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RE: A/C service while visiting friends

There have been MANY cases of licensed electricians who do not understand RV electrical service providing incorrectly wired outlets. (Note the word MANY.) This results is lots of gear in a rig getting permanently zapped. The problem is associated in particular to rigs with 30 amp service. Until you know for sure that an electrician is fully qualified to wire up an RV outlet don't let them start the job.
More To See 09/30/15 11:56am General RVing Issues
North Carolina, VA storm alert

Anybody traveling or camping in the North Carolina & Virginia area next weekend (Oct. 3 & 4) might want to keep an eye on tropical storm Joaquin about to head up the coast - though right now it is showing a track far out towards Bermuda. It's expect to become a hurricane. As always these early predictions are very iffy and it could go anywhere. From my days back in that part of the country I seem to remember large areas of heavy rain and miserable conditions from those storms. Stay safe.
More To See 09/29/15 12:30pm General RVing Issues
Pomona $10/10 foot

On the Pomona RV Show Web site I just noticed that this year RV parking is now $10 per 10 foot of length. No mention of what a Towed would add to that if anything. It always seemed kinda special to me that they let an RV park for free while 4 wheelers paid something. And it was real handy to be parked there and able to head on out of town right from the Fairplex.
More To See 09/29/15 08:28am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Natchez Trace; mid-October; entire lengh; where to RV camp?

Across the river from Natchez in Vidalia Louisiana is a real popular RV Park with a good view of traffic up and down the river. In Tupelo is an excellent Car Museum well worth checking out. And a couple blocks away is the Birthplace Home of Elvis Presley. It's a modest low key place without all the glitz normally associated with him. You might also consider poking around Natchez for a day or two if you have the time. There are some antebellum homes you can tour and they have a restaurant row down along the river below the high banks there. They might call that area "below the rim" or something like that. And they might still have a little tour bus that gives you an excellent introduction to the town. There is a tremendous amount of history in Natchez. For a while back in the King Cotton days it had way more millionaires than any other town in America. EDIT: Actually that area along the river is called Under the Hill Good travels
More To See 09/27/15 02:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Year Long Road Trip

Roughly six months ago I saw a story online somewhere about a computer programmer that came up with a route to hit all 48 state capitals in the shortest possible driving distance. Not that it would help you with your planned journey perhaps but it would be interesting at least a starting point. I think you need a map with all the northern states in blue where you don't want to be in the winter time and all the deep southern states where you don't want to be in the summer time perhaps in red. Then color the spring and fall weather States some other way. But the Pacific coast could have an extended seasons for you so maybe some special consideration there. Sounds like the heck of a way to spend a year but if it is nose to the grindstone work then perhaps not. But anyway, have fun.
More To See 09/24/15 08:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route 66 Travels?

It is a very popular RV trip and I suspect many thousands have probably done it either all the way or along significant portions thereof. As a straight through trail route 66 hasn't existed for probably 30 years and what remains is bits and pieces here and there. And even back in its days there were many realignments as they continually improved the route. So anybody truly into following Old 66 could probably spend a whole summer doing it. As a practical matter though I suspect most of us just sample as much of it as we can find the time for. A vast body of road guides and history exist for Old 66 so be prepared to enjoy many hours of reading before you ever even think of heading on out. Good traveling.
More To See 09/22/15 09:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: BLM access about to be lost

So is BLM all on their own trying to push this land onto the state or did the state look at that prime piece of property as a way to make a buck and go after it? Any local interests have a hand in getting rid of camping on BLM land? I'll let that up to your imagination. The trend is always to lock up public land in every way possible. Too many vultures out there circling overhead all the time looking for ways to monetize it in into their own private pockets.
More To See 09/22/15 02:07pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Jasper Transmission

if it is a truck you plan on keeping maybe check into a good reliable local tranny shop that could do a heavy duty rebuild for you which probably wouldn't cost too much more than just a standard rebuild.
More To See 09/22/15 01:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Phoenix to Chula Vista

Everything in CA is divided interstate of at least 2 lanes in each direction. In your climb up out of the desert you might be moving faster than some of the 18 wheelers so you'll have to time your swing out into the passing lane with any car traffic whizzing up the grade. It's not a heavily traveled section of Interstate though.
More To See 09/20/15 06:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Phoenix to Chula Vista

West of El Centro you will have a winding 9 mile climb up a 6% interstate grade and then once up on top the mountains several ups and downs for about 30 miles over to Pine Valley. From PV you will have a 20 mile downgrade that goes back and forth between some interstate type 6‰ grades and leveling out occasionally. Nothing to be concerned about at all. The 9 mile climb up out of the desert west of El Centro is pretty steady and will keep your engine roaring all the way up to Jacumba. But it's a beautiful drive. Up on top the mountains is Golden Acorn Casino and Travel Center as a place to take a break if desired. Food, fuel, propane, etc. Huge parking lot. But do fuel up in Yuma. Way cheeper. Good travels.
More To See 09/20/15 06:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: California sr 87 -Traffic ticket!

I'd love to be behind all the hard nose "stay between the lines" responders when they come up behind some bicycles out on a mountain road. I'll bet none would follow along for miles at 5 miles an hour instead of just violating the yellow lines and sweeping on past at a somewhat safe location. Sometimes you gotta use a little common sense.
More To See 09/14/15 08:57am Truck Campers
RE: 1994 p30 Winnebago warrior fuel pressure issue

That almost seems to have been a glitch in the computer (PCM). Let's hope it's a permanent fix. I'm fighting a problem with my smog system to renew the license plates. Seems to be in the EGR area but of course sometimes stuff is inter related. I pulled the valve out and it buzzed out ok best as I can tell. It's the expensive linear type with a motor and a pintel connected to a rheostat and I don't have it as a spare part. Most everything else under there I do carry. I've even got a spare alternator. My principle is that if you carry it as a spare it ain't never gonna break. I sure hope my problem doesn't provide to be as obscure as yours. Good travels.
More To See 09/13/15 11:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1994 p30 Winnebago warrior fuel pressure issue

Possibly things are going South when the engine goes from open loop to closed loop. With a cold engine (as in not up to operating temp) not all your engine sensors and controls are being used. They are set to a cold / default condition. So the question is can we narrow it down to which ones.
More To See 09/12/15 09:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1994 p30 Winnebago warrior fuel pressure issue

7.4 liter is 26 to 32 psi Edit: My info is out of a Gm 1994 service manual for a P3 & P/G Chassis. This engine is not Vortec. The OP's engine is likely a 1993 version. EDIT 2: after checking some repair kits online for a 93 engine a couple of them say 10 psi. So perhaps I stand corrected and need to mark up my Manuel.
More To See 09/12/15 01:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1994 p30 Winnebago warrior fuel pressure issue

Previously you "fixed" the problem by manually restricting the fuel return line to the tank thus increasing pressure to the injectors. Does that still work? If so, it seems to me that would strongly indicate a pressure issue and not much else. The throttle position sensor controls the amount of fuel to the injectors with pulse width modulation but I don't know that that is your problem. The sensor provide 0 to 5 volts back to the computer letting it know how wide open the throttle is. Keep in mind that your fuel pump in the tank receives voltage through the oil pressure sender when the engine is running so if there was a problem there the pump might only run occasionally. I might start wondering about whether the engine computer is somehow monitoring that area and has a problem. Maybe remove battery cable for an hour or so and let the computer clear itself and then start all over. But that's a wild a** guess.
More To See 09/12/15 11:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1994 p30 Winnebago warrior fuel pressure issue

It has to be the fuel pressure regulator. There is nothing else in the loop. On edit: maybe buy the whole assembly new instead of a rebuild kit. I found them for $85 and less at Rock.
More To See 09/11/15 01:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Parks in the San Diego/La Jolla area

Weekly rate Santee Lakes 1 dog = $40/day Weekly rate Santa Fe Park 1 dog = $33/day Santee Lakes dogs $1 per day each Sante Fe Park dogs $3.25 per day each Unless you plan on heading over to La Jolla every morning during 6 to 9 a.m. rush hour there is no problem at all getting from Santee Lakes to La Jolla. Santa Fe Park is okay for what it is for the price but believe me you will be doing yourself a favor to stay over at Santee Lakes. And you won't need earplugs. Are you saying one would need earplugs at Santa Fe? If so, why? Rob Santa Fe Park sits right next to heavily traveled Interstate 5 and there is a set of railroad tracks there too. It also is not an easy place to enter and exit since it sits a mile or two down a couple of strip mall streets and brings you out to a real busy area. I don't mean to imply that the place would be a disaster but compared to Santee Lakes which is a park like quiet picturesque setting there just is no comparison.
More To See 09/08/15 11:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Parks in the San Diego/La Jolla area

Weekly rate Santee Lakes 1 dog = $40/day Weekly rate Santa Fe Park 1 dog = $33/day Santee Lakes dogs $1 per day each Sante Fe Park dogs $3.25 per day each Unless you plan on heading over to La Jolla every morning during 6 to 9 a.m. rush hour there is no problem at all getting from Santee Lakes to La Jolla. Santa Fe Park is okay for what it is for the price but believe me you will be doing yourself a favor to stay over at Santee Lakes. And you won't need earplugs.
More To See 09/08/15 09:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Self Service Wash San Diego Area

If you are in the south part of the county check out Buggy Car Wash. They have four locations: down in South Bay near where the 5 and 805 come together, one up on University Avenue, one in Serra Mesa just south of Montgomery Field, and one in the Linda Vista area. I've never used them but drive by a couple of the locations occasionally.
More To See 09/07/15 09:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Mountain RVing advice.

On a long climb it's best to occasionally back off the throttle occasionally for a moment.. I don't usually correct people on these forums but this is a stupid statement and will only help in losing momentum.To ever "cool your manifolds" you would have to stop, get out walk around and drink a coffee! maintain your speed, whatever that speed may be and watch those gauges! The braking advise here was spot on! Keep em cool and use your engine to help Chris Guess that's why I run a Gear Vendor on my rig.
More To See 09/05/15 11:56am General RVing Issues
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