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RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

I downloaded the AT&T supported phone list Page 7, the last page , lists the hotspot devices that will be supported, the ZTE Mobley model VM6200 Is not on the list The unite explore AC851S aka Netgear 8155 for AT&T Is on that list, this is the device my Mobley SIM is in, The device/Hotspot I'm connected to right now It seems the best option to keep a Mobley account going, Is to get puc (SIM unlock code) from AT&T , unlock the sim and move the SIM to a supported Hotspot device https://i.imgur.com/0Sh1urtl.png "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. To the OP Thanks for calling attention to this Users now have have time to replace the device or wait until Feb 2022 and drop the Mobley service account AT&T does have a 100gig hotspot data account for $55, that would fill the need for many users
MrWizard 06/19/21 06:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Navion 24 trips GFCIs

I remember another incident similar to this, turned out wires were crossed in one end of the shore cord Also another where the adapter being used on the shore cord was the problem
MrWizard 06/19/21 12:27am Tech Issues
RE: Generator shelf fabrication

I would not want to PUT a generator between the trailer and the propane tanks, ISSUES ARE heat from the generator Access to the generator Refueling the generator Generator would be an ignition source, if there is a propane leak
MrWizard 06/18/21 11:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

If I am going to have a wireless home internet connection I want a device that has 1 preferably 2 connectors for external antennas. My netgear hotspot has (2) external antenna ports, And I have the MIMO antenna for it
MrWizard 06/18/21 10:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

Remember the depriortizing is a plan thing, implemented by AT&T servers, this can be turned off or removed by AT&T, this is Not a hardware issue, AT&T can change this Don't know what they will do, but why make all the Mobley owners mad, when they don't need too, how can you switch a device account to use a service you have discontinued After all the Mobley is a 4G device (as is my Netgear Wi-Fi hotspot router,) How will AT&T de-prioritize to 3G if there is No 3G to use What it means if you have AT&T Wireless service Talk and data services won’t work for wireless phones and Devices that don’t support at least 4G LTE and HD Voice. Have session-based pricing for a data-only device? After phasing out our 3G network, your data-only device won’t work unless it supports 4G LTE speeds and higher. The Mobley is 4G, we will find out next year , how this plays out How many people have a 3G only phone or hotspot or tablet The world did not stop moving when 2G was phased out, how many people were forced to replace their phone then, not too many were still using an old 2G flip phone at the time they became obsolete, and I suspect not to many have a 3G only hotspot or phone right now The Mobley is not 3G only, right now with this tablet, I'm connected to 4G via my att netgear hotspot with the Mobley SIM , Before next Friday I should be using my new T-Mobile 4G/5G INTERNET
MrWizard 06/18/21 02:59pm Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Home Internet WOW!

Three days ago I signed up for & ordered the T-mobile wireless home internet, unlimited data no throttling, It's on the way, shipped from Louisville Ky and due to arrive next Tuesday the 22nd, Took advantage of the special
MrWizard 06/18/21 02:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

I moved my Mobley SIM CARD to a netgear hotspot router , long time back Three days ago I signed up for & ordered the T-mobile wireless home internet, unlimited data no throttling, It's on the way, shipped from Louisville Ky and due to arrive next Tuesday the 22nd, The current special includes $50 per month with auto pay, $55 without, no setup fees, no shipping fees, no surcharges, they ship the device free comes with the SIM installed ready to go, but if you terminate service you must return it, or pay full price for it $280, if you loose it or break it, you pay for it, I think you have to call tech service during initial startup...No charge Special offer end on June 30
MrWizard 06/18/21 02:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Grounding an MPPT controller

I would connect solar controllers ground to the RV frame, If I bothered to connect it at all, I would Not connect it to battery shunt Ground in this case is for lighting protection and would goto earth ground when used in a stick house install, it does NOT equate to battery negative that everybody likes to call ground, but is really the common return for Current flow, Solar controllers often use the negative terminal as the switched 'charging control' and the positive as the common, Incidentally IIRC The Earth is actually positive charged and the clouds are negative (Static charge from atmospheric friction) Some early automobiles used positive as common to the frame (aka ground) and Negative as the Hot wiring, which is more electrically correct, as electricity aka ELECTRONS travel from Negative to positive, Not positive to negative, But of course obstinate USA engineers had too do things different than Britton and Europe, so we use a system that have people thinking backwards, and more galvanic corrosion at body parts and electrical connections than would happen if car body frame were at positive potential instead of negative potential Whoops....according to NOAA I got sky and earth potentials reversed, sky/clouds are positive and earth is negative So much for My old memory
MrWizard 06/18/21 04:11am Tech Issues
RE: Seeking refrigerator tips... in AZ and heat is hampering...

Fans help, the move more air over the coils, yes the outside air is hot, but the heat exchanger coil is hotter, the more air flow the more heat removed from the coolant, the better the absorption RV fridge will operate Parking so the fridge side of the RV is not in the afternoon sun helps, put out the awning, hang a tarp, park next to a tree, anything that shades the back of the fridge, helps
MrWizard 06/18/21 03:42am Tech Issues
RE: Where to sell RV items we've upgraded from

Craigslist ebay
MrWizard 06/13/21 01:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where is fuel leak on Onan Diesel Generator

How well does the Onan run, does it act flooded Check the carb for a bad float Check fuel hose to carb, might find a crack
MrWizard 06/12/21 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Sliding Storage Tray

Joey Bed....Is the name of one Brand, You get everything except the plywood floor You assemble it to the width you need for your compartment I built my own for my champion 3200 inverter generator, using heavy duty slides I purchased from Amazon In the past 12 years, I've done this for 3 Class A we owned The first time I bought the slides from a wood working supplier,, after that from Amazon , but same brand heavy duty pantry slides, over $100 for the slides 3 section full extension 26 inches IIRC , the longer slides the higher the price, 8ft slides that go 4ft either way for pass thru compartment install, are going to be big bucks
MrWizard 06/12/21 05:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet

My wife is In long term health care, Before Covid19 came along, I put an "Echo Show 8", next to her bed, it is connected to the care facility Wi-Fi network, she can call my phone just by speaking "Alexa call George" and we have a video call, that has been a real blessing, during the Covid No visit crisis, I have Alexa Show, on this tablet, and I can have Video-communication VIA THE INTERNET with her anytime I want. Her Echo Show, let's her play Her Choice of music, or watch movies, get sports news etc..all via voice commands, a necessity at this time, Amazon music, Amazon Prime video, even rental movies billed to my Amazon account if she wants to watch something special The sidewalk item is NoT in my device or account settings to be enabled or disabled, I will disable it if/when it shows up, I started getting update notifications for Alexa, saying update for new features available, I just clear it away, I will keep doing this , these New Features could be sidewalk and it's Wi-Fi data share, I do not want to join into that situation, I use cellular data, AT&T and Verizon, not cable or fiber optic,
MrWizard 06/11/21 06:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier

The bicycle track and the motorcycle track are square with the carrier tubing, itis the carrier that is on an angle, beçause the Hitch mount is bent, the scooter and bicycle are vertical, , the carrier is not horizontally true aka parallel to the street, I have put straps around the bike tires since those pictures were taken, with cargo ratchet straps holding the bike down, it's not going to jump out of the rack track
MrWizard 06/08/21 06:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fantastic Fan Thermostat error

If it's a simple mechanical thermostat it's just a bimetal strip with contacts, the temp adjust can set either the gap between contacts or the preload against the movement of the strip to close the contacts, I would start by removing the stat from fan and cleaning the contacts
MrWizard 06/07/21 05:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet series generator 9500 watts!!!

I won't comment on what may or may not be Too loud But I will remind readers that db is a measure sound energy The ability of the sound to produce a specific amount of electrical energy pulse in a specified calibrated transducer, And a 3db increase measured on the sound meter is double the amount energy produced by the transducer impacted by/reacting to the sound Perception of sound via the human ear and mind, is an entirely different thing That's why it takes a 10db increase ( over 8 times the amount of induced electrical signal ) for the average person to say that a any sound is perceived as being twice as loud as some previous Volume of sound. A sound meter reading is a calibrated measured energy reading, Not an annoying noise perceive by the human ear whose sensitivity varies with the individual I do not like db logarithmic scales for empirical data, but it does allow for too weak, ok, good, too much To all be on the same analog meter scale movement face, and not have to switch scales for different volumes of sound, There were no digital measuring devices when the Bureau of standards was tasked with defining these measurements, as way to implement safety standard's in industrial work places And sounds above certain level can be painful and cause hearing loss, a standard for measuring was needed, end was devised and created, and did not become public discussion, until a group of people started complaining about generators in campgrounds, before "us , we campers and RV travelers" It was mainly noisy construction , noisy traffic, or living to close too an airport, generators in RVs arrived before noisy rock concerts at the local Stadium.
MrWizard 06/07/21 06:11am Tech Issues
RE: what voltage for the 'house'?

Bob , don't you mean 60a*14v 840 watts You know you can't charge 12v battery with 12v,bit requires a voltage, above battery nominal full charge which is 12.6v, A fully charged fla battery should read 13+v when charging is turn off
MrWizard 06/05/21 05:30am Tech Issues
RE: diesel generator running issue

UpLoad the video to a hosting site then copy the viewing link, And put that link on here This site does not accept file uploads
MrWizard 06/05/21 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: Leveling jacks alarm

To PROPERLY check the reservoir You must be parked on level ground, and level...without using any leveling aids, then add fluid until the alarm stops or its full and you can't add more, if the alarm won't stop, the float switch is bad, on mine you have to take it apart to replace the float switch
MrWizard 06/04/21 05:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1998 Safari Serengeti electric diagram or schematic

Probable cause is dirty or loose connection where the remote wiring plugs into the Onan, Unplug connector, and spray it with contact cleaner, Spray both sides the wiring harness plug, and the mating side on the onan
MrWizard 06/04/21 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
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