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Moving spots at RV park ? about weight distribution

Hi guys so I have to move to a different spot today at the RV park. My trailer is relatively light weighing less than 5,000 lbs. Should I attach the weight distribution bars when moving spots, or is it okay to just use the ball hitch? I was planning on staying hooked up overnight as well. Thanks for any tips.
OregonMan 09/19/22 09:38am Travel Trailers
Overhead oven fan not working in trailer

Hi guys so the overhead oven fan in my travel trailer hasn't been working, when I turn on the switch for either the light or the fan, neither works. This started happening after I ripped the C02/propane detector out of the wall out of aggravation when boondocking because it would always beep incessantly once the trailer battery started running low. Yeah I know, dumb move. I've since gotten a battery operated C02 detector. Is it possible that when I ripped that wired C02/LP detector out of the wall, it pulled a connection loose from the circuit board that goes to the oven fan? The circuit/power board is located under the fridge right next to where the C02/LP alarm was previously located. I'm no electrician but I could probably see if a connection is loose back there. All other lights and electronics work fine in the trailer. Thanks for any tips.
OregonMan 09/12/22 12:21pm Travel Trailers
Full-time RVing proof of residence?

Hi guys so I moved out of my apartment in Portland Oregon in June of this year. Now I'm doing the full-time RV life and enjoying it but need to make a correction to my driver's license. Problem is I do not have a street address for a place of residence now. I do own a parcel of land in Oregon but it does not have a street address technically, it's listed as Block 13, Lot 5 and it's part of a HOA and the land is zoned residential and it's buildable. Is it possible to use my parcel of land as the residential address on my driver's license? If not, I've heard of another option that full-time RVers can use but forget the term for it... something about establishing a permanent residency in the state of Oregon but still being a full-time RVer? Really appreciate any info on this, there must be a way to do this without having to rent out another apartment or house... right? I sure hope so because I'm planning on traveling for the rest of the year. Thanks for any help here.
OregonMan 09/11/22 12:55pm General RVing Issues
Do you need to sanitize a water tank that's never been used?

Hi guys I've seen videos online about sanitizing your fresh water tank in a travel trailer using a little bleach and water. Is this necessary if your fresh water tank has never once been used? I do not plan on drinking the water, just plan on using it for the sink, toilet and possibly the shower. The fresh water tank has never been used in this trailer and it is a 2018 model. Thanks for any info.
OregonMan 09/07/22 10:09pm Travel Trailers
Best leveler for travel trailer?

Hi guys been looking online at leveling blocks for travel trailers and it seems like they're all made out of plastic and a lot of people complain about them shattering under the weight of the tires. My trailer weighs around 5,000 pounds and wondering if you guys have a leveler you could recommend? Seen some guys just use blocks of wood but isn't there a risk of slippage if you just use some blocks of wood? Thanks for any info.
OregonMan 09/01/22 11:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black water tank health concerns and questions

Thanks to everyone who provided serious replies. Always kind of followed the rule of "don't sh*t where you eat" and since my trailer is a pretty small trailer meant for 1 maybe 2 people, it was always kind of a health/sanitation concern. Another thing I worried about was too much moisture getting involved with the trailer since moisture/water can really erode/damage stuff over time. I've seen tips about using chlorine in your fresh water tank but should you not do that in your black water tank? I'm not exactly a germaphobe but maybe adding a little dish washing detergent on a regular basis to the black tank as Gdetrailer suggested would help keep the bad bacteria at bay. You guys helped ease my mind about this. Thinking about doing another cross country road trip and if I do probably will end up finally using the tanks. Gotten along fine without them for this long but age is starting to catch up with me. Thanks again guys.
OregonMan 08/27/22 04:21pm Travel Trailers
Black water tank health concerns and questions

Hi guys, something I've completely avoided doing in my travel trailer since buying it in 2018 is using my tanks - neither the fresh water, grey water or black water tanks have been used once in any way. Part of the reason is because I want to avoid the hassle of dumping and cleaning the tanks, carrying the extra weight etc. But the biggest part of my concern are health issues that could be caused by carrying around a tank full of my waste underneath where I eat and sleep. It's no secret that human waste can create a lot of bad bacteria and parasites and sometimes mold. I am concerned that if I start using my tanks, the black water tank especially, that harmful bacteria/mold could form that would find its way into the air of my trailer and that it might lead to health problems. Are these concerns unfounded? Are waste and water tanks on newer travel trailers designed well enough where it truly keeps all of the bacteria and bad stuff sealed off from the rest of the trailer? Maybe I'm spoiled from having real plumbing most of my life, but the idea of having a tank full of bacteria, parasites and potentially harmful mold sitting right underneath my living area sounds like a surefire way to get health problems. Thanks for any feedback or sharing your experiences with this. As I get older it becomes harder for me to walk or drive to facilities to use the bathroom and I'm considering finally starting to use the tanks in my trailer but the health concerns are a sticking point for sure.
OregonMan 08/27/22 10:58am Travel Trailers
Powering AC unit built into travel trailer with solar?

Hi guys I am looking to get solar set up for my travel trailer. It's a 2018 model and has a fairly efficient air conditioning unit built in to the ceiling/roof. I've watched YouTube videos showing how to use solar panels and a power inverter to power a window air conditioner, but what about when the air conditioner is built into the roof of your trailer? My trailer has a "solar ready" 10amp Furrion plug but I doubt that'll be enough to power the AC unit? Is there an adapter I could use to plug the power inverter directly into the 30amp power port on the outside of the trailer that I use to plugin at campgrounds? Thanks for any tips on powering this built-in AC unit using solar panels.
OregonMan 08/12/22 11:30pm Travel Trailers
Selling 2018 F150 to upgrade to 2022 F150 - worth it or not?

Hi guys so money is pretty tight for me right now. I've got a 2018 Ford F150 with about 60,000 miles that I'm financing with about 7 grand left to pay off. I'm tossing around the idea of selling the truck privately and have seen similar used 2018 F150s selling online for 25 to 30k, realistically in a private sale I expect could maybe get 20 to 22k. Then I would pay off the 7k remaining on the 2018 F150 and use the remaining cash from the private sale to put a 4 or 5k down payment on a 2022 F150, hopefully NET'ing 10k+ from the sale after all is said and done, although of course I would then have a whole new truck to pay off. My question is: have any of you done something like this and is it worth the trouble? I've seen a lot of headlines that the used car market bubble has "popped" whatever that means. Are people having trouble selling their used trucks right now? I know that selling a vehicle privately can be a challenge and times are kinda crazy right now so I'm definitely not sure about doing this, but really need the cash. Appreciate any feedback/thoughts/experiences on this.
OregonMan 07/26/22 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best security cameras for travel trailer?

Thanks for the tips and feedback guys. I just moved out of my apartment in Portland Oregon because it was a bottom floor apartment with a door that connected to the street - had over 10 different weirdo drug addicts/criminals knock on that door, mostly in the middle of the night. After I installed Blink security cameras at that door, just seeing the camera and that they were being recorded scared off about 90% of the weirdos. Unfortunately we still have an office in Portland Oregon that I need to go to sometimes, but if you're familiar with the area you know it's basically a giant homeless encampment now with drugs and crime everywhere. The RV parks that are near the office are also near some of these sketchy homeless campgrounds, and after my experiences with the security cameras at the apartment, I feel that cameras on the trailer might be a good idea. Knock on wood I haven't had any really bad experiences yet, the only thing that's ever happened was my spare tire cover was stolen from the back of the trailer when I was boondocking in Florida. Also when I was boondocking in Florida I noticed hand prints all over the small door on the outside that leads into the storage area under the bed and suspected someone tried to get inside the trailer. It would have been real nice to have recordings of both of these events. The crux of the issue as you guys pointed out is an internet connection especially a stable one that can be used to give a consistent signal to the cameras. The Starlink internet is great... when there are no trees. My T-Mobile phone service and hotspot works most of the time but not always. Will have to figure this one out.
OregonMan 07/26/22 07:12pm Travel Trailers
Best security cameras for travel trailer?

Hi guys wondering if anyone can recommend good security cameras for a travel trailer? Many security cameras seem to require wireless internet which sometimes is not available when camping (even though I do have Starlink now, it really doesn't like trees). Is there a security camera that connects to a satellite with a security service of some kind? Basically something that could reliably operate wherever I'm located? Or are "offline" cameras the only real option right now for travel trailers? Thanks for any tips.
OregonMan 07/25/22 08:12pm Travel Trailers
Painting travel trailer white to reduce heat in summer?

Hi guys I've heard over the years that painting a building white can significantly reduce the heat absorption and energy bill of the building. Do you think this applies to travel trailers also? I was hoping to spend some time in Arizona this summer but it sure gets hot there in the summer. It seems like painting the trailer white would help reflect some of that Arizona sun, but maybe someone has experience with this and painting the trailer white doesn't make a big enough difference to make it worth it to go through the hassle? Thanks for any info.
OregonMan 06/08/22 12:59pm Travel Trailers
Metal storage structure for 20 foot long travel trailer?

Wondering if anyone knows a good place/resource to get a metal storage structure to park a 20 foot long 12 foot tall travel trailer in. This metal structure would be used to securely store the trailer as well as protect it from wind/weather. Are there reasonably priced pre-made metal structures like this or would I be better off building something myself? Thanks for any tips.
OregonMan 04/28/22 11:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electrical wiring question for Wolf Pup 2018 16BHS

Thank you for the advice - I did buy a replacement portable C02 detector. Definitely agree they are important, but I wanted a model that wouldn't rely on the battery because sometimes I boondock without power and frankly the battery my trailer came with is pretty lame (doesn't seem to hold much power). The replacement C02 detector runs off of batteries so it will work without being wired to the trailer. I'll go in there and tape and cap the the wires off just to be safe.
OregonMan 04/20/22 11:33am Travel Trailers
Electrical wiring question for Wolf Pup 2018 16BHS

My 2018 Wolf Pup 16BHS needs some repairs, including to some wiring. The trailer came with a C02 detector that was connected with wiring underneath the fridge. This thing would beep at me relentlessly whenever the trailer battery got low and it didn't have an off switch. During a trip I got frustrated and ripped it out of the wall, leaving a couple exposed wires. This is a safety concern and I'm hoping someone knows the best method of dealing with these ripped wires - is taping them together with electrical tape and capping them off enough, or do I need to go in there and remove the wires entirely? I essentially have 0 electrical wiring experience. Thanks for any tips here.
OregonMan 04/20/22 04:59am Travel Trailers
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