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RE: 12v batteries not receiving charge from shore power.

Truck alternator charging trailer battery, that's good But has nothing to do with the Wfco converter, which needs 120vac to it's battery charging
MrWizard 05/31/21 02:07am Tech Issues
RE: Help, Fleetwood w/ 460 won’t start

Did you replace the ignition module CDI unit , on my 97 Fleetwood Bounder it is on the front firewall opposite the driver, but some earlier 460s had it mounted on the distributor, it was moved because engine heat was a problem Even though mine is on the forward bulkhead/firewall the OEM part died and had to be replaced Symptoms very much like yours, ether will fire with a weaker spark, has a lower flash point than gasoline There are 4 different versions of this CDI unit, and your engine will only run with the one your ECU is programmed for, it took me three tries to get the correct one, I suggest you insist on buying the Ford OEM part, ,Not aftermarket , NAPA sold me the wrong $80 part and refused to Refund my money saying they had to special order it,
MrWizard 05/27/21 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge on the Fritz

How long has it been since you used the RV, Has It been sitting idle since covid 19 started The gas jet orfice is clogged, turn off the LP And blow the dust & spider webs out of the burner, THE flow tube, and the Orfice
MrWizard 05/27/21 12:25am Tech Issues
RE: Kwickie step problems

These steps have been operating for 3 years with this imgl motor and the original controller and door switch, The motor operates runs smoothly with No indication of any problem,when removed from the steps, IIRC free running amp load was about 2 amps maybe less
MrWizard 05/27/21 12:16am Tech Issues
RE: Kwickie step problems

Do those relays have a thermal load protection, relays are usually on or off, with the protection being a load sense circuit that turns off the relay, or overload breaker resets https://i.imgur.com/dg0YGsil.png Designed to help the step automatically retract and extend when the coach door is opened and closed Motor will automatically shut down if the step strikes an obstacle It appears This motor has internal protection circuit from overload, this AM 214 1009, this is an imgl motor from Lippert When I grab the shaft and stop rotation, the motor disconnects , amps go too ZERO, it does not strain or groan or click, or draw more power trying to turn If the current old controller ( which I did not replace in 2018 ) has failed, then the new correct controller should fix the problem Control unit 909510000 is listed as the controller sold with this motor in the conversion kit for series 32 My situation ... did The old controller fail, Or did the motor fail by protection failure, cut out at too soon, too small a load before the motor can extend the steps This is the reason for my question, what is the load when extending or retracting the steps, Why have a 20/25 amp fuse if the expected load is only 6 amps , less than 33% of the fuse I'll put the motor back in with a DIY wiring pigtail and no controller and measure the load in and out, if the motor cuts out, then I'd know for sure it's the motor, I'll order the motor, if the steps move , ill put in the recommended imgl controller or rewired for manual switch operation
MrWizard 05/26/21 01:39pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Rooftop Solar Charger Question

The RV in the signature picture looks like a Fleetwood, Bounder The 5 watt panel is just to tickle (yes tickle Not Trickle) the engine battery when the RV is in storage, if you use disconnect switches by the door when storing the RV,you probably won't even notice not having it If you have shore power available or run the generator once a month for upkeep maintenance, the BCC will keep both house and engine batteries charged, it will also do this when the engine is running, BCC battery control center, black box under front hatch/hood with relays and fuses, the power center for 12v RV wiring that is not chassis and not part of living area, jacks, seats,steps,slides, etc.. A tree branch broke the wiring on my 5 watt panel, I full time, I have not bothered to replace that panel
MrWizard 05/24/21 11:26pm Tech Issues
RE: SOLVED: ATS-5070 Transfer Switch - Shore Power Only

Thanks for the feedback We like to learn results and remedies to these problems
MrWizard 05/24/21 10:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Kwickie step problems

I have not removed and opened the controller yet, but I might do that. Thanks for the Tip
MrWizard 05/24/21 10:47pm Tech Issues
Kwickie step problems

Series 32 , I put a new AM motor #214-1009 in 2018, and new Linkage "A" I've tested the motor and it works fine, checked the gear and it's ok no broken teeth, With the motor off and connected to 12v power and me grabbing hold of the drive output with 2 fingers, the motor stalls out shuts down quits drawing power around 5 to 6 amps, measured with my clamp on DC ampmeter, I can't measure transient / surge peak, I don't know if this reading is correct or low, or if I have a bad controller not feeding power, or if the Motors internal protection is faulty and this shut off occurs too soon, this is fused with a 20amp FUSE in the BCC, and the step control fuse is 5 amps, fuses are good, original 1997 OEM controller 909513 I'm considering rewiring for manual operation using a DPDT momentary rocker switch, so it could not be accidentally forgotten and burn out the motor, although that appears to be a non issue, since the Motor built in protection circuit is operating, but might not be correct, does anybody know what the load current is supposed to be, and if I need a new controller, what is correct version, this is the old series 32, not the newer lippert imgl version I'm Also considering using a wireless remote type motor controller for the step, If I change the control wiring, I can eliminate the OEM wiring , the converter the 200AmpHR AGM and the inverter are in the compartment next to the entry door, just inches from the step
MrWizard 05/24/21 02:36pm Tech Issues
RE: SOLVED: ATS-5070 Transfer Switch - Shore Power Only

Do it with shore UNPLUGGED Generator RUNNING you want the Transfer Switch .. To pull in from Generator power like it is supposed to do
MrWizard 05/22/21 11:30pm Tech Issues
RE: suggestions for screen door with dog

Baby gate is what I used to train our Dogs, they didn't weigh. 80#
MrWizard 05/22/21 11:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Had our catalytic converter stolen

Too bad about your loss You guys make be glad my old 97 has a resonator And No Cat Converter
MrWizard 05/21/21 06:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: internet

As suggested if your cellphone works where you will be for those 3 months, that is probably the best option No other devices to buy Just add hotspot service to your cell pLAN, turn off when you return home Or Upgrade your phone and your cellular plan Assuming this is work related ? You can add it too your expenses when you file your taxes next year Also assuming this is work related, what ever the expense, is better than not getting a paycheck/ income for 3 months And it is a business expense tax deduction If it's for personal use pleasure, you have to weigh the cost, against the entertainment value, and unless you are on free land with NO camping fees for those 3 months, the internet data service is going too be one of your lessor expenses compared to campsite fees, travel fuel etc.. You have to look at the big picture,
MrWizard 05/21/21 02:09am Technology Corner
RE: Can1500w inverter or Honda 2k gen work 900w Microwave

How many batteries does Brother have connected to the inverter w/o and what size wire, mucho battery capacity is king when it comes to this situation,with Big Thick Cables, for the high amps I consider a 1500w inverter not large enough for a 1300x load, doesn't allow for sufficient overhead for inverter conversion loss 15% need 1495watts into the inverter from the batteries, and that doses not include startup surge spike
MrWizard 05/10/21 12:37am Tech Issues
RE: Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier

https://i.imgur.com/kFjKGzel.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gI1qkdrl.jpg
MrWizard 05/07/21 04:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier

Carefully placed cut & shaped pieces of pool noodle, Protect the bicycle paint job from tie down strap wear and scratches , my scooter has been riding on the rear of a Motorhome since 2010, first the safari dp and the pass 3.5 years on the Bounder, and it paint is faded out, plain flat basic black, if when the scoot gets painted, I'm thinking 2 tone maybe green & gold or orange and blue , either way re-cover the seat in white, I'm not fond of Hot black seats in the summer time
MrWizard 05/07/21 04:42am Class A Motorhomes
Added a bicycle carrier track to my motorcycle carrier

https://i.imgur.com/hK2WTIhl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/d2QcvSRl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hB2jxFSl.jpg I bought 8ft of 3inch. Alu channel from Grangers Cut it to 6ft drilled holes 36inches apart and used the MC tie down eye bolts to mount the new bike track to MC carrier Use ratchet straps to hold the bicycle in place, and cover both with a large motorcycle cover, Going to replace the skinny cover "tie in place rope" With more MC straps to make covering and uncovering faster and easier chore
MrWizard 05/06/21 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which of these 3 battery brands would you choose?

I like Deka, have been using them for 4 years In this RV, last year replaced first set at 3 years age, full-time everyday use and recharge, over 1100 cycles of varying dod between 70% and 40% soc, with full recharge most days I do not do 50 to 90, I use what is needed 30% or 70% then recharge to full if possible Then do it again the next day, that's full-time off grid living
MrWizard 05/05/21 03:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need recommendation for a replacement inverter

Running/powering and RV fridge from the inverter is a waste of battery power, 300+ watts for the heating elements uses 30 to 40 amps D.C. Battery power into the inverter to get the 3 amps 120vac for the fridge heating elements, The best thing is to use propane for the fridge when not connected to shore power, this RV has an RV gas electric fridge, I power it exclusively from LP unless I run out of propane, in which case I switch to electric and inverter while I drive to the LP station, For 7 years with a previous RV I did power a residential fridge from inverter, with 649watts of solar pane on the roof and 500+ AmpHrs of battery bank, that fridge compressor only need 100 watts of electric power RV gas electric absorption fridge need 3 to 4 times as much electric power, I use l.p. And keep electric as emergency backup operation With this fridge
MrWizard 05/05/21 03:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disc brakes temperatures

I can't say what temps to expect but unlike drum shoes, the disc pads rub all the time not just when brakes are applied. I did a Google check on that very topic because a friend of mine thinks like you do, and I think differently, I think there is suppose to be an air gap Pads that touch mean friction and drag, they will wear more, wear it faster, and get hotter, What I found was the statement and drawings, that when brake pressure is removed the bellows style piston cover retracts the piston and disc/rotor "run out" forces the pads away from the surface allowing for an air gap between pad and rotor, no value was given for the size of the gap They do not touch when wheels are turning aka driving down the road Think about this A tire with a 4ft circumference will spin 1300 times in one mile, if you are driving 60mph that tire is spinning at 1300 rpm , if a brake pad is touching the disc rotor, it and the rotor are going to get hot, that is what friction does, brake pads have lots of friction capability or your vehicle would not stop
MrWizard 05/05/21 02:50am Class A Motorhomes
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