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RE: STRANDED - no power to slide controls or jacks

control panel ? for the slides and jacks ? or do you mean the house fuse panel inside ? the house panel with the 120v breakers and internal DC fuses will NOT have the heavy 50 to 100 amp fuse that powers the jacks and slides that is in a different location, might be in a box in one of the storage bays if that is the 'control panel' you are talking about goto winniebagos website and download the electrical manual for your 2005 Itasca you should have that anyway
MrWizard 06/24/19 12:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Anywhere Data Usage

That's extremely good/low data use for a HD I have recorded OTA broadcast streams in both 1080 and 720 resolution Broadcast Transport stream video files average 6 gigabyte per hour of programming
MrWizard 06/23/19 09:17pm Technology Corner

they are ALL over priced pick the one with the lowest total price including shipping and taxes which seller has the best deal, changes with the seasons
MrWizard 06/23/19 12:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Easy start on 2000 watt 13500 btu

The 3500 will use more at say small loads But at 1800 watts the gas consumption difference is NOT very much Saying the 2000 will use less gas at heavy loads Than the 3500 at light loads is just plain wrong
MrWizard 06/20/19 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: VR Headset with Progressive lense glasses?

Sorry can't comment on the progressive lenses I wear bifocals, and I just take my glasses off, when I watch a 3D movie on my cheap VR set using my Samsung phone
MrWizard 06/20/19 07:45pm Technology Corner
RE: F53 Holy Grail External Fuel Pump Found

I ran the wiring for the pump Pump is not yet installed Bump in the road Bundy fitting is correct length from ridge up to end of hitting But...behind the ridge back to pump is not the same length as OEM FORD FITTING/nipple Careful measuring shows not enough room to insert disconnect tool if pump is coupled to Ford fuel line quick connect fittings Will have to go with plan B, and use pieces of fuel hose to connect system together
MrWizard 06/19/19 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Want to replace shower with shower/sauna/deep tub...

It's not the weight of the tub, that would bother me Is the weight of all the water, when the tub is full I would think the soaking tub, holds more water Check the construction of the floor Make sure it can support that much weight, you may have to reinforce the floor
MrWizard 06/18/19 09:31am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: ? Battery Fan in Residential Fridge?

I used a residential for 8 years, never need a battery powered fridge fan It won't hurt anything to use it If you feel better using one, go ahead and do so
MrWizard 06/17/19 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Hot water

i've seen that on one RV a friend had something to do with the water where he lived setting in the heater in storage its been ten years and i don't remember the explanation whether it was chemical or bacterial, seem to think it was something to do with sulfur content, i do remember it smelled that way
MrWizard 06/16/19 09:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: F53 Holy Grail External Fuel Pump Found

not yet try again tomorrow, things keep happening to get in the way i did get under and start figuring out how to run the wires and i also unplugged the O2 sensor, and soaked the threads with 'Aero Kroil' penetrate, so i can replace it
MrWizard 06/16/19 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front AC not working?

Is this a single unit basement A/C ? This could be a ductwork flap problem Or A #2 compressor problem You need some one to look at Model# and Mfg brand info, will get you more answers and probably better
MrWizard 06/16/19 09:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Use a solar controller as a DC to DC charger?

all solar controllers 'buck' the voltage that is reduce the input from somewhere above 15+ even 12v panels have an open circuit voltage 21+ no solar controller i have read the specs on will increase voltage on the output side MPPT will take higher voltage and make more amps at battery charging voltage but that is still less voltage than what is on the input side you need DC to DC voltage BOOST, output volts higher than input volts that doesnt come cheap
MrWizard 06/15/19 11:36pm Tech Issues
RE: curtains for front windshield

this is what i made my front drapes with roc-lon light blocking drapery liner https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51K8dggy8OL._SX466_.jpg width=360 54" width, purchase by the yard i had to trim it, because the width was taller than my windshield in this bounder, i think i bought 8 yards, i wanted to have extra even with them fully closed for the side windows and windshield, there are still folds in the fabric, and do a really good job of blocking light both ways, nobody sees in, really helps cut the summer heat
MrWizard 06/15/19 10:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lithium Pure Sine Wave Power Device AMAZON

many small items like lithium backup phone chargers and Li jump start boxes are rated MaHrs instead of ampHours most Li batteries for electronics are rated in MaHrs, not AmpHrs or Watt Hrs its just the standard way of doing it, look at phone batteries, tablet and laptop batteries etc.. something like 2400 MaHrs or 3000 etc.. i have a small pocket size Li phone backup 2000 MaHrs aka 2 AmpHrs and much larger one that is 12000 MaHrs
MrWizard 06/15/19 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: RV-Dump parking sloping the wrong way

i will use levelers if needed to get level or even slope it toward the dump station never give it much thought just did it
MrWizard 06/14/19 10:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: What happens when you reset a computer?

Restore Gives you a choice of recent dates that you can choose from to restore the pc to operating state it was on on that date A Microsoft factory reset, makes the pc blank like new from the store, it wipes it clean, I needed to do a restore two weeks ago,
MrWizard 06/14/19 03:17pm Technology Corner
RE: F53 Holy Grail External Fuel Pump Found

I could slide it in, by replacing the fuel filter But the plan is couple the filter output to the pump input by fuel hose Then connect the pump output to the quick connect line going forward that is/was on the filter output I bought thick fuel hose supposedly rated for throttle body injection pressures
MrWizard 06/14/19 12:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: curtains for front windshield

Curtains I made my own Went to Amazon and bought Roc-Lon fabric, light and heat blocking fabric
MrWizard 06/14/19 10:25am Class A Motorhomes
F53 Holy Grail External Fuel Pump Found

it has Ford size Male quick connect fittings https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZotLkM6kCprK9s5S9 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BHe_3C1vm6Puoe5rzGCNoY7iR3e22TdAPrF-gGuq15sFRUlNLxhvmu3T_FE8Ce9gT4NPcuM8yPCpGDvZt1VXcnT8AOuwSFB3tMdznmWkfT05JVjFATi3PrYmEdNL0cXugLARRePTdMmUggoJDp1QFLoE0XQZGt4pmiVaFM7CvAk2wLN_CZ6N8Cz8tIBaA8Qm2ks0o7_nVEuqHDmacs974ygykm-VXF8bq9tyjRhELw9mYsyYpYfg0f7pueLCQ0jsqKcczu-xoFXBkHyOSXIkc4otjAeQvYMbEeyN_WxD_pjXaTAg5G_FaWpRN9bKZjkOSKltpjtKo6PjjwzPxsLFxH0tD7T-Wml0OKurqC0ciIUkJAcyawMO20UlSYrnI_y0d0Pvi9YQURHlmZ9UmFS-yBb1jINo0f_sMakjvB-uJN9KRvFs4fDt6fs9QK6M-Pdr74yrisc9tn1QlyUYi06RQUfc7Cg1XjpLgo64xGQGF9khRs2y3eGafGjnn-CSMKU-gyyfQqJDG6JocjQ65ojVE1wlRyh3vfcfoueokfvRoHN3wN9rvA_CvHF_2VHEQmOEYOtkVdFXNUI3hk_LNMqNje1hr74-9B8KLeOZ0OFh2_2znlYPITzpjnhQcDQWIvjxHOWliAFeSAqidfh_OidJpfd7Y1Br1ZQ=w1165-h655-no width=720 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gewbB_npiMXicwuyQz1xAftmeEBuFmiBcQuD5LiTwbUD3U6oPxUQyLnQmuL_NZ3a2EENM95JhPsR3L4UNZkOPsdMaq-XKyE8TZFwYqAGzoQicRshyzLQhbJn_oYvZ6BxavOw7hTXkpDlNtbGaqy6Uo4ScfN8Om0ActhPj6csbduykFghJknxQgdYi7F0WjM3BhLT_rYg3VpEdNlai1GpKfXbITJdKlcFEJKovjG1aIIgRx8nfUqPsBsTwt7Tm75JPe6Nr5NKKRX9_hgcAoQM37FuD2Hdt285QC0PIUfXvYGT51JSiOXjuAKUQc016artFBZgQLVsfXZq4oyQNgrFYTh60W7uMURWcFBVKcqmxXFu3YWM46gCKhqrCji-0HZDbR0v8cKF5_G-SwkKbknQrVUMpzcpBG4nUnmBuh0YVtBoEwUQuCeQqW9fiVZ9NXLD6sABYh9LnKittI2O0T4H0o-q2Xe-5CHFC_uzLkEVmcLWRY8lekgIVPcOjJ37erIknobh077Uzvl2d5IWbl-JdMAOIp2UvBDvLm0SySY1wJlNIFzNwnrM_c2qlSiNGZM7SvbmuO1ASOXQQX0TTS4zkm8rF2oWc9wcRBx81DTRChOnGJBp9VjZ5N_PBRlUPbZlcyz4m3e42b0sfJLFM07h6rZEXNyHs24=w1165-h655-no width=720 Inlet Attachement: Quick Connect Inlet Size: 5/16 " Item Grade: Standard Replacement Maximum Amperage (A): 5.0 Maximum Free Flow Rate (gph): 28.0 Outlet Attachment: Quick Connect Outlet Size: 5/16 " Package Contents: Electric Fuel Pump, Terminal Hardware, Extra Fitting, Seal, (2) Retaining Clips, (2) Splices, Instruction Sheet Product Condition: New Pump Location: External Pump Type: Electric Relief Pressure (psi): 99.0 Strainer Included: No Voltage Rating: 12 vDC Wiring Harness Included: No Working Pressure (psi): 44.0 RELATED ITEMS REPAIR GUIDES Repair Guides for your Vehicle See Details hope to install this this Sat $84.xx plus Tax order online pickup in store..same day got it from autozone, several other places have it online for less $$ but nobody was closer or faster
MrWizard 06/13/19 09:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Triple digit heat! Generator won't run

it should be no problem to have the shore cord plugged in with the generator running. The transfer switch keeps it isolated. i disagree with statement, and this has been discussed many times not designed to switch heavy running loads, like the A/C not designed to be a 'fail over' it is simply an automatic choice device which ever one of the (2) power choices you choose , gets selected but only one is supposed to be 'HOT', not generator running and plugged in to shore power
MrWizard 06/13/19 05:27pm Class A Motorhomes
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