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RE: Trimetric Install With an Enclosed Underbelly?

Moved from technology corner
MrWizard 04/23/14 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Champion on sale

nobody said it was the inverter model The std 3500w, is the open frame model, yes the inverter models are quieter at low loads, but the std model is not "ear splitting", and Not near as noisy as some people claim I've had one for about 6 years, I also have the 2000 inverter model, what I use depends on how much power I need, The Champion 3000 inverter is on my wish list
MrWizard 04/23/14 01:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Simple Inverter Setup Test - FAIL>?

to boil water use a ordinary tea kettle OTH 60~90 seconds in a MW will make a CUP hot enough for instant coffee or heat up cold coffee i will use the inverter late at night for a "warm up" sandwich coffee etc but during the day i will use the generator, saves on battery and is more efficient than draining then recharging the batteries
MrWizard 04/22/14 10:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: LED Lights "And This Is A Verbatim Quote"

Hi Mr Wizard, Are those 12 volt or 120 volt?Those are 120V. correct 120v, i replaced 120v CFL this RV MH has (6) 120v incandescent fixtures (1) recessed 120v 80w Florescent fixture-kitchen (6) recessed 12vdc florescent fixtures (5) 12v halogen hockey pucks ( NEVER ever use ) (2) 12v florescent fixtures hidden behind bedroom window valences ALL 120v lighting is on the INVERTER circuit the dinning table ceiling fixture, gets the MOST hours and is where i installed the LED lamps, i really like them, will probably get some more
MrWizard 04/22/14 10:21pm Tech Issues
RE: efficency and inverter generators

The highest RPM is faster, because it lets them use a smaller cc engine, just turn it faster 4300 vs 3600 of the larger engine Same is true for the CPE 2000 inverter which uses an even smaller displacement cylinder Same thing automotive MFG have been doing for a number of years
MrWizard 04/22/14 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Proper way to Wire Solar in Parallel?

Yes you can, connect one panels wires to the second panels terminals and run one set of wires to the controller Always run only one pair of wires to the controller In cases of multiple panels, most installations consist of wires run from each panel to a "gang" box Connect all wires together in gang box and run large pair to controller I found this in another thread regarding batteries. "Looks like your batteries are not hooked up correctly. If you are using 2 x 12v in parallel then you should feed the trailer with the negative from one battery and the positive from the other battery. Your hookup shows you are feeding from just one battery with the other battery cable attached. I do not think this is the correct way. Check the "12volt side of life" for pictures." Would the same thing apply to solar panels? I have two panels on a 12 volt setup. One panel is wired in to the other panels terminal box then the wires run from the terminal box to the battery in a daisy chain parallel setup. Is that ok? Thanks
MrWizard 04/22/14 10:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Simple Inverter Setup Test - FAIL>?

1500w appliance, approx 13 amps @ 120v Equals 130 amps @ 12v Quite possible not enough battery, the inverter simply shut down from low voltage when to try powering the low Possibly #2, hotpot has digital controls, that did not like the wave form power out put of the inverter
MrWizard 04/22/14 10:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: LED Lights "And This Is A Verbatim Quote"

A few weeks back, I bought two new 40w equivalent, led house lamps, rated at 5.5w each power use, too replace CFL lamps I was using in the dining room fixture $10 each at home depot, I really like these, instant on, good color, dimmable
MrWizard 04/22/14 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: LED Lights "And This Is A Verbatim Quote"

I think what Mexi means Here we go again It can't be 25 watts, if it's only using 6 watts power So supposedly it's supposed to be equivalent light output as a 25 watt incandescent
MrWizard 04/21/14 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter gens

I like Honda but I also like champion And their service record is very very good
MrWizard 04/20/14 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Flooding photos in Central Ontario Canada

Not for me, it asks for a login
MrWizard 04/20/14 04:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Flooding photos in Central Ontario Canada

Facebook photos only show if you are a fb member Many people are not fb members
MrWizard 04/20/14 11:43am Technology Corner
RE: How to make AC plugs work without shore power.

It's Watts ..not Amps...... watts = volts*Amps 900w at 120v is approx 7.5 amps But 900w at 12v is Ten times the amps, aka 75 amps minimum, plus inverter power conversion loss Usually the question is how can I run my A/C from inverter/battery Same answer .. get a generator Electric heating or A/C, is just not feasible without a very large battery bank, and then you need the generator anyway so you can recharge the battery bank
MrWizard 04/20/14 09:54am Tech Issues

Windows and or your laptop sound card, should have an audio equalizer software built in We're you can set/adjust the sound to your taste
MrWizard 04/20/14 09:25am Technology Corner
RE: No email to subscriptions?

Moved to forum support from technology
MrWizard 04/18/14 09:06pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Class A toad caught on fire

How did "towed" become "toad"? IDK, but it's been that way for many years
MrWizard 04/18/14 09:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter/Converter Issue

Stand alone converter, is a new add-on? Or factory install ?
MrWizard 04/18/14 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: Are All External Hard Drives Created Equal?

A few months back, before the Olympics I bought an external buffalo drive 2tb for $ 89, bought it for my homeworx video recorder I have two "acomdata" external drives 250gb and 750 gb, that are about four years old They still work great, no errors, they are storage, and have been used with three different laptops And they are almost full, I am not adding any more files too those drives but I do access then for retrieval purposes
MrWizard 04/18/14 09:15am Technology Corner

Check display settings and power settings You should be able to tell/set it, so it does not turn off when closed If push comes to shove you can cut off the little push button on the switch that is pressed down when the lid is closed
MrWizard 04/17/14 03:51pm Technology Corner
RE: AGM Batteries

Yes lifeline it'd the only one that says you can use a rely high rate of charge That does not mean exactly the same thing as "charge faster" I have four large AGM batteries in my drivers side bank From my experience, when disconnected and charged as a separate bank, using the same 40 amp vector charger, they come to full charge faster than the equal amount of flooded batteries, there charging is more efficient No I don't preform discharge~ recharge cycle tests This is simply an observation from daily use, with periodic individual bank maintenance
MrWizard 04/17/14 09:10am General RVing Issues
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