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RE: How many of you own an EV?

Don't own (or want) an EV, but did own a Prius for several years and was impressed with that vehicle. Got good mileage at a time (2004 +) when gas was high. Got a tax break for purchasing it. Surprisingly roomy and a great commuter car (had a circa 25 mile one-way commute at the relevant times). Not a sports car by any stretch, but felt a lot more nimble than the then-tow rig (F350 DRW). Wouldn't want a Prius now...don't want anything 2WD...and the value proposition simply isn't there for an EV.
PA12DRVR 09/30/22 10:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Time for new tires already?

Wish I could offer a solution, but I'm in the same situation. OEM tires on my new (now "newer") F250 may make it through the remaining month or so before switching to snow tires, but they'll need replacing before next spring. ....and I'm seeing the same thing on CL and the local version: low profile tires focused on looks, not capability.
PA12DRVR 09/26/22 09:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska - 2023

Last full trip (going North) I took was in 2018...how time flies....we left Ewe-stun TX circa April 10...arrived in Los Anchorage circa May 26 or so, late May in any case. We entered Canada from Montana and I seem to recall crossing the border circa May 17 -19 or so. Did not encounter snow on any of the main roads, had one snow flurry (turned into rain as soon as it hit something, no accumulation) around Whitehorse, no temps that were below freezing enough to notice (i.e. it may have toyed with 32 for a bit, never stayed that low). Lakes in Northern BC, YT, and Alaska north of Los Anchorage were still frozen / snow covered. ...all as best as I can recall..
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 01:30pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I thought the RV market might be getting soft. I was wrong.

I think you sold at the right time Mr Grit, perhaps even a little late to the dance. The bottom is going to fall out of the RV market in a huge way. How can it not with where inflation is going? Wait until folks look at the next 401K statement they get. This economic fiasco is just getting started. Folks have a chance in November to possibly change the course, I am not optimistic. It took almost two years after 08 for the numbers to reflect the RV Industry crash then. The RV Industry is very good at burying the bad numbers as long as possible, and have propaganda arms in the form of the RVIA and RVDA that do just that. Couldn't agree more...Given the direction of inflation, I simply can't see how depreciating assets (i.e. RV's) will continue the upward pricing trajectory. Been very wrong on predictions before (see the above mentioned point on 401(k)), but nevertheless, I believe we're on the crest of the pricing wave for RV's (..and houses, and, and, and...). ..of course, that being said I just received an offer for someone to buy the ol PA-12 for 150% of what it cost to rebuild it 12 years ago...
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Storing My Diesel Truck Over Winter Advice

Both of my DEF-burdened diesels (both Fords FWIW) routinely sit for days on end in Los Anchorage in the winter and fairly frequently take multi-day trips to Squarebanks and environs wherein overnight temps get to the -40 F or colder range.....whether its multiple days of circa 10 degrees (Los Anchorage) or a couple of days of -30-ish (Squarebanks), that's enough cold for the vehicle to lose any semblance of warmth. ...and I've never had a problem with DEF due to freezing / expansion. Also FWIW, my F550 plow truck regularly sits from end of May to early November: When I remember, I put a tender on it (I have a Schumacher model) but have never had an issue either way regarding battery charge. ...course, since it makes no sense to have an asset like that sitting for 1/3 of the year, I recently sold it....
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 09:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska - 2023

got my 2022 MilePost. Little daunting. Gonna dig in this weekend. But curious what fuel prices are in BC and Alaska this summer? gallon of diesel? Gallon of gas? Thanks Most recent diesel fill-up with my RDS discount card and at the station with the lowest prices in the general area (based on nothing more than anecdotal drive-by) was $4.64/gallon....Monday or Tuesday in Big Lake AK Most recent gas fill-up (last night) $4.44/gallon for regular. Premium (which I routinely get for the toys but not last night) was $5.19/gallon. Grocery chain gas in Los Anchorage. Big Lake is about 45-50 miles from Anchorage (depending how it's measured) and I find diesel to be cheaper there by $0.10 - $0.25/gallon than in Anchorage...but of course that's very much the exception. Generally, one can add 25-50% to the Anchorage prices for the more distant areas on the road system. ...we won't discuss avgas for the ol' PA-12.
PA12DRVR 09/15/22 09:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska - 2023

The horseflesh will suffer further indignities..."Salmon fishing in rivers is boring. You're just trying to snag a fish passing by, they aren't interested in eating." - Chances are this statement was made after fishing the Kenai, Kasilof, or Russian for red salmon. Red salmon ("sockeye") are plankton eaters and are truly not interested in eating once they hit freshwater. Fishing for reds in freshwater is a matter of dipnetting (Alaska residents only) or trying, as mentioned, to snag them in the mouth, otherwise known as flossing for reds. - Pinks ("Humpy") or Chum ("dog") salmon are more active in freshwater and will hit lures and baits, depending on their mood or the weather or .... - King salmon ("chinook") will hit lures or baits, although bait and some lures are currently banned by regulation. Takes some work to get a king nowadays, but they are fairly active in the freshwater if they make it past the commercial guys. - Silver salmon ("coho") are exceptionally aggressive in either salt or freshwater. I've been told (how they know I'm not sure) by ADF&G bio guys that silvers are either trying to eat or just get mad at the bait or lures that cross their path. Same source told me that king salmon either try to carry bait (i.e. eggs) upstream. Silvers are aggressive strikers, Kings you have to know when the line is bumped and set the hook hard...they both fight aggressively. Point is, if you're interested in fishing, it can certainly be worked in to your trip. Other than a bit of freshwater doldrums in early August, there is enjoyable salt and freshwater fishing from May - September...even opportunities for trout and pike if you want to venture on some of the lakes.
PA12DRVR 08/31/22 09:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska - 2023

For the OP, I'd second most of the destinations suggested by Wadcutter as good places to visit. It is beautiful country around Chicken, but (IMHO) that's the draw, not the town itself. Similarly in my view, Valdez and Juneau are scenic spots and great starting points for "adventures", but I believe the "adventures" can be duplicated in other parts of AK. If one catches the right combo of weather and seasons, the drive from Glennallen to Valdez can be spectacular in late summer / early fall. I've always enjoyed Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Muncho Lake, and Dawson Creek. It is striking to me how much all of those have changed since '74. One should be cautious about frost heaves, but..again opinion...the biggest concern is if one is trying to flog a big MH or 5th wheel along the Alaskan / Canadian roads like they were on a freeway in the L48. ...and you neither want to hit a moose in AK nor a buffalo in Canada. 'nuff said. And not to further pound the horseflesh, but: My dad worked on the road during it's construction for a few months as a catskinner, called it the "Alcan"; in '74, my first trip, it was referred to, in Alaska anyway, as the "Alcan"; upon entering Canada (if coming from Alaska) or entering Dawson Creek otherwise, the road was referred to as the "Alaska Highway" on road signs, billboards, sign forest, etc; and, sometime in the early '80's when there were enough roads that I had to look at a map, the Alcan / Alaska Highway had road numbers, either "BC #xxx" or something similar. The nomenclature doesn't really matter, but in my 7th decade now, I've become habitual about calling the road the "Alcan".
PA12DRVR 08/24/22 03:18pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska - 2023

"It's the Alcan to those of use who have been in Alaska for a long time. Bill" ^^^^ Bingo. That's how it was referred to in '74 and the name stuck with me anyway. The proposed trip is too many stops and not enough days. Suggest (as others have said) doing the Western U.S. on another trip and keeping the focus on Alaska / Y.T. / BC / Alberta this trip. The Alaska portion of the trip seems (granted, I live in Los Anchorage) to put too much time in Anchorage, unless the intent is to do stuff that involves going to i.e. Palmer, Glennallen or Seward, but those are already on your list. You might want to put some time in for the Kenai Peninsula (Slodotna, Kenai, etc) or Talkeetna instead of 10 days in Anchorage. Weather can obscure the mountaintops, particularly Denali, but (except for June of this year), one won't escape rain in Alaska, so that should not be a go / no-go factor. Alaska and Western Canada are great for driving and sightseeing...but I'd suggest that some thought be put into what else you might want to do (fishing, flightseeing, boat trip, glacier hikes, camping (away from pavement), hiking, etc) and slot in some days for those activities. Although it's hard to predict, some of the "tourist" activities tend to book up well in advance and that may end up being the critical path for your trip.
PA12DRVR 08/24/22 10:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hedging Gas Prices

I did the amateur version of hedging a few weeks ago: Filled up my 2 diesel vehicles, 2 gas vehicles, and bought circa 40 gallons of gas (for the toys) and 40 gallons of diesel) all before a multi-day vacation with kids / grandkids...all assuming that pricing would continue to go up. Of course, my close connection with Mr. Murphy impacted this so that prices promptly dropped a few cents, meaning that my hedging for the vacation probably cost me $50 - $75 or so rather than saving anything.
PA12DRVR 08/18/22 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tundra vs. Silverado question

The few times I've been in a pinch and towed with my Sequoia, I've been surprised at how well it towed..in general and on the odd occasion when the trailer was bigger than the Sequoia should have been towing. ...so, if ratings are equal, a Tundra might be a better choice than a Silverado 1500: but as noted, the OP probably needs to look at a 2500
PA12DRVR 08/12/22 01:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Store 5er in Alaska

Only stored an RV up here 1 year but would offer the following based on storing other vehicles in AK for several decades: - antifreeze / pink stuff in the RV system is probably the only requirement. - Covers are a mixed bag. They can move around and create scuffs, etc and most of them, while they don't let snow intrude, are not really waterproof and don't keep snowmelt out. - Batteries: issue is will the batteries freeze. If they have a good charge, they probably won't freeze down to -20 or so. Disconnecting a terminal helps. FWIW, I pull my remote cabin battery every year and bring it back to town. Not because I don't think that disconnecting a terminal won't keep the charge, but because it's less PITA to bring it back than to go out in the Spring and find out (after a 1/2 day trip) that for some reason, the battery was discharged, frozen, etc. - Storage: Snow weight (presumably) might be an issue but I'd rather see XX feet of dry snow than store the RV somewhere (ahem, Los Anchorage, probably Big Lake, possibly Kenai) that gets snow-rain-snow-wind-rain with regular episodes of ice cycles throughout the November - April timeframe. If "where to drop it" is not a determining factor, might recommend Fairbanks, but (just IMHO), I'd pull the batteries in that case.
PA12DRVR 08/12/22 01:25pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV registration in SD

I'd suggest checking the AZ rules....a quick review of ARS 28 seems to indicate that dual registration might be allowed, but that AZ registration is required..but do your own research.
PA12DRVR 08/11/22 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Selling 2018 F150 to upgrade to 2022 F150 - worth it or not?

"Could be loaded cc 4wd and never cleaned and totally trashed out. Could be a base model 1 wheeler peeler and cherry. And another $20 that the OP doesn’t come back and respond anymore." -- Where's the like button? -- See the $20 and raise you another $40 on that same topic.
PA12DRVR 08/01/22 09:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

Shelter Logic
PA12DRVR 07/29/22 10:04am General RVing Issues
RE: EVs Stealing RV Campsites!! Not....

Back in the day, I went to a couple of places (avoiding issues with nomenclature) that had designated "RV" spots and designated "Tent" spots. These were private establishments and they would not rent to a tent camper if they didn't have tent spots and wouldn't rent to an RV if they didn't have RV spots. These places were a pain when I had my 20' TT that would fit in most of the tent spots, but I came to appreciate the rules when I had my 39' FW that would only fit in the RV spots. As long as the camper follows the rules imposed by the site owner, nothing to complain about even if it doesn't always feel appropriate.
PA12DRVR 07/20/22 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rentals

Not sure if the intent is to rent the RV in MA and drive to Alaska or just to rent in Alaska. If the intent is to rent in Alaska, there are other options (Great Alaska Holidays, ABC, etc). I know there are likely hundreds of success stories for renting of private RV's, but I've dealt with two disputes (one from the owner / lessor side, one from the renter / lessee side) using similar services and my clients (on either side) had nothing good to say about their experience. The point raised regarding a mechanical issue is quite valid...lots of road miles in AK that aren't close to metro areas and tow services.
PA12DRVR 07/19/22 12:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Piece of **** inept motorists!

How bad is it? The driver should have been more patient and should have manned up to admit his incident
PA12DRVR 07/18/22 12:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

"We've also been told the flying car and fusion power are just a couple years away for decades." I rode (on the ground, some years ago) in a flying car. Even though my flying machine was built 76 years ago (!!!!...although rebuilt a time or two in-between), I was scared spitless of the build quality of that flying car and refused to proceed with the driver into the air. Jetpack...that's it, I'm waiting for the jet pack.
PA12DRVR 06/30/22 05:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

Regarding the "not in my lifetime".... ...My old man saw the first airplane to fly in Montana as a kid; made everyone within the state (Alaska at the time) have a bit of a family reunion to see footage of the moon landing in '69. Ultimately traveled 'round the world on a variety of jet aircraft before passing. ...Friend of the old man's "Bob", who died in the '50's, had a career as a mariner: started as a kid on sailing ships and retired after several years working on Panamax diesel carriers. ...one 12drvr traveled from Los Anchorage to Seattle as a kid: 4-engine connies and/or DC-somethings, stops in Yakutat, Juneau, Ketchikan, Seattle, about a 8 hour trip if not interrupted by weather. Same 12drvr (YEARS later) routinely traveled non-stop Chicago - London or Ewe-stun - Africa non-stop on dedicated Boeing 747 Charters. Point is that a lot can happen in a lifetime, although I suspect electric tow vehicles to rival the class 3 trucks won't make it in mine.
PA12DRVR 06/30/22 10:16am Tow Vehicles
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