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RE: Noticed something this weekend

As was mentioned above, there are only so many ways that you can lay out a certain size space. I noticed that my 2000 Winnie was identical in lay-out to the 2009....and probably all of the other 31' units. They found a floorplan that works, and they stick with it. Sure, the cabinets and curtains will probably change over time or with models, but the floor plan will usually be the same. You may find (though maybe not) that the "A" has better quality appointments since many of the things like appliances and such are pretty standard......or you may find that everything is the same, since it's giving the mfgr the advantage of buying in bulk for ALL of the coaches.
PapPappy 02/23/14 06:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gen. wont hold 2 a/c's

How old, and what brand of genset do you have. A lot of times, an older unit will not hold the rated wattage....and more often than not, even the new gensets are rated for maximum (peak)output wattage. So, that 5000 Watt unit may really be rated for about 4200 for extended use. There is also a question about the age and actual size of the A/C units....as well as the amperage that they need to start. If the combined amperage is too high, you'll drop voltage. Starting one unit before the other may help, but once those compressors kick on at the same time, you may lose the load. Also, what other loads are on your generator? Is the converter running....to charge battery, to operate lights, etc. These are a few of the questions I had with your thread. I'm no expert, but I've worked with commercial generators for years, and know that they seldom put out the rated power for more than a short period of time...which is normally fine, since most appliances have a starting load that drops off after a short period of time, once they get going. As for the starting capacitors....since you have them, you may want to try them, to see if it makes a difference...it won't take very long to change them out. But, I don't know if you'll see a difference with regard to your current problem with the generator. You may want to either just run one A/C at a time....alternating from one to the other every few hours.....or get a more powerful genset. Good luck:)
PapPappy 02/23/14 05:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Just wanted to share

I don't think you'll be breaking any rules. Now, if this was your first post, then we might be suspicious:B But, a Senior member for 10 years, gives you a bit of slack..:) That is very nice. We've had one of the hard-shell roof boxes for years, and it was great for many trips. I like this one, because it's going to take up a lot less space, when not used.....though I wonder how well it will hold up over the years? Thanks for sharing:)
PapPappy 02/23/14 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: prohibited tunnels "propane"

I had heard that the the tanks had to be shut-off. And the inspector had to make sure it was, before you could transit through the tunnel. Not a big problem, but a bit of a hassle, depending on how slow they are to get you cleared.
PapPappy 02/23/14 04:13pm General RVing Issues

LNG is being seen as the future in a lot of larger horsepower applications, such as ships, ferries, tugs, and supply boats, as well as power plant back-up power generation.....but I just don't see it in the RV industry, unless they can come up with a more convenient method of filling the tanks. With gas/diesel, you have multiple choices in almost every small town in America. I just don't see that happening with LP. I do believe that wind and solar have future applications, if the prices come down, but as mentioned, it's not going to run your RV. Maybe a few panels or a small windmill to operate the television or inverter... but not much else. I see it at your stick-built, but not the RV.
PapPappy 02/23/14 04:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Unusual Pets

Had a dwarfed Herford-Holstein mix. Buttons was given to us by a neighbor who had a dairy farm. I guess they would breed the Herford Bull to the Holstein Heifers, for their first calf, so that the calf would be smaller, and cause less stress. Well, Buttons was smaller than most, and never got to be much more than about 4' tall. She was sweet, and was always looking for some treats of feed. We also had some pigmy goats, which were always fun to watch. We had a small farmette....horses, a couple of beef cattle, pigs, goats, chickens and ducks. All were pets, though the pigs did go into the freezer in the fall. Now, when we go camping, we've got 8 dogs that go with us, so while that may not be as exotic as the cow, it's still turning some heads...LOL!! All the dogs combined, don't way more than 40 lbs. and we can contain them with a 2' tall X-pen.:) Had a Pet Rock too:) Had to get rid of it, as it was always getting stoned:B
PapPappy 02/22/14 11:02pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Do you rent out your coach?

I doubt that many on this forum would say "yes"....these folks are more passionate about their RVs. I sometimes wish I had rented mine out....so it would get used more, but I just don't trust anyone enough to make it ever worth while. I recently had an accident with a co-workers car. I work on a tugboat, and we crew change almost anywhere on the east-coast, so depending on where, I will often drop my car off at our office, and take the co-workers car to him, if it's going to be more convenient for him. Well, I had to drive up during one of the recent snow storms, and got into an accident with his car...totaling it. The only way this would work out as far as insurance was concerned, was for him to file a claim. I paid the deductible ($500) as well as the anticipated increase in his annual rate for the next 3 years ($900) because of the accident. Yes, it was a lot of money (plus $200 to have the car towed back to our office), but I feel as if I was fair with him, and hope that others will be equally as fair, if they are driving my car and something happens. Point is, when someone else drives your vehicle....car or RV....you are giving them consent, so the burden of insurance falls on the owner.....and that could become very expensive, so NO, I won't rent out my RV, unless I was able to get special insurance...and that would probably make the added income a wash:( So, the RV sits parked on the side of the house. Besides, it would be just my luck, that when there was an emergency, and we needed the RV to get out of town, that it would be with someone else:s
PapPappy 02/22/14 05:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Please limit the width of your pictures.

Thank you....I also hated having to scroll across to read some of the threads. I try to limit my pictures to 500 wide.....seems to work OK for me, and I don't even have to mess with the height.:)
PapPappy 02/22/14 05:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Solar Panel Placement on Roof

I bought my RV with the panels already in place, but think that running them with the length of the RV makes the most sense. There are 4 panels on my roof, you can barely see the front one, but that too, is running the length of the RV. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk184/PapPappy/RV/Roof.jpg width=400
PapPappy 02/22/14 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Previous Campgrounds

I can only guess that your travels extended back before the economy went into the toilet for a few years. The RV industry, as well as the RV parks and associated industries were not spared from the down turn. Those places that were able to survive, are still in operation, but many of them couldn't afford to stay in business, so either sold out to another company, or closed down completely. The KOA fanchise does cost money, but it really depends on the location (remember that adage: Location, location, location!) is probably more important. Plus, just how well the operators did their jobs, to create a campground that folks will want to be visiting over and over again. We are constantly reading about some CG that the folks were just plain nasty...or the bathrooms were a mess, trash wasn't picked up, and other such things that would cause most of us to go somewhere else. And these people wonder why they are out of business??? This is a service industry.....if the service is sub-par, you're out of business. If you are located in the middle of nowhere, and only see a couple of people a year, and have nothing to offer, you'll be out of business. It's the nature of the business.
PapPappy 02/22/14 04:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class C suggestions

I think you might be happy with one of the RVs on the "Sprinter" chassis. It's almost a new category...larger than the normal "B" van, but small for the typical "C". One of the nice things, is the diesel engine, and the excellent fuel mileage that is reported. Or you may want the to get one of the smaller "C" units that Winnebago or other well known brands produce. I think you will probably find them to actually be a bit less expensive than the Sprinters, and they will provide you with additional space, which becomes more important the longer you plan to spend in the RV. The heavier chassis of the "C", will allow for a slide or two, as well as allow you to tow a Toad if you desire. Best suggestion that I've heard of, over the years......is to go to an RV Show, and try them out for size.....lay on the beds, make believe you're cooking in the galley, sit on the toilet, stand in the shower......see just how well you fit.:) THEN, you can make a more educated decision. Good Luck
PapPappy 02/22/14 04:30pm Class C Motorhomes

I think I'd just go with http://rvparkreviews.com/ to find the CGs in the areas you want to visit, and then check their websites. I would rather see the country, and the sights, rather than plan my trips around 50A hook-ups. One of the nice things about RVParkReviews, is that it give you listings of the parks that are also in the area of a certain town/city, so if you find that one place doesn't have what you want, you can search without having to pull out a map. Also, since the CGs are rated by folks like you and me, you can get a better sense of what is good/bad about them. I also think that a majority of the CGs out there now, have the 50A, even if only for a few sites. Availability may be more of an issue than whether or not a CG has it.
PapPappy 01/28/14 07:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Anyone travel with Gen running to power AC?

Just realized that you were talking about the Trailer. I was talking about how we run the A/C in the MH, since we want it cool as we travel. For the Trailer, I would think that it would just make sense to fire up the genset as you pulled into a CG, and give it about a half-hour (depending on the outside temps) to cool down. Start it up as you go into the CG's office to fill out paperwork, and then, by the time you have the TT all situated and leveled, you should be all set when you go inside. To have it run during an entire trip would just be a waste of fuel and money!
PapPappy 01/28/14 07:07am Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone travel with Gen running to power AC?

We do it all the time. Probably doesn't make much difference with regard to fuel mileage, because we use the generator and A/C, and not the A/C on the engine, so that may get a bit better mileage.....which is lost to the genset. Having the genset running also allows the TV and DVD player to run for the grandson....no load on the inverter. Never had an issue with the genset.
PapPappy 01/27/14 10:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: another one going to the dark side

I hear folks talk about the "dark side", but to me, if you are moving up the food chain, you are getting closer to the light, so it shouldn't be darker:B We all want the best that we can get/afford. Yes, the hybrid is nicer than a P'Up, but there is still room to improve, so why knock it....savor it, and be happy that it was DW's idea.....this way, if there is ever a problem, you can blame her. Just be ready to have her take all the credit, if things go well, and you love the new RV!!:)
PapPappy 01/27/14 08:32pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Need Advice on a complete Shower overhaul

You may be able to put a "tee" where the vacuum breaker is, but turn it 90-degrees, towards the wall, then a piece across the bottom, and then an elbow up at the wall with vacuum breaker moved. There may be enough room, depending on the tub, and how it sets from the wall. You just want to have that vacuum breaker in place somewhere above the drain.
PapPappy 01/26/14 09:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Fort Lee, N.J. RV sites

There is also RV parking allowed at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY, but I don't believe they have the hook-ups....so I'd also recommend Liberty Harbor. You are walking distance to the PATH train into NYC.....and you are still in NJ, so easier and cheaper for family to visit with you, or pick you up.
PapPappy 01/26/14 09:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need Your Input on these Photo's--Issue or Not?

I didn't see any pictures? :h
PapPappy 01/26/14 08:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need Advice on a complete Shower overhaul

A bit more information (and pictures) would be helpful. Just what do you really want to do? You listed "modify", which means you want to make changes, and not just remove and replace. What is the problem with the current shower? Can you remove it, and then place it back after repairing the plumbing (I'll assume that is the issue?) If you decide to do the job, it would be greatly appreciated if you took lots of pictures, and wrote about the job....we love those kinds of threads, and you will find that you get lots of help ans suggestions from all of us! :)
PapPappy 01/26/14 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: New post placing help

Start with "Open Roads Forum", Then scroll down to the "Pet Shop Forum", in the "General Forum" section, and once there, you should see "Post New Topic" in the darker gray section over the posts. You were able to post this.....so you can post, you just need to find the section you want. Good luck:)
PapPappy 01/26/14 04:41pm Forum Technical Support
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