be a simple repack of wheel bearings.. Pretty easy if you know how to do it and don't mind getting dirty.. But, if that's not an option, it should still not cost too much.. I don't know, as I do my own bearings. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/09/20 06:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: 22” rims vs 18” rims

I think as long as you also attach those 18" wheels to a 3/4 or better yet a 1 ton truck and not an F150, that would be better... I'm towing a 26', #7000 GVWR TT and it's all I want to tow with my F150 and it's even setup with MaxTow and has over #1900 payload! It's not so much the size of the wheels. It's the size of the tires you have. Those 22's you have have small sidewall tires where the 18" wheels will have taller sidewalls so the overall tire height of both sets are going to be about the same.. I've got OEM 20" wheel/tire setup, but my OEM spare tire is on an 18" wheel, but the overall tire height is roughly the same. Anyway, good luck with whatever you do! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/05/20 08:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: is forest river rockwood mini2506s a good buy

I've got a 2019 Rockwood 2511S and it's been a really good rig so far. Got it for a fair price for our area and it's one that I hope will be with us for some time. Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/05/20 12:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Thomas Payne TV Trays

I'm not sure if mine are Thomas Payne brand, but is this the kind of table you are looking for? Mine came with the seats, so I don't know where you could source them? My seats came from the dealer thru Forest River for my Rockwood. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/7CoV6Obl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SDRBdWjl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5txHw05l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/JttyP29l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/onW40Asl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/lB4RDg8l.jpg
MitchF150 07/03/20 12:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any Trailers for Tall Adults and Tall Kids?

I'm only 6'3" and find that most stuff is too small too.. I'm 56 years old and have lived with this my whole life (I got to this height at around 16 years old).. I've never really had a bed that I fit in any RV... And I always look and duck my head all the time in small quarters.. We are a freak of nature I guess and I actually found a TT that fits me for the most part... But, you are taller than me, so I don't think it would be much better for you, but I can stand in the shower and it's a full 80" queen bed... Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/02/20 05:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: sway

That's a heavy girl you have there at #6300 dry... I'm towing a #7000 GVWR 2019 Rockwood 2511S and it's all I want to tow with my F150... "Sway" can mean a lot of different things to different people, but in the end, it's whatever you feel comfortable or not comfortable with when towing, and since every rig is different in weights and all, no way to really tell you what will work for you or not?? You are just going to have to deal with what you got and go from there and adjust accordingly. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/02/20 04:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: refer stopped working on gas

Do you hear the spark thing trying to light? It'll sound like "click, click, click" until it turns off if it does not light within about 30 seconds and then the "check" light should come on, on the fridge panel. Do you smell gas in the outside refer vent area when it does this and does not light? Is the gas tube plugged where it enters the flame area? Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/01/20 07:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Frig in Outdoor Kitchen

Those outside kitchen fridges are usually 120v "dorm room" style fridges, so unless the trailer has a 120v inverter powered from the 12v batteries, it won't run unless you are plugged into shore power. Sucks that the RV fridge is not accessible when the slide is in.. That was one must thing as well as being able to access the bathroom if the slide is in for me.. The only thing I can't access when the slide is all the way in, is the front bedroom... But, if you move the slide about a foot, you can squeeze thru.. :) Anyway, I would only put drinks and such in the outsid fridge.. Not any food unless you were already parked and plugged in.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 07/01/20 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any thoughts on a repair?

Hope you didn't pay too much for it... POS in my opinion.. But, with the price of newer truck campers these days... Might be worth it to fix if the rest is okay? Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 07/01/20 01:06pm Truck Campers
RE: How to get the Television to work in bedroom

On my trailer, the SAT and the TV cables were miss marked in the bedroom. I just used the one marked SAT for TV and it worked fine. I swapped the labels and all good.. I'll probably never have SAT, but that's what worked for me.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/24/20 07:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Backing that trailer into a tight campsite..

It's harder to backup my little 8' utility trailer than it is my 26' TT.. One thing is I can't really see it in my mirrors too well. And any movement of the wheel doubles what the trailer will do! Backing it in at the land fill/yard waste place is always a test for sure! Watching the tires is the biggest thing I have found to make it go where you want it to go. Where the tires go, the trailer will go. Practice helps a lot too. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/22/20 10:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Covers. Who uses them? Who doesn't?

I see this clearly is not a universally agreed upon answer! Nothing is universally agreed upon here! :) I cover mine, but that's my choice and it works for me. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/22/20 08:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford V10 OBD code

It's a vacuum leak! It's not any sensor.
MitchF150 06/21/20 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Newbie needs tow vehicle PSI advice

People.. He put aftermarket LT E tires on the truck... The door sticker and the manual will be for the P rated tires and will likely say 35.. I had LT E tires on my old F150 with 16" wheels and I ran them at 40 when empty and bumped up to 50 when towing. Way overkill using those tires.. I had LT C tires before, but could not get the tire I wanted in C, so settled on the E's.. I have 20" "XL" rated tires on the 13 F150 and they are perfect fit for this truck and the load.. I bump 'em to 50 when towing. 40 running empty. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/19/20 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: ScanGauge vs UltraGauge

I use a cheap ODB2 blue tooth adapter ($25) and a phone app (Torque Pro) and connect to my Android phone (no support for "i" stuff). I can program about 8 different screens with hundreds of pre-programmed "PIDS" that show just about all the info you could ever need on my 13 F150. Boost, IAT1, IAT2, actual coolant temp, CAT temps, and on and on... I just plug in when I want to see the gauges. Mounted a cell phone thingy, wired up a 12v charge line to it (it will suck the battery pretty fast!). It will let calls/texts come thru while on, but if I'm towing, I don't really care so much about that! ha, ha! Anyway, works for me and tells me a TON of info for about $30 total! Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/18/20 12:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Luxury Airstream starts at $91,900...

I like the new color of Seattle Mist (dark gray)! ha, ha... Yes, that's all it is here in WA state, so don't anyone else move here! I like the old vintage Airstreams.. But, the new ones are just dumb.. When those like Bambi ones costs over $50k... That's where I say "what is the point?" Anyway, I like my Rockwood.. $27k Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/17/20 07:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: towing ability of the f-150 3.5L

I've got a 13 EB with the MaxTow and 3.73 gears. Tows my #7000 GVWR trailer just fine, but it was a change from when I towed my #5000 GVWR trailer before.. I do run premium fuel now and that actually made a difference. I've done some other suspension mods just to make the towing experience better for me. Installed some Bilstein 5100 shocks, Hellwig overload springs and some PowerStop Z36 brake rotors and pads. https://i.imgur.com/u3jhN8tl.jpg Engine wise, it's all stock. The manual suggests running premium fuel when towing and I didn't do that with the #5000 trailer. Didn't run it on the first tow with the #7000 trailer and it was a dog... Next trip, ran a couple of tanks of premium before towing and it was back to the same performance as the old #5000 trailer.. Been running it ever since. Anyway, the new 3.5's are a different gen from mine, and the trucks are different too, but in the end there is "ECO" mode for these things and there is "BOOST" mode.. The two won't mix however.. You either have "ECO" or you have "BOOST".. In boost mode, it'll still only get 8-10 mpgs towing.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/17/20 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Who's hitting the road this summer?

I've got my first camping reservations that might not get canceled (the first one was cancelled by the state last month), so I'm going... I'm just going to have a little common sense about it all and not think it's some spring break or demonstrating deal! :) I don't think it's going to be like last year, or even 4 months ago... I'm in an age group that should be concerned, and my wife is even older (don't tell her I said that!) so just gonna mostly see what other's around me are doing and go from there... I'm not going out of state or going to go on any cruises or even take a **** bus, but I'll have as much fun and deal with the new world as our elected officials see fit... :) Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/14/20 05:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Wheel Chocks

I use a big rock at home.. No, really... It's wedge shaped, big, heavy.. I pull it out of the way, and I use it as a guide when I'm backing the trailer in when I park it. I know to keep about 2' away from it and I know I'm good. Roll it into place and set it with my foot.. :) On the road, I just use some home made 4x4 wedges and a rotochock setup.. Since yours does not fit anymore, maybe rig up some sort of spacer for it between the wheels? Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 06/14/20 04:19pm General RVing Issues
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