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RE: Propane tanks

I just use one until it’s empty and switch over. Then I remove the empty one, load it in the Tahoe and find a place to fill it. No one uses that much propane. If you smell propane anytime except when filling or removing a tank, get it fixed pronto. I had the same problem when I bought my latest camper. Close examination showed the hoses were only half assed screwed into the tanks. I removed them, put a little plumbers tape on the threads and installed them correctly. No problem... (Cheap fix)
OleManOleCan 06/13/19 02:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: How does everyone transport their kayak

We put our 2 feelfree Mokens + our 2 bicycles inside the trailer when underway. On arrival, we chain the kayaks up under the trailer. My last camper had a slide. With the slide out I put my 12' fishing Kayak in and 2 bicycles. Closed the slide and everything was held tight all the way to Florida. Nowadays I don't have bicycles, that camper, or Kayak... I miss the Yak. I like my small camper with no slides better too, the other one was laid out wrong.
OleManOleCan 06/13/19 01:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slide vs no slide

I prefer no slides. But in reality that's kind of like trying to buy a new car with manual windows and three on the tree. My Creek Side was carefully selected as it has a walk around queen bed and a big back wind with U-shaped dinette and no slides. We pay for that...small bathroom That's what is important to us. Slides make the framing weaker on whatever side it is on. You can't have a hole that big in the side of a trailer and not expect it to have an affect (effect?) at some point in it's life span. I would say, the longer the trailer, the more that hole in the side will weaken the coach. If it is a stick and tin coach, then it's going to be exponentially more, 'specially if you travel off road and back country roads much. As I get older and retire, I might find that my cute little 20fq is getting small for my bride and I and may have to go to a larger rig....it will probably have a slide. I'll do a lot of looking and asking prior to buying one and it will likely be 26 feet or less in length. My own opinions. Others will chime in. Or Gong me off the post! My wife and I went the other way. We went from a 30' with a slide to a 18' w/o a slide. As we have got older we find we don't need all the bells and whistles. Simplifying has been nice.
OleManOleCan 06/11/19 11:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slide vs no slide

You asked how much you would miss the slide. No one knows but you. I say the more slides the better. I was the other way around. Slides aren't for me. My last store bought trailer had a slide that I hated. Yep, it gave us more space, but we didn't really need that space. When we camp we spend most of the time out of our camper. My current camper has no slide outs... Nothing to leak, nothing to have problems dragging ect... No pine straw to have to remove before we slide in to return home. We don't miss our much larger camper. The one we have now simply fits our needs without having things we neither needed or wanted.
OleManOleCan 06/11/19 11:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Terrible condensation/mold? What to use to prevent

A Dehumidifier is your best bet. I understand you were trying to avoid using one, but that's the way to go. I redid an old camper this Spring. It had some Mold issues. It took me a while to get it taken care of. (It had a leaky roof) After I got it waterproof, I went around the windows and fixed a couple of poor fits. I added rubber around the door to help keep out the cold/water too. Working on my storage compartments was a little bit of work too... I worked on that old camper Feb till May. Finally fixed most things on my list. By far, the Mold was the most annoying to work on. Nasty stuff. Work on yours a little at a time, get it right, then go camping... I said that like it was easy... NOT EASY.
OleManOleCan 06/11/19 11:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leveling blocks

2x6s work fine but they split after they are driven on for awhile. Bevel the edges. I like the plastic blocks and mostly use those. When 2x6 split burn em in campfires. I use 2x8s and have lost a couple over the years, but they are easy to replace.
OleManOleCan 06/10/19 12:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Medical marijuana

Don't try and cross the Can/US border either. While it may be legal either side of a border crossing, the border is controlled by Feds and is not considered legal to them, at least by CBP (US). While MJ has been legalized by certain states, it is still against U.S Federal Law. Many LEO will give you a pass if you show them a Doctors prescription for the drug. BUT... There are 'Hardasses' out there who would charge you. You might win in court, but you would have been jailed, and hired an Attorney, plus you would be out the price of the drug. If you decide to take a chance on the LEO being lenient... My advice as a retired Police Lieutenant would be to lay low, avoid conflict, don't draw attention to yourself. Avoid crowds where someone might do something stupid and draw attention to those there. If you are stopped, be polite, even if you don't agree with why you were stopped. Keep a couple of copies of Doctors prescription on you at all time. Make sure you advise the LEO that you are not a well man, and the prescription is to dull the pain. If sympathy doesn't win the day... be prepared to go to jail. Keep a lawyers phone number on speed dial. They are expensive, but they are worth what you pay them. And remember... It's always better to be an anonymous face in the crowd, than to strut like a Peacock.
OleManOleCan 06/10/19 12:18am Travel Trailers
RE: How to add support to my Short Queen?

I would cut a piece of 1/2 ply and put it on top of the original wood. Or remove the original wood and replace with 1/2 or 5/8 plywood. I doubt you'll overload the original lift supports. If you do overload them they don't break, they just let the bed lower back down. You can buy stronger lift springs on Amazon as well. I just rebuilt a 1975 Fleetwood Prowler. I cut 1/2" plywood to fit. Works great. We like really firm mattresses, so a firm mattress on plywood turned out just right.
OleManOleCan 06/05/19 11:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vintage TT needs stabilizing, but stumped

Jack stands, one at each corner. Crank the tongue down a bit, put stands under the rear, crank it up a bit past level, put stands under front, Jack Stands are an economic solution. A couple of years ago I used 4 on a Scotty. Worked very well. Lowering the tongue raises the rear of the camper. Insert jacks under metal and raise em till they are touching or nearly touching. Raise the crank and it puts weight on the rear jacks. Put jacks under the front, near the tongue, and lower the crank a little, and your camper is sitting on 4 jack stands. No rock and roll when you walk inside. It's quick and easy to use Jack Stands. Harbor Freight has em two to a pack. Decent price.
OleManOleCan 06/05/19 11:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Disclosure when selling

when I sell things I tell what I know,I like to sleep at night. Tell em what you know, but sell your trailer with an 'AS IS' clause. You will get less money, but you will know you were honest.
OleManOleCan 06/01/19 11:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie help - keeping cool

I had that problem one time. I opened every window, put a fan blowing across both beds of a small camper. Next night I added a larger fan blowing on the floor. It worked. Noisy, but cooler. When I got home I replaced the AC.
OleManOleCan 06/01/19 11:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Guys with generators ....

Solar is the only quiet generator. For internal combustion there's loud inverter and really loud contractor. Just my 2 cents. I had a buddy who brought bales of hay and made what looked like a chimney around his contractor model. It redirected part of the noise up... Still loud. It didn't bother him too much. He was going deaf. It bothered everyone else, me included. I found someplace different to camp...
OleManOleCan 05/29/19 11:41am Travel Trailers
RE: maiden voyage a wet but fun success

Thanks OleManOleCan. shakedown was a success. Wife is talkind adding a day to our next trip (little over a week out im excited) so I must have done something right haha Sounds like you did a lot of things right. Starting with your wife. Sounds like you got a good one. I'm lucky too. My wife loves to camp. I met a new friend on our last trip. He has camped since he was a kid. Wife hates camping, and only went because of their kids. I see problems for them...
OleManOleCan 05/28/19 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: maiden voyage a wet but fun success

Glad you had a great trip. That's how to get kids hooked on camping and on outdoor activities. You may have had rain, but that doesn't really dampen the trip. We just returned from camping here in Alabama. Need I say it... Temps were 90s every day. No clouds. Nights were mid 60s. (This was in the mountains in North Alabama) My wife and I always enjoy camping. The temps didn't melt our enthusiasm... I ran a large fan outside, and a small fan and a Air conditioner inside... CAMPING IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. BTW: Your next trip should be easier, because yall know what to expect. The first trip is to work out problems and learn how to camp a little easier. Menu planning and packing will be easier. AGAIN ENJOY... :)
OleManOleCan 05/26/19 11:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: What tools to take on 2 month trip?

:) Hi, Mostly some basic tools, a torque wrench and proper sockets for lug nuts, and a good credit card. I second the credit card. (Amazing what money can buy ;) ) I carry a pretty good assortment of tools and a cell phone too. You never know what you may need... That's where a cell phone can get you additional help.
OleManOleCan 05/26/19 12:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying another Vintage Camper

Well... We finally camped at Desoto State Park. Happy to report everything went smoothly. I saw a number of smaller campers and quite a few with no slides. These were offset by a lot of 40' or better behemoths. Didn't seem to be much middle ground. I did talk to one of the guys who stopped to ask about our Fleetwood Prowler. He was in a big camper and was fussing because his camper barely fit his space. Go figure. State parks have more smaller spaces than big landing strips.
OleManOleCan 05/24/19 11:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

In my original post I failed to mention we always carry a case of bottled water. My wife and I guzzle water, so a case or two has been our normal. My only question is do people make coffee with campground water, or carry gallons of water for coffee? We drink a lot of coffee. Guess I wasn't clear on the campground water question. Sorry yall...
OleManOleCan 05/20/19 11:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Proper Protocol for “Complimentary Roof Inspection”

There’s no complementary, it’s just like a car dealership doing a “free 38 point inspection”; it’s a chance to find something to repair and charge you. They WILL find something and like you suspect, they’ll even make sure you have damage so they can get your money. Buy some Dicor lap sealant and do the easy job yourself-$12.00 Learn to do all your maintenance yourself and you’ll be a much happier camper! Find another location for maintenance. Looks like someone is setting you up to take a lot of money. It's easy to do your own roof replace. $150 or less. Watch a couple of YouTube videos, and see how it's done.
OleManOleCan 05/18/19 11:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: One thing you use ALL the time?

I have a couple of BLACKSTONE GRIDDLES. We carry a small 17" Griddle when we camp. I leave the 36" at home. (I cook outside when I can) With a little practice you can cook a heck of a lot on the griddle. I confess that I also take a 22" Weber grill grate that I sometimes use on the Blackstone instead of the Griddle.
OleManOleCan 05/18/19 11:44pm General RVing Issues
Drinking Campground Water...

My wife and are are arguing about making coffee with campground water. I've always used a water filter on our White Hose, but my wife has never tasted campground water, she buys gallons of water. The water in question is at Desoto State Park. (Alabama) I've drank the water, both filtered and unfiltered. I can't tell the difference. Taste like the water at our home. Far as I know they have never had a problem with their water. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I'd like to know how the forum feels about general campground water. Do you buy gallons of water for coffee, or use what comes out of the faucet?
OleManOleCan 05/18/19 11:31pm General RVing Issues
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