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RE: Nascar Follies

The issue with tires is the same one that comes up often. Goodyear says no lower than X PSI. And the driver complains about the car not turning going into the corner, so the crew chief has the pressure lowered to X -3 PSI, then a pound lower, etc. That gives the driver more grip when the tire is fresh. If the tire pressure does not come up enough, the tire can fail. If the tire is run too long at too low pressure - a lap or two - it can fail. They take risks, and sometimes the result is a destroyed race car. I'm sure that is what happened to Hamlin. He damaged the tire when the pressure was low and it gave out.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/08/20 09:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

Arriving in Show Low, Arizona has no quarantine restrictions for visitors. The only required locations for masks from statewide orders are the airports at Phoenix and Tucson. Masks were very prevalent at a fuel stop in Show Low, and some people on the street in Springer and Show Low, but almost none in the campground when we arrived. Except the staff. NM news media reports a shortage of hospital beds, and emphasizes that new data strongly suggests that the virus is spreading along the interstate highways, carried from state to state by visitors.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/04/20 10:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Nascar Follies

Right now Jimmie has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone about his talent, skills or career. And unlike some drivers, he seems to have a solid plan and solid financial condition to let him move on to another part of life. Good luck.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/04/20 10:26am Around the Campfire
New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

We entered NM on Sunday, June 26 from Texas at US-60 in Clovis. Our destination is Arizona (Show Low) for the next couple months. Taking our time, were arrived at an RV park between Belen and Socorro on Wednesday, July 1. Thursday afternoon after a trip to take pictures of closed gates at local attractions, I was told the new emergency order issued by the Governor of New Mexico required effective July 1, requires out of state visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days. This applies for anyone who stops for a night in NM. The park owner offered me a 'special rate' for two weeks. We left NM and hurried to AZ. Anyone else heard about this, have experience? We can cross NM on I-10 without stopping if necessary on our return, though a fuel stop at Lordsburg would be nice. Or if necessary, go north through Colorado. If things don't change/ get worse.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/04/20 10:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: US 60

Pie Town, NM now has one restaurant open. A fairly newish one - The Gatherin' Place. Was just able to reopen a week or so ago, and doing a very brisk business yesterday (7/3). Older more established restaurants are permanently closed. :-{ US-60 near Continental Divide in NM.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/04/20 10:13am Roads and Routes
RE: US 60

We are traveling US-60 right now - across New Mexico east to west. Some parts are great, some are middlin. None are bad, and very little traffic.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/02/20 09:56am Roads and Routes
RE: Roadside Assistance Companies

First - NONE of the roadside assistance plans have their own field service people. ALL of them contract with the same groups of tow trucks/ companies to provide the on-site assistance. If you are somewhere like the middle of I-10 in western New Mexico or I-70 in eastern Utah - you are going to get the same tow truck no matter which assistance plan you have. If you are on I-5 near Sacramento or I-19 in Georgia - you might get a different truck depending upon the company. Coach-Net is the only company which employs people with RV technical experience to help with guidance for problems. All the others use general call centers. At one time a few years ago, Good Sam, Allstate, AAA and State Farm all used the SAME call center. Dispatch times are the biggest complaint. People have to be reasonable about what they expect. If you are in east Texas with a problem on a Sunday morning, you may have to wait until the independent tow truck operator gets out of church before he/ she responds. If you are in heavy traffic on a hot holiday weekend on I-95 in Florida, your call might be far down the list with the tow company getting calls by the dozens. It's the same thing with a car as an RV, in very busy times for tow trucks, it takes a while for them to get to you. When we were campground hosts at Big Bend NP, it was 140 miles to Alpine, TX for the nearest tow truck which worked with roadside assistance. There were a couple tow trucks in Terlinqua, but they only worked for cash. Heck, it was so remote that On-Star could not even find a new car to unlock it. Second - REVIEW THE DETAILS of the individual plan. Almost all providers offer different level plans. The cheapest plans are worth exactly what you pay for them - almost nothing. Always go for the highest level of service possible, no matter what the costs. One long distance tow with no plan for an RV can end up costing over $1,000. And be wary of the tow truck driver, especially if he wants to tow your rig. Too many horror stories of drivers towing a heavy dually with a long 5er attached at 60+ mph on rough roads. The tow truck works on a flat rate. He/she wants to be finished with your job as quickly as possible.
PawPaw_n_Gram 07/02/20 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Can an RV even get East of the Hudson?

There is no reason to go through any part of New Jersey to get to the New England States. Though when I went that way, I stopped for a few nights at a New Jersey military RV park (April 2015) just so I could add another state to my sticker. The same with Connecticut, though we volunteered with the COE in Thomaston CT for 6 months that summer. Camping ain't cheap in New England, but it was a bucket list thing for me, and the wife's brother lived near Hartford, CT. We still plan to go back and spend a lot of money traveling around. Yesterday we crossed the state line from Texas to New Mexico. Flashing sign said face masks are required everywhere in NM. Haven't seen anyone wearing one yet, but we haven't been to any place with more than a few people yet. From what I see and hear, folks are traveling. Just be ready to wear your masks.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/29/20 02:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dish TV Pay-As-You-Go RV Plan

Dish CS reps know nothing about the RV plans. The RV market is such a tiny part of their business, most CS reps will never have an RV call in their entire career. I always and ONLY use Chat to talk to Dish. There it is easier to explain what I need. In general I try to avoid conversations with CS reps anywhere, but for Dish, I found it essential. Now, we are full-timers, so it is something we depend upon all the time. Dish has updated the mobile app for my cell phone so I can see where the satellites are, and make sure I have a clear view of them when I try to setup the dish. I can change my location so that I get the local channels for that area - important for weather. I might also add, if you have any television service at home, check into possible options. AT&T has mobile plans for satellite users if people use Direct-TV at their home, or use any wired/ fiber AT&T television service. But AT&T refuses to sell Direct-TV to people with no fixed base for their primary receiver setup. Dish is the only option for people like us who have no physical home base.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/25/20 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dish TV Pay-As-You-Go RV Plan

It depends upon the antenna and the box you have. Basically - Dish uses three satellites in the west, two in the east. If the antenna has one LNB, with is the case with almost all dome type dishes - it can only 'see' one satellite at a time. Two different TVs can watch different channels from Dish, IF they are on the same satellite. If they are on different satellites, no can do. If you have a three LNB antenna - it can 'see' all three western satellites at the same time, and different channels on different satellites can be viewed at the same time. Box - you pay per box for your service. If you have two TVs, and the cheaper boxes, you need one box for each TV. Or you can buy a more expensive box with two tuners so that it can display two different channels on different TVs at the same time. The Sling/ Hopper boxes seem to be the best, but we have an older single channel box. (Note - you need a two tuner box to be able to record one channel on DVR and watch a different channel at the same time. Wife wants me to buy one.) One other point about Dish. In Nov 2018, HBO and it's associated channels were removed from Dish. This was about 10 months after HBO was acquired by AT&T. Another company which AT&T owns is Direct TV. Make up your own mind as to why the two companies - Dish and HBO/AT&T/DirectTV were unable to conclude a new agreement in 2018.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/25/20 05:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Snow Birds ??

We will be in south Florida. It will be interesting because the park we stay at near Pompano Beach is about 90% French Canadian winter residents and some full-time residents. Heck, the staff speaks French better than English. But it is very close (8 miles) to my wife's son, and that's THE priority as far as she is concerned. I'm a good husband. I do what I'm told.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/24/20 01:02pm Snowbirds
RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

When I was a teenager, we would camp (we didn't have a tent yet, we kids slept in lawn chairs) on a lake in central Arkansas almost every weekend all summer. It was great, but we were sweating before breakfast and while sleeping. Today with children and grandchildren near Dallas, we spend a lot of time (too much IMHO) in that area. Some years as many as 100 days with temps over 90 degrees. Not only do I use the AC a lot, but a 30 amp trailer is simply not capable of being comfortable in those conditions. We are serious when we say that summer does not start in June, it starts in the first two weeks of April - and does not end until a week before Halloween. The summer (2017) we spent in Washington and Oregon camping for four months at several campgrounds within a half-mile of the ocean was wonderful. Hope to do it again. Didn't see 90 until we got close to Spokane in the last week of August on our way back to Texas.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/23/20 09:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Closing campgrounds and no where to go

A lot of staying in one place near Dallas. Heading out on our first long trip of the year Saturday, at least a month later than normal. Already I've had three reservations at NM state parks cancelled, but alternatives were found. Just cost a bit more to stay in typical RV parking lots than at a nice state park.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/23/20 05:54am Full-time RVing
Albuquerque to Heron Lake SP

We have a reservation for Heron Lake in late August. Trip planners are giving us two routes to take. I-25 to US-84. I've driven all of those miles in the past. Seemed to be a good road. Alternative route given is US-550 to NM-96 to NM-112 to US-84. Since we are headed toward Texas via 84/285 to I-40 to after that, 550-96-112 would be a different route up than back. Looks to be a fair 2 lane road. Though of course it is in the middle of nowhere.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/22/20 08:20am Roads and Routes
RE: Need a route from McAlester, OK to Joplin, MO

We drive 75/69 from the Texas border to I-44 in May 2018, and it was significantly better than it was in 2012 when we made the trip. However, if you took the southbound route a few weeks/ months ago and though it too rought, I can only recommend the Indian Nation Turnpike north from McAlester. And US-75/62 north from Henryetta. It is not great but better than US-69. To me the worst stretch of US-69 from I-40 to McAlester. North of that isn't too bad. But that's my opinion.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/22/20 08:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Do useless gifts bug you like they bug me?

We managed to convince ours that gift cards, preferably restaurants, are the only gifts we want. We appreciate the thought, but a simple card is nice. I'd rather have a phone call on days like Father's Day. But being full-time, if they buy us something, it means we need to throw something similar away.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/21/20 07:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hey 160 from Cortez CO to Hwy 89 Flagstaff?

cell service? Mostly very limited to none. It is getting better. The Navajo Nation is working to provide 4G coverage for the entire nation, but I don't know how far the plan has progressed.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/21/20 07:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Brrr! Only 100 degrees.

We will be there for 2 weeks in the later part of July. Not my favorite, but the only time that works for visiting a granddaughter we haven't seen for almost 3 years who lives with her mother.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/19/20 11:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Opening of National Parks, Forests & State Parks

Got a phone call last evening (June 18) from Oasis State Park near Clovis, NM. My reservation for 6/25-27 is being cancelled due to park campground closure being extended through July 4. Got a longer automated voice mail from New Mexico State Parks that all reservations are being cancelled for camping in their parks from now through July 4. I will be refunded my camping reservation costs - less the non-refundable $12 per reservation fee (what NM pays RA and themselves for processing the reservation). We have reservations for Oasis SP 6/25-27, Sumner Lake SP 6/28-30, Manzano Mountain SP 7/1-2. Looking now for alternate commercial campgrounds with open space. Will probably buzz through NM quickly in a couple days rather than take 8 days and enjoy the sights.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/19/20 11:30am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: NM 6 I40 to Belen

My measurement is that Hwy 6 is 23 miles shorter than I-40/I-25. What's your fuel mileage? And cost per mile? Cost vs time is up to you.
PawPaw_n_Gram 06/15/20 07:56pm Roads and Routes
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