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RE: AC problem from hell: Now compressor is turning off.

Doug do you know if these RV compressors have internal thermal overloads like small residential? Maybe your new condenser fan is not moving the air the old one did and you are going out on thermal. They auto-reset but it would take a long time to come back on once it went off (an hour?) not like a regular "cycle." Also only mentioning this because I've seen it before by a skilled installer (not on an RV) but is the new condenser fan motor turning the right direction?
PatJ 07/30/20 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: 1987 Mallard sprint 20 ft

My two prior RVs were both small block carbureted Chevy 350s. Countless good memories over 25 years before purchasing my current rig. They do not have much power but fortunately they usually have good gearing (4.10 or 4.56.) It will almost certainly have the TH400 trans which is a strong reliable 3 speed. That will keep you at about 55 to 60 mph max, but it will probably do 55 very well if it is in good shape and well tuned up. Even if the dash air worked you probably wouldn't use it because it would take about 15% of your available horsepower to run that old A12 compressor. Set up a generator on the bumper so you can run roof air going down the road, that's what we did. Any old RV is a commitment, heck any RV is a commitment, but old ones in particular. But they can be very affordable and there is no reason they can not be just as reliable as anything else if they are in good condition and well cared for. It comes down to your skill set, your work area/shop/tools, and the condition of your specific unit. Best of luck!
PatJ 07/27/20 06:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cold in West Yellowstone...

Were there 10 days ago. At that time west gate and north loop were closed. I'm glad it is finally open. We origionally had reservations at west yellowstone for memorial day weekend. We stayed in Jackson which was good, but it is 3 hours each way from Jackson to the south loop. We did the drive daily for 3 days. The Tetons are amazing but they get old afer day 2. Weather was similar as you describe. We used the heat strip every day never used propane. Was a great trip.
PatJ 06/08/20 09:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Corona Camping

We are generally weekenders but did a long-planned trip to Yellowstone/Tetons 5/21-5/29. Originally planned to stay in West Yellowstone MT, but with the west gate still closed we moved to Jackson, WY at the "last minute." We stayed at several places over the 8 nights. All were private as the public/NFS/NPS campgrounds are still closed. As always, we chat with our neighbors when we arrive. One of the couples we met and chatted with most often was in a rental class C with 7yo twin girls. They were having a blast and the girls loved playing with our 8yo. We met them in Jackson WY and they were from Denver. We met another young family from Chicago, and another from north LA county. Everyone we met was out and about because they were sick of COVID and wanted to get their kids out of the house. My wife and I are both medical - working at local hospitals. One couple we met on this trip were teachers. One couple was drug reps. Everyone was sick of COVID containment and were getting their kids wiggles out, including us. I've had best luck looking at campgrounds Facebook for current status as to if they are open or not. Many of the smaller private campgrounds do not update their websites often but Facebook is usually current. It seems many/most KOA are still open and they are easy to search and reserve online. My vote is proceed with your trip you'll love it!! Edit: since you are basically a beginner, I would suggest you look at KOA campgrounds as they are generally open in the states you are looking at while the public CG are generally still closed. KOA also generally have hookups, stores, experienced staff, clean bathrooms with showers, etc.
PatJ 05/30/20 10:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Should I carry a spare tire?

Personally I carry a spare tire, on a wheel, mounted and inflated, and I also carry the USA made jack/wrench/breaker bar to replace it in an emergency. My 2019 rig did not come with a space, jack or wrench. It was expensive to add and it sucked to spend the money on that. In my opinion it was required so there was no debate. I'm maybe $1k into an OEM Ford wheel, a tire to match the others, a USA valve stem, mount/blanace, a bottle jack, a 36" breaker bar, and a USA made 6 pt socket. I am 16". In a real emergency I feel like I could change a tire and get us back on the road. If it weren't a real eemergency or I was in cell phone range, I would call a service truck and let them wrestle the tire in. But in a punch I feel like I could do it, and I sleep better because of that. Either way, no one is going to tell me they are out of stock because I have it. It is $1300, suck it up and do it. What did your rig cost? Just do it. That is my opinion.
PatJ 05/21/20 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Oregon trip

I think it is a rule in OR to leave all windows and vents open 24/7 to enjoy the breeze, smell, and white noise of the beautiful pacific ocean. If its not a rule it should be.
PatJ 05/19/20 10:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator for travel trailer

I own several gens for differnet reasons. My "new" RV I've had for the past year has a built in ONAN which is great. But for literally 20 years before that I used portable gens. I had a pair of EU2000 since 2006 with no regrets. If I could go back in time and do it over again, I would get another pair of EU2000 if I had to dig through the couch coushions for change. For a pair of stock EU2000 in parallel running a 1980's era class C including roof air in ~100f ambient, in my experience you are looking at ~8 hours before refueling the gens. If this is the way you are running, in my opinion its worth researching bulk tanks and modified fuel caps. With my last RV, my older daughter was in 4H and Pony Club for horses for many years. We would pull into a fair or event and crank up the gens, and they would run parallel non-stop 24 hours a day for a week running the AC. Many times over. Zero issues. 4-digit hours on each of them. I own two Champoins, a 1200 and a 3000. The 3000 is for home/well pump backup because the Honda won't do 240V. I love my Champions and have had no issue with them, but I have not used them anywhere close to as hard as I've worked these Hondas.
PatJ 05/15/20 11:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2021 Ford E-Series No V-10

One of the many reasons my wife and I went with a new C in 2019. THe V10 is well proven and the 6 speed is fantastic. I learned long ago to not go with a Ford engine in its first year.
PatJ 05/15/20 10:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rear Differential Locker

My camper two campers ago was a chassis mount 10.5 Travel Queen on a 1975 C20 chassis in which I installed a Detroit in the 14b. It worked exactly as expected/hoped. In my opinion there is zero downside to a Detroit in that situtation, other than cost. It spent most of its life off road in the 1990s and it was a beast for 2wd. Loved it. Wouldn't trade that time for anything. Prior RV was a 1984 era 24' class C which had a "G80" a.k.a. "Gov-Lock." GM's version of auto locker. Never went in anything rough but the overhang and width were such it might as well be open because if it went too far off the beaten path it would be stuck regardless of drivetrain. Never spun enough to engage the G80, not sure it even worked. Current rig 2019 Ford based C. It is too pretty, and I'm too old, it will likely never go off road. Maybe gravel road...someday. All I know about is diff is it is 4.56, it is probably open and I'm OK with that. My point is if you are going to use it, get a Detroit put in. No down side in my opinion, work great mud snow sand, 100% reliable and bulletproof.
PatJ 04/28/20 11:06pm Tech Issues
RE: The camping industry is going to be hit hard

This forum is probably the most geographically and demographically diverse forum I read (not enough free time to read all I wish I could.) It has been very interesting to hear all the different opinions and how they vary from place to place. One thing that bothers me about "the numbers" is how if you test COVID positive, and you die, you are counted as a COVID death in USA but not in other countries. I think this makes "the numbers" much less valuable. In US, COVID is reportable just like Aids, so when you test positive for it the hospital (or whoever tested you) has to report it to the local health department. The local health department then keeps track of the totals and that's what makes its way to the news. In the USA if you are a COVID positive healthy 25 year old gymnast with no symptoms, and were tested for COVID because of where you work, and you get hit by a bus crossing the street on your morning jog, you are counted as a COVID death. In the USA if you are an 84 year old retired coal miner that smoked non-filter lucky strike for 70 years, installed steam pipe insulation in a shipyard during the war, and you contracted COVID while in hospice with stage 4 lung cancer, when you die you are counted as a COVID death. I have tried to research this to see if it applies everywhere in US, and hopefully its not correct, but as far as I am able to research in the USA if you tested positive for COVID and die of literally anything, you go into the tally for COVID positive death regardless of what the coroner puts on your certificate.
PatJ 04/18/20 11:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

I will only use 100% natural & 100% biodegradable gloves while fueling. My gloves are made from pangolin skin with pure rhinoceros horn gripping surface. I change gloves every 10 seconds while fueling. Seriously, I also use reusable grocery bags and reuse the few plastic bags I have left. Maybe they are dirty, maybe not, maybe its all a scam. But they are much better quality bags if nothing else.
PatJ 03/19/20 09:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar Questions

In my small class C, I have always roughly ball-parked 20AH per day minimum for fridge on gas, WH on gas, CO and propane detectors, charging phones, and factory night-lights for 12 hours. It has gotten me close. My 40" LED TV and Sony blu-ray take very little through my tru-sine inverter. I want to say off the top of my head they are like 50w combined while running, and about 400ma from the inverter while it is idling with TV off (I turn inverter off when not using.) I might be off track there though, going from memory. One thing I am sure of is my wife and I and one kid use 60-65 AH per 24 hour period dry camping real-world when we are running hog wild and not trying to conserve and it is cold enough to need some heat at night. If we don't watch any movies and are stingy on lights and heat it is more like 30 AH per day. With two crappy 12V LA in parallel that means fire the gen daily if you are liberal with your power, fire it up every other day if your are stingy. We don't have solar because we are always in the woods. I am a weekender with kids, and generally not trying to be stingy with power
PatJ 03/17/20 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: FL state parks open events canceled

All these cancellations and bans are designed to NOT overwhelm the hospitals with sick people: if a hospital has 40 ventilators, and 50 people need them - then what? Do YOU want to pick who is liable to die? One point that is being missed by many is healthcare staffing. My wife and I both work in healthcare, at different hospitals in our area. We also have school-age children. I am part of EP planning at my hospital and have been to all the meetings discussing this. 40% of the hospital staff has school-age children without alternate childcare i.e. they are staying home with schools closing. In your example, 25 of the ventilators will likely sit unused because half of the ICU is closed due to staffing shortages. Working in healthcare is different than working for Google, Nursing and RT can't work remotely from home. And healthcare employees are knowledgeable enough about this they aren't sending their kids to Grandma's.
PatJ 03/14/20 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire brand

I'm late too but same here as well for my 2019. Mine were OEM made in Korea, but I ordered a 7th online (Amazon) as a spare and it is identical in every way but made in USA not Korea.
PatJ 03/06/20 06:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: engine longevity?

It's other things failing and then it's not worth fixing...if you have a 20yr old car that needs $2k in suspension work, you are usually better to put that $2k towards a newer used car...same thing with RVs. It is very much the oddity to "wear out" an engine, so it really isn't a consideration. Agree 100%, its been at least 25 years since I "wore out" an engine, any engine, including air cooled rototiller/pressure washer/mower etc., let alone a vehicle. What a glorious time we live in. I've wondered if it is really premium production tolerances, premium construction materials, premium lubricants, or a combination?? Either way I'm not going to complain!
PatJ 02/02/20 09:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

Wondering what you learned here? Did you pull lower hose and look at in rad heat exchanger?
PatJ 02/02/20 09:05pm Towing
RE: good Sam VS AARP.

I refuse to support any firm that has policies that I do not share. So if Hitler had the lowest rates, you would select him? bumpy Worst way of trying to make a point that anyone has ever attempted on here. I agree with Bumpy's opinion that "we" can "shop" using our political opinion as one deciding factor. Maybe the word "Hitler" was a non-PC choice but his reasoning was spot on.
PatJ 01/24/20 10:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

The new 7.3 is a beast on paper, no doubt. One of the reasons we expedited our purchase new in 2019, after many years of lollygagging, is because we were worried the V10 would disappear in 2020. That fear pushed us over the edge. The V10 was proven reliable in the long term, with cheap parts, cheap maintenance, and plenty of power for Class C. So we upgraded. The 6 speed trans was more recent, but it is used in rigs with much more power than the V10 and much more GVWR and GCWR than any class C I would ever purchase. I went with the proven reliable V10 and 6spd and have zero regrets. I'm sure the 7.3 has a good bit more performance, but additional performance to me wasn't worth the risk with less-proven equipment. Just my opinion and I don't know anything about anything.
PatJ 01/22/20 10:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Starting /House Charging Question UPDATE Test

how is that 20 sec delay better than just waiting for the spring-loaded key to go back to "ON" from "START" ? If the house batteries are very low, it may be nice to have the engine settle back for a bit after a cold start before it's hit with that large charging load. But I don't know if it's actually any "better" or just my perception. But if for some reason the chassis were placing a heavy load on the charging system and it dropped below 13.6, the charge relay would shed the house batteries to focus on the chassis. I can see value in that scenario, even though it is unlikely.
PatJ 01/21/20 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: THOR Motor Coach

I also found some Thor units plumbed the bathroom sink into the black tank. That would not work for us because we boondock most all of the time. Our Thor has the bathroom sink plumbed into the grey tank, however my last class C the BR sink went into the black and I actually preferred it that way. Now I intentionally add extra water to the black via the toilet. We also boondook most all the time. I prefer to dump with full tanks. In the old rig I would just turn the BR sink on and let it run to fill the black tank full before dumping. Now I have to stand there on the toilet pedal :) So it is all personal preference.
PatJ 01/21/20 06:42pm Class C Motorhomes
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