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RE: Can we pull a TT with our ‘20 Suburban

In addition to what your new Sub can carry and pull, where do you want to camp? Most private RV parks can handle a big trailer but if you want state parks, USFS and BLM campgrounds many have length limits. I have a Lawyer buddy who upgraded his camper to a big 45' Fifth Wheel. Now he no longer can camp most state parks, and many private parks have a very limited number or long sites. I went the other way, I went from 30' to 20'. I CAN CAMP ANYWHERE...
OleManOleCan 01/22/20 09:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in Minnesota

Mosquito problems in Minnesota kind of depend on the weather. If we have a very dry summer, by August they might not be so bad. And if nights get cool enough in September, mosquitoes could be virtually non-existent by then, especially up north. If we have a wet summer though (which so far it's kind of looking like that's going to be the case), mosquitoes will probably be a problem. If you are in the woods near water, mosquitoes are going to be an issue. Just be prepared. If you are looking for a relatively mosquito-free experience, I would recommend the far southeast part of Minnesota. In particular, around the Whitewater State Park area near Rochester. The website for that park in particular lists the "noticeable lack of mosquitoes" as one of its highlights! It is said that the trout streams in the area are cold enough that mosquitoes have a hard time breeding. Mosquitoes can drive you to distraction. I live in Alabama, we have a long growing seasons for crops, and we have a couple of crops of mosquitoes. Our weather doesn't really get cold enough to stop them. In January or February,What passes for our Winter, if the temps climb in mid day, here come the mosquitoes.
OleManOleCan 01/19/20 10:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in Minnesota

Mosquitoes are always around near water in MN. By late August that are not so bad. By mid spetember they are not that much of a problem. In rural states like SD and WY keep your gas tank more than half full and you will be fine. Years ago I got in a predicament looking for gas in WY. It seems the 'Wide Open Spaces' really were. I made it. (Barely) Seems like on that same trip, I paid $5.00/gallon in the middle of Yellowstone. They were 75-100 miles from the nearest station. If something like that ever happens to you... Grin and bare it... No telling what the price of fuel is these days. THAT TRIP TAUGHT ME TO CARRY A 5 GALLON 'JERRY CAN' OF FUEL WITH ME. Even today I try to fuel up before I get down to 1/2 tank. Have a great trip. Your driving thru some pretty country.
OleManOleCan 01/19/20 10:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Disconnect battery when not using?

If I read it right, one of the posters said to disconnect the battery when connected to shore power. I've always been under the impression that the battery needed to be connected in order for the converter to keep it charged. In fact, that's what the dealer told me 15 years ago. Is there a different way of thinking now? I'm the one who said it. Should have clarified. I have a special situation. Battery thieves are working our area. SO... My batteries go inside my laundry room on a wooden shelf. I have a trickle charger on them. Before... I tried charging them every couple of weeks, but I would forget to re connect them... SO... Now my batteries stay charged. Yep... It's a hassle to take them outside and reconnect them. BUT... The thieves have passed me by these days.
OleManOleCan 01/18/20 11:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: How much water to ad to black tank when starting out.?

Like you, I put about 4 gallons of fresh water in the black tank after emptying - but I've never used any additives. I've also not had any issues in over four years of full-timing. Several times a year I will use the "Geo method" to clean the tanks: about 1/3 tank of clean water with some dish detergent and borax crystals before hitting the road. The agitation and solution help clean off the level sensors and get residual "stuff" off the sides of the tank(s). Rob I adopted the Geo Method a number of years ago. After I dump the Black tank, I like to put in a 1/2 bottle of Calgon and a good bit of dish soap. I top it off with 3-4 gallons of water. The ride to my home cleanses the tank. I do he same with my Grey Tank. BTW: It never hurts to put some in your sink traps. No odors...
OleManOleCan 01/16/20 10:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Snake Repellent Testing - Advice

Problem with Snake repellents is some snakes need no provocation to strike. Copperheads have a nasty disposition, and they seem not to care what they strike.
OleManOleCan 01/16/20 09:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Survey for online reservation vs old school phone and email

Reserve America is simple to use. On my contact list... My favorite state park is in my phone. I guess it's easier because we are retired, but arriving during the middle of the week, has always given me a large choice in sites. Exceptions are at Yellowstone and other high usage National Parks.
OleManOleCan 01/16/20 09:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Prescriptions while on the road?

How do you guys handle getting prescriptions on the road? Find a local doctor or try and do it all through the mail? It came be a bit aggravating walking around in Walmart for an hour waiting for a prescription to be filled, BUT... There is a Walmart within a stones throw of most camp grounds. CVS and Walgreens are in most cities... Easy to use. If you have planned ahead your pharmacy and Dr. can arrange for your prescription needs to be met.
OleManOleCan 01/16/20 09:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Disconnect battery when not using?

x2 thats the thing to do. those cut off switchs in the rv don,t kill everything .right at the battery put a cut off . I've disconnected at the battery for years. It works. Batteries don't discharge as fast unhooked. Leave em hooked up and watch the batteries drain. I generally hook mine up and put a battery charger on em about a week before I go camping. When I'm unhooked, I plug into Shore Power at my house.
OleManOleCan 01/16/20 09:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: enameled dutch ovens

I bought several pieces of Enamel cast Iron. (It's beautiful) My wife never wanted them used camping... Eventually I sold them all. I have a lot of Cast Iron skillets and D.O.'s I love cooking with Iron. When we camp I always carry at least a small D.O. and two cast Iron skillets. Yes I go overboard with Cast Iron... Results speak for themselves.
OleManOleCan 01/15/20 11:27pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Reloading on Camp cooking gear

Without ruining the factory legs, measure the diameter and compare to EMT conduit. Very inexpensive to buy and cut to your desired length. Conduit's was wrong diameters. I can order replacement legs from the factory if I ever need them. I've since cut the legs to my desired height. Works great. Acid test (2) I've cooked two meals with about an hour on both burners. Table didn't even get warm. My success is that my back didn't ache either time.
OleManOleCan 01/15/20 11:16pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

Trying to watch TV or play games from a Dinette is torture on us larger folks. Having a good couch is worth it's weight in gold on Rain days. IMO a folding table and a couple of folding chairs beat the U shaped torture device.
OleManOleCan 01/12/20 11:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lemon camper

Sounds like the Dealer is worse than the camper.
OleManOleCan 01/11/20 10:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Reloading on Camp cooking gear

Without ruining the factory legs, measure the diameter and compare to EMT conduit. Very inexpensive to buy and cut to your desired length. Conduit's was wrong diameters. I can order replacement legs from the factory if I ever need them.
OleManOleCan 01/09/20 10:55pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Reloading on Camp cooking gear

Two things: 1) the version of that stove I looked at on the internet has a coupler that the leg screw into. I it has what appears to be 6" legs without the extensions. 2) The problem you will have with a tabletop version with this stove is heat so close to a top. I put my grill on a tabletop with a couple of layers of cheap ceramic tiles under the grill to protect the surface of the table I am cooking on. You will definitely need some kind of heat shield. P.S. I'm an old hardware store guy. lol https://i.imgur.com/GfhLPL4l.jpg I bought a Camp Chef YUKON. I went ahead and used a pipe cutter to shorten the legs to make it a table top model. (It's much more stable than the factory legs) I put the inserts from the bottom of the legs into the shortened model. The cooking surface of the Yukon now sits 12" above the table. I'll be able to transport it w/o taking the legs off. The shortened legs are more stable than the factory legs. For me this was a win, win. I'm 6'3" and the factory legs were just too short to use as a stand alone. I finished the stove so there was no bending or stooping while I cook. Previously I built a 6" platform for another Camp Chef, but I never loved carrying around a stove platform. I have carried an extra table camping for years, my solution is to put an extra table at one end of a campground table in a 'T' configuration, and cook on it...
OleManOleCan 01/09/20 10:44pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Reloading on Camp cooking gear

I've camped on and off for years. I love to cook, so I have taken a lot of cooking gear over the years. After a two year hiatus, I bought and fixed up a 20 foot Fleetwood Prowler. I got to camp in it a few times then messed up my knee. 2019 I cooked on a 17" Blackstone Griddle outside under my cook tent. Previously I cooked on another 17" Blackstone griddle, and a Campchef Explorer stove. I was happy with that set up, so I unboxed another CampChef last week. I can count on both hands the number of meals I have cooked inside my trailers in the last 10-15 years, so I still plan to cook outside as before. I'm going to make some short legs for the stove to use on tables, I'm 6'3" so the legs that come with it are short for me. I'm doing this ASAP... because I'm set for a knee replacement in March. I plan to camp a couple of days before I park my camper for a couple of months. Alabama Summer can be dreadfully hot and muggy, so I'm gonna rehab and lay back till I feel Fall in the air. Then we are off to the mountains again. Anybody ever cut off the factory legs to make a taller table model?
OleManOleCan 01/05/20 11:20pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Looking for a DYI forum or site for travel traliers

Hey! I have a class A RV now ... it's getting old and has seen better days. It is highly modified with a new door, wheelchair lift, interior lift, hospital beds, equipped to handle -30 deg winters, .... I am thinking of replacing it with a travel trailer. After looking units I can purchase, I am not impressed ... plus my wallet started crying. I am thinking of taking a shot at building my own .... not a small teardrop unit but a full size 30 ft trailer. I have been looking around and found info but not a great site or forum where I can ask questions and see how other have built theirs .... and learn from their mistakes. Can anyone suggest a forum or site? Thanks ..... Mike https://imgur.com/gallery/vgSAkTF https://imgur.com/gallery/vgSAkTF Good Luck. You are very ambitious. Plan on lots of stumbling blocks. This is when you start making Plan B, Plan C ect... Let us know where you are on your project. I worked on a 20 foot 75 Fleetwood Prowler last year. Maybe it was just me, but lots of easy things got complicated during my project. Keep your sense of humor. Sometimes backing off for a couple of days helped me get back on track, or allowed me to think of different ways to do things.
OleManOleCan 01/04/20 10:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is going on with this roof?

Hi we are new to travel trailers. And we just bought a 1986 roadranger that needed a little work.... so I thought. We have now realized that the roof has leaking, all the windows have leaking, the screws on the back right corner will not stay in because the wood is rotted and a bunch of the floor boards. Soooo we have a long road ahead of us. I was thinking we should start with the roof first, any opinions? The roof is aluminum and is in 3-4 sections. The roof vents were just replaced but sealed wrong so we will reseal them and check for water damage around them but Im not sure if there is leaking coming from any other spots. the seams look like a black substance was put down first, then someone caulked over that and then painted just the seams white. I think the seams need to be resealed should I scrape it clean and then apply enternabond tape? I am was going to use butyl tape and dicor self leveling lap sealant to do the air vents. Should I also do that with the other things sticking up on the roof? one other concern is should I coat the aluminum roof with anything? That's a really big project. I'd think about it before I committed the time and money to tackle it. You have bought a money pit.
OleManOleCan 01/02/20 10:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchasing First RV- would like some advice...

The solar port will not support a very large solar array , but that would not be a deal killer ! Myself , having two doors would not appeal to me , just takes up space for something useful . Staying small is correct , we went from 38 feet down to 20 feet and love the ability to drive like we are in a sports car . Walk around bed is what I would want , we pull over and take a nap , no hassle ! Water tanks will not be large enuff no matter how large for boon docking , we carry a 35 gallon tank in bed of PU. Good Luck We went from a 30' to a 20'. I love the difference. We spend a lot of time outside, so the inside is for sleeping and occasional rain.
OleManOleCan 12/27/19 10:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Starcraft AR-One and Satellite

Ok, today I scored a ‘18 Starcraft Autumn Ridge 14RB. Unit is in great condition. Picking it up in a few days. Will wait for spring for the first trip. Will do some upgrades over the winter. Winter and early Spring are ideal times to make changes. I bought a Vintage 75 Fleetwood Prowler last Winter and did a lot of work on it before the weather got Alabama HOT. You never know when you may need to go to PLAN B or worse. Work a little at a time and be ready early. Congrats on the Starcraft.
OleManOleCan 12/17/19 10:11pm Travel Trailers
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