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RE: Lost all power to 120v outlets

A good way to tell if a Generac was ever installed is to look in the step below the dinette slideout. The Generac had a remote inverter that occupied about half of the space inside the step. It may still be in there, or at least the cable that connected it to the generator may still be there. Generac RV generators were notoriously difficult for some tech’s to fix because they didn’t understand how they worked. On top of that, some of the parts were ridiculously expensive. Some failures could easily cost more than a new generator. Consequently, a lot of them ended up getting junked with low hours on them, and they ended up with a bad reputation amongst some of the owners. :):) WOW...didn't even know that space existed till now. No Generac anything there, but there was a brand new Hillshire Farms gift pack with 2 beef logs, crackers, and cheese...all have long since dried up. How no rodents ever found that is pretty remarkable. So, perhaps the Onan was an add-on after the original sale.
RandMJacobs 03/03/21 04:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Lost all power to 120v outlets

My generator is an Onan Camp Power 2800w (and a gas model but it appears it was converted to run on LP). So, guessing this might be a replacement?
RandMJacobs 03/03/21 08:32am Truck Campers
RE: Lost all power to 120v outlets

I just checked the operation of the CB on the generator, and yes, it does make a definite “click” sound, and has a noticeable detent feel to it when you operate it. Unfortunately, this generator has been out of production for several years now, and Generac doesn’t even make built-in RV generators any longer. It’s been a few years since I’ve needed a part for mine, but the supply of new, “Generac unique” parts was drying up. Used and refurbed parts may have to be located. It’s difficult to impossible to find the manuals for my generator on Generac’s site, but here’s a link to the parts breakdown for a 941-1, which is what mine is. https://generac.ordertree.com/catalog/partslist/group/group_id/233167/ Here’s a link to the service manual (which doesn’t include part numbers) at generator-parts.com http://www.generator-parts.com/manuals/generac-rv/0D1752.pdf Here’s a link to the parts breakdown at jackssmallengines.com According to this, the CB part number is 0A8592, but when I add one to the shopping cart to buy it says it’s out of stock. That’s a two-pole, 15A CB, and I doubt it’s a Generac unique part, so you may be able to remove it and find the manufacturer info printed on it. https://www.jackssmallengines.com/jacks-parts-lookup/manufacturer/generac-engine-part/generator/00941-1/control-panel Jacks is where I’ve purchased parts most recently. Maybe give them a call. :):) First off, now that it IS finally a "Godly hour", I've had a chance to put your suggestions into use...and we have power. As I suspected once you suggested it, the culprit was not plugging the shore power back into the Lance's receptacle. And, since I left the generator's circuit breaker in the off position, until I returned it to "on", I still didn't have power, so that CB appears to be functioning...whether it will trip if it needs to, is to figure out on another day. For now, we are running on generator power and recharging batteries. So, huzzah! And thanks...both for the suggestions AND the links. I'll be checking those out shortly.
RandMJacobs 03/02/21 06:51am Truck Campers
RE: Lost all power to 120v outlets

There’s a GFCI outlet on my 1121 over the galley sink, under the overhead cabinet. When that trips, it affects other outlets as well. I’ll check the CB on my generator (Generac 36LP) for how it operates. Do try plugging into an external AC power source to eliminate the generator and the CB’s on the generator. I take it the generator starts and runs, but there is no AC output? Your 1121 would have come from Lance with a GFCI outlet above the sink, but of course it could have been replaced or eliminated by now. You should NOT have an automatic transfer switch (ATS) on your camper as Lance wasn’t using those then. Your shore power cord should be plugged into a 30 amp RV receptacle in the cord storage area. That receptacle and the shore power cord plug is another possible failure point. :):) Great response. My wife says I have to wait until a "Godly hour" before I can test things out, however. Wives, right?!!!!! Anyway, yes, it appears there IS a GFCI above the sink, so will try that out. Also, and more important, I should have remembered that I have to replug the shore power into the built in receptacle in the same compartment. But again, can't check yet, but pretty sure without that plugged in, I shouldn't have had any reason to expect the generator to provide any power to the TC. So, pretty hopeful once I can power on the generator, that my troubles will be gone. I will post when I have it up and running. Much thanks for the suggestions/reminders.
RandMJacobs 03/02/21 05:56am Truck Campers
RE: Lost all power to 120v outlets

Try plugging in to a regular 120 V outlet and see what happens. I'll give that a try tomorrow...friends camping with us should be able to plug us into their motorhome.
RandMJacobs 03/01/21 09:55pm Truck Campers
Lost all power to 120v outlets

We have a (new to us) Lance 1121 (year 2000). This is our first outing and for some unknown reason, we have lost all power to 120v outlets. The fuse and breaker panel seems ok. The circuit breaker switch on the gen set seems as if it maybe bad. I feel almost no resistance when moving the switch up and down kind of like something just isn't "catching". I'm used to feeling almost a click on most circuit breakers when throwing the switch...but not feeling anything like that here. So, I'm wondering if anyone can comment on how that switch should feel when flipping it up and down. I don't see any GFCI outlets, which would have been my first suspicion. Would (or should) there be GFCI's on a 2000 Lance? Can anyone suggest another place to look? Or offer another suggestion? We have our 12 volt available, just not our 120v service.
RandMJacobs 03/01/21 09:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help identifying part

Low point would normally be the size of larger pipe in photo. Low point drains the water when valve is open. Have you tried to follow the small line? Oh yeah, that is easy...each is about an 8 inch stub...not connected to anything, just open at the end. So, just a short piece of 1/4" tubing open at the free end. But, unfortunately, the one squirts quite a lot (almost free flow) when the pump is running, so I either need to plug the open end, or replace it. If it really has no use, then the fix would be much easier...just cut it out and replace with a straight section of PEX. Just don't want to do that if there is an actual use or need for it...must be there for a reason I'd think. So, do you know where to look for the low point drains on a 2000 Lance 1121? I'll be out to the TC later today and will look around. Maybe near the gray/black dump as I would have to raise the TC to see that area...maybe that is why I haven't found them yet???
RandMJacobs 12/17/20 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: Need help identifying part

Does anyone know what these (one for hot, one for cold) are for? They only seem to pass water when the pump is running...not exactly how a low point drain usually operates.
RandMJacobs 12/16/20 05:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help identifying part

I should have asked what is wrong with your current valve. This type of valve can clog easily. You can pull the shut off out and clean them. I see a little discoloration which could be slight leak, new seal will take care of this. I'll give this a try...maybe it WILL fix it!
RandMJacobs 12/16/20 02:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help identifying part

T valve. You could also replace with a T and a valve for the small line. I did give some thought to doing this, but would prefer to keep the same part if I can find one. Thanks for the name of the part though...maybe I'll find one more similar to the current one.
RandMJacobs 12/16/20 02:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help identifying part

If you are talking about the small valve, looks like one for an ice maker. Here is one type of replacement. Valve That might do the trick...if someone can tell me that the existing valve is likely PEX. Not sure if PEX would have been the standard back in 2000. I know my trailer, built in 1995, used polybutylene and the fittings look similar to PEX, but slightly different size.
RandMJacobs 12/16/20 02:34pm Truck Campers
Need help identifying part

I recently purchased a 2000 Lance 1121 TC. The attached picture stumps me as to what it is called so I can find a replacement. I would call it a t-valve needle valve, but that gets me nowhere. There are two...I'm assuming these are maybe low point drains as I cannot come up with an alternate use. Anyway, in 2000, would these fittings be 1/2" PEX, or possibly the earlier polybutylene, although I only know of polybutylene being gray in color...and my lines are milky clear.https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jdrcyhi0i2ymuv/IMG_9409.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jdrcyhi0i2ymuv/IMG_9409.jpg?dl=0 (link to photo...not sure how to insert a picture into this post). https://i.imgur.com/RLbAfd6l.jpg
RandMJacobs 12/16/20 12:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Newbie questions

I think the previous owner was a bit of an extremely cautious type person. We have an aluminum framed Chalet camper with a slide and never has it crossed our mind to brace the slide when it is out, or the cab over when the camper is off the truck. We sleep in the overhead with the camper off the truck and have the slide out as well. As far as using blocks under the camper to store it, we let the weight of the camper rest on the jacks. With that said there is nothing wrong with using concrete blocks and resting the camper on the blocks with just a little pressure on the jacks. Since I have obviously been shopping for a TC, I have come across quite a few TC pictures with the TC being stored on some type of frame or other support. Since the jacks are electric (vice hydraulic), I can't think of any potential harm to the jack itself, but the concern would be more to the point where it connects to TC itself. I am hoping to be able to store the camper inside my shop over the summer and will probably just rest the base on the concrete floor, but with some, albeit minimal, pressure on the jacks. Thanks for your reply.
RandMJacobs 12/04/20 02:30am Truck Campers
Newbie questions

First off, I am a long time camper, but this is our first truck camper. If not for the owner raising this issue, I wouldn't be asking. Well, this is the son of the very elderly owner. He said not to fully extend the slide without a brace on the 2000 Lance 1161 he sold us...when it is on it jacks and off the truck. He also said to put some type of brace both under the slide and under the front cap when off the truck. Both sound overkill and unnecessary. I mean, I guess if we each weighed in the 400 lb range...then maybe. But my way of looking at it...if this camper is pushing 4000 lbs, I can't imagine a 225 lb and 130 lb couple risking tipping the trailer if both sitting in the dinette or both in the bed at the same time. Am I wrong to feel any type of brace is unneeded? Also, when camping and if we remove the camper, can I assume it doesn't hurt the camper to sit with all the weight on the jack's leg...I will lower to within about a foot off the ground. But what about when in longer term storage? I wouldn't think it would be good for the jacks to have all the weight on the jacks...what is the preferred way to leave the camper for longer storage? Could it sit on maybe 9 concete blocks spaced 3 across the front, 3 across the middle and 3 across the rear? (we just finished a construction project so have around 30 blocks we don't have plans for. Or is there a better way than the block. I know I have a lot to learn and look forward to that, but these couple of questions are those that have cropped up in just the few hours we have owned this rig.
RandMJacobs 12/03/20 08:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing used...how to know if it is stolen or not?

same question could apply to buying a used washer/dryer or a used lawn mower. None of these are vehicles either. Unless you are in a State where the TC is considered a vehicle and has to have a tag there is not a lot you can do, but also not a lot that can be done if it is stolen unless the owner actually sees it and starts legal process. Then he will need proof that it was his. Not sure if you are worried about the morality of buying stolen, or of the possibility you lose it. I understand that it is not really that much different than buying a washer/dryer as far as if stolen...other than a used washer/dryer is probably under $300-$500 and isn't out on the road. I certainly wouldn't buy anything I knew was stolen no matter how good a deal it was. BUT, a TC could be $10K or much more...and that is a LOT of money to put at risk...not to mention that when you are using it, it is out there for anyone to recognize and say...hey, that's my trailer. Heck, if someone stole MY TC, I'd sure as hell keep an eye out for it. My point is what I can do to best protect against being out a lot of money I personally can't afford to put at risk or to find out if there is/isn't a way to access stolen property records to bounce the serial number against it. Or maybe I should just buy only from an original owner or require a paper trail from initial purchase to current owner. Granted, there can be things hidden that you can't always guarantee against, but I will do as much as possible to level that playing field.
RandMJacobs 10/08/20 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing used...how to know if it is stolen or not?

My camper does not have a VIN, just a 5 or 6 digit number from the Lance factory. That is the VIN. If your camper were to get stolen that's the number they would use to identify it and if you titled it that the number they would use. No, the Lance I'm looking at has a serial number...this is NOT a VIN, however.
RandMJacobs 10/07/20 10:06pm Truck Campers
Purchasing used...how to know if it is stolen or not?

So, I'm in the market for a used truck camper...first time to have a TC. I was surprised to find that for much of the country, no title is required for a truck camper...but in thinking on it, I guess that sort of makes sense for it to be consider an "accessory" rather than a vehicle in and of itself. So, before I will feel comfortable laying out north of $10K, I feel I need some type of assurance the camper is legitimate. I'd hate to buy what could be a stolen camper, only to find this out later and then be out my $10K+ AND the camper. So, how do those of your with TC experience handle this? If I'm buying from an original owner, I'd think they should have the original sale documents...in which case I'd be fine with having these accompanied by a bill of sale from that same person. But, what about when there is no clear transfer history...what to do in this case? Is there some way to search for stolen vehicles? I also believe that not all (if any?) TC do not have a VIN. If no VIN, do they have a serial number or some way to mark it in a way that identifies it as a particular item?
RandMJacobs 10/07/20 07:17am Truck Campers
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