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RE: Paperwork

If you travel with a K-9, have a Rabies vaccine certificate. This ^^^^^ We have a mixed breed rescue and also carry paperwork documenting her as a lab/St. Bernard mix. Some campgrounds have a list of breeds they don't allow.
Njmurvin 01/03/22 12:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TV Upgrade, Hitch question: What would you do?

Agree on getting a new hitch that fits your pucks. I looked at using an "adapter" with my old Superglide and the Pullrite salesman talked me out of it. He said it would be safe, but would add "slop" into the connection and raise the hitch at least another inch. These newer trucks are already too high to begin with (but that's a topic for another thread).
Njmurvin 12/22/21 05:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2+ weeks into Artic Fox 27-5L

Phill are you pulling with a 3500 or a 2500. I have both and we are considering buying a 27-5 ... Since you have the choice, I'd say 3500 all the way. Mine is lighter than the newer models. My 2004.5 Dodge Ram 3500 was marginal (3000lb payload). Newer 2500s with diesels are pretty comparable to that. My newer Duramax 3500 has 3900lbs payload and I appreciate the extra capacity.
Njmurvin 12/14/21 11:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: PullRite Super Glide hitch question

Interesting JIMLIN because PullRite recommends WD40. Page 6 of users manual Hi Mike....thats true for your owners manual but as I mentioned in some years PullRite recommended other lubes lubri-plate spray on lube? I think was the name. If I remember correct this was the lube PullRite told my buddy he should have been using. The incident was some time back in the mid '00 era. Yup. It was the earlier models. I had one. The manual specified lithium grease as I recall and later they recommended SlipPlate graphite spray that went on like paint. In later models they changed the way tubes to accept WD40. Ooops ... didn't notice there was another page of responses. Sorry for the redundancy.
Njmurvin 12/14/21 11:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for small fifth wheel, no bunks

If width is an issue, then you could consider looking for a nice used 2012 or earlier. They switched to the wide body in 2013.
Njmurvin 12/09/21 02:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for small fifth wheel, no bunks

I don't know what your definition of small is. The Arctic Fox 27-5L is 3" shorter than 30 ft. It is also 8 1/2 feet wide and has a GVWR of 13,600#. I would call it a large fifth wheel that is on the shorter side! Maybe not the right choice if lightweight is part of your "small" desires. Nice trailer though, it was on my short list at one time. Good point. I usually point that out. My older version is a bit shorter, narrower and lighter. However, OP said "under 30" and didn't mention any weight constraints.
Njmurvin 12/08/21 01:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Puck system & hitch questions

After talking to a few 5th wheelers who tow with SB trucks and own 5th wheels with the Turn Tec nose, I have decided to go with the Anderson Ultimate secured to the gooseneck ball. A big change from the Companion fixed that I have been using. Will also help with the payload that I'm close to maxing out as Lyle correctly pointed out. Thanks again for all the help. This is exactly what my brother did for his new RAM 3500 LB. Mine is a standard box (6'10") and I use an Andersen with the factory gooseneck puck. Another advantage to using the Andersen is that (when installed in the conventional position) it adds extra distance from the pin to the truck cab further reducing the chances of making contact.
Njmurvin 12/08/21 01:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for small fifth wheel, no bunks

I second the Arctic Fox 27.5L. I believe it ticks all your boxes with the possible exception of the theater seats (probably an option but not sure). We love having access to the bathroom and fridge while traveling. In ours, only the pantry and one lower kitchen cabinet are blocked with the slide in. You could even grab a few winks on the queen sized bed if you wanted to without opening the bedroom side.
Njmurvin 12/07/21 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing With Water Pump Switched On. Burn Up Pump??

I don't leave it on. After waking up one night to a wet floor (toilet shut off valve failed), I am wary of potential flooding. In fact, I try to remember to turn off city water to the trailer if I'm going to be away for longer periods of time. Come to think of it, on my last camping trip the couple behind us were bailing water out of their kitchen right after they set up camp. I never asked. It could have been a leaky cooler chest. There are lots of risks associated with camping. This is one that's just too easy to avoid.
Njmurvin 11/29/21 12:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Suggestions for a shorter 5’ver…

Artic fox 27-5L x2 but no bunks and they are HEAVY for their size.
Njmurvin 11/23/21 01:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Damaged 5er hitch by backing too hard

With my Superglide, I always would ride up the hitch and never sensed the trailer lifting or moving back at all (chocks still in place). In fact, the effect would always be compression of the rear truck suspension. But, that's all history with my new truck and Andersen hitch. It's a little tougher to align the ball (fore/aft) but a cinch with a second person or camera assist.
Njmurvin 11/23/21 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best RV King Size Bed

We have a Sleep Number at home set to 95 (we like it firm). We have the Amazon Zinus queen firm bed from Amazon in the 5th wheel and love it. I'm not sure how it would hold up to full timing but, for occasional use, it seems to be working fine.
Njmurvin 10/13/21 01:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Scary moment towing my 5er around Denver last week

It happened twice to me on my last trip. In almost all cases when this has happened to me, the offending driver comes across (often multiple lanes) from my left to get to an exit that he/she is about to miss. Because I try to leave a pretty good gap between me and the car in front of me, it's mistaken as an invitation to CUT ME OFF. When it gets really "interesting" is when the knucklehead realizes the exit lane to our right is unexpectedly stopped, full and unavailable. That's when he/she slams on the brakes and the "code brown" moment ensues. The last time it happened to me, it was a mom in a minivan full of kids. I honestly don't think she has a clue how close we all came to having a really bad day.
Njmurvin 08/21/21 04:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel Hitch recommendations

OK. I'm not familiar with that pin box. It sounds like it has a lot going on. So, I would probably stay with a conventional 5th wheel hitch. Check out etrailer.com for makes/models that will fit your OEM pucks. Hopefully, someone with your same setup will comment on this thread and share their experiences.
Njmurvin 08/09/21 01:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel Hitch recommendations

Long or short bed? You're going to get a lot of opinions here: Slider vs. non-slider, gooseneck, Andersen, conventional 5th wheel hitch, etc.). What kind of puck system is being installed? Is it just for a gooseneck (like a B&W turnover) or is it more like an OEM puck system with 5 holes? Personally, I have owned a Pullrite Superglide and now use an Andersen Ultimate Hitch and I love it. Easy to get in/out, quiet and solid operation and if you have a short bed, it can give you more cab clearance potentially avoiding a slider hitch.
Njmurvin 08/09/21 12:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing front landing gear box and motor.

From etrailer.com: Question - "Do you need to place a support jack under trailer before you remove gearbox ? My tube on the gear side did not retract the same amount as the non gearbox side. I suspect gearbox may need replaced." Expert Reply - "If you can level your trailer it is not necessary to add an additional support jack before removing your gearbox. The gearbox turns the screw that activates the jack, but it also has a fail safe that does not allow the jack to drop if the gearbox is removed. In the case you are not able to level your trailer, you will need an additional support jack." All that said, I'm paranoid about being crushed. So, I'd hook it up to my truck for peace of mind.
Njmurvin 08/05/21 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help with awning

They usually fail in the first foot from the edge of the trailer as it's exposed to UV damage all the time. The rest is protected by being inside the role when not deployed. There are some tapes that can act as a temporary fix to get by but not a great long term solution. We actually had good luck with just a piece of eternabond tape where there was a small tear on the edge of an otherwise good canvas. Lasted 3yrs but looked redneck. They do make an aluminum cover that forms the first part of the awning that keeps it out of the sun when rolled up but the fabric is usually good for around 10yrs, so unless you are planning to keep your 10yr old trailer for more than 10yrs, probably not worth the trouble. It's not that hard to replace the fabric and not too bad of a price. Several places online you can order it from and youtube can show you how to do it. (or just pay an RV tech for an hour to do it) Exactly! It's only the first foot or so of the awning that's damaged from sun exposure while rolled up. Seems such a waste to have to replace the entire awning because of this. I bought this unit 5 years ago and the awnings were replaced at that time by the dealer I bought it from. So, the OEM awning only lasted 5 years. Here we are 5 years later and it needs it again. If it weren't for the sun exposure on the rolled up part of the awning, it would easily have lasted 10 years or more. That's why I'm looking for sun protection for the next awning that I buy. It looks like the Alumaguard may just do the trick IF it can work with the Carefree electric mechanism.
Njmurvin 07/28/21 03:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which tire do I buy?

I've had really good service from Michelin LTX A/T 2. Had 2 sets on my Ram and my Silverado came from the factory with them. I tried a set of Hankooks in between and they just didn't measure up.
Njmurvin 07/24/21 03:40pm Fifth-Wheels
Help with awning

I have an 18’ power awning. I believe it to be a Carefree of Colorado product (so says a label on the spool). The two layer fabric is breaking down within the first foot or two from the trailer. The top layer is peeling off where it is exposed to the sun when in storage. First of all, since the rest of the awning is in good shape, is there something I can use to repair the peeled section? My assumption is that I will have to replace the entire fabric. Secondly, does anyone make a retrofit cover that will prevent this from happening again? I see there are removable covers on Amazon but I’d like something affixed to the awning that stays on permanently and protects the awning fabric from the sun while it’s rolled up.
Njmurvin 07/12/21 02:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire wear

$613.17 latter I have 4 new tires on the 5vr. The date code for the tires is 4920 . I had metal valve stems put in so I can use a TPMS system with the tires. I plan on having the axle checked when I put the camper away at the end of the season. 5 years old - they were needing replacement anyway. I had a similar wear pattern on mine after a long trip via I5 from So Calif to Oregon and back. The roads were very torn up in places and under construction in others - I believe to this day that trip kicked the axles out of alignment. I noticed the uneven wear (also inside wear) when we got home. I replaced my tires (like yours, they needed to be replaced anyway). And, I took the trailer to a commercial trailer alignment place and had the axles aligned. I think it cost in the neighborhood of $300 or so.
Njmurvin 07/01/21 01:03pm Fifth-Wheels
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