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RE: Are you getting enough Vitamin D ?

"Sorry. In the future I'll write *This Is A Joke* when I make one. I thought that the smiley face would do the trick, but I guess not. " I knew you were joking Jim! So was I! I thought that the comment about flatulence would do the trick, guess not! :) I'm at 37.38 degrees latitude, which I suppose makes me above 37 degrees. But I'm vitamin D deficient, too, even though I spend a fair amount of time in the warm months outdoors, and quite naked, in the sunshine. Doc has me on 2,000 IU supplements daily. You need to be outside in the winter too, that's the problem. Above 37 degrees the Sun doesn't get high enough in the winter to provide the necessary radiation, even if you are outside in the Sun. At 37.38, you are almost south enough, but if you don't go outside, because it's too cold, you may get to be deficient. After all, ignoring the climate,and nearby high mountains, every where on Earth gets the same amount of sunshine. It's just that us poor sods close to the pole, just don't get enough Sun for the winter months.
Orion 11/19/15 05:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Out of Country Travel Insurance - Travel to US

RBC one reduces to 7 days coverage after 65, IIRC.
Orion 11/16/15 01:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Are you getting enough Vitamin D ?

A bowl of ice cream contains 2% of your calcium RDA. That's 50 bowls of ice cream, Jim ! EVERY day. That's equivalent to FIFTEEN times your RDA of saturated fats! That's a lot of flatulence!
Orion 11/15/15 04:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Are you getting enough Vitamin D ?

If you live north of 37°, eg LA , then you will not get enough sun to make enough of your own Vitamin D in the winter months. The Sun has to be at least 50° high in the sky.
Orion 11/15/15 11:42am Around the Campfire
RE: What radio stations

We like 'Oldies' stations, but not if they spend a lot of time into the 50s. When we travel, we use the feature on our radio that tunes in the six strongest signals and flip between those. We're always amazed when we travel through the US as to how many Christian stations there are. We must be heathens up here as I don't think we have any around here! :) When travelling away from the West Coast, I find it interesting how much Country music there is, but we do try to find the older country music. I will often flip to the AM dial to listen to the various accents you hear on the various 'market place' programmes. We were amazed to find an all Polka station somewhere in 'The Middle'on one occasion! We also will listen to Rush, if we find him as we find him quite hysterical. However, we don't listen to any other of those type shows as we don't find any others as funny.
Orion 11/08/15 11:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Shame on you, Ben Franklin

In most of Alaska there is just no choice, there is just so little daylight anyway. However, even in Edmonton, on Standard time, the Sun will come up before 9am on the darkest morning, Dec 30th, with civil twilight beginning at just after 8am. Most of the kids who walk to school would be able to do it in at least the partial light. You make them have DST, then they will be going to school in the dark.
Orion 11/02/15 08:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Shame on you, Ben Franklin

I'm against DST. Leave it the way it is. Twice a year my body has to 'adjust' even though I'm now retired. Leave it as what though Les? Leave it as Standard Time and you'll 'lose' that extra hour of daylight you've been getting in the summer evenings, to the very early morning, at 4am. Maybe you're always up then, most people are not. Leave it as DST all year round and the result is actually dangerous as the kids will be going to school in the dark during mid-winter. I think a SLIGHT disruption twice a year, which lasts a few days anyway is a better alternative. After all, I have NEVER heard any one say, "I'm not driving there, it's in a different time zone, and I will have to adjust my body!" :)
Orion 11/02/15 06:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Shame on you, Ben Franklin

Yes Effy, it's Standard time you don't like, not DST! :) I'm like you though, I don't like losing that hour of daylight in the evening. I don't think we really have a choice though, as if we kept DST all year round, we would have a problem with dark mornings in the middle of winter. This would result in many kids going to school in the dark, as in many places, the Sun would not rise until 9am! There is a case though I think, to make this period of 'darkness' shorter. Where I live, just below the 49th Parallel, I believe we could delay the cancellation of DST until about November 21st when the Sun would rise at 830am. This would make it fairly light here at 8am. The next day after the change, the Sun would rise at 730am, and keep rising later each day until Jan 2nd, when we have our lates sunrise at 805am . Again, to be equal this out , we could do the change back to DST about a month earlier than the planned March 13.
Orion 11/02/15 12:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Shame on you, Ben Franklin

I always find it amusing at this time of year, when so many people say that they hate Daylight Saving Time because of how soon it gets dark now in the evening! Why is it amusing? If you work til 5:00 and would normally have an hour or so of daylight left and now you don't, I don't find it amusing at all. You do not get that extra one hour of daylight in the evening now, because after the time change, we do NOT have DST, not because we do!
Orion 11/02/15 11:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Shame on you, Ben Franklin

I always find it amusing at this time of year, when so many people say that they hate Daylight Saving Time because of how soon it gets dark now in the evening!
Orion 11/02/15 10:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Can one ever tire of vineyards and just drivin around?

Great shots Gary. Our son is off to the Okanagan this weekend and hopes to call in at the observatory. When I've been in the OK with family and friends from the UK, I normally drive into the KOA (I didn't plan this!) at Gallagher Lake as I know where some Prickly Pear Cactus grows.
Orion 10/27/15 10:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Who shops at the Dollar Tree ?

We have the 'Great Canadian Dollar Store' but we don't like those too much as they have a lot of stuff that is a LOT more then a dollar, or $1.25 as they are now. We also go into a chain, where everything is $1.25? but again, we find the range of goods to be limited. Our favourite is 'Dollarama' where they do have a larger range of goods up to $3. Frequent buys here are work gloves, bleach, vinegar, string , rope, pens, paper, chocolate bars, usb and misc. cables, connectors etc. reading glasses, birthday cards, floss, etc. The odd time, we think that we'd never get one of these again, but not often.
Orion 10/25/15 03:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: We are moving

I think you'll really like it there Gary. We spent a year in Kelowna and were amazed how little sun we had in the winter. Our best friends lived in Osoyoos, and we noticed how often it got sunny around Summerland when we drove down to visit them. We had a few 8" snowfalls in Kelowna, but never saw more than a dusting in Osoyoos!
Orion 10/22/15 11:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ban Albertans from BC campgrounds?

Shoot, I had to open the thread to find out what an "Albertan" is. We were in a small town in Montanna a little while ago, just south of the Alberta border, in a bar. I was talking to some of the locals and I casually mentioned to them that from the map, it looked as though Calgary would be their closest big city. "Where" they all said, "Cal- gary?" What's that? I replied that it was the biggest city in Alberta. "Al-ber-ta" they said, "never heard of that either"! Here we were, twenty miles from Alberta, and none of them had ever heard of it! Ironically, the Calgary Flames were playing hockey on one of the many TVs in the bar.
Orion 10/15/15 11:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Colours and miles

Nice pix. Gary. That road between Spences Bridge and Merrit is one I've never taken. I like the road beyond Merrit, the one that goes to Kamloops. Lovely drive that is, can't understand why so many take the freeway!
Orion 10/15/15 10:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: French fries... Yes , I said french fries.

There is no real law that says you cannot put both Ketchup AND vinegar on your chips! One method that I don't think has been mentioned is putting mayo on your chips. IIRC this is how 'Pomme Frites' are eaten in their place of origin, Belgium.
Orion 10/12/15 10:20am Around the Campfire
RE: French fries... Yes , I said french fries.

I had never seen white vinegar until I moved from Wales to Canada. I only put malt vinegar on my chips. Yes 'chips', I still prefer the Anglo Saxon term to the Gaulic version. It is easier to get vinegar now in the US, though it is often just the clear stuff. As for the chips in the US being not as good as here, well maybe, I think we tend to do the fresh cut ones more often than they do. AS for 'Poutine' that used to be an exclusively Quebec dish, but is now found in many places. 'Fries and gravy' would be a more typical Canadian version. BTW a little off topic, but I go on to 'Tripadvisor' regularly. I have quite often read in restaurant reviews done by British travellers in which they refer to the 'Fish and Chips' they get in Canada and the US as 'Fish Fingers and Chips', their word for 'Fish sticks', as the pieces of fish you get here are so small in comparison to the UK!
Orion 10/11/15 12:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Winter is a comin

Yes it is nice this morning. However, we have the kids coming over for Thanksgiving later on so we may have to put the heater on for the first time! They feel the cold a lot more than we do.
Orion 10/11/15 09:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Member "Mandrake"... ?

I remember Fenwick really well. He had a few different names when he was here. I seem to remember he had a thing about Canada and Canadians. That's why we got on so well. I can't quite remember if he hated Canadians or wanted to be one! :)
Orion 10/08/15 10:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Who knew??

It is interesting to see on Trip Advisor, how many people write that they want to fly from Europe to the west coast of North America, but plan to stop somewhere in the east to break up the journey. This appears to make sense if you look at a flat Mercator map. In fact, a flight from London to Vancouver takes nine hours, while a flight London to Toronto takes eight hours! Look at a globe to see how far out the way Toronto is on a direct flight to Vancouver.
Orion 10/05/15 10:25am Around the Campfire
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