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RE: Ford F150 STX V6

Hey TheBeans. I didn't see that you were just over in Orting. That was some smoke we had. Kept us home for a week! Also, the STX will be a pretty basic trim level truck. But, they do have a lot more to them now a days. Even the little 2.7 Eco puts out more power than that 5.4 V8. I had a 97 F150 with the 5.4 and towed a #5000 TT with it. It did fine, but the new truck towed it a lot better! Then we got the bigger TT! Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/21/20 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F150 STX V6

How something tows depends more more on how it's loaded and the hitch setup.. You can't just slap a hitch on it and then hitch up a trailer and expect it to tow 'like it's not there'.. :) I don't think your F150 has a #8500 GVWR, but whatever... I like my Ecoboost V6 and it serves me well for my #7000 GVWR TT. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/20/20 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: water pump

I'd think that if it makes so much noise, you should be able to at least pin point the 'general' location of it?? On my old Prowler, it was under the kitchen sink cabinet. On my new Rockwood, it's all the way in the back in the bathroom, inside a lower cabinet and about as far away from the fresh water tank as it can be! It's pretty quiet overall, but since the bedroom is up front, you can hardly hear it in the middle of night if used.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/17/20 08:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice to omit the auto change LP valve

Hey, do what you need to do to sleep at night.. I sleep just fine with what I do and I even run the fridge on propane when traveling! OMG.. Anyway, sorry I can't help you with your replacement parts.. I've never had to replace mine, so just don't know.. :) Mitch
MitchF150 09/17/20 08:46pm Tech Issues
RE: How Much Stuff is in Your Truck Camper

Not a truck camper, but a smaller TT that we had from 2003 to 2019 and it had gathered a lot of stuff over the years! In the end, we really only had to deal with food and dirty clothes between trips which was nice. Took almost 2 days to clear it out and clean before we traded it in for the new Rockwood.. Had so much stuff that we had forgotten about! Oh well, new start with the new one and it's already stuffed! I like it that way. Yes, you gather a lot of stuff over the years.. That's why I laugh at the newbies that say they "pack light" and don't haul any water or other stuff... ha, ha... Give it a few years... You'll all have all the stuff loaded up over time! I am even seeing 'tent' campers taking full hookup sites and plugging in, using the water like it was endless! Mini fridges and AC units are becoming more and more seen in the tents! So there you go! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/17/20 07:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Winter cover for 5th wheel

I use an ADCO cover.. Surrounded by trees and during the winter, they like to drop a lot of stuff on it! I like covers, but others don't.. All you can do is go one way or the other and decide for yourself. My ADCO only cost around $200. The 5th wheel ones run a bit more, and they take some time to put on and off, so "choose wisely".. I covered my old 2003 Prowler for it's life under my trees and was able to trade it in for my now Rockwood for about 3 times more than I thought they would give me for it... (it actually cleaned up really good, and I was impressed with it in as I dropped it off!) Anyway, good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/17/20 11:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: lug nut socket

I carry a 21mm deep socket for the truck. The trailer a 3/4" or a 19mm works, but is just a tad loose.. I have a broken torque wrench that is use (1/2" drive) and a cheater bar if needed. I just leave them in the back of the truck. I also have one of the old X lug wrench with various sizes to help someone else if needed.. I like to go to thrift stores, so I try to check out the old tool sections and see if I can find any cheap sockets or wrenches that I can keep in different places. I do have a functional torque wrench and will use that too, but if on the road, I just get the tire changed and on my way. I'll deal with the torque later. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/17/20 11:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Advice to omit the auto change LP valve

If your auto change is not leaking now, but you are fearful it will, then replace it.. Just keep it so when/if you sell the trailer, you can let the next person decide on it. I personally have used the auto change feature and have never had an issue with it.. First one on a 2003 Prowler and worked great. Traded it in 2019 for the new Rockwood. Loved it. I too check it and when I see green, I know it's still on the tank the lever is pointing to. I've had it switch on me many times between checks and when I see red, I move the lever to the other tank (cylinder for those that will get picky..) and know to get the other one filled at the next chance.. But, your trailer, your choice, do what works for you! Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/17/20 10:47am Tech Issues

I'd say get the 3.55 if you plan to tow that size trailer.. With the 10 speed, you can still select the gears accordingly and when running empty, it'll be just fine... I have 3.73's with the 6 speed and Eco and it's a great combo for everyday driving and towing a #7000 TT. When towing, I keep it in 5th Keeps me around the 2200 rpm range and the boost lower than towing in 6th. You will find that running an EcoBoost, you have Eco or Boost.. If you are in the Boost, you will suck the fuel and the engine will run hot... Towing, you won't get any better mpg's with any gear ratio.. Empty, with my 3.73's going 70 mph, I'm at 2000 rpms and can get 19-20 mpg on the hwy. I'd get the 3.55's if it was me.. :) Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/17/20 10:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Need hitch advice please.

I'd ditch that adapter thing... Then do what was suggested above with setting your hitch head like this and go from there.. https://i.imgur.com/CGUOYnml.jpg But, in the end, it's whatever works for ya! Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/14/20 06:36pm Towing
RE: Run with only one propane tank

When the Zombies strike, I want to have at least as many resources as I can haul... Ha, ha... Sure, I let a tank run down until it auto switches, then I switch the lever to the full one and get the empty one filled up. Then put it back in and wait for the other to empty. I carry full load of fresh water every trip too.. I carry way too much stuff that I never use, but just feel better having it none the less... I used to carry my Honda 3000 generator, even going to full hookup sites, just in case the 'power went out' on us... Well, I got over that need pretty early on and have never thought about that since.. Anyway, weight is always a concern of course.. Just depends on what you feel you need to do for your setup. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/14/20 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow mirrors and rear camera

I have tow mirrors and no rear view camera and do just fine... :) Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/12/20 08:56pm Towing
RE: Valley weight distribution hitch?

That's just your basic bar and chain WD hitch setup.. It works well and I've been using an EAZ-Lift brand for almost 20 years now and It been fine for me.. It does everything a WD hitch is supposed to do... Which is 'distribute weight' from the rear to the front of the tow vehicle. All the "sway control" stuff is all fine and dandy for sure.. But, have a properly setup rig and this kind of WD will work fine.. I know I'll catch heck saying it, but for me, it works just fine.. :) Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/12/20 08:04pm Towing
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

My sister lives in (lived) in Talent Or. Her house just burned to the ground today... She is fine and safe, but lost everything in the house.. I live in Puyallup WA and just had a small brush fire about 1/4 mile from me and thankfully, it was put out before it got out of control... But, all around me in Sumner, Graham, Bonney Lake and the like are all on fire right now... Lots of wind here still too... Gonna suck for sure.. I'm ready to leave if I have to, but hope it does not come to that.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/09/20 10:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: hitch lock??

In camp I put the hitch head in and lock the latch. I also have a lockable pin in the head and then lock the chains on the WD bars to the safety chains. At home, I have a lock that has a ball on a flat plate that fits in the tongue and then lock the latch. There is a sliding lock bar on the front that you lock into place and it at least keeps it so they can't just 'hitch and go'.. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51T9yH%2BB0IL._SL1000_.jpg The latch lock I use looks like this. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61tmXRfQsVL._AC_SL1146_.jpg Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/06/20 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Well, by your signature, you already have a 1/2 ton and towing a TT.. How much more does the new Rockwood weigh compared to your old TT? Just figure on the GVWR as it's max, because traveling for 12 months, you might not pack too light.. I have a 2019 Rockwood Mini "Lite" and it ain't lite at all. It has the same GVWR as yours and I'm towing with an F150, but it has a higher payload than your average F150 of my era.. It does fine, and I would not want to go any heavier.. But, I'm' only a long weekend camper during the summer, so it's not towing all year long.. Tough choice for sure.. You will be right at that point to go bigger or not... Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/01/20 07:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel trailer recommendation

Sounds like you have a nice 1/2 ton or SUV tow vehicle... Not saying you can't tow something like that with your rig. I didn't see any details in his post about a half ton SUV / pickup Been here a looong time and just get a feeling for these kind of things without having a whole description of their rig... I think he posts what he has and it's actually less tow rating than he originally stated... And it's a 1/2 ton SUV... :) Mitch
MitchF150 08/31/20 07:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tried towing after new tires & algnment...it did not go well

It actually takes brand new tires to 'break in' in for a bit when they are brand new... Usually around 500 miles or so. Just Google it and you'll find a bunch of info on it. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/31/20 07:21pm Towing
RE: Realistic TT tow weight for an 2001 3.0 Ranger XLT auto?

Something in the #3000-#3500 GVWR range on the TT might work?? But, you might still be maxed out... Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/30/20 11:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer recommendation

Sounds like you have a nice 1/2 ton or SUV tow vehicle... Max Tow Rating of #8100 tells me that... I have an F150 "MaxTow" with #11,00 tow rating... Ha ha..... I tow a #7000 GVWR TT and it's all I want to tow and I've been towing stuff for over 45 years... Your list of requirements are fine... But, it might need a more beefy tow vehicle... Not saying you can't tow something like that with your rig... Just saying how comfortable are you doing it?? :) Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/30/20 11:42pm Travel Trailers
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