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RE: Dogs that go outide at night,suggestions

I do believe that in some parts of the country a dog outside alone at night even for a couple minutes could not be very healthy for them. There are wild critters out there and night time is when they are out and about.
More To See 03/28/15 04:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Read about our adventure.

A great tour. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing with us.
More To See 03/28/15 12:40am Roads and Routes
RE: AZ Highway 191 - Safford to Alpine

With your rig no problem at all. Definitely lots of twisty turns all the way but a great road. And no mining trucks ever use that road. They haul out to the south. Top off your gas tank though and maybe check weather conditions just for the heck of it. It's high up. There is a 12 foot 7 tunnel down at the south end and be sure to pull off and check down into the massive Mining pit before heading on up the road.
More To See 03/24/15 04:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Salton Sea

At one time they say the Gulf of California extended all the way up to the area of Indio. And in more recent times that area down through there was actually a very large freshwater lake vastly bigger than the Salton Sea. If you know where to look on the hillsides you can still find ancient rock fish traps constructed by the Indians on old shorelines. In fact you can still identify terraces where the water cut into those hillsides. If it were not for silt coming down with the Colorado River the Gulf would probably still range all the way up to Indio. The Colorado River has pretty much filled in the northern portion of the Gulf of California (or Sea of Cortez which I think is a more romantic sounding name for it).
More To See 03/24/15 04:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ready cash

Heading across Arizona one time on the interstate we were in a near panic when 3 gas stations in a row could not process credit card transactions. Then the light came on. We actually had cash with us and the problem was solved. Felt pretty stupid being in a panic when we actually had quite a few dollars tucked away. We now consider maybe a thousand bucks as a comfortable minimum. And it is puzzling how few people actually carry a lot of money with them. I can't think of a single time over a long life time when I ever lost a single dollar from any bad guys or stupidity or such.
More To See 03/24/15 11:03am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Microsoft Streets & Trips Program

For planning purposes and what-ifs and just sitting around daydreaming it is a great program right now and for years into the future. Possibly when driving down the road nearest cities with recent freeway construction and such you might want to fall back to an online app but I have no plans of abandoning S&T for a long long time.
More To See 03/23/15 12:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Washington state or Texas?

Ok. As someone who has spent a lot of time in Texas over the years because of military service and relatives living there I hate to tell you avoid the place in the summertime. But everybody in Texas heads up to the high country in Colorado and New Mexico midsummer. Enough said. But absolutely put Texas on your bucket list for spring and fall traveling because it is a great state with lots of wonderful state parks. Don't miss it in the future.
More To See 03/23/15 08:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Carrying portable solar panels

While of no help to those with the standard types, I recently saw some of those flexibile frameless type panels (intended to be secured down with adhesive) being used as portable temporary power. Being thin and lightweight it would seem fairly easy to store them face to face while taking up much less space. You'd probably still want a protective wrap of some sorts though.
More To See 03/23/15 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: 4l80e. Transmission failure 1st trip for 2015

Interesting info for me about backing up a 4l80E since that's what's in my rig. And where I'm parking right now it's a definite uphill grade on gravel in reverse. If it's a truck you intend to keep maybe think about having a good local shop rebuild your tranny with heavy duty parts. More expensive up front but way better in the long run.
More To See 03/22/15 09:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: AM Signal Booster?

Try one of these Antenna Boosters from CCrane radio. I use mine all the time when out and about in the boondocks to pull in late night stations.not built for a mobile radio :( Huh? The antenna was designed to work with everything from portable radios to home stereos with wire antenna terminals. The Twin Coil's wireless ferrite stick works on radios that don't have antenna connectors. Just ran a test. The CCrane Antenna Booster does not work with the whip antenna sticking up out of the fender of a car. I tried high mid low mounting locations and it didn't matter at all. Obviously the C crane can only inductively tie into the ferrite antenna in a radio.
More To See 03/21/15 03:10pm Technology Corner
RE: AM Signal Booster?

Considering that full blown heavy solar panels are sometimes held down on the roof of an RV with nothing but tape and that little ferrite bars probably are not a hot item with all those generators and propane tanks out there I don't know that this would be a real problem. However whether you can link into a whip antenna on the fender of a car with that C crane device is another question. I will have to run a test on it here in a while and get back.
More To See 03/21/15 11:30am Technology Corner
RE: Addding nitrogen to tires

I think the most important thing is to only put dry air into your tires. The nitrogen that is available is typically called dry nitrogen. I have a filter right at my air chuck to remove moisture from the compresses air that I'm shoving into the tire. I put that filter as far away from the compressor as possible so that the air will be cooler and thus more moisture can be removed by the filter.
More To See 03/21/15 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: yuma law re pets in RV

So does Yuma have a similar law for humans? With that many people packed into confined RV parks I'd sure feel more comfortable if everybody around me had all their shots up to date. And maybe a TB test to boot.
More To See 03/21/15 09:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: AM Signal Booster?

Try one of these Antenna Boosters from CCrane radio. I use mine all the time when out and about in the boondocks to pull in late night stations.
More To See 03/20/15 06:35pm Technology Corner
RE: where to get P30 chassis manual

I think I would be spinning that wheel quite a bit with partial torque on it and then bring it on up to 12 foot pounds while it's still moving. In a perfect world you would then back off the nut one flat and magically could put the cotter pin in right there. But it is likely you would have to go a bit more to get the pin in. But as the manual says no more than one more flat. When you say you will check the torque of the nut before removing I assume you do not mean that you will put a torque wrench on there and start applying torque to it. In effect that would be preload. I assume you mean to mark the nut and spindle for the current position. But I'm not sure it would end up back there after we packing the bearings and all that. That would be too convenient and the mechanic world just doesn't work that way. At least not for me. lol
More To See 03/18/15 09:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: where to get P30 chassis manual

The most important thing to know is that you do not preload those bearings. It will damage them per the manual. They just have you spinning the wheel while you torque to 12 foot pounds. Then back off the nut one flat and put in the cotter pin - or if necessary back off slight more so the cotter pin will go in BUT no more than one additional flat. Endplay in the hub/rotor should measure between 0.0005 and 0.008 inches when properly adjusted. Also, the bearings must be a slip fit on the spindle and the inside diameter of the wheel bearings must be lubricated to ensure the bearings will creep. The spindle nut must have a free running fit on the spindle threads. Some people have reported problems with backing off the nut no more than allowed but still being able to line it up such that the cotter pin will go in. Have fun.
More To See 03/18/15 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is "Gringo" an offensive or derogatory word?

I guess I didn't get the gene to make me wander around all my life waiting to be offended. Call me anything you want, any time, any where and I'll just laugh at you.
More To See 03/14/15 12:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: A "preferred" cigarette lighter cellular charger???

Here is the Cadillac: Clicky
More To See 02/25/15 12:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Florida to California trip help

Your phrase "no time restrictions" opens up a wonderful travel experience. Nothing says you have to burn up the miles every day. Successive days of a hundred or fewer miles are entirely possible for you. And if you find a nice place you can lay over for a few days with no pressure to move on. If you are heading west this time of year you will of course pretty much have to follow the Gulf Coast to stay with the good weather. In the panhandle of Florida be sure to check out Apalachicola if you aren't already familiar with the town. They have some great camping in that area and a nice restaurant right on the water there in town. You can follow the coast clear over to Pensacola west of there but some people prefer to bail because of the congestion and make better time going north a ways and then west. Your call on that obviously. And this may all be local information for you so excuse me on that if so. When you get over into Louisiana think about taking route 82 South out of Abbeville (Cajun country) in a big loop down through a real isolated area through Pecan Island over to Sabine Pass at Port Arthur, Texas. It's a great drive though isolated swamp land at near sea level. At Cameron you have to take a ferry across a narrow water channel. Cost is practically nothing though. Texas has a great state park system and if you would plan on spending time visiting them you might want to check into a yearly day pass so you don't get charge that entry fee at every park you visit. You still pay for the camping though. In the Houston area you might want to check out the Johnson Space Center where the original control room for the moon missions still exists. No longer used of course. And be sure to stop by San Antonio and visit the Alamo and their Riverwalk. Further west there is the Big Bend Park and near there is also Fort Davis up in a little mountain area that has a great state campground. Many of the buildings from that old Indian War era Army post are still standing. And if you're into some strange things also in that area is the famous Marfa lights. Maybe if you're lucky going through there you could see them some night. Near El Paso is White Sands National Monument which is well worth checking out. It's quite an impressive place. I hope this gives you a few ideas to get started. Good traveling.
More To See 02/20/15 12:55pm Forum Technical Support
RE: RV Manufacturer versus Tire Company air pressure settings

Let's try this again. That tire pressure plate on your door only applies to a brand new rig straight out of the factory on day one with original tires. After that in later years it is likely meaningless. For the vast number of older rigs running after market tires it simple can not be trusted. But if in fact that door plate remains true for ever and ever then why not just tell any poster asking about tire pressures to just go look at their door plate. If it's that simple then why is it that threads about tire pressure go on and on for page after page all the time. Doesn't it always come down to "weigh each wheel" etc, etc. Nobody ever says "go look at your door plate." For all those out there in a rage that I suggest not to rely on those door plates I sure hope to never catch any of you looking at a tire pressure chart. On second though, why are they even published. Regarding my tire pressures, fully loaded I run right at GAWR and I increase the Bridgestone recommendations by 5 or 10 psi as a buffer. And yes my door plate says 65 psi front and rear. And I am running the original rims and tire size. My Bridgestone chart does not even start until 70 psi.
More To See 02/17/15 08:34pm Class A Motorhomes
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