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RE: Road Debris Damage

YES Richard
RLS7201 05/17/22 04:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help understanding how to set up an ARP device

The instructions for my ARP device were NOT well written. Also, I couldn't get the device to change settings. I learned the hard way that a "TAP" of a button was not enough. I had to "HOLD" the button to make changes. Richard
RLS7201 05/15/22 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: AGM Deep Cycle batteries

It's all about cost ver. your time for maintenance. I'm like corvettekent. I go for cost........ The post telling you to convert to lithium will be coming along shortly. GRIN. Richard
RLS7201 05/14/22 12:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Protecting fuel tank from theft

Get an electric bus :) https://youtu.be/exDrahDrLzo KEWL....... What's the initial cost and the conversion to RV cost? Then watch the power grid fail when we get over loaded with EVs........ Richard
RLS7201 05/14/22 12:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Protecting fuel tank from theft

If they really want it, not hard to pry a locking gas cap off and then a power syphon will make quick work of pumping out 10-20 gallons. So other than urban legend, is there any evidence of the drilling method? I know catalytic converters are done but there's a big market and it's well documented. As mentioned, if you are worried about it, find a secure place to store it. It's been many years since thieves could syphon fuel. The government mandated anti roll over valves to keep fuel from spilling in case of a roll over accident. This valve prevents syphoning, and eliminates the need for locking gas caps to prevent thieves from syphoning. Richard
RLS7201 05/13/22 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No headlights problem please help

Do you know how to remove the headlight switch? Pull knob all the way out, get your fingers on the back side (flat side) of the switch and push the little spring loaded button and then pull the knob out. Then you can undo the nut that holds the switch assemble in place. Richard
RLS7201 05/13/22 10:57am Tech Issues
RE: No headlights problem please help

Jay, You don't say what the chassis but most have the headlights on a separate fuse that is in the fuse group. Now you just have to find it and hope it is bad and that is all that is wrong. Matt Headlights are NOT fused. The lead for the headlight switch comes straight from battery power. The headlight switch does have a circuit breaker built in. The headlight switch does have separate circuitry for the headlights and the parking/running lights. So the switch may be bad, even if the running/dash lights work. You need to get out your VOM and check for voltage all along the wiring path for the headlights. Richard
RLS7201 05/12/22 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

Air cooled engines run hotter than water cooled engines. Thus the manufacture does not recommend multi viscosity oils. BUT! that ruling was for non-synthetic oil. Standard oils loose their multi viscosity capacity when run to hot and thin out. So when running multi viscosity oils in air cooled engines, always use synthetic oil. I have the same generator as you and have used 10W-30 synthetic for 22 years with no problems. Richard Regular multi viscosity oil is fine in an air cooled motor, air cooled motors do not have a thermostat to make them run as hot as water cooled motors. There are no air cooled car or motorcycle engines anymore because they cannot get them to run hot enough for modern fuel injection pollution control systems. Onan strongly resists multi viscosity oils in the 7K NHM air cooled generator. Obviously you have no understanding of the additives that make 10 weight oil multi viscosity. Those additives break down in small air cooled engines and leave you with 10 weight oil. The reason for water cooled motorcycle engines, is because the higher compression engines don't cool well enough with air. You have it backwards. Richard Richard
RLS7201 05/10/22 03:13pm Tech Issues
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

Air cooled engines run hotter than water cooled engines. Thus the manufacture does not recommend multi viscosity oils. BUT! that ruling was for non-synthetic oil. Standard oils loose their multi viscosity capacity when run to hot and thin out. So when running multi viscosity oils in air cooled engines, always use synthetic oil. I have the same generator as you and have used 10W-30 synthetic for 22 years with no problems. Richard
RLS7201 05/10/22 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Rexall fuel gauge

Apply ground to the wire from the sending unit. Either at the gauge or the sending unit. If the gauge moves, you need a new sending unit, or have an open connection between the two. Richard
RLS7201 05/10/22 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake lights don't work

If you have yellow turn signal lenses (5 wire system), then the brake lights and turn signals are on different wires and the brake light circuit does not go through the turn signal switch. Other wise you have a 3 wire system. Richard
RLS7201 05/10/22 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: Slow start system for air conditioner

The $20 kits are generally an additional start capacitor. These work great on the older models that had none. Most of the newer models already have this feature and the kit would have limited effect. Without getting into the electrical engineering of AC motors, a larger or an additional starting capacitor could making starting current draw worse ! EasyStart by Micro-Air is a highly recommended soft starter. Please, if you would, get into electrical engineering and explain to us how additional capacitance will raise AC motor starting current line draw. Richard
RLS7201 05/04/22 12:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

https://www.solacity.com/how-to-keep-lifepo4-lithium-ion-batteries-happy/ If I had LiFePo4, and wanted MAXIMUM lifespan, I'd charge to 85%, not go lower than 40%, and disable float. If that is not possible, I'd float at 13.2. Unfortunately I can't use LiFePo4 Interesting, your figures give 45% use capacity of LifePo4 batteries. One of the reasons given by many to upgrade is being able to use at least 80% of capacity. That 45% gives a + to lead acid acid batteries that can be used at -40°. Flack jacket on. Richard
RLS7201 05/04/22 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Cruise control

There are a lot of posibilities. First the CC uses vacuum so if you have a vacuum leak in the right place. NO CC. I had a bent pin on a connection. Blown fuse (it uses 12 volt as well) other bad connection Bad brake light switch. Have someone stand behind the RV and see if the brake lights are on full time. Also blown brake light fuse/burned out bulbs. Have partner make sure they come on when you push the pedal NOTE that last is my #1 suspect. On edit. a bad GROUND on the brake lights will do it too. But not consistantly(IE when headlights on no CC.. lights off it works). You are WRONG AGAIN........V10 F53s do NOT use vacuum. Richard
RLS7201 04/28/22 03:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Four (4) Row Radiators? Gimmick or Blessing?

MEXICOWANDERER makes a good point. Fin count is important. Those fins are the surface area that dispenses the heat to the air. Richard
RLS7201 04/27/22 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: Onan Microlite 4000 shaft locks up on occasion

If it has a ridge at the top you’ll have to get it reamed if it still runs good and makes electricity. You can look on YouTube and see ridge on cylinder wall and how they ream them and it may be in your service manual. Bad information......... Richard
RLS7201 04/27/22 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: Interesting EV’s versus ICE article…

Electricity pricing varies just like gas and diesel. Those on the left coast pay about 48¢ per KW hour, while here in Kansas City we pay 12.5¢ per KW hour. A lot of math to do when considering an EV. Richard
RLS7201 04/25/22 01:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Four (4) Row Radiators? Gimmick or Blessing?

Ford has done an excellent job of sizing radiators for HD vehicles. Go back with original configuration. The "more is better" doesn't always work. The engine AND transmission need to operate at temperatures set by the factory. Richard
RLS7201 04/25/22 12:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Route Recommendations Quartzsite to Redwood Nat'l Park

With the price of fuel in CA., I suggest traveling north through Nevada to Reno and then west to the Red Woods......... Richard
RLS7201 04/24/22 10:39am Roads and Routes
RE: catalytic converter stolen

Just had the converter stolen while rig was in storage. We had trouble finding a replacement so we just welded in a straight pipe, which works great except the engine check light is on all the time now because the O2 sensors aren't connected. The issue is not just the light on, without input from the O2 sensors the ECM will go into ‘default’ mode and the air / fuel mixture will be way off (far too rich) what it should be. If the O2 sensor to the rear of the converter is the one that's not connected, it only reports to the ECM, if the converter is working or not and had no effect on the tune of the engine. If the O2 sensor forward of the converter is not connected, then you post is correct. Richard
RLS7201 04/23/22 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
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