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RE: Battery storage

I would disconnect the batteries and take them to my house. I can set them on a shelf and put a trickle charge on them sometimes. Less chance of them walking off that way. ALSO... Make sure every door and Hatch is locked. Don't leave anything in your storage unit or camper that might be stolen. Wouldn't hurt to put a shackle on your trailers hitch too.
OleManOleCan 11/07/19 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery storage

I would disconnect the batteries and take them to my house. I can set them on a shelf and put a trickle charge on them sometimes. Less chance of them walking off that way. ALSO... Make sure every door and Hatch is locked. Don't leave anything in you storage unit or camper that might be stolen. Wouldn't hurt to put a shackle on your trailers hitch too.
OleManOleCan 11/07/19 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Filling Propane While Traveling

My tank are a few years old and I take them to my propane dealer in town. If I run out on the road, I swap them out for the best looking tanks at the local gas station LP exchange. If they were new tanks I probably would not do that. I do carry a extra tank in a milk crate secured in the truck bed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When we go camping I put two full 20# tanks on and carry an additional 20 in the bed of my truck. The extra 20 usually powers one of my Blackstone Griddles or a single burner for Low Country Boils. I'd rather have a half dozen 20s rather than 30s. Easier to carry, easier to trade out when the Expiration date is coming up, And our local garbage men pick up lots of them on the curb. A case of beer and I can pick thru them for the best 4 tanks. Yep I bribe civil employees... I'm a retired LEO. I'm a little low on scruples since I retired...
OleManOleCan 11/06/19 10:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pre trip routines

Before we leave I fuel up my truck. I put my 'Slinky Box' in the bed of the truck. I put my 6x6 jack stands in the bed of the truck. I put more White Lithium on the Ball and inside the hitch. I hook up. Check the safety chains, and electrical connections. I check the air pressure in my truck, and on my camper. I check inside the camper to make sure everything is where it should be. I lock my camper, and all hatches. When my wife is in the truck, I make sure none of the Cats are under the truck or my camper, then we pull out of my yard. I pretty much do each of these things every time.
OleManOleCan 11/04/19 09:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blow out water lines question

Don't rely on just blowing out the lines. All the times I have winterized I blow the lines then put in anit freeze and there is a lot of clear water that comes out before the pink stuff does. Your trailer, your choice but be prepared to fix freeze damage. I have Winterized several campers this way. IT WORKS. I start off by making sure the Black and Grey water tanks are emptied... I open all the Low Point drains and drain em. Drain the Hot water tank too. I blow out my lines. This time of year Walmart always has a sale on 'The Pink Stuff'. I buy it to pump/run thru my lines until it comes out pink. I fill the traps with Pink Stuff. I put a gallon of the Pink Stuff in the Black Tank. I put about 4" of Pink Stuff in the Toilet bowl. I remove my White Hose and make sure it's empty. Then I roll it up and plug both ends. (I don't want a bug to find a hose to crawl into...) IT'S NOT OVER KILL IF IT KEEPS IT FROM HAVING FREEZE DAMAGE.
OleManOleCan 11/03/19 10:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: trailer size and campsites in National Parks

I've camped at a lot of State Parks, and several National Parks. Generally the older parks have smaller sites, and roads that are narrower. Many of the older parks are in bad need of limb trimming. BUT... Some parks have been updated and have more room now. Generally a 20-24' camper will fit most anywhere. 28s work on many, but you may need to lie about the length, and park carefully.
OleManOleCan 10/29/19 12:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bumper Grill

I cook a lot. I bring a Blackstone Griddle, A Weber, and a single burner for a Discada. I set em up on a table under a tent when we get set up. (I'm the guy who smells up the camp ground cooking a Low Country Boil. Or BBQs Ribs ect...)
OleManOleCan 10/25/19 10:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: how to level a trailer

Two stick on bubble levels at the right front corner of the trailer, one North/South, one East/West. Worked fine, no muss no fuss. Stick on bubbles work. I have used them on 3 campers.
OleManOleCan 10/25/19 09:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgraded my tow vehicle, do I still need a WDH?

I can tow w/o a WD hitch, but I use my Equalizer... My truck Echoboost F-150 HD Package also tows much better with E-rated tires. So I tow with my Equalizer set up and my truck wearing E-rated tires. Towing 35-3800 to 8500 lbs. makes no difference. Set em up right and your safe, and have a better Tow.
OleManOleCan 10/25/19 09:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: How cold can you go?

Years ago We camped some in cold weather and snow. I disconnected the White hose and drained the Grey water before dark. I left the taps open... I had a 5 gallon jug of water in the camper. I run the heat and had the cabinets open. We had truck Sunscreens cut to fit our windows. Held in heat a little better. We carried extra blankets for the beds. I also hooked up to our batteries to keep them up. My camping then was pre Led lights. We ran a couple of lights as needed.
OleManOleCan 10/24/19 11:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking to make the plunge

I just bought my F150 5.0L 4wd with towing package. Few months back. You can download the Ford towing guide that lists towing and payload capacities based on truck body, engine, and gear ratios. 2wd F150s are rare in my area, too. Get the factory towing package to get the better rear gear ratio. Better yet would be to get the Max Tow package or the HDPP Heavy Duty Payload Package to get the even better ratios and/or bigger heavier duty differential. Both of those packages come with a larger gas tank, too, a consideration when towing a heavy load and getting half your unladen gas mileage! I got the 4 door short bed. IF you think you might ever consider a 5th wheel, you'll need the 6.5 or 8' bed. The HDPP is required for truck campers per Ford. I had a 3/4 ton 6.4 F-250 Diesel. Great tow vehicle. I towed a 30' camper at 8500 lbs. easy. Mountains no problem. Instead of going larger/heavier/longer, My wife and I have gone the other way. No kids... We went small with no slide. We have redone a Vintage 1975 Fleetwood Prowler. 20' and 3400 lbs. My tow vehicle is now a 3.7 F-150 HDPP 4x4. Mountains no problem. What ever you decide on, include in your thinking the possibility of towing up mountains. I once had a 1500 with a small motor. No HD package. First trip to the mountains, and I bought the F-250 when I returned home...
OleManOleCan 10/22/19 10:58pm Travel Trailers
Replacing air conditioner in 75 Prowler

I found a 20 foot 1975 Fleet-Wood Prowler back in February. I started working on it as I could. I got it camping ready in late April or early May. I love it. Then... The old wall air conditioner quit. I don't know how long it has been in this camper. By the time I got ready to replace it the temps were high 90s with humidity equally high. (Alabama Summers are tough) I finally started working on it last week (No Rain) It took a Sawzall to cut thru liquid nails and open the wall for framing. The next day I installed a new air conditioner. Red Neck Engineering. Now I'm about where I was in April... ;) I have the camping bug again, but I'm gonna wait till the temps fall out of the 90s. This has been a frustrating, but satisfying experience to say the least. Lets say I spent a lot of time on 'Plan B', then 'Plan C' and so on... Like the movie saying... 'I'm getting too old for this Sxxx'... Satisfying, but I don't want to do another. I have one small project left. I'm gonna name it 'BTDT'... I have. A neighbor made me the vinyl lettering to put on the nose of my camper and another set for the rear. If you have ever wanted to start renovating an old camper... Have patience, money, time, and a sense of humor.
OleManOleCan 09/10/19 12:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Low point drain line caps nightmare

I went and bought plastic valves from the plumbing section at lowes and screwed them onto the 3/4" fittings where the caps go. No more need for caps. Just turn the valves. I did the same with mine as well as the fresh water tank drain. Much easier to deal with. I've done three campers with 3/4" valves. Works for me. Lowes and Farm Town have lots of things that might not be mentioned as for a camper, but they work very well.
OleManOleCan 08/27/19 12:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: tongue jack slipped

We were setting up our camper and like I always do I set the tongue jack down on several blocks (the ones you can use of leveling or placing under the stabilizing jacks). I noticed immediately it was slipping. I didn't know what to do. I yelled for my daughter to hand me some more blocks and I set them right next to the blocks i already had. It eventually stopped and was resting on both sets of blocks. I raised it again and rehooked to my truck. I was able to set it down again without incident. Any reason why this would happen and how can i prevent it? It's easier to chock the wheels before you mess with the jack.
OleManOleCan 08/27/19 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Couple new to RV travel Trailer's looking for advice

Go to an RV show... and wear comfortable shoes :) My wife and I have been to a couple of national RV Shows. I second the Comfortable shoes. Either carry a camera or make a lot of photos on your phone. The weekend shows are exhausting... Several hundred RVs in a day is a bit much. Plan on going two days. Much easier. Enjoy yourselves. When it ceases to be fun, It's time to go...
OleManOleCan 08/25/19 02:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Check your Tires! Often!

I Always try and do a walk around at every fuel stop and when setting up the trailer after driving. Found a slipped belt because I do that. Just a quick minute can save you the aggravation of changing a tire on the side of the highway and the possibility of excessive damage to the trailer. A serious 'Walk Around' before you leave home, again at fuel stops. Again when you arrive at your camp site, Again when you leave to come home. (Beats waiting for road service)
OleManOleCan 08/25/19 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roof weight limit?

Easy enough to solve that problem. DON'T GET ON THE ROOF. I used a 10' step ladder and a long handled brush to clean the roof. When I put a new roof on this spring, I used the same technique to roll on the rubber roof material.
OleManOleCan 08/25/19 02:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: New to the RV World - Towing Mirrors Recommendation

I have used Mckesh from Hensley Mfg. and with the optional convex mirrors have enhanced visibility to the rear 10 fold. They do not vibrate, etc. when installed properly. Our next tow vehicle will be ordered with the factory tow mirrors. My last two trucks were HD models that came with factory tow mirrors. F-250 4x4 Diesel. Came with the Ford Elephant Ear Mirrows. I loved them. My last truck is a F-150 HD 4x4 and I specifically looked for the Ford Towing mirrors. At first glance the Big Boxy Ford mirrors are too much. After driving with them, I fell in love with them. I understand why the GMC 2500 went with the boxy mirrors they work. The main thing is find something that works for you.
OleManOleCan 08/25/19 02:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spare Tire question- doesnt match our new TT tires

I won’t buy LR Cs. Ds are tuffer. Ds are tougher and Es even tougher still. Es. have stronger sidewalls and I like em better towing in curves. Either are better than any Passenger tire.
OleManOleCan 08/22/19 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Run the USA is what?

Would be nice if the TT was small enough that I would not have to mess around with WDH's etc. Just quick hook up an go. That's not really an option, my TT is only 18' and there's no way I would tow it without a WDH with sway control. Even behind a 2500 it moved around more than I liked and that was without wind or panic maneuvers. To each their own but I'd never tow a TT without sway control. That said putting the bars on or taking them off takes maybe 30s so it's not like it has any meaningful impact on our setup and tear down time. I suppose it depends, our old 20' TT behind the our old 2009 2500hd did not care if the WDH was on or off. With the 1/2 ton we used the WDH half the time, less 100 miles runs I did not even mess with it. Each trailer does pull different for sure. I get what you are saying about the time deal, it just seems like it takes forever when is raining out. I was using a Rigid Hitch and swore getting the bars on took a few minutes by the time I dug out the bar, set the pins, jack the trailer up to get the bars on, etc. Granted this was 7-8 years ago so my mind is foggy:) When I had a 30' trailer I used WD bars. Now I'm towing a 20' w/o bars. My HD F-150 Echoboost is a beast for towing. My camper only weighs 3300 lbs, and I'm using a Reese 6000# hitch. Set it up right, put on E-rated tires. Pay attention to air in the tires, and go, go, go. You also have to pay attention to weight in the bed of the truck and how you load the trailer. Years of towing make a big difference deciding when towing is set up just right.
OleManOleCan 08/22/19 11:18am Travel Trailers
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