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RE: Electronic Transfer Switch - add a second shore power inlet?

yes you can and the TH will be powered from the front, instead of the BACK just be advised, you can only use one or the the other the new front one, or the OEM shore inlet this will be an either-Or not both at the same time, No extra power just a choice on how to park and which one to use
MrWizard 06/30/16 04:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Unlimited Verizon 3G $5 a month

no way to KNOW that, heck in 4 years, there might be something faster than 4g LTE and it will be added to phase out list the point is this is the bang for the buck, for data, right now and a great deal unless you absolutely must have high speed data for video streaming i pay for the best deal i can get and hope it doesn't disappear too soon, then deal with replacing it when it happens
MrWizard 06/30/16 01:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar Power Questions for a National RV

anything is possible, BUT is NOT likely never seen it done that way are you sure the switch is not directly connected to the solar and is the disconnect for the solar assuming the batteries are removed how and where are you testing for the voltage in the battery compartment
MrWizard 06/30/16 12:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave for fridge

the $900 freedom 458 Filtered Modified Sine Wave Means exactly that is NOT a cheap 'chopper' square wave inverter its not a $49 'car parts store' inverter my $300? PV1250 weighs 22#, and has NOT let the 'Magic blue Smoke' out of anything in this RV in 6yrs of everyday use there are So called PSW inverters out there that can't hold an LEd candle to the quality of my Tripp-lite or the Freedom 458, it may not be the best inverter ever built, but its far better than most of the stuff you people are trying to compare it to MSW does not mean BAD, and PSW does not always mean Great Options, always have options, and the journey goes much smoother ....
MrWizard 06/30/16 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: help from the electrical wizards

A Start kit, only helps prevent overload from the high start up current of the compressor, the lock rotor surge amps It will not help with 'Heat Creep' Where the load amps goes up because of the increased load trying to cool the RV as outside temps rise, and compressor heat up Turn the A/C to full cold all the way up so the compressor stays on and does not cycle If it will not stay running, the only thing you can do is get a bigger generator
MrWizard 06/30/16 09:37am General RVing Issues
RE: MH wont start on chassis battery. Has 13V

the converter charges the HOUSE batteries not the Engine batteries on most RVs on some Rvs there is voltage controlled relay combiner called a 'smart relay' that will connect the chassis/engine batteries, after the house batteries reach a set voltage your batteries are not being charged by the alternator you have a problem somewhere in the wiring, turn on the head lights, take a battery reading then turn on the dash a/c and take another reading if i had to guess, at this point i would say one of the positive cables did not get reconnected you have dash power but no 'starter' power until you push the jumper button
MrWizard 06/30/16 01:03am Tech Issues

The problem is no surge capacity, it can't handle the fan inductive load Or the C-pap air pump my $300? PV1250 weighs 22#, and has NOT let the 'Magic blue Smoke' out of anything in this RV in 6yrs of everyday use The cheap parts store inverters are getting to the point, where there is almost to copper in them, no wire wound inductors, no transformers It's all digital chopper chips changing the voltage They are only good for supplying 120v power into other electronic switching power supplies Edit: previous post belonged in a different thread, Corrected this post
MrWizard 06/30/16 12:53am Tech Issues
RE: Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave for fridge

my PV1250 has been running my fridge for Almost 6yrs will be six yrs in oct/Nov Filtered usually means a heavy transformer and a Pi network inductance filter on the output A/C too smooth out the wave form i can tell you this my 80w florescent kitchen fixture behaves better on my tripp-lite 1250 than my it does on my go power 300 PSW how ever my electric mattress pad will not turn on with the PV1250 and runs soley off my go power 300
MrWizard 06/29/16 03:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Oooooooo More High Amperage Gizmos!

i want those in 1/4-20 ASME, not metric
MrWizard 06/29/16 02:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave for fridge

the OP said nothing about using the MW he also fridge for up to 8 hours using His statement, i assume he wants to power the fridge while traveling and the occasional overnight also there are MSW that are designed for use with motors like the tripp-lite PV1250 line i think the best thing to do, would be look at specs and stated uses of the freedom 458 this is what the Xantrex site says With filtered modified sine wave output, the Freedom 458 inverter/charger has the ability to run electrical equipment, appliances and even sensitive electronics. Perfect for any RV, the temperature controlled multistage charging ensures that your batteries are recharged quickly, and safety features such as automatic shut down protects your expensive deep-cycle batteries from excessive depletion. this is NOT a cheap inexpensive inverter i think the OP will be find should not be any problems like it has been posted he can test by running some other power tools or fans and check the motor temps
MrWizard 06/29/16 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Question about Routing solar cables down fridge vent

Mine goes thru the mesh I think most users do it that way I don't want a hole in the vent base for rain water to come thru into the fridge compartment A good thunder storm can create a lot of run off and some standing water against vents
MrWizard 06/29/16 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: MH wont start on chassis battery. Has 13V

Some coaches have disconnects for both house and chassis My uncle's Thor Serrano is that way
MrWizard 06/29/16 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Power Questions for a National RV

I have seen small panels on top of roof A/C No Controller, just a square block, blocking diode , between the wire from the panel an one of the chassis wiring terminals under the front hatch
MrWizard 06/29/16 11:54am Tech Issues
RE: MH wont start on chassis battery. Has 13V

Loose dirty corroded connections between chassis battery and combiner When you hit boost you get the good clean solid connections from the house battery Key, ignition starter, cables are probably OK
MrWizard 06/28/16 10:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Worthwhile fix/repairing AC/DC Norcold frig?

I don't think Norcold actually made them they were re-branded, made by some other mfg that said, it will use less power than a Dorm fridge if you are off grid a bunch then i would check on repairs but you may have to get a new one they use normal refrigerant the special part is the variable speed DC Compressor, usually a Dan Foss design you need somebody familiar with these to see if there is a motor problem or a power supply problem
MrWizard 06/28/16 01:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Refrigerator on propane or electric?

here is what i used to go by, and the advice I offer check you AC voltage reading in the hot afternoon with the A/C on and the fridge ON and Everbody else in the park is home and doing the same thing also check the temp inside the fridge if you have 115v and the fridge is properly cold go ahead use electric if you want my preference was always use LP, it provides the same heat to the system and the same amount of fridge cooling 'all the time' no matter what the electric voltage is the few cents difference in LP or electric, the LP dealer or the park mean nothing to me, i want that fridge cold and if voltage is low, and its hot outside, the LP will make it colder than electric like i said 'i used to do' we have a 120v residential compressor fridge, now.. no choice but electric, but it only needs 100w not 325w and we make our own electricity
MrWizard 06/28/16 01:14pm Tech Issues
RE: TT fridge to cold

To the OP Consider yourself lucky Now do everybody a favor Take the top vent off the roof and back access vent off the wall Take pictures of the inside Measure the compartment Measure the spacing of the fridge from the outside wall Post all the pictures and info here Somebody did a seriously good install of your fridge For it to work so well
MrWizard 06/28/16 12:27pm Tech Issues
RE: removing conversion van powered bench/bed

Thank you for the response. So I do NOT have to disconnect the battery while cutting and crimping? I know enough to keep the leads from touching each other or metal before the crimp is done. Actually it's always a good idea to disconnect the batteries while working on Unfamiliar electric circuits All I mentioned on the previous post was how to call them off and not have to why about coming loose
MrWizard 06/27/16 10:06pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Question about Routing solar cables down fridge vent

It's a good idea to keep them away from the chimney flue And no reason not to do so, if you are using the fridge compartment Like many of us do
MrWizard 06/27/16 08:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan LP Generator Problem

I think your Onan is fuel starved my Onan LP is Liquid Fed from the bottom of the Horz tank there is vaporizer where the carb would be there is an inline regulator for pressure from the liquid to run from a Vapor line, such as used by stoves and water heaters requires a change in the LP hard ware on the Onan a conversion kit from liquid to vapor I don't have a part number, but i know they are availble but third party I don't think they come from Onan/Cumins
MrWizard 06/27/16 04:57pm Tech Issues
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