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Tire puzzler

I can't seem to remember seeing a posting from someone having just had their RV tires replaced commenting on what horrible shape the interior of those carcasses were. Or perhaps even that they were starting to show some deterioration. You would think that some percentage of those replacing their tires would be horrified at what the shop found inside them and immediately post to RV Net about how lucky they were to have gotten it done before disaster struck. In fact a common comment seems to be that the tire shops will resell those RV tires for use on commercial vehicles being driven daily. Let me now state that I'm a 7 year guy and would not think of stretching it out any farther. And I highly recommend that everybody else also puts on new high quality tires before too many years go by depending on their comfort zone. But still. Are people buying new tires so uninterested in the condition of their old tires that they don't even ask the shop about that? Wouldn't you like to know? And don't the shops ever relay to people that they were lucky to have gotten in when they did? Wouldn't that be worth a posting? I'd be interested in what some high volume tire shop might say about what they see on a regular basis with low years RV tires being changed out for new ones. Let me just add that a posting I see all the time is about $10,000 damage to an RV having just having had a blown tire. And of course those sad posting of rigs over the side with unfortunate results. One last time: New tires before too many years is the way to go!
More To See 05/18/16 11:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 95 Thor Columbus or 95 Winnebago Vectra?

The choice should obviously be made on which rig is in better condition. Both are probably on a 1994 P30 chassis which will be OBD1 not the newer OBD2. The Vectra was a high-end rig in its day. It is supported in back on two airbags which requires an air pump and a couple solenoids and a level control mechanism that could sometimes require maintenance. I would think perhaps those bags would have to be replaced being this old. Last time I needed a spare part the original vendor was still manufacturing it but if they should quit I would assume that air bag suspension could be supported from a recycle yard. Firestone probably still makes the bags themselves. The Vectra also has a nice feature that keeps water in the water heater hot as you drive down the road using heat from the engine. The front cap metal edge to which the windshield gasket secures the windshields at the top tends to rust and requires a bit of maintenance the first time you have to replace a windshield. Taking out the other windshield usually breaks it which means you would have to buy 2 windshields if you wanted that whole rusty edge cleaned up by your replacement shop. The rusty edge will usually be associated with a leaking windshield too. That after market Gear Vendor unit bolted on to the back of the Vectra transmission is a great feature that I can hardly imagine being without if you spend any time at all in the mountains. I'm getting ready to head back east in a couple months with my '95 Vectra and expect to probably rack up 8000 Miles or more by the time I swing back West late in the fall. But then it's all about the maintenance. Good luck in your search. Remember that anything you buy is going to require initial maintenance (new tires!) and lots of continuing maintenance. It's just part of the motorhome world. Edit: I might also mention that Vectrs has basement air so there's nothing much on the roof. Lots of room for solar panels. I easily fit four 210 watt panels up there. My high point is the rear ladder where it wraps around and that is only 11 feet 4 inches.
More To See 05/13/16 12:58am Class A Motorhomes
Motorhome magazine big error

The Dec. 2015 Motorhome Magazine shows a big error at the bottom of page 68. It appears to me that wiring those two batteries together as shown would likely result in some major short circuit current flow with perhaps the chance of a battery explosion.
More To See 11/23/15 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Scam or bureaucratic nonsense at 28th parallel

I seem to remember a similar agricultural undercarriage spray station up at 47 degrees north latitude after getting off the ferry in Newfoundland many years ago. But they didn't require any pesos. I had to look up that latitude and in the process learned that Paris France sits on the same line - - but much farther east for those who skipped geography.
More To See 11/13/15 10:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Floor Plan Pet Peeves

Dining area on the driver's side. It's so common I wonder whether I'm the only one that hates it.
More To See 11/08/15 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: P-30 Brake Squeal

I would be interested in knowing the temperature of the rotors between the two sides since you say the squeal starts after it has had time to heat up.
More To See 11/06/15 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Low/no bucks spots along the colorado rive near the 10 fwy?

For a Passport America low dollar place on the river check out Mayflower - a Riverside County campground in a somewhat rustic setting. Nothing fancy. Just somewhere to park on grass /dirt among some trees. It's about 5 miles north off route 95. Though you might consider crossing on into Arizona and overnighting at Quartzite where you would have the choice of perhaps 100,000 or more free campsites. And be sure to plan your gas stop on the Arizona side of the river to save a lot of money. There are gas stops just across the river and also up at Quartzsite.
More To See 11/04/15 08:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Quartzsite - receiving packages.

I've had lots of problems with the USPS when trying to receive stuff I ordered. I tried to set up a post office box in Borrego Springs and they require a copy of your house deed! I strongly suspect the average post office employee is totally unqualified to inspect a document and determined whether it's a good legal deed or not. (And I suppose a whole bunch of the rest of us too.)
More To See 11/03/15 06:04pm Snowbirds
RE: Question For Elec Tech

You can always use a junction box for splitting off any wiring like that. Just be sure it's left open and accessible and not buried behind drywall or something else.
More To See 11/03/15 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Florida to California

I just gotta jump into this. As somebody who spent a lot of his life doing exactly what Hemi Joel wants to do and enjoying the hell out of it and having many fond memories of those trips I say do it. We are all different. Some are exhausted after 200 miles on the road and others can do 500 easily and maybe a couple hundred more just for the heck of it. Your route will most likely be determined by the weather pending on the day you pull out. It may require some zigzagging or you may be able to just head straight west on the route of your choice. But if it were me I'd stay way south.
More To See 10/31/15 09:21pm Coast to Coast
70° 1 Year Road Trip

Just stumbled on a blog where a weather guy put together a one year road trip where every day the high should be about 70 degrees. One is a 9125 mile contiguous U.S.A. trip, the other is arranged to includ Alaska for 13,235 miles. Road Trip Blog
More To See 10/27/15 01:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Passport America Experience

This is about as well written and balanced a commentary as I can remember reading for a long time. We'll done.
More To See 10/18/15 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Dallas/ Fort Worth RV Park

Sometimes people with an East Coast orientation do not have an appreciation of the great distances out west. Texas can be a great example. DFW covers a very large dispersed area as does Houston. Driving across Texas from Texarkana at the east side to El Paso at the far west side covers over 800 miles. That's like driving from New York City to Chicago. Or from NYC nearly to Florida. To visit my cousin over in the Houston area I drive all the way across southern California, all the way across Arizona, and all the way across that southern leg of New Mexico into Texas at El Paso. I then continue another hundred miles and I'm finally half way to my cousin's house. Only half way! Come on out but keep an eye on the gas gauge.
More To See 10/17/15 01:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A/C service while visiting friends

There have been MANY cases of licensed electricians who do not understand RV electrical service providing incorrectly wired outlets. (Note the word MANY.) This results is lots of gear in a rig getting permanently zapped. The problem is associated in particular to rigs with 30 amp service. Until you know for sure that an electrician is fully qualified to wire up an RV outlet don't let them start the job.
More To See 09/30/15 11:56am General RVing Issues
North Carolina, VA storm alert

Anybody traveling or camping in the North Carolina & Virginia area next weekend (Oct. 3 & 4) might want to keep an eye on tropical storm Joaquin about to head up the coast - though right now it is showing a track far out towards Bermuda. It's expect to become a hurricane. As always these early predictions are very iffy and it could go anywhere. From my days back in that part of the country I seem to remember large areas of heavy rain and miserable conditions from those storms. Stay safe.
More To See 09/29/15 12:30pm General RVing Issues
Pomona $10/10 foot

On the Pomona RV Show Web site I just noticed that this year RV parking is now $10 per 10 foot of length. No mention of what a Towed would add to that if anything. It always seemed kinda special to me that they let an RV park for free while 4 wheelers paid something. And it was real handy to be parked there and able to head on out of town right from the Fairplex.
More To See 09/29/15 08:28am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Natchez Trace; mid-October; entire lengh; where to RV camp?

Across the river from Natchez in Vidalia Louisiana is a real popular RV Park with a good view of traffic up and down the river. In Tupelo is an excellent Car Museum well worth checking out. And a couple blocks away is the Birthplace Home of Elvis Presley. It's a modest low key place without all the glitz normally associated with him. You might also consider poking around Natchez for a day or two if you have the time. There are some antebellum homes you can tour and they have a restaurant row down along the river below the high banks there. They might call that area "below the rim" or something like that. And they might still have a little tour bus that gives you an excellent introduction to the town. There is a tremendous amount of history in Natchez. For a while back in the King Cotton days it had way more millionaires than any other town in America. EDIT: Actually that area along the river is called Under the Hill Good travels
More To See 09/27/15 02:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Year Long Road Trip

Roughly six months ago I saw a story online somewhere about a computer programmer that came up with a route to hit all 48 state capitals in the shortest possible driving distance. Not that it would help you with your planned journey perhaps but it would be interesting at least a starting point. I think you need a map with all the northern states in blue where you don't want to be in the winter time and all the deep southern states where you don't want to be in the summer time perhaps in red. Then color the spring and fall weather States some other way. But the Pacific coast could have an extended seasons for you so maybe some special consideration there. Sounds like the heck of a way to spend a year but if it is nose to the grindstone work then perhaps not. But anyway, have fun.
More To See 09/24/15 08:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route 66 Travels?

It is a very popular RV trip and I suspect many thousands have probably done it either all the way or along significant portions thereof. As a straight through trail route 66 hasn't existed for probably 30 years and what remains is bits and pieces here and there. And even back in its days there were many realignments as they continually improved the route. So anybody truly into following Old 66 could probably spend a whole summer doing it. As a practical matter though I suspect most of us just sample as much of it as we can find the time for. A vast body of road guides and history exist for Old 66 so be prepared to enjoy many hours of reading before you ever even think of heading on out. Good traveling.
More To See 09/22/15 09:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: BLM access about to be lost

So is BLM all on their own trying to push this land onto the state or did the state look at that prime piece of property as a way to make a buck and go after it? Any local interests have a hand in getting rid of camping on BLM land? I'll let that up to your imagination. The trend is always to lock up public land in every way possible. Too many vultures out there circling overhead all the time looking for ways to monetize it in into their own private pockets.
More To See 09/22/15 02:07pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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