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RE: WiFi Hot Spot App

straight talk and several others from the same international company have custom 'ROM'/ Operating system its NOT google issue Android straight talk and its sister companies do not allow tethering on phones and plans that do not have that feature i doubt a factory reset will work you can download an APK file of some hotspot App and install from an SD card but then straight talk will very possibly cancel your account it is in the 'terms of service' of the use of straight talk phone check one of the low cost data options like visibl or ting ting.com has a hotspot for $25 a month 30GB 4G LTE, on the Sprint network
MrWizard 12/05/19 04:03am Technology Corner
RE: WiFi Hot Spot App

yes it has wifi hotspot little mis-understanding here its the vzw plan i have that forces me to use foxfi or to change my plan i have an 'OLD' grandfathered Unlimited data plan, NO slow down, No GB limit, No prioritizing but tethering & hot spotting were NEVER allowed on that plan, that plan is so old, wifi hotspot option did not exist then, only the ability to 'tether' with a USB cable, got that plan when i had a 'feature phone' (now they call them dumb phones, but they are not dumb} with basic mobile internet browser {i'v been using mobile cellular internet since it was a dialup option that used 'minutes' not mega/giga bytes} {i had 300 daytime minutes and unlimited nighttime and weekend minutes} without foxfi, vzw would charge me for every megabyte of data used by my PC or tablet, using data connection from the phone i would change my plan, but no one has convinced me i can equal use for less dollars per month
MrWizard 12/03/19 10:46pm Technology Corner
RE: WiFi Hot Spot App

Samsung S-5 with Verizon, and Foxfi works for me I used it last night, when att was not so good I still have an old unlimited data plan where he data is for the phone and not Wi-Fi, Hot spotting is an extra charge, so I need foxfi for this plan
MrWizard 12/03/19 12:23pm Technology Corner
RE: ATT Mobley IP address and VPN ??

As a mobile data device it might not As it is not FCC required But the cell tower and AT&T know your Mobleys geographic location, if not the street address, If location services are turned on, on the device that is using the mobley WiFi Then Google know which city you are in or near
MrWizard 12/01/19 10:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Upgrade V-10 to Turbo?

He turned a 460" into a 528" 68 Cu inch gain, almost 15% displacement increase Parts for the 460" are readily available, if you have the $$ I think the v10 is a more complicated engine But I'm an electrician Not a Mechanic
MrWizard 12/01/19 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ATT Mobley IP address and VPN ??

My Android phone thinks it's in Dallas too. And I'm in Denver. A VPN won't fix that. In fact, my VPN server is in Dallas, so the best I'd do is break-even. :) Do you have location services turned on ? Emg 911 location is always on I mean Google location services on the phone If this is on your IP address should reflect your proximity to the cell tower If turned on off, location will show as whatever Telco server is connecting you to the internet (When I turn off locating on my phone, location ip will show me many many miles from where I am at) TenOc Try logging into your Mobley, and your AT&T account Look for the option to turn on gps location in the Mobley settings On most mobile devices the gps is part of the main processor chip And also includes the BT transmitter and the wifi transmitter and the GPU aka the graphics processor The whole want phone or tablet is on one chip The Mobley is a cellular/phone device without the programming to make calls and optimized for data thru put
MrWizard 12/01/19 12:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

No mix up between the Honda pictures and the champ pictures In most of the Honda pictures you can see the tester on the floor and the end edge of the champ In many of the champ pictures you can clearly see the champ behind the tester, outside on concrete
MrWizard 11/30/19 04:15am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

most of my testing is done in real world of full time rv living i don't have the luxury of lab condition testing circumstances close up the garage or storage lot and come back the next day sometimes there might be other things using 120v a fan ? ice-maker ? TV / PC , lots of 5v wall worts i try to make sure other not needed or invasive power using devices are tuned off, but who knows maybe something was on, but since i flipped all those CBs, i don't know what it could be the owner reclaimed it today, so my opportunity for more testing is gone maybe the low versus high charge power use ratio is because of the higher hondas higher output voltage at low power loading here is a pix at 17.03 amps for the Honda 115.5*17.03=1996.665 VA Just under Honda's 2000va peak reading With PF value 0.778 that's 1530.298 watts looks like Honda is a performance winner https://i.imgur.com/4dT96w8l.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. i've also saw 17.07 and 17.09 phone storage was full and i had to switch to my tablet so im hunting for the various pictures not all of them got backed up to google
MrWizard 11/29/19 01:45am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

IIRC there is a slight difference in our converters You snipped a resistor ? In yours and it is always at your set voltage point While mine has not been snipped, and runs approximately 1v higher than set point for the first ten minutes after powered on
MrWizard 11/27/19 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Wilson Cell Booster?

I have looked at the specs of these different packages sold by Wilson It appears the same amp specs It's the big pole and bigger antenna that produce more gain I would use the old coax. The new equipment with a New multi band trucker antenna while driving , I wouldn't put any worry into the only use while stationary comment, I think that's CYA on case of stupid people
MrWizard 11/27/19 01:52am Technology Corner
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

I've got pix of the numbers, I did have the RV plugged into the Honda, for whole house, but the charger/ converter was the only thing in use , even the mw circuit breaker was turned off, I don't know if it is, all the extra wire in the walls , or the difference in generators inverters and voltage , or even the set output voltage of the converter , A number of factors involved here
MrWizard 11/27/19 01:43am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

Some interesting numbers I saw early today "Honda" 115.5v 17.03 amps = 1966.965 computed VA, PF 0.781 123.9v 16.89 amps = 2092.671 computed VA, Watts 1538.6 , computed PF 0.735232 https://i.imgur.com/vQcpxbZl.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. 122.9v. 12.3 amps = computed VA 1511.67 Present number this minutes, Using the Champ 2000 inverter genny Yes been running for several hours, did not get start up numbers, but not super high, only around 33 charge amps less than one half generator load 123.3v 2.14 amps computed VA 263.862 https://i.imgur.com/EXnYOPxl.jpg Watts reading 170.4, PF reading 0.649 Dc power meter charging rate reading 14.56v 3.34 amps 49.6 watts https://i.imgur.com/EpxJzCll.jpg So the VA of 263.84 results in a 49.6w charge rate What we need are power Factor corrected converters that are more efficient The converter is using 170w (from 263VA) to provide 49 watt charge It does better (more efficient) at higher amps, but this could stand lots of improvement I have some pix, just need to get them upload and posted Will edit this post, when pix are uploaded
MrWizard 11/26/19 10:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

My champ gets a work out everyday with that converter I am well aware of the load into and the amps charging The mw is less load than the converter But I can do a cup of water with each one just to check load and sound, and have as equal a test as you can get with generators that have different peak voltage Also I have a meter/test box much better than a kill-a-watt One that shows amps volts and watts all at the same time And the watts display can be cycled to show the COSIGN AKA Power Factor One constructed to be used with generators or shore power, 20 amp or 30 amp plug in I saw that Honda do 1967.xx (122.8v × 16.xx amps) computed VA while showing almost 1500 (1465.x) watts on the watt display with a PF of 0.745 I have seen similar numbers when testing the champ This was not meant to prove one better than the other Just an unusual chance to make some quick observations One thing I really like about this champ is It will trip the circuit breaker instead of doing an inverter over load, which means I do Not have to do a generator shut down restart cycle, no the champ will not start my AC
MrWizard 11/25/19 07:27pm Tech Issues
Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

I just weigh a Honda with full gas tank 53.2# Also weigh my cpe 2000 with full gas tank 55.6# I cannot tell the difference by lifting them For practical purposes they are the same height and length But width/thickness is differing With the Honda being slimmer/Less deep Which makes it a little easier to carry And maybe make a difference in storage for some people Yes the Honda is less loud with my 75 amp converter than my champ The Honda is also several years newer than my champ And the owner does not work it as hard as work my champ He still has the stock oem converter in his 96 Minnie winnie Will try for a noise comparison powering the MW, if I have the time this evening, before he retrieves it
MrWizard 11/25/19 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter Nichrome Wire Break

The trailer was OEM , WITH ONE 12v battery Simply put, 3 batteries with that low an SOC (state of charge), was too High of a continuous Amp draw for that converter
MrWizard 11/25/19 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging electric car

6 km is approx 4 miles, Regulator gas is $3.599 st my local fuel up station, if you avg 20 mpg, then that's 18 cents a mile, 11 cents for 6 km/4 miles equals 2.75 cents per mile, a real bargain The more you pay pet kwHr The closer.the two become, the smaller the gain, I think.around her 33 cents pet kwhr would be closer to it, making it about 11 cents per mile Using an EV, still cheaper than gas
MrWizard 11/25/19 03:07am Tech Issues
RE: Non-renewable Lithium...Fact.

Soda pop companies and beer bottlers,did that for many years, until alu cans and plastic bottles were introduced My question who invented these throw away options, the bottlers, or the alu and plastic industries, seeking to grow their markets, somebody convinced the bottlers it was less costly to buy new alu and plastic containers, than washing the glass bottles, every truck going out for delivery, brought back empties to the warehouse
MrWizard 11/24/19 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Will any portable compressor handle 95 psi?

Imo the plastic coil house with all the visit viair , master flow, etc portables is junk Soon after I got the compressor I tossed the hose in the round file, removed the fitting from the compressor head Tapped the hole, to asme air fitting And the been using normal regular design American air hoses and fitting ever since Is The auto feature on the viair rv, in the air chuck/fill gun at the end of the hose, Should be able to put one on any air hose from any compressor Or is there a pressure control on the compressor
MrWizard 11/24/19 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jump starting the generator

Disconnect batteries negative cables for storage Start generator first Use portable battery charger on weak chassis battery , power it from RV outlet powered by generator
MrWizard 11/23/19 06:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will any portable compressor handle 95 psi?

That you, always nice to learn something helpful I've been using a 12v master flow tsunami 1050 for almost 10 yrs and three RV's, it did well with my gasser for topping up, but was not the right tool for the 22.5 tires on the DP Some day I will replace it with a 120v portable 2.5 CFM at 90# seems to me more like a shop compressor Than a portable unit, that is the size to carry in an RV Going to need about 2hp to produce that flow rate at 90# Please post any links to this compressor https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-3-Gallon-Single-Stage-Portable-Electric-Hot-Dog-Air-Compressor/1000258241 CLICKY for kobalt at lowes
MrWizard 11/23/19 04:56pm Class A Motorhomes
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