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RE: Is there a quiet NON inverter generator?

These kind of comparisons could go on forever How about an Onan liquid cooled quiet diesel with a 650w load, Yeah I know ..Not portable..NOT in the same class as the portables
MrWizard 07/07/15 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: 120W portable solar: works great! (and some questions)

Find the local automotive stereo shop , or go online Buy some 8 gauge speaker/power cable ( I say 8 gauge because it's Chinese and closer to 10gauge ) This is fine flexible copper strands http://www.amazon.com/Pyramid-RPR825-Gauge-Power-Clear/dp/B000MM2WIO/ref=pd_sim_422_7?ie=UTF8&refRID=0HJ1JQ1VEVC84H1NQ5P2
MrWizard 07/07/15 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Amazon hydraulic crimper

my dies are six sided, they just do NOT go up to as large as size mine are 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12gaWell you know where I is if you need to squeeze anything big. Currently its in its case collecting dust. Thanks Jeff... Nothing like that 4 aught , in my immediate future
MrWizard 07/07/15 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Does anybody have the HarborFreight 2500 Inverter Gen?

The original question ... Remains unanswered !FWIW, I posted a quote of an online HF review in which the reviewer commented that he was not able to run a rooftop a/c with his HF inverter generator. Post date/time: 03/26/14 05:28pm. My roof air draws 1680 watts and I was unable to get a peak start up draw due to my watt meter not being fast enough. However my Honda 2000i will run it and the Harbor Freight 2200i will not. I believe this is caused by the harbor freight generator having nearly a modified sine wave inverter. In the attached pics you can see the Honda is nearly a pure sine wave and Harbor Freight is nearly modified with only a slight wave form. The Honda is slightly quieter. Overall decent generator. I did test it to a 1900 watt load with no issue. Click link too see pix, then click picture to enlarge One drive is file save sharing..not a photo share https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=e262984a4305eb4f&id=E262984A4305EB4F%2117082&ithint=folder,jpg&authkey=!AIiTz0znbqxtA3w
MrWizard 07/07/15 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Amazon hydraulic crimper

my dies are six sided, they just do NOT go up to as large as size mine are 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12ga
MrWizard 07/06/15 10:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there a quiet NON inverter generator?

Probably just a cup of water for testing Does it really matter what it was. The point was to test the generator not prepare the Holliday barbecue
MrWizard 07/06/15 08:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Problem with fridge heating up when traveling

Don't know it is electronic ignition so when you stop it must relight itselfPilot lights don't light themselves. It's not a pilot light it is the burner, small burner but still THE BURNER And yes it's electronic ignition, turn on the control it lights, if it blows out it Will try to relight
MrWizard 07/06/15 07:58pm Tech Issues
RE: CCleaner causing issues

Try searching for an older version
MrWizard 07/06/15 07:49pm Technology Corner
RE: New Inverter Charger, wiring question

he has a spare charger/converter yes ground to the frame with the Ground lug but run a NEG wire all the way to the batteries do not use the frame for the negative path do not ground the inverter to the NEg cable/the batteries the negative power path and the safety ground/frame path are two separate physical and electrical paths never mine that they will read continuity with a meter they are individual physical circuits connecting the inverter ground to the NEg cable/battery can induce AC into the DC path it also removes the safety factor.. the safety factor to be real the ground is frame ground, not battery negative
MrWizard 07/06/15 11:43am Tech Issues
RE: RV route ap?

The OP's comment was a question, is there an app that gives the "CORRECT" INFORMATION the app mentioned is questionable, and needs redesigning and should not be used.. info is available to do it right! IF done correctly..programing something like this is NOT an easy task. its NOT about the Name of the route, its about the conditions and the sign postings/restrictions, other roads name parkway in different states can and will have different conditions/restrictions or maybe none
MrWizard 07/06/15 11:32am Technology Corner
RE: 1995 Safari Sahara

Our 95 Sahara has levelers, we have drawers where the washer/dryer goes The TV is also the backup monitor I took out the TV, it's now storage space I mounted a small 7" flip down LCD video display under the corner of the cabinet for the rearview...it's prefect the right size in the right place, built a desk behind the passenger seat, that holds my laptop and the 32" TV, DVD etc.. It's easy too drive..But it does not have the up slope rear end common on newer designs, so sometimes I drag the hitch in a drive way, not badly never have damaged the RV
MrWizard 07/06/15 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: acc lps fuse, battery starting hesitations

For the pace arrow chassis You need the service wiring diagrams from general motors for the P30 chassis Big orange book 8" tall by 16" inches wide I used to have one , but alas it long gone
MrWizard 07/06/15 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: 120W portable solar: works great! (and some questions)

Just replace the cables from controller to batteries Why are you disconnecting the clips from the battery Not needed..that's why there is a controller You could build a "twirler" like you know who But that's one more thing to carry to and from camping
MrWizard 07/06/15 08:48am Tech Issues
RE: Girard Tankless water heater "different" installation

I think you will have a problem, containing the Hot exhaust Your extensions are slip over therefore hot exhaust will leak around the extension and has too be contained by the rubber gasket door seal you want to make This is a hazardous condition Find a better way
MrWizard 07/06/15 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: An electrical system puzzle

moved from technology corner
MrWizard 07/05/15 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Using Upfitter switches to power my extra frig on the road?

the 0.7 at 120v is 7.0 at 12v make that 8~9ammps 12vDC with conversion losses included but you need an inverter that will carry the compressor surge load spike on start and that might be more than 500w
MrWizard 07/05/15 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: An electrical system puzzle

unplug the fridge 120v plug then turn your breakers on one at a time if nothing trips, plug the fridge back in might be a bad 120v heating element in the fridge or like others have some moisture someplace is the vacuum still plugged in ? unplug it
MrWizard 07/05/15 06:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Boliy generator?

find out how OLD that Boily is ? it just might be from the same era as PT's was i have been very happy with my champion purchases my first one was their little 1200w about 8yrs ago, then after a year or so got a 3000w, then finally their inverter model i have a 3000 open frame in storage, keep it for backup, loaned it out a couple of times
MrWizard 07/05/15 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there a quiet NON inverter generator?

NO generator is MSW..well maybe Hondas first inverter generator sold in japan many years ago generators are either Synchronous ( engine running at fixed RPM to maintain 60Hz ) or Inverter type (engine running at variable speed as needed..engine powers high voltage alternator..alternator send high voltage to inverter module which creates 120v 60Hz) they do NOT operate from batteries,,can NOT be connected to batteries.. Inverter is the way the power is produced internally..the engine and high voltage alternator take the place of a large high voltage battery bank around 400vdc rectified from around 12000 HZ ac Inverter types are usually all enclosed in a housing its the low power low run speed and the noise quieting housing that makes them quieter, until you run them at full load..then they are not as quiet example Onan RV generators are Synchronous but they are enclosed, so they are quieter than their open frame counter parts utility company for your house comes from turbines driven by water or steam they are in essence Synchronous generators there are some cheap small open frame synchronous generators that have a pretty ugly wave form when viewed on an Oscilloscope, but that is because of the cheap way they do the voltage regulation champion and other Mfg use electronic automatic voltage regulation, that works the same way as Onan , Genirac and other quality MFG, the output is controlled by the field voltage controlled by the regulator welcome to portable generators 101
MrWizard 07/05/15 12:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Boliy generator?

The OP. Has another thread about power needs A/C is not the reason for the generator It's for battery charging and other equipment
MrWizard 07/05/15 09:15am Tech Issues
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