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RE: Question for Florida sticks and bricks owners

Not Florida but lived for 10 years in Ewe-stun TX area....and would often be gone a month or more at a pop with vacation and work trips. So, FWIW.....agree with leaving the air on, usually set temp to 80 - 85. We would also do the plastic over the toilet thing and would plug the sinks (mostly...we always seemed to forget one) to prevent evaporation. Also, although it looked pretty tacky, the 1-2 windows that didn't have window treatments would get white packing paper taped over them (on the inside) for the time we were gone.
PA12DRVR 05/08/22 09:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Vacation Home Buying Fizzling. RV's too?

In my locale, nice homes and nice RV's don't last too long. Newer construction with elevation or lakefront...cash sale, often at a 2-digit premium over list price (i.e. 10% +). Nice RV's (although always a debate as to what's nice) don't stay around long at all. ...but I believe the rising interest is going to cool the market, albeit in fits and starts. Folks with two comma money (X,XXX,XXX) will keep demand high for the upper end homes and, presumably, RV's even as the funding gets more expensive for otherwise valuable properties that must be financed.
PA12DRVR 05/05/22 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Recommended storage in bed with 5th wheel

Back when I had a 5th wheel, I put an American Tank (in Frisco, TX ???) 60 gallon tank / toolbox combo in the back of the F350 w / 8' bed. Served all of my needs and, combined with the truck tank, gave me circa 1100 miles towing....which meant I could always fill up after dropping the 5ver for the night rather than ever having to fill up on the road.
PA12DRVR 03/22/22 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Whistling Truck

"2019 2500HD with the towing mirrors. At certain speeds and wind direction the mirrors whistle. If I extend the mirrors out a little, it stops." Several years older model with the same issue. Pull the mirrors out just a bit (.5" or so) and it stopped. 13 years later, apparently enough crud has built up that it doesn't happen anymore. Had the same noise issue on a Toyota Tundra: fixed by putting a strip of black electrical tape over a seam in the mirror housing.
PA12DRVR 03/16/22 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska 2022??

Some points on AMHS etc: - RV rental is very expensive in AK; as are hotel / motel in the summer. If one was planning on driving an RV up in any case, the recent fuel price increases probably aren't as much as flight + hotel + eating out +++. - AMHS is one of my favorite ways to travel, but the ferries have cafeterias. One (IIRC) has a dining room in addition to the cafeteria and snack bar and coffee bar. They aren't cruise ships by any stretch. ....and "stateroom" is a stretch, although the accommodations are nice enough. - AMHS has recently implemented dynamic pricing...wherein there is a premium (up to 40%) added to fares and other charges depending on occupancy....I believe the uptick starts at 50% occupancy(???) I think folks will enjoy coming to Alaska however they get here, but if driving was planned, the incremental price increase recently may not be a suitable reason (standing by itself) to change access methods.
PA12DRVR 03/15/22 04:33pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska 2022??

Alaskan ferry is a good option. No need to bring a vehicle. Get a state room. Much better than a cruise ship. You get to stop in the smaller towns and ride with a lot of Alaskans. If you think fuel costs a lot where you live, wait until you get to the remote bush. Bingo on all points...but if interested in the AMHS, check and see what routes are running this summer. If you're interested in bringing your RV, IMNSHO, the AMHS is prohibitively expensive, but it's a great deal for a walk-on / walk-off visit.
PA12DRVR 03/14/22 11:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska 2022??

"Cruising is fine for some but those boats stop at every T shirt, trinket & jewelry store on the SE coast." Over the past several years, the DW and I have either taken the big silver bird or AMHS to several SE towns for a visit. One of the more enjoyable ways to spend a few hours in, say Ketchikan, is to get a good seat at a bar overlooking the cruise dock about 2:30 or so in the afternoon and watch the surge of folks trying to get a last-minute shot at trinkets before reboarding for a 5:00 cast-off. By the time of the 2nd or 3rd beverage (or is it 3d or 4th?) at about 4:30 / 4:45 interesting to see how the diehards deal with rushing to get back to the ship with their purchases before the cut-off for reboarding / departure. I also think there would be quite a few segments of industry that could take lessons in effective demobilization from the trinket vendors in SE: within 3 minutes of the last cruise ship pax walking away, the shutters are down; by the time the ship casts off the hawsers, the trinket shop is closed up, the lights are off, and the staff is back at the hostel for the evening.
PA12DRVR 03/11/22 10:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska 2022??

The good part is it will probably cut down on the crowds. The way it usually works (since Mr. Murphy rides shotgun on many of my drives) is that even if there are only 3-4 40' class A's in Alaska, I'll be able to catch up to them just as they leave Palmer and enter the twisty part of the Glenn....or maybe they'll be just ahead of me going past Girdwood... :S
PA12DRVR 03/10/22 09:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: It's past time

If one expects the government (which cannot create any wealth) to limit the profits of the oil companies (or any other industry) does one then support the logical corollary that the government should limit losses? When an "unused oil lease" takes a series of $100,000,000 drilled wells to determine if there is viable production potential, and the risk is entirely on the operator if those wells are dry, it's hard to justify the government deciding what an appropriate profit level is.
PA12DRVR 03/09/22 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska 2022??

Currently, both regular and diesel are circa $4.50 per gallon in Los Anchorage depending on station. In an ordinary time, there's probably a (very unscientific) 20% seasonal increase for the summer season...i.e. maybe expect $5.25 - $5.50? / gallon. ...but that's ordinary and these times are far from ordinary. At my weekend place (where I actually fill up more than anywhere else): Dec. 28, 2020 $2.54, June 15, 2021: $2.99; December 19, 2021: $3.65; last Tuesday $4.29. Nearly 70% increase in about 15 months. I think there'll be more hikes than usual this summer and fewer boat or PA-12 trips.....
PA12DRVR 03/09/22 10:01am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hope this is OK for this forum - DEF question

4 pages...on this? Nice work kids! It is interesting to see you have appointed yourself as arbiter of what is interesting to members on this forum. The "Kids" comments implies the posters are childish. Yet, here you are, posting on the bottom of page 4! He has a point. These discussions are inane. We're talking about pouring out a jug here. It's not rocket science. If the handle is awkward to hold when you're pouring it properly maybe the handle wasn't meant to be used while pouring? You don't even hold a gallon jug of antifreeze by the handle to pour it out, you hold it by the sides. The handle is there for transport of the jug, not for dispensing. Have to agree with this one. I'm either lacking the skills or the patience (could be either on any given day) to use the included spout with the 2.5 gallon jugs of DEF...so I just got a long-neck funnel and use that to pour in the DEF. Toss it in the back of the truck between uses.
PA12DRVR 02/18/22 05:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska 22 Prudhoe Bay on Moto, Alaska by class C

Try Fishtale River Guides (Wasilla, Little Su River) for salmon in August...might be before the peak of the run Regal Air offers day trip fly-outs from Los Anchorage In reality, the options are too numerous to mention: There are quite a few land-based options in Talkeetna, Wasilla, Soldotna, Cooper Landing, and Kenai...all on the road system and (more or less) accessible with RV's. There are various roadside options along the Glenn from Glennallen to Palmer and there are day-trip lake fly out options also along the Glenn (suggest Copper Valley Air...I believe they base a float plane on Tolsona Lake in the summer). For salmon, you'll probably have better luck (based on your overall trip time) later on your trip and more towards Anchorage / Kenai Peninsula than in the Interior (Fbks, Tok, Glennallen). Trout that sit in lakes tend to get a bit lethargic during summer, but (depending what the regs bring for this year) should have access to trout, char, dolly fishing in the lakes and streams between Glennallen and Anchorage. If you take the Parks, the roadside (i.e. just stop and drop a line) fishing is not as prevalent, but there are more (Montana Creek, Willow, etc) locations on the Parks where you might have some roadside salmon action...but best bet for salmon is to get a charter (air, boat, or saltwater).
PA12DRVR 02/16/22 10:20am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska 22 Prudhoe Bay on Moto, Alaska by class C

To the OP's Q's 1 - 3 - Would strongly suggest bringing the Jeep if that is do-able with other considerations: hanging a dirt bike off the back of a Jeep would be hard on it for the long drive up. - Lots of places to fish on your anticipated route. Although interior AK is not as crowded for salmon as other places, it's also not as good: I'd suggest focusing on lakes and streams (trout, char, dolly varden, burbot, etc) except when you're in Los Anchorage or Kenai: there are several flyout options available from Anchorage (a few in Kenai as well), but there are multiple drive / boat options from Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula generally. Depending on the time of year, I'd suggest dropping the coin and taking the time for a combo charter from Seward or Whittier. (Combo halibut, salmon, possibly rockfish). If you don't want to pay charter boat prices, there are several day trips for salmon and trout that are based in Wasilla / Willow / Talkeetna general areas. - Not a campsite specifically, but if you're setup is up to it, drive the Denali Highway from Cantwell to Paxson or vice-versa. Spectacular scenery, but a bit of a rough road. The haul road itself should be a scenic trip...although I've not taken it for decades. Got lucky on the long-ago last trip and left Fairbanks in what might pass for twilight....went North far enough / fast enough that it never got dark until I returned to Los Anchorage a month or so later. There's usually a period of 6- 8 weeks of no sunset up North, but it was interesting to be on the front end of that phenomenon.
PA12DRVR 02/15/22 10:05am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hats

Staring down the barrel of 70 myself...but what that has brought (for me) is the intent to do what I feel is appropriate, even if folks think it's foolish, outdated, etc. So... ...the ball cap usually stays on in the grocery store, the hardware store, the everything-under-one-roof in Talkeetna or Homer and in Micky D's or America's Roast Beef Yes Sir. The hat or cap comes off in an office building, court (duh!), church (also duh! as far as I'm concerned), restaurants that are even a small step above Micky D's, other folks' homes, or almost anywhere except the short list above. Finding the silver lining, one of the more obvious aspects of advancing age is the fact that I no longer have to worry about "hat-head" when I do take off the hat. :)
PA12DRVR 02/14/22 03:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: Calculated MPG

I tend not to worry too much about the price of gas or MPG. If I get too wigged out about it, I go for a flight in the ol-PA-12. 8-9 gallons per hour, circa 9 - 10.5 mpg, circa $6/gallon of 100LL Avgas in Los Anchorage, more like $7.50 or $8/gallon in the boonies. $60 - $70 per hour fuel cost makes the 15-16 mpg I get in the F250 look pretty good.
PA12DRVR 02/10/22 11:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Multiple Buyers. Who gets the RV?

I might have worded it a bit differently than the OP, but (I think I'm with Crowe on this), if I told someone that I'd contact them at some point (i.e. back in town), I'd feel like that was a commitment not to sell until that contact was made.
PA12DRVR 01/31/22 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Looks like we got ourselves a Convoy

Leaving out the suitability or not of mask and vaccine mandates on truckers, those requirements (not at all by themselves but combined with other issues) have put a kink in the supply chain for goods coming to Alaska. It's more (from my perspective) of a PITA-level problem than a catastrophic issue, but nevertheless noticeable.
PA12DRVR 01/27/22 12:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: pocket knife

Have had dozens if not hundreds of pocket knives throughout the years. For the past 10+ years, except for the most executive of offices, I've carried either a Leatherman or Gerber equivalent...either a spring clip model or a belt version. Got tired of needing light duty pliers, screwdriver, etc while doing miscellaneous chores around the house, hangar, or shed and having to find that tool while also carrying a pocket knife. Older age has brought a strong dislike for anything beyond small amounts of change in my front pockets.
PA12DRVR 01/24/22 12:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Additional fuel tank

FWIW, when I towed a 39' FW, I found the added aux tank (mine was a 65 gallon) was just about the best investment I made for RV'ng. Since we would almost always go out to dinner on overnight stops, never had to worry about stopping for fuel and would just fill up each evening. IIRC, I had (based on stock tank, extra tank, towing mileage) about 1300 miles that I could go between fillups. Made for a very pleasant 5-6-700 mile day, which was about the limit of what I wanted to drive in any case.
PA12DRVR 01/16/22 06:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck of the Year

It's actually a fairly impressive vehicle...but even recognizing that most pickup trucks don't leave pavement, I don't know how well this would work for Billy Joe Bob in Fruita to drive through the muck with a load of feed, then back through the muck with a load of fenceposts, then drive 60 miles to Dove Creek for a baseball game, then on to Bayfield to see Grandma and Grandpa. If a truck isn't suited for the needs of the "truck users", can it be "Truck of the Year"? ...but I could be all wet, maybe there's lots of charging stations in rural areas.
PA12DRVR 12/14/21 05:18pm Tow Vehicles
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