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RE: Denali Hwy vs Fairbanks?

"I'll be in a 4wd truck camper that isn't overloaded so shouldn't have an issue. My plan is to average about 100 miles per day with more days allowed for stopping and taking in the sights." FWIW, the Denali Highway is listed as 135 miles....the last time that I drove it for recreation (not getting from A-B fast, not hunting, etc), I spent two nights on the highway, departing from Paxson late morning, and getting to Cantwell late afternoon. It's worth the time....and if the road is exceptionally rough (which I've seen several times), 25 mph (with a load/trailer) is a good, aspirational target.
PA12DRVR 05/15/19 03:12pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Denali Hwy vs Fairbanks?

Thoughts (from nearly 60 years !!!) in Alaska: - I took a couple of trips as a kid on the Denali Highway when it was "the highway" to get to McKinley. It was beautiful then and beautiful now. - The Denali is arguably the most scenic drive in Alaska, although TOW and the Richardson into Valdez are also competitors. - I've got some great friends in Fairbanks and go there often to see them and every now and then as a jumping off spot for hunting/fishing. Other than that, I don't find Fairbanks appealing, although there's plenty to do there. - If your rig can handle an (often-rough) gravel road, take the Denali..but there's limited services and it's not a road to rush over. - If you can swing it, I think one should take the "old road" from Delta to Anchorage. Then one can visit Denali NP by taking the Parks Highway back up North.
PA12DRVR 05/15/19 11:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Thoughts: 6.5' bed v. 8' bed

Thanks for the input...much appreciated. Couple of takeaways.. - "if it doesn't have a 16' bed, it's not a truck": We won't talk about the F550 Dump that I also have nor the KW Tractor nor the '47 GMC dump. :) I guess the KW doesn't really have any bed....but I just sold it, so a moot point. :S - Truck will be a non-hauling driver a good part of the time, and it will have 4 doors. Since my comparator is that F550 Dump, I'm not worried about parking, but I do need to be able to turn around at the boat launch with a 30' trailer behind me....that might turn out to be the decision-maker on the bed size although with the modern wheel cut angle, I'm sure anything will turn sharper than the '09 that the new truck is replacing. - "Get the tow package": Early indicators are that I can get a beefy 350 / 3500 in either standard bed or long bed. If for some reason, I can't find a stout standard bed, that will be the decider: I won't get a "underpowered" truck...minimal benefit compared to the "when you need it, you need it" issue.
PA12DRVR 05/14/19 11:55am Tow Vehicles
Thoughts: 6.5' bed v. 8' bed

Looking to get a new pickup. Won't be hauling any fifth wheels, but will haul a variety of bumper hitch trailers, some possibly pretty heavy. Main question is what everyone's thoughts are on the 6.5' bed vs. 8' bed? This truck will likely be a 3-day a week driver and a 5-6 times a month hauler of trailers, gear, stuff, etc. Only real issue left to decide (other than finding a color combo the DW likes) is whether to go standard or long on the bed. Pro's con's of either? preferences?
PA12DRVR 05/13/19 02:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2019

"Basically the road and bridges are fine, there isn't any earthquake damage - I'm glad that subject has died out." <<<<< No kidding. As of yesterday evening, no earthquake damage on the Glenn / Richardson from / Return Los Anchorage to Valdez and back. Usual frost heaves, as cool as it was, surprisingly little snow in Thompson pass, tourist-trap activities are just kicking off.
PA12DRVR 05/13/19 10:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Go West! (But where?)

The drive(s) from Anchorage to either Seward or Valdez are very scenic, if the weather is nice (meaning clear). Having just done both drives in the past 10 days or so, if the weather is crappy, the drive to Seward is still nice; the drive to Valdez, not so much. That being said, if there are equally bad clouds and fog at the actual towns, I think Valdez is still fairly scenic, while one loses the view of the bay that a big part of what makes Seward scenic (IMNSHO).
PA12DRVR 05/13/19 10:27am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: House Fire

If the cost is legitimately around $5,000, it's simply not worth it to pursue the contractor, particularly if "...employed lied" means the employee is fabricating the reason for the fire starting. If the cost is more likely to be above $5k, would be worth going after the contractor's bond (if he is licensed/bonded) and / or his insurance coverage (again, if he is licensed / bonded). Bonding /Insurance info is easy to find at the State's Department of Licensing/Commerce/Occupations (etc, whatever AZ or the local jx uses)....and oftentimes that department will write a generic inquiry/step-up letter upon request. ....but if the bonding/ins company fights it, you'll need to litigate, which either means a lot of your time and energy or paying a lawyer.
PA12DRVR 05/10/19 10:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2019

Point of reference regarding Denali (entirely FWIW, and it may not be worth much)....have a friend coming up in early September wants to do Denali: - Got the last rooms available for Sept. 7/8 at the Denali Princess Hotel when she called on April 20; - No "commercial" bus tours were available for Sept. 7/8 (possibly as much due to reducing the fleet as due to high demand), but still room hopefully on the NPS schoolbus tours Granted the above isn't RV-use related, but would suggest reservations for Denali nonetheless.
PA12DRVR 05/10/19 10:21am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Go West! (But where?)

I've always thought that the drive to/from Valdez / Glennallen is one of the more scenic on the Alaska road system, particularly if the weather is good. I don't know that the jaunt from Haines Junction would be a whole lot different than what you've seen / will see already. The drive to Homer is long and, while it can be nice, it's usually only the last 60 miles (with the views across the inlet) that strike me as being scenic. Homer is a neat little town but (IMNSHO) a bit overhyped and can get a bit of a "tourist-trap" feel on the spit.
PA12DRVR 05/06/19 11:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: OK... I am starting to get tired of the snow...

Here in Los Anchorage, we had an awesome early "spring", temps in the high 40's, clear, sunny, etc. Had about 1/2 of our lawn thatched, got the plant buckets out, and most importantly, switched to summer tires and took the plow off the truck. ...that last one meant, of course, that we promptly got 8", then 5", then 16" of snow the next 3 nights. Had to chain up to get the plowless plow truck out of the driveway to the storage area to get the plow, then plow and make a mess of the gravel drive (which was now of course, somewhat soft). Oh well. Beats other places that have 90 degrees and 98% humidity this time of year.
PA12DRVR 05/03/19 10:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Where to stay - San Diego

"In an RV?" Sorry...not in an RV. Looking to rent a house/condo/apartment through a "Vacation Rental by Owner" "AirBnB" or something similar.
PA12DRVR 04/21/19 08:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Restaurant tipping question

If you are in a restaurant where you walk up to the window to place your order, and there is a tipping jar there, and then you pick up your order at another window and there is no wait person involved do you leave a tip? I don't and probably never will, but I was wondering how many do and how many don't? Guy In this situation, I'll often leave the change and maybe a buck or two depending on the size / cost of the order. Doesn't hurt me and might help the staff. To each their own, but if one doesn't want to be generous enough to leave a tip, why eat out?
PA12DRVR 04/21/19 11:14am Around the Campfire
Where to stay - San Diego

I will be meeting the GK's in San Diego for a week this summer....any suggestions about a good part of town to look for a BnB / VRBO type of accommodation? We'll have wheels and are not set on any certain area, but if it was somewhere close to a good family beach, that would be great. Thanks in advance
PA12DRVR 04/21/19 11:06am Roads and Routes
RE: Torn Jeans "fashion trend"

Won't comment on why people wear torn jeans as a fashion statement..sort of to each their own, but (thinking back decades ago when they did the first cycle of being trendy), I was sure glad that my torn Levi's and Carhartt's jeans (and back then the carhartts were only available in Brewsters and Army/Navy in Los Anchorage) had made me $100 instead of costing me $100. :)
PA12DRVR 04/20/19 07:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Legal to tow this combination in Alaska

I haven't looked to see what the rules are...so can't comment on that. However, with the current staffing levels of AST, ADF&G, and the various fed agencies, I would estimate (that's more than a guess but less than certainty) that triple-towing (particularly a canoe) on the Denali Highway during grouse season will attract more attention (if any at all) from game law and land use enforcement than any traffic patrols.
PA12DRVR 04/11/19 10:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Legal to tow this combination in Alaska

"Statehood and the oil boom ruined the Territory." I wasn't old enough to understand what it meant when the Territory became a State....but I don't think I'd disagree (not very vehemently, anyway). That being said, having spent an unfortunate amount of time outside of Alaska for work, the scenery is still spectacular, the wildlife is still pretty neat, and (dancing away from "which is best"...), Alaska as a state is still quite unique in many ways.
PA12DRVR 04/08/19 04:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Legal to tow this combination in Alaska

"Thanks. You're the second person I've heard refer to Los Anchorage. I haven't been to Alaska in 14 years - has it changed that much? Sorry if it has. ...... One place is Tangle Lakes, the other my friend has sworn me to secrecy. ......." - Hindsight is always rose-colored: The Anchorage of the 60's (where I grew up) turned to Los Anchorage in the 70's (pipeline boom) and again later in the 90's (another indirect petroleum boom).....and never went back, all in my NSHO of course. - Tangle lakes is a spectacular area. Depending on the time of year one actually goes, getting to Tangle Lakes exposes one to the zoo that is the Denali Highway during caribou season...and heaven help the poor bird hunter who stumbles on a caribou: the sound of bullets whizzing by is unmistakable. I jest but a little.....but that area is one of the most beautiful in the state in my view.
PA12DRVR 04/08/19 10:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Legal to tow this combination in Alaska

I'm sure that there will be other opinions, but FWIW, here's mine based on living in Alaska (although some would argue that Los Anchorage is at least an hour away from Alaska) most of my life: - Even if legal (and I've seen quite a few combos of 1 puller, two toweds), it is awkward and cumbersome. - Many of the handy spots for getting into sloughs and creeks from the roadside will not be big enough to accommodate a "triple tow" and you'll have to disconnect and rearrange to get side x side to fit in the "pullout". - Alaska is pretty sizable, so everything varies, but I think you'll find that you want to use the canoe more for running up creeks and sloughs vs. "crossing": not to get bogged down in nomenclature, but both ptarmigan and grouse are quasi-upland game and, while one could certainly cross a creek or a river to get to the forest or hills on the other side, the more usual activity is to take the canoe/raft/plane and use it to go upriver to a place a bit farther away from the parking lot. If that is the intended use, then a triple tow is fine since you'll be mobilizing at the pullout for a few days trip anyway. - If the intent is to drive along and "let's cross this lake to try that stretch of hills" or "that plateau across the creek looks pretty good", a triple-tow will be cumbersome. If the intent is to run up the creek for a 3-day excursion, a triple-tow (while cumbersome on the road, at stops, and at the gas stations) won't be a big barrier to enjoying the trip. - Depending where you are going with your friends, there might be better access to ptarmigan and grouse via ATV/UTV than with a canoe. ....and depending on where and when, if you're working on or relatively near the road system in the fall / early fall: a) have your paperwork ready to prove that you're not big game hunting; and b) you'll likely be overrun with road hunters for moose or caribou.
PA12DRVR 04/07/19 07:54pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cajun Queen

“Cajun Queen”: more like a really attractive, sexy Cajun female. Moi! Sherry That was my understanding when I spent 6 years on the TX / La border back (way back) in the day.
PA12DRVR 04/03/19 06:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anchorage Campgrounds, bad as they say?

Not sure why one would intentionally camp IN Anchorage. You could save the 3000mi drive and go camp in your local ghetto for free. More seriously, though, there may be some nice RV parks, but the ones I drove past every day in the city were low income mobile housing parks. 15-60minutes up or down the Glen or Seward highways from A town is much more palatable , IMO. Nothing's changed recently: In a pinch, I think Golden Nugget would be somewhat tolerable, but if one is on an RV trip, no reason not to park the RV somewhere North or South. Either direction is a (relatively) scenic drive and not crowded outside of rush hour times. FWIW, I timed it a couple of times over the weekend: Far South Anchorage (Rabbit Creek) to Eagle River....20 minutes at the outside with most of that getting from Rabbit Creek to the Glenn. Far South Anchorage to Big Bear (or whatever the official name is) RV park on the way to Wasilla....45 minutes +/-. Dry and uncrowded roads and going no more than speed limit + 5. It's not a burden to stay somewhere outside of Los Anchorage.
PA12DRVR 03/25/19 01:42pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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