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RE: Aluminum Body and Lightening

And this thread is the result of what happens when one dons their tinfoil hat during thunderstorms, just sayin.
Ralph Cramden 02/22/19 04:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Single or Double Axle?

Huntingdog, you're not saying that you are still using tires made in 2006 in 2019, right? Just checking . . . . ;)Absolutely not! Since I now run LTs, I get to replace them due to AGE! What a concept. None of my MANY sets of STs made it to their second birthday. I replace my Michelins every 5 years. Michelin says you can go up to 10 years.... That may be true, as the XPS ribs are made to be retreaded. But at 5 years, they still look great and have a ton of tread left. So I buy new ones, and sell the old ones on Craig's list. They sell fast for good money, which helps defray the cost of the new ones. I am now on my third set. Not a single tire issue of any type with the RIBS. I no longer pay much attention to the TT tires. They just flat out work like I pay them to do. Back in my ST tire days (of which I owned too many sets to remember) they were an obsession, as many here will tell you that the reason for the failures is lack of care.... I bought into that for too long, believing that ST tires needed to have extra special care to live... I gave more than a fair shake to prove themselves. They just kept failing. I am watching the latest generation of ST tires, to see if they finally have it right.... But there is no way I will go back to STs. The problem for me, is that the companies making these new STs are the same ones that made the old ones, telling us how good they were... And this is not the first time they made a change, telling us that they were much improved,,,, then everyone rushed out to buy them.... Then the failure reports started coming in.... Watching this play out on the forum has been study in human nature. First everyone seemed to defend the ST tire failures, making up every excuse in the book for them. Then the Maxxis and Carlise tires made upgrades and many of those same people rushed out to buy them. Now we have yet another new Carlise, and a new Goodyear, and the rush is on again. Kinda like watching Lemmings charge over a clif. So I am done handing those companies my money on a promise that they are now doing better. I have found a solution that works, and will stick with it. And then of course you have people who have owned multiple trailers and have run nothing but ST tires, and have never had an issue, who do not feel the need to have a tire fetish, or a case of OCTD. Personally I have ran the OEM ST tires on new campers without issue until replaced due to age / wear or the trailer was sold. We have used ST tires on heavy equipment trailers for awhile, and they're typically some generic brand our tire guy had on the shelf, or what came OEM on those trailers. Seeing they were typically operated by our carpenters, laborers, or finishers whose main focus is to get back to the shop as quickly as possible in the afternoon, so happy hour is not missed, I am certain any issues we have had were due to the person driving the rig, associated with taking them on construction sites, or a road hazard. My observation is the only place ST tires are an issue is on the RV board. Joe blow buys his first RV, overloads it, drives 85 mph everywhere, and loves to ride on the debris filled road shoulders while bashing into some curbs. Then it's off to these boards to blame the tires LOL. Not so much in the rest of the trailer towing world and certainly not at the NHTSA where recalls on ST tires are few and far between. A lot of the spew on these boards goes back 10+ years ago to one certain ST tire recall which is ancient history, but whose legacy stuck to these RV boards like a bad case of the clap. Once that was set in the mindset of the RV board and its main demographic, there you have it. Especially so at this one. Last year alone over 400K towable RVs went on the road and everyone had ST tires. 99.9% still do and will have them in the future, as do the ones sold in years prior. That's just RV type trailers. What about other types? Where are the massive recalls? User error in the vast majority of cases. Ok, I don't do the tire threads much and this did not start as one LOL. That's my bi yearly take on it. Love those Torkflexes.
Ralph Cramden 02/22/19 03:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping unavailable to locals

Yeah it's worse during the winter but the summer is bad too. At least Florida is adding many new parks, I think they are up to 125+ now. And they don't charge a fortune to camp either like California. After having witnessed it first hand in your state when I was there for 8 months for a job a few years back, what the snowbirds do at most of your state parks from Dec until April is beyond ridiculous. Those Geezers have invented every way possible to game the system when it comes to max stay limits etc. If anywhere needs a regulation that state residents get first shot at campsites, Florida is it.
Ralph Cramden 02/21/19 10:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Progressive RV Insurance and Windshields

We had Progressive for 9 years up until last March. The policy deductible applies to windshield replacement unless you elect for the additional 0 deductible glass coverage, which was fairly cheap IIRC, like $8.00 for the 6 month term. Progressive never weaseled out of anything. They became good at weaseling the rate higher and higher every 6 months around the 8th year. And their "accident forgiveness" is an absolute joke. Have an accident and you're forgiven as far as the "rate" being increased. However next renewal what you pay will go up a good 30% or more when you lose the "safe driver" and "accident free" discounts. But the "rate" itself did not go up, as you were forgiven LOL.
Ralph Cramden 02/21/19 10:38am RV Lifestyle
RE: Garnet tank monitors

how much do these gauges cost and are they hard to instal. TIA Look up the price at their website. Whether these tank gauges are "worth it" depends on whether you care or not how much is in the tanks. Many of us don't and ignore our tank monitors anyway, in which case these gauges wouldn't be worth the cost, effort, or time to install. Now there is a statement that can be applied to anything and everything. Whether an RV, a car, or even a spouse is "worth it" depends on whether you care to have one, many don't. Many people boondock or dry camp where there are no hookups or at electric only sites, and for a week, 2 weeks, or longer at a time. You can look down the hole all you want but its hard to look down a hole into the gray tank, or on a 5th wheel with an elevated bathroom where the pipe drop to the tank through the basement turns a couple of angles, or down your faucet to see how much fresh water you still have. I personally like to know where my tank levels are at so I can dump using the tote tank, before the tanks are full to the point the tote can not take it all, and I'm making multiple trips. I guess you can tell your gray tank is full when it starts backing up into the shower if you care to which will typically happen in the middle of taking the shower. Pretty simple stuff, if you don't care, don't buy it or put forth the time and effort to install the See Level system. That does not change the fact that it's one of the only monitoring systems that actually works as designed, and works consistently. I've had it on 3 different trailers.
Ralph Cramden 02/21/19 04:52am Travel Trailers
RE: RV travel agent? Could you suggest one?

Send me a brief paragraph what you like to do on a trip, then send me some money, $100 cash should do it, and I'll be more than happy to plan out a trip for you.:B
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 02:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Walmart changing some stores

Our local Walmart has turned into a truck stop. They even drop trailers and leave them. LOCAL tree trimming companies leave their trucks there over night daily. It's becoming a real eyesore. And this is the kind of **** that ruins it for EVERYONE. Give some people an Inch and they'll take a MILE. Its this very attitude that caused our city to start charging for FREE campsites at our Tourist Park that were meant for tourists PASSING THROUGH on their way to/from Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs. If someone is dropping trailers and parking tree trimming trucks there on a consistent basis one would think they are doing so with someones permission or they wouldn't be there long, be that Walmart or someone else? Walmart is not always in control of parking and other common areas in a retail development. A dropped trailer or tree treeming truck is no more an eyesore than Billy Bob Jim pulling in in this! https://i.imgur.com/2B59icJl.jpg Or Thurston Howell III pulling in in this! https://i.imgur.com/v8KFkWhl.jpg
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas engine

Any of the later model big 3 gassers will tow that FW with 4.10/4.30 gears. They are rated for a 15K loaded FW weight. Yes, any of the big 3 diesels will do it better. If you stay in your flat country, the gasser will work fine. It will take patience and high RPM in the steep hills/mountains, if you head there, but you will get to the top. Jerry Maybe it can do it but who wants to listen to the engine screaming at you. Also 6mpg maybe mountain towing would get costly. Lots of people. Maybe the guy who works every day and has 3 or 4 kids, whose only camping amounts to some select weekends and a week long vacation once or twice a year. He probably does not want to fork down $9K+ on the vehicle and another $0.80 per gallon on fuel for the privilege of a few more mpg. The mountain gas mileage is more like 8-9 mpg and not 6 mpg btw. I know of no one who tows uphill 100% of the time, even in the west, except people who had to walk to school every day with no shoes, uphill both ways.
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 GMC/Chevrolet Diesel Engine

NOT dissing the trans but it's a GM built trans with an Allison "LABEL"... Then why publish this? It has been this way since 2007. You think everyone knows this? I did not until recently. I guess that reflects the importance/relevance of the whole label issue. If it has been that way since 2007 what difference does it make? The labeled trannies seem to be as robust as the non labeled models I guess i could say the same to all think it was worth commenting on my FACTUAL statement, what difference does it make??? You guys are making a big deal out of it. I even made it VERY clear I was NOT dissing it. Funny only part of my post that had any replies. Not a word if they may lockout the starting gears or not. Still trying to grasp the labels. Allison was always a division of GM, at least since the 1930's or something? The Allison 1000 series was made at GM'S plant in MD by Allison, which is supposed to close this year? Did GM build the tranny somewhere and ship it to MD, so Allison can install the label, or does Allison just ship labels to Flint? Gm spun DDA off to a holding company or something in 07? The 10 speed is going to be a partnership between GM and Allison label aside? Does any of it matter? Back in the day Pops had a Isuzu Luv POS with a big bowtie badge they slapped on it. It was actually a pretty decent little junker for 1/3 of a truck from what I can remember.
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 03:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Walmart changing some stores

The net has lots of pictures, and not photoshopped LOL. https://i.imgur.com/Ns1P3dAl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Gl5DljBl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/lUIkk7wl.jpg Livin the dream LOL. https://i.imgur.com/nsVCHVFl.jpg Did they use tapcons for tent pegs? https://i.imgur.com/UqLgyObl.jpg Could we invite you over for dinner? https://i.imgur.com/2zciwVvl.jpg Prevost owner trying to find the RV accessories aisle.
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 03:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Walmart / Generator???

Just park in the generator section and let it rip. Otherwise you need to verify with the store manager what is acceptable. Portable stuff setting out might be a no-no. Not for me. I love off-grid camping but if I need cool air all night I am looking for hookups. Walmart has a generator section? Some do. It's usually located across the parking lot from the Big Rig section, around the corner from the section designated for the diehard freeloaders.
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 03:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Single or Double Axle?

(not TorkFlex) What is a Torkflex? Torkflex?.........Those were invented by the guy on the right in 1967 LOL. https://i.imgur.com/BYHN9Y0l.jpg I have had a few RV trailers, and so many equipment / flat trailers I could not even begin to count them, but after having Torflex axles on our current 2017 Rockwood Roo, I don't think I ever want a conventional leaf spring trailer suspension ever again on a camper. If I can get them on the next equipment box we buy it will have them. Rockwood /Flagstaff is the only manufacturer I am 100% sure of who uses them pretty much across the board. People knock them for whatever reason, mostly because they have never had them, but I know of people who have had them on 10 yr old + rigs and they're still going strong. They're certainly more stable than leaf spring suspensions and you get hardly any of the bounce, or movement of items in the trailer, that happens with the conventional suspension.
Ralph Cramden 02/20/19 03:07am Travel Trailers
RE: No Overnight Parking at Interstate Rest Areas

Haven't seen anything like that in a long time. CA probably made it illegal or at best inadvisable. knowing CA they probably required the volunteer group to get a local and state business license, buy Organic coffee beans,sugar, and hormone free cream, Use recycled paper instead of styrofoam cups and then charge a deposit for them, and have the whole operation inspected and certified by the board of health with some astronomical fee LOL.. Actually, if you hand read this entire post you might have learned something. On 12-29 in this thread I posted a reply to this question regarding California. See the quote below. "Back a decade or so, the CHP(CA Hwy Patrol) cruised the Interstate rest areas on each patrol of their area. If they saw a vehicle two or three times they would stop and rouse the offender. Someone got a ticket because he argued with the Chippy and he went to court and got the ticket thrown out on the grounds that he was resting and better there than in a ditch. Now the CHP patrols the rest areas and look for hinky goings on but don't bother people parked legally and resting. There are lots of areas near on and off ramps where big rigs park for their required rest time, but not on the asphalt shoulder usually on the dirt." And by the way, a large variety of groups do provide small snacks, coffee and water for travelers. Donations are accepted and due to folks who make untoward comments about where the snacks come from, I'm sure those 53C organizations will eventually have to buy all the cookies they give away instead of serving homemade. Try picking on some other State for awhile. https://i.imgur.com/1bQOjKal.jpg
Ralph Cramden 02/19/19 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Jellystone's Cancellation Policy

I feel your pain but unfortunately stringent cancellation policies are necessary to keep unscrupulous campers from gaming the system. Yes sir, best to always keep a sharp lookout for those unscrupulous campers, the campgrounds are chock full of them
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 07:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dumping grey water in large quantities (500 gallons).

Lol.....this is a good one.
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 05:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Pressure Monitoring

With campers, towing, truck camper or any high payload weight you will also need to keep an eye out for pressure going UP. In the desert on hot pavement your tire pressure can double easily. Tires are usually fine up to double the max pressure stamped on the side just to cover any defective tires. ............... I have driven at 65-70 mph for hours at a time in temps as high as 108 and have never seen my 80 psi tires pressure rise more than 10% or so. So hot that my tires stuck to the hot soft asphalt at a rest area and I had difficulty getting them unstuck to start rolling again. :EWell, I've seen more than 10% rise, maybe 15-18%, but nothing anywhere near 100%. I mean 130 psi with a 65 psi tire? 220 psi with a 110 psi rated tire? Seems pretty unlikely. If you twist up and smoke enough Scooby Snacks while driving across the desert, the chances are fair to midland the internal pressure in your cranium can double also.
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: ? Pot & Pan Set w/Covers

I would get the ones they advertise on TV in between old Andy Griffith Mayberry RFD episodes on the Retro channel @ 3:00 AM. LOL. That's where I got my Nugenix. I hear that stuff makes a pretty good cocktail. You mix equal parts Nugenix, Viagra, and Midol into a bottle of Miller High Life, The Champagne of Beers.
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 02:03pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: ? Pot & Pan Set w/Covers

I would get the ones they advertise on TV in between old Andy Griffith Mayberry RFD episodes on the Retro channel @ 3:00 AM. You know, the ones where they send you two sets, just pay an additional fee. The ones where they pound chunks of concrete into powder with a hammer in the frying pan.
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 01:07pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Tire Pressure Monitoring

With campers, towing, truck camper or any high payload weight you will also need to keep an eye out for pressure going UP. In the desert on hot pavement your tire pressure can double easily. Now that is amazing. I was told on these boards that when you use X-chocks they can fall right on out when the tire cools a few degrees, because tires expand and contract, it's physics LOL. Now I am :h my head to understand how when a tire heats up enough to increase air pressure as you claim, which I am in no way disputing, it does not swell enough in diameter to release said pressure. One would think it would grow enough to loosely pop off the rim? Go figure LOL. It's physics.
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: monthly stay

What does the CG say about check out time? Yea really LOL. They just may have something to say about it.
Ralph Cramden 02/18/19 04:32am Fifth-Wheels
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