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RE: owners manual - 2005 King of The Road

There is no 'manual' as you think of like for a vehicle. What you get when you buy any RV is a packet full of all the individual appliance/system manuals that are installed in your RV. Like the manual you get when you buy a blender... If you are looking for how you dump the tanks, or turn on the propane or fill the water tank, that's something that is just passed down by word of mouth and experience or YouTube.. :) Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/07/21 10:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weather is always around

I always have rain gear handy in case the need is there... My thought has always been, if it's pouring ass rain when I pull in, I'll just get it parked and then see if it lets up.. If it ain't gonna let up, then pull on the gear or decide if I'm even staying there... :) I've left early for weather before, but have been lucky on at least setting up. Different parts of the county makes a huge difference too.. I'm in the NW, so you know basically what to expect for the most part.. If I went to the SE, I'd have no clue! ha, ha! Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/06/21 04:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Torn between two used Class A need help

"I’ve driven flatbed trucks in my former life so driving an RV shouldn’t be an issue. No this will be a camping with a one or two month Florida trip. Thank you" So, this is not a long term thing? Just this one trip, or is it the deciding factor if you decide to do this 'full time'? Pros and cons of either rig.. Does not matter what kind of rig it is for the basic "RV" parts.. All the house stuff is the same more or less between any type of RV.. Biggest deal for a Class A is the chassis drivetrain.. I think anything new these days are all on the Ford V10 chassis for gas powered rigs. The Chevy chassis was still around back in 2012 with the 8.1 V8.. Don't quote me on that... :) Pros for the new one is everything will be yours and how you maintain it, use it.. Cons, any new rig could have a few bugs in either the systems or drivetrain that would suck on only a 2 month trip... No way to tell on that no matter how many 'inspections' you have on it and all 'check out' before you leave.. Pros for the used one is as long as everything is working now, both house and chassis wise, it's likely to be fine for a 2 month trip.. Cons, any used rig could come up with a bug in either the systems or the drivetrain that would suck on only a 2 month trip.... No way to tell on that no matter how many 'inspections' you have on it... and all 'check out' before you leave.. :) Notice my "Cons" are basically the same... :) Either way, you could be stuck on the side of the road or not having a system work... We can't say one way or the other, so just gotta go with your gut with the rig you are looking at and go from there.. I've only owned 2 new RV's.. First one was a 2003 Fleetwood travel trailer and there was some initial 'new' rig issues that were taken care of by ME.. Not under warranty, because I did that ONCE and the same thing happened again, so I did my own thing and it lasted until I traded for the 2019 Rockwood (made by Forest River) and I had a couple of initial 'new' rig issues, but I fixed them myself even thou it would have been under warranty, but didn't want to leave my rig with the dealer for a month to fix a simple thing that only cost me $100... Anyway, others will have more advice on the specific rigs you are looking at, so pay more attention to them and not my rambling on as I have done so far! ha, ha... Good luck! Mitch
MitchF150 09/06/21 03:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tonneau covers that don’t leak

What do you mean by "leak" I've got a soft tonneau cover that is the 'flip' style.. So it opens like the hard cover ones, or you can remove it or whatever... Yes, mine will leak if you spray water on the side between the bed and the cover.. Not much, but water will get in. It'll leak a bit at the front if parked on an incline... But, in general, it's fine. I also have a Bed Rug and it's been dry for pretty much all of it's time. 2013 F150 since brand new. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/05/21 06:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric brakes issue

Get a small flat blade screw driver and on the trailer plug side, carefully pry the blades open a bit more so they will have a tighter fit on the trucks plug. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 09/01/21 09:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: How fast do the gray and black tanks fill

I know how much water I would use... :) I have no idea how much water you will use.. :) I'd be close after a full week of ultra conserving.. I usually only go on long weekend trips, so I tend to use more as I know I have plenty, but when I go longer, I have to adjust dramatically! Unless you already know how to 'conserve' water in a 'camping' environment, it's just going to be a learning experience for ya.. Worst case, you have to unplug and go to the dump station and dump and get some more fresh water.. Or, get one of those 'tote' things and haul it manually and get a 5 gallon can and fill as needed.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/30/21 07:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Need help - Weight distribution hitch installation pics

I can't see the pics either, using Chrome. I checked out that hitch and it's a new design for sure! I think I saw a rig using it and thought, wow.. The hitch bars are upside down! Anyway, you don't have to check with the dealer on what your trucks payload is... It should be listed on one of the stickers on your drivers side door jamb.. #3000 payload for an F150 is one of the "unicorn" HD Payload F150's that only seem to exist in brochures.. Anyway, sounds like you don't have enough tongue weight off the cuff without knowing anything else.. I can't see the pics, so just shooting from the hip on it.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/30/21 06:55pm Towing
RE: Why no ignitor on RV stove?

I have a battery one on my 2019 Rockwood.. It's for the burners. Not sure if it also does the oven, as I've never used it, except to store the cast iron pans I use.. I don't really even use the stove top, except to purge the air out of the lines, and then I just use a BBQ clicker thing. When the battery is in the one on the stove and you lean against it to reach the upper cabinets, it starts sparking and such.. Anyway, not a high end unit by any means.. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/29/21 12:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic freezer not working? Just old?

Any difference between running on electric or gas? Pretty sure you are running on elec 24/7, but just to trouble shoot, maybe try it on gas? Just peeing in the wind on that call.. :) Was that fridge part of the Dometic fridge recall where they changed something in case the electric heater cracked the pipe and allowed the fridge juice to leak and if you had the gas on, it would catch fire?? I had a 2003 Prowler with that exact fridge and just ran it on gas and never did do the recall... Traded it and told them that the recall had not been done, but they were fine with it! Anyway, just tossing stuff out there. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/29/21 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: photo size

The easiest way since you are using imgur is when you previewing the photo you want to post, at the bottom of the page, there is different size options. Original, small, medium, large. Select the size and then click on the 'copy' button next to the "BBCODE" link and then paste that link to your new or reply thread post. Below is an example of the "medium" size for the pic I took. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/27/21 04:21pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Dometic Fridgge NOT Working

Mine looked perfectly fine too.. I didn't test anything on it, but that was over 2 years ago and the new one is working fine where the original one didn't work from day one when plugged into shore power, but fine on battery and gas. Mitch
MitchF150 08/21/21 08:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Fridgge NOT Working

I have the same fridge in my 2019 Rockwood. Right out of the gate, the fridge worked fine. But when it was plugged into shore power, it would only run for a single cycle and then not continue. This was on either gas or auto while plugged in. If it was unplugged, it would work fine on gas and cycle normally.. Well, that was not going to work, as I am pretty much always hooked to shore power at the minimum where I go camping.. I called the dealer I got it from. They wanted me to bring the rig back to them and would 'diagnose' it.. I said I already did that and it needs a new board. Dealer: We have to diagnose first to claim it on warranty.. I asked how long that would take. It'll take a week to diagnose and then if it is the board, it'll take another week to get it and then a couple of days to install it.. I said thank you, but I can get the board in 2 days from Amazon and install it in about an hour myself.. Which is exactly what I did and it cost around $110 if I recall... Big deal. I was not going to let them have my trailer for 3 weeks for a $100 part I can install myself! I known right now, the part is probably not available like it was for me pre covid... but, that's that fixed it for me. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/21/21 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Cracked rim on 2007 2500hd classic

That 955 KG = 2105 lbs.. Even for an 8 lug wheel, that's pretty sad.. Hell, The tires I have on my F150 are only "XL" rated (equal to an LR C tire) and have #2600 rating each @ 50 psi.. Mitch
MitchF150 08/20/21 06:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

You just have to get out there and start looking at them... You won't know anything until you can physically see and touch them. NADA is worthless IMO.. Since you are looking used, even the best quality built model, (if any actually exist) can be a POS if it was not maintained well be the prior owner. Go to RV shows and just walk thru them and find what things you like and what things you don't like and go from there.. They will be all the new/newest models, but will show you what's out there now. You can poke and prod as you want, ask questions, but they are dealers and will basically tell you anything you want to hear... When I first started looking for an RV back in 2002, we looked at used rigs.. Only looked at about a dozen of them from every make and they all were just trashed.. Not sure why the dealers put them on their lots to be honest.. After that, only looked for new.. Sure, they cost more, but it would be ours and not someone else's trash. We bought a new Prowler Lynx made by Fleetwood RV.. They don't make TT's anymore, but that rig carried us to a lot of good times over the next 16 years!! And never let us down.. Sure, basic maintenance and a couple of minor initial things that I took care of myself. Traded that rig for our current trailer a 2019 Rockwood made by Forest River. Got one hell of a deal on the trade.. ($6500 and it was still in great shape) I probably could have gotten a little more selling myself, but I hate doing that.. I just had to sign the title and they applied the trade amount to the new trailer and all was good! Anyway, just saying you may get a lemon or you may get a diamond.. No one can say one way or the other and for every bad experience with a particular make or model, there are probably 2 times as many that love them... Good luck and make it fun! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/20/21 06:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Timbrem or Sumos on F150

I went with Hellwig overload springs. Had them on my 97 F150 and got them for the 13 F150. Yeah, they firm up the ride a tad, but for the better IMO and still better than stock and rides better than the wife's 2003 Rav4! https://i.imgur.com/u3jhN8tm.jpg Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/17/21 09:38pm Towing
RE: 18" tire question - ANOTHER UPDATE

Here is the size difference in those tires from stock.. I guessed on the stock size... :) https://i.imgur.com/i5p62Bu.jpg width=800 *Adjusted image size
MitchF150 08/12/21 09:29am Truck Campers
RE: Truck upgrade?

yeah, it's gonna be a learning experience hearing the engine run over 5000 rpms. It's normal and going to the full beans at around 5000 rpms, like has been said, is not out of range when on the grades. Also, slowing down to 50 mph up the grade is nothing to fret about either.. Just part of the deal when towing a heavy brick behind you.. :) If you ride bikes, what happens when you hit a grade? You gotta downshift, pedal faster (rpms) and you slow down and you work harder.. :) V8 will rev just as high and be just as loud. My little 3.5 V6 turbo F150 is still the top engine over the 5.0 V8. Anyway, I'd keep what you got and just learn to adjust your towing expectations to a level equal to the task at hand. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/10/21 08:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Stabilizer blocks alternatives

I've been using these plastic stands that I got off of Amazon. They stack on each other for storage, not as heavy as wood and they reduce the length that the jacks have to extend because of my taller trailer. https://i.imgur.com/n6kRRu3l.jpg I still put a piece of wood under the jack and the 'block' as it seems to spread the load better. I also added the Strong Arm bars and that's the single most best thing to removing pretty much all the 'bounce' out the trailer when walking inside. I have 4 on the rear and 2 up front. Here is the front setup. https://i.imgur.com/Nj7HWMDl.jpg Works for me. :) Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/09/21 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: How does a longer shank affect backing?

Won't that make for a longer "lever" as far as the hitch goes? Meaning, you will be putting more strain on the trucks hitch to get the same WD. But, if the hitch is up to the task, sounds like it'll help with your ability to turn tighter. Do you remove the WD bars before doing the task? I have to do that with my TT when I park it at home.. Just because of the angle of the driveway I have to go up, there is an extreme angle as the trailer goes up the driveway while the truck is still on the street. Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1
MitchF150 08/07/21 10:37am Towing
RE: Interesting tow vehicle

Just to show the other extreme... https://i.imgur.com/PDDo1f3l.jpg Mitch
MitchF150 08/05/21 09:17am Tow Vehicles
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