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RE: Tripp lite 1250fc inverter

ours will be 5yrs old in Nov that will be 5yrs of continuous duty only offline when replacing batteries or cables etc..
MrWizard 08/01/15 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: High frequency on generator

where the AVR is located depends on the generator builder but yes Kolher could have put it on the govenor board total integration , everything on one board, and you have to replace a more expensive part when it fails it cheaper for the MFG to have one board than three boards, lower total production parts faster assembly lower labor cost , less parts to keep in stock but it cost the customer more when its time to make a repair
MrWizard 08/01/15 08:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anybody with Camco Olympian Heaters?

we have one i think they mean that old standby the thermocouple if you let go before it is going, it will go out if the fuel flow stops and it goes out, there will be no accidental fuel flow when things thaw out, or you refill the tank but forget to turn the heater to off before doing so
MrWizard 08/01/15 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Power Inverter

MrWizard, The 600 watt MSW one that I had, worked fine. This pure sine is 1000 watt. No matter how I figure it, It should be enough to start it. I got it to start it this AM and it is still cycling on and off as it should. If it works sometimes, I don't know why it doesn't other times. If anything, the input voltage is lower now than when I started it. The other thing I have not mentioned is the fact that it states 2000 surge wattage. In my opinion, that should be enough for a 75 watt load. glad its working .. right now.. but it not the 75w running thats is a problem its the 900w or more spike on the compressor startup and OH BTW FYI that 2000w surge might be divided across the outlets on dual output and NOT all available on one device plugged into one outlet it could be 500w run 1000w surge per outlet this has come up before in other posts and those surge ratings are typically 5~10 Micro-seconds not the 5 Seconds or more it sometimes takes the compressor to get running up to speed my Tripp-lite inverter will carry 50% overload for 60min 100% overload AKA 200% rating for 10 seconds it weighs 23# , it has a nice big heavy transformer in it thats a universe apart from the average light weight 5# inverter all that power is available at ONE outlet when needed
MrWizard 08/01/15 03:14pm Tech Issues
RE: High frequency on generator

electronic Automatic voltage regulation on the field will control the voltage even if the frequency is off High Freq does not mean high voltage when you have AVR If the frequency is high, so is the voltage. A frequency error won't fool a charger into excess output. Find a real meter that can read a wider frequency band and see what's really going on. We use those Kohlers in news vans and they simply die of old age. That is what I have always thought. But I checked it with two different meters and both read 120 vac. Also same two meters also read 120 vac when plugged into shore power and 60 hz on the meter. I tried readjusting the carb both main and idle jets but rpm stayed the same. Makes sense it rpm is high the voltage would be high but it is not.
MrWizard 08/01/15 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: USB memory stick into truck radio aux input?

NO. it will NOT USB is a data connection, headphone jack is an analog audio connection
MrWizard 08/01/15 02:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Wi-Fi hot spot

SMA female face plate bulkhead mount They do exist I think this will do it Get these and a blank wall plate cover Drill hole in cover , mount in cover http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41veslMCbBL._SY355_.jpg
MrWizard 08/01/15 10:07am Technology Corner
RE: Hotspot Overage

Simple solution is to use FireFox for all your other browsing, then use Chrome only to access your bank. Yep..My suggestion also You beat me too it
MrWizard 08/01/15 09:58am Technology Corner
RE: 2002 Sahara Safari 40' no start or dash lights

some people refer to the battery disconnect AKA RV storage switch as the salesman switch
MrWizard 07/31/15 09:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coffe pot for boondocking

We have the Coleman, very handy, used it for many years It is now our backup, ads we have one of the old black and Decker under cabinet drip makers...old as in the full box model, it was used when we got it, and we have had it for seven years Wish I could find another one We seldom start anything before 8 Or 9am And our inverter will power the coffee pot or MW , if needed
MrWizard 07/31/15 10:09am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Google Drive Phishing Email?

:) :B
MrWizard 07/30/15 11:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Inverter settings question

Yes.. same rules
MrWizard 07/30/15 07:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine alternator only charges engine battery

well the NEW relay is either NOT connected to the RV batteries or it is not being powered on from the "ignition" circuit when the engine is running and it is supposed to be powered on
MrWizard 07/30/15 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Power Inverter

Kountryguy you did not mention how much battery capacity you have or the inverter wiring and mounting conditions not enough battery bank or too small/long a wiring run, will dramatically affect an inverter i also agree, 600w is NOT big enough, most inverters do not have enough transformer aka "magnetic mass" to supply the start up surge of a compressor LRA my fridge only needs 90~100w to run, but i have measured 900w start up spikes
MrWizard 07/30/15 01:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Newbie Awning Question

let me clarify how do you unlock it, to roll it out do you need the pull stick to unlock it or just to unroll it
MrWizard 07/29/15 03:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newbie Awning Question

depends does this have the auto release function, when you turn the knob or do you have to reach up with the pull pole and pull the lever ? i believe the auto release has the arm you described or maybe one of the arms was damaged in transit and replace by the dealer
MrWizard 07/29/15 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: HELP - I need to find this valve and rebuild kits.

did you measure grooves and the opening seals could be a standard size and GSR might be the old name for the company that is Valtera IIRC Valtera is in Sun Valley i doubt that UltraVan used a custom pipe that valve is no longer mfg, but its only the mechanism that is different i'm betting the pipe size and seals are common won't hurt to Call Valtera and ask to speak to an OLD timer whos been there a long time
MrWizard 07/29/15 12:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Deal of the Day from Solid Signal

yes..so No New ReplayTv DVRs will be built and sold this does not affect existing equipment, this is NOT rentals owners can keep on using them
MrWizard 07/29/15 12:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar panels, how high should they be above the roof

The factory holes are in the correct place for panels that are never moved But when you lift one end of the panel the other end goes down (Think tail swing on your RV) If the front holes are six inches from the edge of the panel, and the panel is one inch above the roof, you can't lift the back to tilt the panel Lift the back one inch the front goes down and HITS the roof. No tilt Holes closer to the corner, and brackets that hold higher off the roof Allow the panel to be tilted You can mount them as is and never move them But IF you think, you want to clean underneath or tilt them Planning ahead saves a lot of rework Using taller brackets, or extensions on the brackets, getting the panels further above the roof alleviate the problem, without drilling new holes in the panels
MrWizard 07/29/15 10:20am Tech Issues
RE: What's eating my batteries? (Please help:()

i would change the solar controller setting to Flooded batteries sealed AKA VRL batteries like AGM's can take higher charging and float voltages flooded batteries PARKED and hooked up you want a 13.2v float voltage turn the converter OFF during the day, let the solar do the maintaining , run the converter at only at night might be better until you can revamp the system
MrWizard 07/28/15 10:30pm Tech Issues
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