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1997 Bounder, water line shut off before pump ?

Water pump is leaking, storage area all wet, and pump blows fuse, it seems water is getting into motor, Is there a shutoff so i can change pump with out flooding the space i must crawl into, There is a tank drain valve, at the tank, but that output pipe is broken, and will flood the area if i use it,
MrWizard 06/19/22 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford 460 engine accessory V belts

Yep, Great engine, just hard to find that particular belt, i guess Ford did not use it with any other engine & chassis configuration,
MrWizard 06/19/22 01:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford 460 engine accessory V belts

Carrying spares is a good idea, i have a load of fuses, bulbs, wiring, rv water pump, hose, fuel line, battery cable terminals , etc.. For me, my mind set is that having the tools & knowledge is more important than carrying all the possible break down replacement parts
MrWizard 06/16/22 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
Ford 460 engine accessory V belts

Multi V 6 rib drive belts There are two The outer belt drives the Alternator and air pump The inner belt drives the power steering and the A/C compressor, The outer belt continental 4060505, was easy to find and a perfect The inner belt was much harder as all the so called matching replacements were too long, after 3 trips too parts stores and several phone calls, the local Napa store found a belt listing in his book with correct lenght specs,but mot in stock at my store, went 8 miles to the next Napa store to pick it up Napa pt# 060594, a perfect fit replacement for the inner belt Little more than an hour to install the new belts (i had assistance) but spent several hours tracking down the inner belt, That is how i spent Wednesday Not a fun day, not the worst day, but certainly tedious and frustrating , These events began Tuesday evening with the discovery ofno output from alternator, Reason was no Alternator belt it was gone
MrWizard 06/16/22 03:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Holiday rambler Endeavor LE Ford 460

Richard nailed all the major issues pertaining to 460/7.5L On my 97 bounder built on a 96 F53 chassis, i have replaced the fuel pump, the frame mounted filter, and the ignition module which mounted under the front hatch/hood on the firewall on the driver side, i also flushed the brak system snd filled with fresh Dot 4 brake fluid ,
MrWizard 06/16/22 03:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tripped Breaker

As suggested labels might not be correct, unplug from shore power, and try to reset the breaker, I know if i designed the wiring, i would have fireplace and A/C on the same breaker, Because i would only use (1) or the other not both, Find the power cord connection for the fireplace and unplug/disconnect it, Once you figure out what circuits power outlets, fireplace etc.. Relabel things correctly
MrWizard 06/05/22 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery wiring help, please

Could be a bad DC breaker between battery and tt dc circuit center, follow the wires from the battery to where they go under the trailer, one of the wires will connect to a little silver box under the tt not far from the tongue, another wire also connected to the breaker will be the main power feed for the tt RV systems, these can fail, but usually only after much us, but a loose wire connection acts the same way
MrWizard 06/05/22 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: 1995 M-32 Montery by Cobra Class A Motorhome

I never had a Cobra brand MH, But did have a 92 Komfort MH, it had a switch in Clothes Closet to switch the bedroom A/C between the onboard generator or the auxillary 20 amp power cord that was dedicated to the bedroom A/C, the rear A/C could not be powered from the 30amp Rv shore cord, Both from the 5kw generator or both using separate shore cords in a campground provide the power outlets were available, I bring this up only to give you something to look for, I know the switch in the closet was factory, the second 20amp cord may have been a modification, it might have come from the mfg as either or , front or rear when on shore, both on generator
MrWizard 05/27/22 03:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

BLF My battery status monitor work's very similar to yours,, except i can't find a function for recharge compensation percentage, it has number of function values that seem to have no effect on the displayed values and operation, all designated by 3 letter names, i just wait until the meter indicates the 1/2 amp per 100amphrs capacity charge rate
MrWizard 05/22/22 12:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Verizon or gmail bouncing email to phone

I wonder, for those of you that have problems with this form of communication, send from email to phone text, Are you in your carriers designated coverage area ? Or Are you roaming,. Such as getting Verizon on Sprint tower or att on TMobile tower Knowing this might help clarify the issue Your phone should have and indicator, either on home screen or in settings Also roaming can be turned of in settings/networks, If in doubt, as a test temporarily turn off roaming , if you loose cell service, you are roaming on sn affiliate tower, not using your carrier owned tower,
MrWizard 05/22/22 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: Read Aloud Books -- follow the bouncing ball

You like to read to the grand kids Why not play "audio books " tape or disc Or use "Audible" on the phone to read them to the kids, There is no difference except it's not your voice, they are listening too.
MrWizard 05/05/22 01:37pm Technology Corner
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

John & HTE Thanks get much for the info, I will pickup some vinegar and try that procedure Yes John I would like to see those pictures thank you
MrWizard 03/31/22 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

Before being removed https://i.imgur.com/Xbj8pmOl.jpg Before being separated and cleaned https://i.imgur.com/mZVaOrIl.jpg
MrWizard 03/29/22 04:50pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

Yes there was some calcium deposit, I cleaned out of the elbow, there could be some in the WH but all I ever get when flushing or draining is clear water, any deposits are harden and pre-existing from the previous owner, I was surprised when I saw the deposits in the elbow and check valve, I thought about removing the pop off valve and pouring a few gallons of CLR into the water heater via a funnel and letting it soak overnight, put it on bypass leave it turned off, Then drain & flush the next day Any body try this, I've been looking at Cellphone Borescopes online , it's been several times now that I could have used one to inspect a problem situation
MrWizard 03/29/22 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

Schlep I installed it the correct way, there was no way to put this one.backwards, in this install, input end is male threads into the wh, the output is female, brass elbows is male on both ends , HW..line female connect to elbow, Found the plunger/gate no spring, the first elbow in the system is the one attached to check valve, I think that spring rusted away sometime ago, nothing but water came out when I blew out the line Before cleaning https://i.imgur.com/5zNWKGGl.jpg
MrWizard 03/28/22 01:42pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

Doug thanks for the info, I don't winterize , because I'm full-time, I'm just glad to have hot water flowing again
MrWizard 03/28/22 01:29pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

That wooden "wall" is the roof/top of the wh compartment, and is also the floor under the rear lp Furnace used for warming the bath and bedroom, The perspective is from laying on my back under the RV, looking up at the enclosure , Task is complete, and this is the best hot water flow in several years, The way it is installed, means no interior.storage space was appropriated , but it's ??the pits.to work on https://i.imgur.com/3ipsnozl.jpg
MrWizard 03/28/22 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

It's more like a spring loaded trap door, that doesn't open all the way, Opens about 40° instead of 90°, because the LP lines are in the way, and I have to hold it open, because I didn't cut it all the way through all the way across But it Is Access Hopefully I will never have to do this again ,
MrWizard 03/28/22 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

https://i.imgur.com/SGPM6MJl.jpg I obtained limited access, I made it work The check valve was all plastic, a brass 90 between valve and water line https://i.imgur.com/3ipsnozl.jpg It's been gutted & cleaned and I'm going out to put things back together, weather forecast is rain for Monday starting about 3 am, so I want to finish this, All the water and LP is turned off, got to put this back or cap/plug the water line Back together her ready to test, No LP leak, already checked for that, using the red stuff,
MrWizard 03/27/22 11:42pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water flow, stopped up ?

What is the reason for the check valve in the output ? Stop cold water being syphon into the tank when the water in the pipes cools after the faucet/shower has been turned off ? I don't have a replacement, and unless its a safety reason, I'm not going to replace it, as long as it operates without it I want max flow hot water !!
MrWizard 03/27/22 02:15pm Tech Issues
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