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RE: Broken ladder - repair or replace?

Thanks for your comments. I agree that internal tubing would be the best fix. I also agree a new ladder is not that much. However, finding an exact replacement has not been easy. If I could find one, it would mean drilling no new holes and make the job much easier. I'll probably go with a new “universal” ladder and hope it's not too hard to modify and install for my application.
Ramblin' Ralph 01/28/21 03:50pm Tech Issues
Broken ladder - repair or replace?

Last summer I had an encounter with a tree and it won, resulting in a broken ladder on my truck camper. The attached pictures show the remaining part of the still attached bottom section and the broken off center section. The top section is also broken from the top of the center. I'm wondering if I could put the ladder back together successfully and not have to install a new one? That would save quite a bit of work to remove all the old caulking at the bottom and the above standoff and put on new. I was thinking about either a sleeve to go over the ends of the two broken tubes or an insert that would go inside the two tubes. A sleeve on the outside might cause a problem at the standoff though, since the sleeve diameter would be bigger than the ladder and possibly affect the proper flat attachment to the top. Do either of the above ideas seem workable? Thanks, Ralph https://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/MiscPhotos/LadderLower_s.jpeg https://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/MiscPhotos/LadderMiddle_s.jpeg
Ramblin' Ralph 01/27/21 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Bluetooth Extender?

Doc stickdog: Thanks for the Rx. I agree. :) APT: I'm not sure about one way. Just got that impression from product info. Will look into it further.
Ramblin' Ralph 01/19/21 09:43am Technology Corner
Bluetooth Extender?

My camper is parked in my driveway, about 100 feet from my house. I have a solar controller with Bluetooth capability and an app on my smartphone that gives me all sorts of information on battery charging. I'd like to be able to check that information from my easy-chair versus walking ALL the way out to the camper. :) I see things called Bluetooth extenders/repeaters, but it looks like mostly they are for audio, which would be one way. Has anybody used one of these extenders or something similar for what I want to do? Thanks, Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/18/21 01:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Connect small wires to auto battery post?

Many thanks for the ideas! I will look at them and decide which works out best.
Ramblin' Ralph 01/14/21 09:18am Tech Issues
Connect small wires to auto battery post?

I'm replacing my RV/marine battery, that has a wingnut terminal for small wires, with one that doesn't. So I'm looking for something that will connect to a large battery post (along with the battery cable) and give me a way to connect small wires under a wing nut. I don't want to replace the end of my battery cables to do this. Thanks, Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/13/21 06:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium and DC-DC Charger?

Responses to comments since my last post: - I already have a battery isolator under my hood - Based on my previous experience with lead acid, I think a 100 AH lithium will fit my needs. No high draw items except for the furnace fan. All lights are LED. - Have a variety of reasons for not sticking with lead acid : Last ones didn't last long; Won't have to check the water; Lighter weight for my old body; Most likely this will be my last set of batteries, so I thought I would try the "newest trend". Was going to buy a $900 Battleborn, but checked Amazon and found a $540 one with very good reviews (due late Jan). Even if it doesn't last as long as a Battleborn, it will be long enough for me. :) Probably will put in a 20 amp dc-to-dc charger. Lithium Choice Thanks for the comments. Always good to get other opinions. Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/08/21 07:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Lithium and DC-DC Charger?

Thanks for the input. My “protect the alternator” question was because of the following video I saw from Victron. Evidently the lithiums can put a higher amp load on the alternator. In their lab study one of them started smoking because of insufficient cooling while charging a 300 AH lithium. Video here I was just checking to see if I might have the same problem with a single 100 AH. Thanks for the tip on the SiO2 batteries. I'll look into them. Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/08/21 11:37am Truck Campers
Lithium and DC-DC Charger?

My two group 27 lead acid batteries need replacing. Even though I'm too old to get maximum benefit from lithium longevity, I am thinking about going with a single 100 AH LifePO4 lithium. Doing some research it appears that a DC - DC charger is needed between the truck alternator and camper battery to protect the alternator. Would this still be required with only one 100 AH battery? Truck is a 2006 GMC 2500HD. Also have 125w of solar. Thanks, Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 01/07/21 08:03pm Truck Campers
RE: TC Horizontal LP Cylinders

My 2001 Lance 845 has one 20lb horizontal tank. Fills vertically. Have had tank recertified twice and all they do is inspect it visually. Since it's in a compartment, it doesn't rust much, so no problem with recertification. At $200 for a new one, hope current one lasts as long as I have the rig! :)
Ramblin' Ralph 11/20/20 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: Chumming for photo contest votes

Thanks! Sorry for the slow reply. For some reason your post msg didn't show for a while, even though I saw there was a reply. Has happened before.
Ramblin' Ralph 10/27/20 09:43am Truck Campers
Chumming for photo contest votes

Voting for the annual Truck Camper Magazine calendar photo contest just opened. I have one entry this year. Don't usually take photos from the back, but I like this one. Plus, the boondocking location is interesting. If you like the photo below, I'd appreciate a vote for my entry, #160 (in Part 2). Years back I was a winner and got on the calendar. Since then a couple of honorable mentions. See entries and vote here. First round voting (for top 25) closes at midnight (PST) next Wednesday, Oct 28. https://www.hogtimemusic.com/nomad/MiscPhotos/RvNetPost_s.jpg Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 10/24/20 12:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Memory leak with Firefox?

I just updated to FF 82.0 yesterday and ran into the same "slow" problem and noticed a couple of FF processes using 2+ gigs. I do keep a lot of tabs open, but never had this problem before.
Ramblin' Ralph 10/22/20 10:23am Technology Corner
RE: Surrounded By Sheep!

Thanks for all the comments, especially the humorous ones. We definitely need plenty of humor in this pandemic mess. :D
Ramblin' Ralph 09/23/20 12:09pm Truck Campers
Surrounded By Sheep!

Last month I was boondocking at 8200 ft off CA89 at the Monitor Pass area. Next morning I hear a weird sound that just got louder. Looked out my back window and a herd of sheep was passing around me! They were followed up by a couple of dogs and a guy on foot. Quite a surprise. :) Following are a couple of photos. A short video is on my Instagram page here. https://hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos7/RVAug20_221.JPG https://hogtimemusic.com/nomad/photos7/RVAug20_223_crop.jpeg
Ramblin' Ralph 09/22/20 01:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Who's hitting the road this summer?

Just got on the road Monday for a family campout with my kids in the E Sierra. Usually do 5 to 6 months ramblin', but probably only 3 to 4 this year with a late start and this virus mess. Probably do more boondocking vs. usual USFS campgrounds. Safe travels to all.
Ramblin' Ralph 06/17/20 11:15am Truck Campers
RE: Battery Life?

Sounds like GCs are the way to go. However, my truck camper battery compartment won't hold 2. My 2nd 12v is in the truck bed, ahead of the wheel well. If I put the GC there, I would have to rewire for series vs. parallel. Also would have to put the GC on the ground when I take my camper off the truck. To simplify things, I'll just stick with 27DC and hope another brand gives me better luck. Thanks for the tips.
Ramblin' Ralph 05/26/20 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Life?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding. I read your post to say your solar charging was only reaching 50%. I can see why you asked your question. :) My statement was surely not clear. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll see if I can edit it.
Ramblin' Ralph 05/24/20 03:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Life?

Thanks to all for the replies. Below are answers to the questions. 2oldman: I've read multiple times that deep discharges shorten the life of a battery, but 50% is no magic number. time2roll: Until last week, I used the same controller for 14 years, a Blue Sky MPPT. So, the batteries seem to be the variable here. pnichols: I figured there was some sort of alternative motive in your post. :B Ralph
Ramblin' Ralph 05/24/20 01:50pm Tech Issues
Battery Life?

For the last 14 years I traveled 5-6 months a year in my truck camper. The rest of the year it sits on the jacks in my driveway. I have a 125w solar panel to keep batteries charged while on and off the road. Rarely, if ever, do the batteries go below the 50% charge level. Have no microwave or a/c, so minimal current draw. Have no records, but I think I've gotten at least 4 years on previous sets of 2. However, one of my 2 "travel seasons" old current set won't hold a charge overnight. After full charge from solar, it reaches 12.2v overnight (per new charge controller with history function). Current batteries are Interstate 27DC Marine/RV from Costco. I think at least 2 of my previous sets (which lasted longer) were the Costco branded ones. So, my questions are: 1) Results for anybody having the same Interstate model? 2) What other brands have you used with good results? BTW, not interested in AGM or lithium. Thanks,
Ramblin' Ralph 05/24/20 11:16am Tech Issues
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