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RE: Anyone who's up right now go outside and check out the moon!

Last night was also the closest approach of Mars. It only happens every two years or so and is close enough to be seen fairly well only a couple of weeks either side of this date. The air was not that steady but I could see detail on the planet itself as well as one of the polar caps. I saw this on Saturday night as it was fairly obvious that I wasn't going to see the eclipse last night because of the weather.
Orion 04/15/14 05:50pm Around the Campfire
New Moon!

It's not often that we can watch 'Creation' actually happen but NASA is doing that right now. The Cassini spacecraft, in orbit around Saturn, has detected what appears to be a new moon forming on the outer edge of the ring system. This object is coalescing from the much smaller ring particles, similar to how it is believed all the other planets originated, but not of course from Saturn's rings. They believe that as the object becomes more dense it will separate from the rings and become another of Saturn's many moons. To be fair to both camps, this is probably part of the normal Evolution of a planetary ring system! Link to Nasa site.
Orion 04/15/14 12:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Big aurora tonight and Saturday?

What time were you looking? Often they will peak around local midnight, which in your case is 2:50am, though often they can be seen as soon as it gets dark enough.
Orion 04/13/14 12:53am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Big aurora tonight and Saturday?

See anything Sue? I was just outside, lovely night, Mars & Jupiter nice, bright and non twinkling, with the almost full Moon almost half way between them, but alas no aurora! I do remember eleven years ago, or was it twenty two? seeing an overhead coronal aurora like the one on the GI site, and this was from right here in Brentwood Bay! Ah the 'good ol' days'!
Orion 04/11/14 11:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: We're Going To Canada!

This meteor shower could be very exciting! It is a new one, so it is very unpredictable. The current estimates range from zero to 1000 meteors an hour, with the most likely around 200 per hour, which is two to three times the rate of the more familiar 'Perseid' shower in August.
Orion 04/11/14 10:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Actions that melt my brain

I really do not see anything really wrong with a whole mess of tattoos as it readily identifies the lowlife! Like you, I find servicemen who have a few on their forearms, etc, OK. In fact, my Dad, an old British soldier had a few. He was in China in 1936 when Japan was invading. As far as I can tell he had just left Shanghai when the movie 'Empire of the Sun' took place. He had one of a Bulldog standing over the British Flag with the caption "Hands Off". He also had one of a severed Japanese head, with a dagger through it, blood dripping! That was no problem until he moved to Canada and his GP was Doctor Kawasaki! Just saw the posting below re balancing a chequebook. Checking the chequebook register to the banking program on the computer then to the online banking. Sounds like a lot of work!
Orion 04/05/14 12:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: First Big RV Trip

From Sandpoint it is only 200 miles or so to Lake Louise in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It's a lovely drive, but then a further 200 miles will take you on one of the world's most spectacular drives to Jasper, or a little less to the Columbia Icefield where you can walk on a glacier. You'll be so close- go for it!
Orion 04/03/14 02:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: Wednesday's solar storm and the aurora -- a question

I think it worthwhile to point out that although this upcoming event will not produce any devastating effects on the Earth, I believe that a future event could. In 1859, the Earth was hit by a very large CME now referred to as the 'Carrington Event'. This is part of what Wiki has to say about it. On September 1–2, 1859, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred. Aurorae were seen around the world, those in the northern hemisphere even as far south as the Caribbean; those over the Rocky Mountains were so bright that their glow awoke gold miners, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning. People who happened to be awake in the northeastern US could read a newspaper by the aurora's light. The aurora was visible as far from the poles as Cuba and Hawaii. Telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed, in some cases giving telegraph operators electric shocks. Telegraph pylons threw sparks. Some telegraph systems continued to send and receive messages despite having been disconnected from their power supplies. This was in 1859, can you imagine what would happen if this happened now? It has been predicted that MILLIONS of transformers would blow all over the Earth. Communications would be down, it would take years to recover, if we could. You could say that these events only happen every thousand years or so, but unfortunately, they happen all the time. Luckily though, they normally miss the Earth, it depends where the flare is on the Sun when it occurs. New research has revealed that in 2012, there was a massive CME from the Sun. This hit squarely the Earth's orbit where the Earth had been just a week ago! A week sounds like a lot, but draw a 1/4" circle at the centre of a piece of paper, The Sun, draw a much bigger circle around the Sun, the Earth's orbit. Now divide up this circle into 52 equal segments, each representing how far the Earth orbits in a week. Draw a tiny dot at one of the points, this is where the Earth was on that day in 2012. Now draw a flame coming from the Sun hitting the next point on the circle. That's how close it was. This is probably the biggest natural disaster that the Earth could face, other than an asteroid strike, which is much rarer.
Orion 04/01/14 02:15pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Wednesday's solar storm and the aurora -- a question

This is what Spaceweather.com said about the event. IMPULSIVE SOLAR FLARE SCRAMBLES RADIO SIGNALS: On Saturday, March 29th, the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2017 erupted, producing a brief but intense X1-class solar flare. A flash of extreme UV radiation sent waves of ionization rippling through Earth's upper atmosphere and disturbed the normal propagation of terrestrial radio transmissions. Radio engineer Stan Nelson of Roswell, NM, was monitoring WWV at 20 MHz when the signal wobbled then disappeared entirely for several minutes: CHANCE OF STORMS: The first of three or more CMEs en route to Earth are expected to arrive late in the day on April 1st. None of the incoming clouds is squarely Earth-directed. The series of glanciing blows, however, will rattle Earth's magnetic field and possibly spark auroras. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on April 2nd.. Aurora alerts: text, voice The first paragraph covers the actual flare itself which was a powerful 'X Flare'. The effect of this was immediate, or 8 minutes later, with some short wave radio signals being affected. Presumably this flare and others at around the same time, ejected 'CMEs', Coronal Mass Ejections, or massive clumps of Solar material which, when making contact with the Earth's magnetic field, will form the Northern Lights. From what I can see, they are not expecting a massive display, but I was wrong once before, I think!
Orion 03/31/14 10:54pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: turning a CO2 tank upside down

Isn't it still really cold though, and still do the job?
Orion 03/31/14 10:20am Around the Campfire
RE: We're Going To Canada!

As you are bringing your rig to the Island, it might be worthwhile looking into the Anacortes-Sidney BC ferry as they often have deals on RV rates. This is a lovely run as it wanders between many of the San Juan Islands. Sidney is a small town but is part of Greater Victoria.
Orion 03/30/14 05:15pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: We're Going To Canada!

No snow here on Southern Vancouver Island! In fact we've only had snow up on the nearby hills just a few times this past winter.
Orion 03/28/14 08:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canadian Liquor Prices

I think Chris, that if you cross from the US into Canada, WITHOUT any booze, you would immediately come under suspicion! :W
Orion 03/26/14 08:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Terrible mudslide

This has been the number one story on our news as this area is so close to us. I'm watching the live news conference now, on a Canadian station, and they have announced there are 108 reports of missing people, very sad.
Orion 03/24/14 10:18am Roads and Routes
RE: Canadian Liquor Prices

Here is a link to the Vodka available at the BC Govt. liquor stores. There are also many private liquor stores, in which the prices can be quite a bit higher, especially for 'run of the mill' items.
Orion 03/22/14 10:54pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Worst race name ever?

No, the one I saw was a horse! I suppose his hooves were his heart? Yours must have been a car, with a hoof painted on it or 'Hoof Arted'?
Orion 03/22/14 07:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Worst race name ever?

Not NASCAR, but a few years ago there was a race horse with the splendid name of 'Hoof Hearted'!
Orion 03/22/14 04:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Input welcome: Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Montreal

I went to Quebec the first time about ten years ago, and having lived in Western Canada for so long I was curious to see how I would be treated. I was pleasantly surprised, but then I thought it was because I was with my son in law and his family who are from there. Next time I was out on my own, and I tried out my very poor French, Parisian French, but with a Welsh accent. No problem at all! They would either really try to understand what I was trying to say in French, or switch to English, which some understood as it was near Quebec City. On my next venture out, I pretended to have NO French. I first asked if they spoke English, if they did, they would help me in their sometimes very poor English. If not, then we would rely on pointing at things and a bit of 'Charades'. Every one was very helpful. I was always very pleasant though, and never once showed any frustration at their not being able to speak English. Can you imagine the reaction say to tourists from say Germany travelling across Kansas and getting frustrated with the locals for not being able to speak German!
Orion 03/20/14 11:14am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Presssure washers

I have to ask, but why would you buy one that powerful? At that pressure its main use is to dismantle things, quickly! It was on sale and I don't know any better. :) I REALLY like this answer!:B
Orion 03/19/14 03:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: northern lights in canada

You mean more detailed information than all the links you were given the last time you asked this question. Do you need links to various scientific abstracts and papers that have been done on Aurorae?
Orion 03/19/14 03:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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