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RE: Penalties for Under Declaring

Thinking of crossing the border with excess booze, we were on a 'Boys Boat Trip' last year and were crossing back into Canada with a 'ship load' of booze. We were questioned at the port of entry, just like at a land crossing. We were asked what alcohol we had on board. The 'Captain' began to recite; "Half a bottle of whisky, two thirds of a bottle of rum, seventeen beer, a bottle of gin, two bottles......." The Customs officer interrupted and said something like "So the alcohol supply usual to the boat" I think they have the same attitude to the alcohol supply in an RV.
Orion 05/28/16 08:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

I quite like fish and chips myself, in fact, I had them for lunch!
Orion 05/27/16 04:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Finding where elec is going & elec bill

For the past few years our usage by the hour is shown online. By looking at the usage, I can work out what appliance came on at what time. In the middle of the night, with no heat on, the usage runs at about .25KWh, Fridge, TV on standby, etc. sometimes though, it will spike which I assume is the water heater clicking on. Early in the morning, it will spike again, which I assume is the water heater coming on after our showers. Maybe your utility company has something similar?
Orion 05/26/16 09:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Staining cedar.

I think it must be the Northern White by the colour of it. The only reason to stain it is to try and preserve the colour. We live in a subdivision, in a coastal village, but not quite close enough to the ocean to let it turn 'Beach Grey'!
Orion 05/26/16 02:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Staining cedar.

"You keep referring to the deck wall frames and siding. I don't get it. Can you post a picture?" Sorry, no picture. When I talk about the 'deck', I am referring to the space itself, the area above the garage at the front of the house; not the floor that you walk on which is covered with an exterior vinyl. The deck comes off the front of the house and is 'framed' on three sides with PT 4x4" vertical posts and 2x4"PT horizontals, and topped with 2x6" PT Top Rails, that you can lean on and rest your drink. To these horizontal 2x4" are attached vertical Cedar 1x6" boards, that I would have called a 'fence', but the contractor called 'siding'. Right now, it looks too pretty to cover over with a solid stain.
Orion 05/26/16 09:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Staining cedar.

I think what we are going to do is to try that Sikkens stuff, or at least do some more research on it. I did read that the Thompsons sealer doesn't last very long, and the Behrs lasting longer, but still a few problems. That's puzzling though as the Behr's solid stain we used is still going strong after many years. We'll probably use the Sikkens on the cedar siding in about 5-6 weeks and then the posts and cross bars at the end of the summer. Thanks for all your input.
Orion 05/26/16 12:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Staining cedar.

My contractor did mention a transparent stain used on houses that he has built made by Sikkens. Of course it is really expensive, but seems to be the only one without hit & miss reviews. The problem is that the deck wall frames are PT wood and only the siding is cedar, otherwise it would be easier to put a transparent stain on the whole thing. The deck is over the garage, so it does have to be waterproof, otherwise I might have put cedar on that too!
Orion 05/25/16 04:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Staining cedar.

Thanks for the help with this. The contractor thinks that I should let the PT wood dry out until at least September before doing anything with it. How long does the Thompsons Water Seal last?
Orion 05/25/16 10:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Staining cedar.

We've had pretty good results with Behr solid stain that we last did the house with. It's been 10 years and it still looks good. Maybe as a result of a different climate? How long does the Thompson water seal last? I'm thinking now that with the deck framed with pressure treated wood, that doesn't have a nice grain, we may not be able to treat the wood two different ways.
Orion 05/25/16 09:15am Around the Campfire
Staining cedar.

We just had our deck rebuilt. The walls are pressure treated 4x4" posts and 2x4" cross members, with cedar siding laid vertically between the posts. We were going cover it all with solid stain, but this cedar looks so nice, we were wondering if we should use a transparent stain, so the look of the cedar could be retained. We would stain the posts with a solid stain. A problem though; I have read that transparent stains don't last as long as the solids and have to be done every couple of years. Any one have experience of this?
Orion 05/24/16 09:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit card/cash questions for travel in Canada

Interestingly enough, just a few days ago, I saw a sign in one of local stores that I had never seen before. It said NO US cash accepted. I asked if this meant just the bigger bills, 50s & 100s as you do often see signs for that, but no, this was for all US bills, as they said they had had so many forgeries, even the smaller bills. The Canadian bills, being so coloured and plastic are probably too difficult to forge, so maybe all the bad guys, including the Can. ones are turning to US bills?
Orion 05/21/16 02:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Medical insurance through Canada

If you do decide to visit without insurance and have an emergency, if you can, go to a clinic rather than the ER. An American family member needed some attention and was told that the fee at the ER was $800 (Can) plus whatever the doctor's fee was, plus of course any drugs, bandages and kleenex! Instead she went to a clinic and the TOTAL fee was $75! Of course, if your right hand is hanging by a sinew, then maybe the ER might be better.
Orion 05/16/16 05:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Trip Report-North to Alaska

We find prices in Northern BC and Alberta expensive too, compared to what we pay here in Victoria. We find though that when we cross into Washington State, we find most of the prices to be comparable, with a few exceptions like fuel, booze, dairy.
Orion 05/16/16 09:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Exchanging currency

Is it cash or a cheque? If a cheque and you are not exchanging it a bank where you could cover it if it were returned, they would probably put a several day hold on the funds. If cash, they would be taking a 'Source of funds' statement from you. I have never heard of that company.
Orion 05/05/16 09:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Customs Stories

Not a specific incident, but a few years ago, when going through customs at the airport, the standard question was "Has anyone put anything into your case without your knowledge?". It was a ridiculous question! I was always tempted to say that if it was without my knowledge, how would I know, but resisted and just said "No" . Now I think they have added "Is it possible that........"
Orion 04/21/16 09:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Ahh, the exhileration!

Even though we live in the Great White North we always drive our old Mustang, year around, with the roof down.
Orion 04/15/16 04:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: The moon tonight

Great shot! What did you use? Nice view of the Alpine Valley on the full shot!
Orion 04/14/16 09:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Day out and gathering places for men

Trip downtown, me, junk shops and pawn shops. her , everything else. Meet at fountain,if me early, sit on bench watch scenery walking by,her early, play keno. walk back to car together. Mall, me bookstore, her everything else. Meet at food court. if I am early, coffee and ogling, if she early, keno. Wally World, me Tools & Auto. Her everything else.Meet in car. Costco, me food samples. her shopping. Meet at front. No problemo!
Orion 04/13/16 04:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: My Way to Alaska

Our neighbour in Chilliwack, Gordy, had worked as a paramedic in the Yukon and had lots of stories. They were driving their ambulance through a small valley on a nice clear day. They saw what they took to be an Airstream trailer approaching them way farther down the valley, but on the same road. They then realised that the trailer was actually on the other side of the valley, but there was no road on the other side. By this time they could see that it was not an Airstream as whatever it was, went silently past them, just above the trees, on the other side of the Valley. The other story was of a friend of Gordy's who was a pilot. He told of a flight he made in which he claimed that it appeared that a mountaintop had disappeared (!) and in its place was a huge complex. He radioed it in and talked about it when his flight was over. A few days later he received a visit from the 'authorities' who warned that if he continued to talk about this, he would be considered delusional and would lose his flying license! Not sure I could accept these stories, but would be interested if others had heard similar stories.
Orion 03/31/16 11:43pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: My Way to Alaska

OK, Joe, the clear night eliminates the Moon rising behind the clouds and a bright aurora as it was non directional. How about the extreme dark adaption that I have experienced myself at a 'Star Party', 6000' up in the Okanagan Valley with no artificial lighting visible? (As you can see, I have an interest in all lights in the sky!)
Orion 03/31/16 04:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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