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RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Closed all the vents and put in the 110V automatic temp heater to keep the interior warm during the cold evening temps.
NVR2L82AV8 12/06/20 07:53pm Truck Campers
RE: New Host Mammoth

Very cool! Congratulations. Give us report after you take it out on the first trip.
NVR2L82AV8 09/06/20 07:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Our New Camper

Looks sharp! So, what are your first impressions on the new digs? Layout, accessories, fit and finish, quality of material etc., cooling/heating, and overall comfort. Just curious as I see these are getting more popular all the time. I think Mellow Mike at TCM (TruckCamperadventure) just picked one recently as well. Interestingly, unlike Artic Fox and Lance, Bundutec is manufactured in Iowa - shorter distance to the East Coast market for sure.
NVR2L82AV8 08/28/20 08:01am Truck Campers
What did you do to your Camper Today?

After a good washing yesterday I got up early (while the camper is in the shade and the temp has not exceeded 100--yet) to put a good coat of Meguiar's Marine/RV one step Cleaner Wax on. I'm a huge fan of Aerospace 303 and use that in-between full waxes. I think it has made a huge difference in keeping the gel coat shiny. Here's a pic of my nose cap half waxed and half not waxed. Where its parked during non-use the Nose Cap and roof gets the most sunlight. https://i.imgur.com/grHHD1Zl.jpg height=480 width=620 I was pleased with the contamination that came off the gel coat. I still have some strong bug marks but overall it looks great - all finished and polished! The decals are showing their age! In the heat of the hot summers I get small ripples at the top of the cap. Anyone seen that before? https://i.imgur.com/cDQYAVhl.jpg height=480 width=620
NVR2L82AV8 08/14/20 02:09pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your truck today?

Time to move this one back up---always good info for folks maintaining their rigs.... Took out old DashBoss and put in the new DashBoss Blue. I use it to monitor the F350 6.0 performance. I've been using it since 2104--been real happy with it. DashBoss Here's a pic of what it presents on my iPad through their DashBoss APP.https://i.imgur.com/Z0NcLx8l.jpg height=480 width=480
NVR2L82AV8 08/14/20 01:35pm Truck Campers
RE: OEM AF Stereo replacement--MB Quart RVDVD2.0 & A/B Switch

How much power does it use when it's turned off? The factory unit in our new Northstar is a Pioneer DEH something with bluetooth (great!), cd player, etc. Sounds great, works great. BUT - it draws .2-.3 amps when turned off. Over time, that's a significant drain on the batteries. As I have lithium batteries, I don't like to leave them plugged in and charging all the time. AND - if I turn off the battery disconnect, when the batteries are reconnected, the stupid stereo lost it's memory, and goes into "Demo Mode", with flashing lights, scrolling information, clock at 12:00, default speaker fader settings, default bass, treble, etc. Takes about 15 minutes to get it all reset again. If anyone has info on a stereo that doesn't draw power when turned off, or retains it's settings when disconnected from the battery, PLEASE let me know Scott Scott, I wish I had saw this before I buttoned everything up or I would have checked the "sleep" power consumption. Now you have me wondering....might be a task to conduct this fall after the summer Vegas heat goes away!
NVR2L82AV8 08/02/20 04:40pm Truck Campers
RE: After 25 years the water heater - UPDATE page 5

Good chance that rod was never replaced. If you are going to the trouble of installing a new one and install an inside switch, you might as well get a propane and electric water heater so you can save on propane when you have electric hookups. Or use on both gas and electric at the same time when you need a faster recovery rate. Yep, get the 6 Gallon Surburban SW6DE (remote ignition) Propane or 110V operation. No brainer!
NVR2L82AV8 07/20/20 02:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Portable grill/stove

Just a head up for anyone out looking to get a Blackstone 17" griddle and SAVE $30. I found it currently On-Sale at Target for $79.99 Plus Tax (shipping FREE). Griddle ON SALE at Target These are on Amazon, E-Bay, and Walmart for $109. https://i.imgur.com/AUA4y0Yl.jpg
NVR2L82AV8 06/29/20 07:44am Truck Campers
RE: How to fix an Arctic Fox slide

Nice, gives me a better idea of just how to get in there.. No easy way I suppose, but to tear up the floor, cut a hole and access from there. I'm specifically wanting to replace the 2 Rollers that fell out on the flow, A long, long, time Ago... Don't suppose AF has these and other pics posted on a website somewhere??? thanks.. Frank, did you ever get those rollers replaced? Where did you find the replacements/Part Numbers? Pics? Thanks Yes, had it done, RV repair in Prineville, OR but took a while. Got the parts from my dealer as his supplier kept sending wrong one... Expensive little buggers... some $80 each if I remember plus install costs.. Ok, Thanks. Thumbs up!
NVR2L82AV8 06/25/20 09:28pm Truck Campers
RE: How to fix an Arctic Fox slide

Nice, gives me a better idea of just how to get in there.. No easy way I suppose, but to tear up the floor, cut a hole and access from there. I'm specifically wanting to replace the 2 Rollers that fell out on the flow, A long, long, time Ago... Don't suppose AF has these and other pics posted on a website somewhere??? thanks.. Frank, did you ever get those rollers replaced? Where did you find the replacements/Part Numbers? Pics? Thanks
NVR2L82AV8 06/25/20 09:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite 10-2 maiden voyage

Outstanding! Sounds like you all had a great trip! I'll take a moment and answer Question 1. I too have a dually (F350). On my first few camping outings fully loaded I noticed some left and right rocking too. I researched the issue and I ended up installing four "supersprings" on the frame/suspension back in 2013. When loaded, and they have some weight on them, they provide some good cushion and stability. I've been quite happy with them and would say it corrected 90% of the problem. There might be some even better options out there now - I don't know. Happy Camping!!
NVR2L82AV8 06/19/20 08:27pm Truck Campers
RE: OEM AF Stereo replacement--MB Quart RVDVD2.0 & A/B Switch

See you got pics showing, sometimes getting a post to go thru is as difficult as the project :) Yea,....totally missed the additional img coding after pasting it in. It took a little bit of editing, but I think I got it fixed--Thanks again for the providing the "key" programming info. Nice unit..I've thought about changing ours several times- but its the placement of the ceiling speakers that limits any kind of sound quality so never pursued. Plus current unit doesn't have channel control (balance) only fades between the 2 pairs... hmmm Very directional depending on which side of dinette your sitting... We don't listen to radio often but when we do, anything beyond just background sound its not enjoyable. Might revist..thanks Totally agree! The speaker depth is only 2 inches on mine and a 4 inch diameter. That means I'd need a spacer for more depth and bigger dia to put in the newer speakers. If I tackle that later I'll definitely post my install.
NVR2L82AV8 06/17/20 08:20pm Truck Campers
OEM AF Stereo replacement--MB Quart RVDVD2.0 & A/B Switch

Replacing the Original Artic Fox Camper DVD/CD Single DIN Stereo AND adding a Magnadyne A/B BOTH 3 Position Speaker Selector Switch It’s been awhile since we've used the camper (work/family/no open calendar space etc., etc.). And, even longer since I’ve been back on RV.net So, with a planned upcoming trip in July 2020 I began the shakedown and focused attention to PM (preventative maintenance) for the trip -- you’ll see my post earlier in the month on replacing the expired C02 detector and propane detector. As I got cleaning and testing systems on the 2013 Artic Fox 990 I remembered the OEM stereo in my Artic Fox had been broke for a while (not that the face plate was totally off the unit was a reminder). This stuff never ends. Well campers, just try and find a suitable replacement at a decent price - not to mention the confined space (Single DIN) the replacement needs to fit into – it took some work and a lot more time researching than I thought. So, let me save you some time! Caveat – I’m not affiliated with Northwood or any of the products, vendors, websites or channels discussed below. The camper came with a SSL (Sound Storm Laboratories) SD440USA – a real (POC) piece of you know what in my opinion. Here's a pic of it if you don't already have one. SSL SD440USA https://i.imgur.com/1Eg1Fa1l.jpg I think this POC lasted a little over one-year before the DVD got stuck inside and then rendered the entire thing useless—what a joke. And, guess what? It came with a One Year warranty – go figure. At the time I remember I cursed why Northwood would put such a cheep stereo in their campers. Another drawback was the plethora of functions on the faceplate forcing you pull out the manual every time you used it. Next, the fold down and removable faceplate was a pleasantry--not. Maybe a good idea in a car dash (but who would steal this POS radio anyway) but, not a camper. I find it funny allot of companies try to get so technical and savvy with electronics and gadgetry that they forget we just want something that works time after time that’s simple and easy to use and not so fricken complicated you have to pull the darn manual out just to change a preset radio station. Oh, and did I mention its not like you can pull up a chair to rest your legs while you fumble with the old POC component on the wall. The old KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle has left many OEM designs, manufacturing and workspaces. Bottom Line a TOTAL piece of **** Northwood should have never installed in these campers (just FYI I notice the 2020 campers come with a Double DIN Kenwood DDX396 Stereo). Here's a pic of their new offering – well done! I have a similar Kenwood in my F350 and I have to say they are awesome. Kenwood DDX396 https://i.imgur.com/peRkAWbl.jpg Analysis In my in-depth quest to find a minimum but adequate replacement (DVD player a must) many units just won’t fit. I researched the installed SSL brand and noticed the original was discontinued – imagine that! I noticed they’d made a follow-on too but its no where to be found either – although based on my "brand" experience I had I wouldn’t buy it even if it was available (I hate to admit I checked). Caveat emptor! Finding a replacement unit to fit is a challenge unless you want to mod the wall and cabinet. This then drives a even narrower internet search to determine a final minimum but adequate solution. I love all the Double DIN radios with flat screen displays (which I put in my F350), the ability to add the backup camera feed/or rear door monitor, DVD, maps, and other numerous functionalities etc, etc., but I’m trying hard not to loose horizontal cabinet space (fore and aft) on the other side of the wall. And when you do find a Single DIN radio, either the horizontal opening has to be much longer than 7 inches or, the vertical opening has to be bigger than 2 inches violating the Single DIN standard. You can widen the hole bigger than 7 inches across but you’ll have to cut/redo the brace mounts and potentially move the thermostat. Go with a taller than 2 inch chassis and the backside cabinet lower shelf area will have to be totally remodeled and again you’ll loose some cabinet space—--the DW would be happy with that I’m sure! So, in order to KISS with a form fit and function install and keep some needed functions (DVD) the pickings get very slim AND the research gets tedious. I checked all the major Audio/Visual sites, Amazon, and all the major Stereo manufacturers I could find to narrow down options on units that would fit. I found units from China for less than $30 but no DVD capability—and again, why go super “cheap” just to have to do this all over again? I also found more “knock off” “main brand” units but they’d also require major interior modifications. And once you start there why not re-do the whole side wall to organize all the switches and panels more neatly – it never ends does it? So, anything larger than the opening and it’ll require additional effort etc. As we say here in Vegas, “I’m out.” It was back to finding a unit that fit the existing standard Single DIN stereo hole period dot. Selection So, what did I end up getting? Well, I found a great replacement engineered in the US but made in China (just like everything else we’ve outsourced to our detriment). I settled on this MB Quart RVDVD2.0 seen here: https://i.imgur.com/hOvcjhdl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/k7LVIcCl.jpg Price Point These were introduced in the Spring of 2019 for around $225. I actually found the best price on Crutchfield. The unit was on-sale when I ordered it with Free 2-Day UPS shipping--what a deal!! I notice the price has gone up and is the same on AMazon now. The Amazon Prime price was higher the day I ordered mine. Crutchfield Link to MB Quart RVDVD2.0 I also like the fact that Crutchfield has outstanding customer support. If you run into problems they will gladly answer and resolve your issue (install included). Luckily I didn’t have to call them but its nice knowing its available. Features This unit’s got “adequate” capabilities and fits my DVD requirement (but no Blue-Ray, but just try and find that anyway), Bluetooth, two independent Zones (you can mute either one), Weather Band, Wake-up Alarm and Sleep function, HDMI, a large front faceplate, an internal 160 watt amp (40 watts per channel), USB Media Input, USB Quick Charge port, and a 3.5mm Aux Input and a headphone jack just to name a few. Customization Its interesting to note, no matter which unit you get you’ll have to customize your install one way or another. For this unit it was the speaker system. My 2013 AF 990 has six speakers – four inside and two outside. The MB Quart RVDVD2.0 is designed for four speakers (two Zones). This necessitates adding an A/B Switch to utilize all the speakers---more on that further below. When the old unit is removed..... https://i.imgur.com/Rfk1Jgil.jpg …..you’ll see a rats nest. https://i.imgur.com/SqqrFyfl.jpg Prepping for Installation On top of the (Sound Storm Laboratories) SD440USA is a sticker showing the wiring layout of the factory unit/harness. I took a zoomed in picture to get it to a size I could read. Here it is: https://i.imgur.com/nMF5RCNl.jpg Mark all your wires (like in the photo) then cut them off from the harness. I had noticed two pairs of wires were pigtailed into two wires on the old SD440USA—I imagine to allow for the Fader to run the rear patio/deck L/R speakers. Next, I took down all four inside speakers (4 Ohm each) from the ceiling to inspect them for wear, tears etc. Then, I ohmed all 8 wires from the wire at the speaker to the wire at the stereo cabinet to “confirm” series wiring (Northwood used two wire pairs in orange and white). This was worth the effort and piece of mind. After mapping all the wires it was time to sync them with my new unit’s harness. The new harness from the MB Quart RVDVD2.0 stereo has each wire labeled with a sticky (example: Front Left +). That made life real easy but, the 22 gauge speaker connections from the new harness are just a pain to put crimp connectors on—and the connectors these days skimp on the metal and add more plastic—ughhh. Next came the FUN part. Since this unit didn’t come with a fader I wanted to add some switch functionality to utilize the rear outside L/R speakers. I bought a Magnadyne C45-3800A: 3 Position Speaker Selector Switch for RV or Home – aka an “A/B Switch” - that fit the bill nicely with its internal circuitry. Here’s what they look like: https://i.imgur.com/vzlERyDl.jpg I found the one above on Amazon Wiring and Switching Specifics It takes a few brain cells to initially wrap your mind around the switching. I’m a hands on learner so I mapped out the entire speaker wiring system from harness to harness noting existing camper wiring colors and the added “A/B switch” laydown. NOTE: YOUR CAMPER WIRING COLORS MAY BE DIFFERENT. Here's Zone 1 and 2: Zone 1 https://i.imgur.com/ldPsgkvl.jpg Zone 2 https://i.imgur.com/uXXLvUWl.jpg As you can see I wired my new unit so the over the cab area was Zone 1 and the Dinette area was Zone 2 (remember the MB Quart RVDVD2.0 has display buttons to select Zone 1 or, Zone 2 or, Both and, it has the ability to MUTE either Zone (more on that later). After wiring the interior Front (over the cab) speakers (Zone 1), I held off on wiring up Zone 2 because all those wires (except the negative wires) will tie into the A/B switch. Next, I took my two wiring diagrams for the Left and Right System and began temporarily connecting up the harnesses to wire up the A/B switch. You’ll notice you’re primarily dealing with the positive (+) wires for the switch (only the primary signal is switched). The negative (-) wires are connected and joined up in parallel to the single negative (-) wire coming out of the stereo harness -- which doesn’t bust the 8 Ohm stereo limit. Once I temp wired in the “A/B Both” Switch utilizing the wires from Zone 2 L and then the R I powered up the radio to check operability and functionality. Detailed wiring of the Left and Right Switching Zone 2 Left Side Detail https://i.imgur.com/j7PESKyl.jpg Zone 2 Right Side Detail https://i.imgur.com/vfQUQp5l.jpg So, for the layman, all we’re going to do is take Zone 2 and add some switching to turn On or OFF Zone 2’s speaker pairs (Dinette and Rear Deck) or, adding all four of them while staying under total resistance of 8 ohms. Here’s a great video on speaker resistance and wiring. YouTube Once all the wiring was connected, verified and relabeled (if necessary) I drilled a 1 ¾ inch hole next to the stereo to mount the A/B Switch. Be careful when you drill/mount the switch on the wall as there are many wire bundles coming up from under the sink right in the direct vicinity. Try and move them out of the way. Next, disconnect your Switch (make sure to mark your wires), put you’re A/B Switch wires through the hole and mount your switch. Wire it back up again and ops check it one more time. Tie-wrap and secure the wire bundles. NOTE: Before you seal the area up and mount the stereo put in an HDMI cable. I routed my 5 foot HDMI cable from the TV through the cabinet and it just barely reached following the existing bundle from the TV. Get a 6 foot HDMI cable and save yourself the ability to just “barely” get it hooked to the back of the stereo. Next, hook up the antennae. FYI I had two Unlabeled COAX antenna cable ends just laying in the cabinet. I have no idea where they go but they both looked headed down toward the sink. Cable? Dish? Anybody have an idea? Wrapping up the Install Next, I mounted the stereo to the chassis/wall and put on the side chassis bars (plastic décor). https://i.imgur.com/y2mAtzJl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/f2rexDnl.jpg Here’s a slide on how my A/B Both Switch works: https://i.imgur.com/YNX7a0Hl.jpg Operating the Unit This stereo allows you adjust the volume of each Zone individually. You just “press” the desired “Zone” button and you can adjust the volume to your desired level or “press” both “Zone 1 and Zone 2” buttons and adjust them together (even or unevenly). This pic shows a Volume Level of 4 on both Zone 1 and 2. https://i.imgur.com/jpyZcBul.jpg Again, I wired it with Zone 1 always "ON" (regardless of A/B Switch position) but, I can MUTE Zone 1 through the Zone 1 MUTE button. All you do is “press and hold” the Zone 1 button. It then mutes Zone 1 and shows a muted speaker icon seen here next to the Zone 1 boxed display. https://i.imgur.com/HY5Wfcbl.jpg Conclusion After installing this new stereo the need to put in some higher quality inside speakers was err apparent. I might work on that later because you know the ceiling holes will have to get bigger in diameter AND, you’ll probably have to add spacers for depth space just to mount them up. This stuff never ends!!!! Oh, I did recover the DVD from the old unit. Bottom line, if you’re looking at upgrading or replacing your OEM radio I've layed out my journey that will hopefully save you some time. Overall, this is not a bad option if you don’t want to do allot of modifications. Hope you enjoyed this. Camp on! Edit History - numerous changes to get the pics to come up correctly.;)
NVR2L82AV8 06/17/20 04:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Its 2020 - How are we posting Pics in our post's

We still have to go here to upload them one at a time, copy the link and then paste, repeat until you did all the pics you wanted to share. It’s a pain and one of the reasons i slowed down in posting. FB groups kinda took over http://photoposting.is-great.net/?i=1 Yep, as I recall that was one of my beefs when Photobucket began charging I too stopped posting and sharing. How are folks posting pics these days? I upload them to my own site, and link them here using the icon that looks like the little image in the toolbar. I get hesitant of linking to my personal stuff. Heck I even quit Facebook three years ago because of security and privacy concerns. We're posting as instructed by the sticky in forum support. Yep. Read it and familiar with it. I saved this Photo posting to my tool bar and use it to place photo's. Good luck. Yep, that's what I'll use. Personal pictures go from my private albums, although I hesitate as that allows people to track your albums and you never know what wacko will read the forum. For general posting, use the link from stickies as mentioned. Few years ago we used photobucket, who start asking for money. Imgur did not do it.... yet... This is the cheapest forum I know still exist, yet it is gaining most visitors on the subject. When I still have rv.net T-shirt, haven't heard about administrators sponsoring anything in last years? Actually I don't hear about many rallies organized at all. Yea, I logged in here last month - first time in probably three or four years when all the Photobucket BS impacted everyone. Heck, I still see my trip reports on here still but with the Photobucket logo plastered all over them--sad. Yea, I used to remember the multitude of rallies as well. Although going through the truck camper forum its good to see some newbies on here!!
NVR2L82AV8 06/16/20 12:47pm Truck Campers
Its 2020 - How are we posting Pics in our post's

I suddenly remembered why I left this forum many years ago - the inability for this site to host pics....unless that has changed. I see 95% of the posts don't include pics. How are folks posting pics these days? I've got a great new Stereo write-up I want to post but it'll do the community zero benefit without pics.
NVR2L82AV8 06/16/20 09:06am Truck Campers
Carbon Monoxide and Propane Gas Alarms

Well its that time - another five years and $120 bones to replace both the 12V sealed Carbon Monoxide and Propane Alarms. Has anyone just gone with removable battery alarms (a third the price) vs the 12V Alarms that are installed on these campers? I'd rather replace AA batteries vs entire module changes every 5 years at $120? What am I missing here? If you check the operation (Press the Test Button) before every use and replace the disposable batteries on a frequent calendar basis I'm thinking I've done about as much as I can to ensure propane gas and carbon monoxide alert and safety inside the camper. What have you all done? Buhler.....Buhler
NVR2L82AV8 06/05/20 12:05pm Truck Campers
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