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Yes but I can't tell you, how much difference
MrWizard 11/27/15 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: 4000 watt Generator with A/C vs 1500 watt Gen without A/C???

How big is the MW, The little one will use less when charging, But not half as much 20 amps at 14v 280 watts, is the same load, no matter the engine size Yes the bigger one has more engine and generator head to turn But it is not double the gas when under load , charging Idle time running, is not used for comparison And 50% load of the big one is more than double 50% load of the small one They will both use almost the same amount of gas when charging The big one will use a little more, but not double, perhaps 25% more gas than the little one with the same amount of charging load Btw, the little 1200w will power a 600-800 cooking watt MW
MrWizard 11/26/15 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Android wifi range

Your question doesn't match your subject title What is wrong with your Android Wi-Fi ? A phone not picking up campground Wi-Fi signal is common If you want to boost campground Wi-Fi You need a Wi-Fi repeater/router Not a pc USB Wi-Fi adapter
MrWizard 11/26/15 10:53am Technology Corner
RE: Wifi Stopped Working on older PC Running XP

are you doing this at home ? what is the encryption status of the router? can the old Xp machine do the same encryption can you access anything else that is on the home network, like a printer
MrWizard 11/25/15 05:54pm Technology Corner
RE: PdaNet WiFi stopped working

Me too ! I wonder what happened, a FoxFi issue or did Verizon capitulate? Ron W don't know, have been searching the web, but that info has not been found
MrWizard 11/24/15 09:24pm Technology Corner
RE: using 400 watt solar kit w/ extra battery I already have....

400 watts of solar 400 watts is 3.5 amps at 120v output from the inverter The a/c uses about 12 amps at 120v that's 1400 watts Wire all the batteries together to the solar Using DC into inverter to drive converter to make DC for the other battery is double conversion and a lot of wasted power, possibly 20% our more wasted in the process There are one or two members that run a small 5 amp 600 watt, window a/c using a big battery bank and 900 watts or more of solar
MrWizard 11/24/15 04:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Finally! Cig Lighter USB Charger With A Pair of

A HEAVY USB charging cord is important. Some USB cords have conductors the diameter of a human hair. Yep I have some flat ones in red blue green etc I only use them for data transfer, or all night recharge
MrWizard 11/24/15 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: PdaNet WiFi stopped working

I'm connected testing Yep working for me
MrWizard 11/24/15 01:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Pix of old RV's...

That Scamp tt behind the old Oldsmobile , is not as old as the car , It's at least 20 years younger, maybe even more Thanks for the picture and link
MrWizard 11/24/15 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: PdaNet WiFi stopped working

PdaNet is in the app store Just search PdaNet Directly installing on the pc from the website is the most efficient effective way
MrWizard 11/24/15 08:28am Technology Corner
RE: Rec/Con fuse shutting off

nothing has changed expect the tripping breaker sounds like a failing battery or failing converter battery is cheaper and easier to replace than converter lets hope its the battery you will need to unplug from shore power while removing the battery besure to take a picture of the wiring with cellphone or camera, before disconnecting the wires, wrap the wires in tape to prevent shorting problems and you can plug back into shore power, while the battery is being checked/tested
MrWizard 11/23/15 09:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Rec/Con fuse shutting off

Is the HEATER or anything else New Are you doing something different than you did this time last year? If nothing is different Either the battery is bad or the converter is bad You needed somebody to check and test the battery The best way is to disconnect it, and take it to AutoZone or pepboys, some place that will charge and test it for you A bad battery can ruin a good converter edited for typos
MrWizard 11/23/15 08:16pm Tech Issues
RE: PdaNet WiFi stopped working

to use the usb options in FoxFi-PdaNet, you need to have the "PdaNet destop" installed on your PC/laptop I know many of you only used the wifi side but before foxfi existed we used PdaNet to cable tether are phones to the laptop, after foxfi came out the two apps merged, ( i don't know who bought who ) goto JuneFabric.com (the developers of pdanet) and download the pdanet desktop and install on your pc the alternate method might work that is to connect the phone with usb to the PC, then on the phone, choose usb option, and be prompted to install pdanet, foxfi will Dl and install it on the PC or search pdanet on google play/store and follow the prompts i note of clarifiaction when you connect to wifi at home, the campground or starbucks you do not call it tethering why do people call it tethering when they connect to the phone via wifi, its a wifi hotspot, its wifi access point, NOT tether, its no different than anyother wifi Except that its your private network even the technical websites who should know better make this mis-statement tethering via cable still works, bluetooth connection works its the wifi-router access point, that is being blocked
MrWizard 11/23/15 06:02pm Technology Corner
RE: PdaNet WiFi stopped working

I have been using the USB tether with my S4 Right now I'm testing, the Wi-Fi share option, of PdaNet And it's working, my phone is connected to my laptop via USB cable, internet connection is made using the PdaNet desktop on the laptop, then click on Wi-Fi share from the PdaNet menu I am posting from my tablet the phone is connected to my laptop, the laptop is the Wi-Fi access point Not as neat and simple as a direct Wi-Fi hotspot, but works well if you need to share the connection and you have a pc with you in the RV, If you live on an iPad or chrome book, and no pc, maybe Bluetooth will work
MrWizard 11/23/15 05:48pm Technology Corner
RE: need recomendation for 200 watt solar kit and batteries

The first thing you need is measure you real power use (amp hrs and watt hours) Get a bogart or tri metric, or some other watt power meter and go spend a normal camping might I think your going to be really surprised by how much power you really used You have not been running the generator enough to get the batteries properly recharged, but that might be partially the fault of your converter, you need 14.4v at the battery from the converter and that could be for 4~6 hours each day, for a 35 amp converter charger A good high amp 14+v converter could return,60 amp hours to your batteries in a couple of hours
MrWizard 11/23/15 04:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Ammeter/ Volt meter adjustment

Are you trying to read chassis/engine batteries or house batteries Any measuring device (the shunt) Must go in between ALL CURRENT FLOW in and out of the batteries Is the negative from ALL your charging systems connected to the chassis and not to the battery negative
MrWizard 11/23/15 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Generators stolen --- UPDATE pg 4

Rockler wood working -Accuride pantry slides Get the ultimate performance, including full-extension slides, a drawer-silencing feature and the ability to side- or flat-mount for a number of applications. Heaviest rated slide available. Use for large pantry pullouts Tool storage pullouts Wide lateral file drawers Vehicular storage drawers. Load ratings are dependent upon slide usage. Side- or flat-mounting increases versatility. Full extension provides better drawer access. Additional mounting holes allow easier installation. Drawer-silencing feature provides quieter movement. Slide measures 3" H x 3/4" W. For moderate usage, such as for computer access drawers or power back-up systems storage, the slides are load rated at 500 lbs. per pair. Drawer width to 18". Cycled 10,000 times. For frequent use, including in large pantry pullouts, toolboxes, modular storage, the slides are load rated at 400 lbs. per pair. Drawer widths to 42" and cycled 75,000 times. For vehicle mounts, including in RV and truck bodies and for emergency vehicle power supply units, the slides are load rated to 300 lbs. per pair. Drawer widths to 32". Cycled 10,000 times. For flat-mounting anywhere side space is limited, the slides are load rated at 150 lbs. per pair. Drawer widths 32" and cycled 10,000 times. Price is per pair of slides. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT carry all sizes listed on the Accuride Product Information Sheet.
MrWizard 11/22/15 07:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Will laser heat sensor find inadequate battery cables?

15 minutes, are you baking a turkey ? 6-7 minutes to bake a potato 1200 cooking watts or total watts total watts = 100amp load 1200 cooking watts equal approx 1700 input watts easily 140 amps or more thats an awful lot to carry for 15 minutes i think your connections are solid or you would not get 15 minutes
MrWizard 11/22/15 02:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Windows tablet recommendation

i saw a walamrt ad last week, RCA 2 in 1, $99
MrWizard 11/22/15 12:24pm Technology Corner
RE: PdaNet WiFi stopped working

im USB tethered and netflix works fine your problem is the blue tooth connection, it is not designed to carry video netflix tests your connection, if the bandwidth speed is not enough, it will give you an error try it with a USB cable Good idea, thanks. Just have to find the appropriate USB cable that goes from the phone to the tablet. I dont think I have one in my quiver. Ron W. opps i thought you were on the PC i'm Not sure your tablet will usb tether for internet my phone has micro HDMI output, does your phone have that option ? connect the HDMi to your TV and goto Netflix with the phone or tether the phone USB to the PC/laptop, then use the wifi share option in pdanet or windows connection share option the PC becomes the wifi hotspot for netflix and amazon prime, i usually connect HDMI from the laptop to the TV, i prefer a larger screen than my tablet or phone wifi or USB cable for the PC to phone, the picture comes from the laptop
MrWizard 11/22/15 12:17pm Technology Corner
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