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RE: Combined home computers reach exaflop levels

Vijay Pande with Stanford University was one of the originators of Folding @ Home Distributed Computing (Short for protein folding or assembling.) I founded a team on my website about 20 years ago when it was first implemented. Teams were very competitive and I have had over 30 machines of mine running it at one time. I can honestly say that no malware or any such have ever been sent to any of my machines. For the sake of fairness, I will not name the team that I started, however I encourage anyone that has lost a friend or loved one to cancer, Lou Gehrig, etc., to look into it. Genomes, proteins and such assemble differently with almost infinite possibilities. Minute differences of temperature, salinity and such within a human body can affect outcome of some bad diseases... You can learn about it here: Folding at Home Vijay Pande, Stanford Professor, Profile
RayJayco 03/30/20 05:26am Technology Corner
RE: Bye-bye Tom Brady

Jameis Winston's future is still out there. Will he receive an offer from another team or could he remain in Tampa playing second fiddle, with brady mentoring him til he calls it quits. I would really like this as I believe Winston is going to end up with a ring. With the eye surgery and meniscus operation, he may be better. I remember Arians in an after game interview after JW had thrown 3 ints., saying that none of the 3 were JW's fault. Keep in mind that the camera is high over the field giving a false view of how the game looks at field level... It is easy to put blame after seeing something on TV. A tipped pass, a missed route, these are still blamed on QB even though the fans have no idea if the receiver didn't get the route right and a tipped pass... JW is going to be like Young, Dilfer, Testaverde, Williams... A whole different game when you have a good OL and an RB to mix things up.
RayJayco 03/18/20 09:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Bye-bye Tom Brady

Like I said, Brady will sell tickets, however we have too many holes to fill to be a serious contender this upcoming season, and with his age, Brady isn't our future. This year and maybe next, not enough time... With out an efficient OL and a decent RB, Brady wouldn't be very effective with only a quick passing game. And as history has shown, a good defense that gets to him, and his production goes down. Not enough emphasis is put on the fear facture. I won't get into naming good to great QBs that didn't do good with our historically bad OL, that went on to win SB's with other teams... At least the games will sell out...
RayJayco 03/18/20 07:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Bye-bye Tom Brady

The talk is that he is coming here. Yes, he would sell tickets, however I really don't want him here. He is the GOAT, however he is old...
RayJayco 03/17/20 08:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

Those that put down the significance of viruses should keep in mind that Ebola, rabies, HIV, small pox, hantavirus, dengue, rotovirus, SARS, Marburg, yellow fever are just a few viruses off the top of my head, that can be deadly, as can be influenza... Also keep in mind that apparently it originated in China, a communist country, so how much faith can one put into the accuracy of their stats and info... Speaking of stats, anyone that has taken a college stats course knows that the sample base is still not large enough for anything other than a guess... I won't repeat the potential accuracy of the info given... I hear people questioning the validity of ~78 degrees F killing it. Obviously they don't understand the difference between an inert object such as wood, linen, metal, etc., and a BIOLOGICAL HOST. Summer should help us if it follows the so called 5 month pattern that we hear from China. Be safe.
RayJayco 03/17/20 08:07am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: The Coronavirus

Just keep in mind that this virus has not been around long enough for anyone to truly understand it... And they tend to evolve as so many in the past have... Current stats are meaningless as they do not have a large enough sample base Be safe, and use good personal hygiene...
RayJayco 03/13/20 04:35am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Investment Gurus-thoughts?

PS - loan payments on your residence aren't pre tax dollars I know. Loan payments on the 401(k) note are though. Not sure about this at all... Unless you paid taxes on the 401k loan (which you shouldn't have that I know of) paying the loan back is not tax deductible as the federal government is not going to allow you to have the same money tax free twice... IE, tax deductible when contributed and tax deductible when paying back. Honestly, you probably need to talk with a fiduciary (financial consultant that will work in YOUR best interest) I have lost an incredible amount in the last 2 weeks. It is no loss unless I withdraw as the market should bounce back after this crown virus thing. "Increasing" your "contributions" to a 401k would probably be a good thing as the price of shares are low. Paying the mortgage, if you can apply the money to "principal" would be a good thing to cut out long term interest considerably, of course depending upon the amount... I am not sure how your mortgage is structured and whether that is permitted though... Again, see a fiduciary...
RayJayco 03/11/20 06:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Butane vs. Propane

Butane is sold south of the border. There are probably no Gas retailers for Public sale FOR RV's and DOT cylinders that sell Butane anymore. They just quit selling both types in the USA years ago as there was no real need. You may be able to find some that do sell Butane, but why? Doug Butane is cheaper on wholesale level... A couple months ago, I was discussing this with a friend in NO Cal during the rolling power outages due to the fires. He didn't want to consider a propane BU genny due to his friends that his lines froze up when it was 20F. I explained to him that in temperate climates you will often get butane as propane and butane are both LPG gas... Call your supplier and ask to see the paperwork, you may be surprised...
RayJayco 02/07/20 08:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: firewall, black expanding foam

Be very careful before using any type of foam, even the ones that state "fire block"... Read the information very carefully before you buy or use... You might want to look into fire caulk...
RayJayco 01/22/20 05:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: It could have went bad!

Back in the early '80's, had a friend that had a small boat, seems like a Cobia. We left Tampa about midnight pulling the boat with his old barge of a car. We liked to get to Lake Okeechobee early, get breakfast and be on the 10 mile cut before dawn (Moore Haven). Well about 2 AM or so, somewhere about Sebring, a convenience store was open and we stopped to get a coffee. We smelled something burning before we got the doors open. Smoke coming off the passenger side trailer tire... What to do?? In the bible belt at 2 AM on Sunday morning... Options; Sit and wait at the store until after church when a parts store should open OR keep heading south real slow... We went with option 2. No traffic on the road. Our other friend was a bit scared, so we had him in back seat watching the tire to let us know if the wheel came off... LOL The 2 of us knew that would do nothing but it made our buddy in the back seat feel better! Empty road, we drove real slow and made it to Moore Haven just about sun rise. Ordered biscuits and gravy to go, backed down ramp, off loaded boat, parked car and away we went! We fished and did ok, got turned around in the monkey box, old POS boat wouldn't always start without a fight, friend from back seat hadn't caught anything... We need to get back and fix the trailer before everything closes! He finally had a bite! (not really, he was just hung! We felt bad and let him fight it! LOL Watching our watch and the sun. Finally he broke the line! Lets go! Boat wouldn't start! Pull, pull, pull, taking turns pulling the cord and fiddling with it. Finally got it running, misfiring bad. Could only run at basically a rough idle. As luck would have it, a fishing tournament was ending as we were putting up the 10 mile cut. Them big Ranger boats throwing 50 ft rooster tails, blowing us all over the place! They had to make the weigh in. Finally made it back to ramp. Only our car and 1 truck was there. Back seat buddy stayed to watch boat, and me and other friend took off to Roland Martin's Marina, probably about 25-30 miles away. Got there just as a lady was locking the door. Please!!! We just need a set of bearings! We are desperate! She let us in! Bless her heart! Gratefully we grabbed the bearings and away we went! Lifted up trailer and just pulled the wheel off! Oh boy! Bearings was melted-gone, inside of wheel was damaged. We jammed a bearing on each side of wheel (only way to do) and slide it on axle... That was when we realized the washer that held bearings was gone! I guess that it completely melted on the way. What to do?! I walked around looking for ideas, thinking hard. Aluminum can won't work... Hand in pocket I felt some change. Pulled out a couple of dimes... Hey guys, I need more dimes! An old man had loaded his boat and was pulling out. He was the last person there. I waved him to stop and asked if he happened to have a big washer. No, he had too many tools stolen there and brings nothing, starting to drive away... I said that I didn't think that the 5 dimes that I had holding the wheel on would make Tampa. He looked at me and said, What? Yes sir. He walked over looked at it, scratched his head and said, Son, if you'll follow me home, I'll get you a washer! He couldn't believe it. So away we go! Back seat buddy watching the wheel again (LOL) as we go over the levy, down the roads to the old guys home. Probably drove 10 miles or so, over bad roads. But the wheel stayed on. He wouldn't let us do anything. With boat on trailer, we couldn't lift it as before, he brought out a jack, tools, washer and fixed it. He stood up and shook my hand as I was trying to hand him some money. He wouldn't take it. ...All that he wanted was the 5 dimes! So if you ever find yourself around Moore Haven, ask an old timer about the 5 dime guy. That was me.
RayJayco 01/10/20 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing Atwood water heater plug to brass

I have found that Nickel Anti-seize is a great go between on many dissimilar metals, especially steel and aluminum, although others as well. It is what I used on mine about 6 years ago.
RayJayco 01/02/20 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Modified/pure sine wave

O2 concentrators are noisy, 2 hours battery for the units that I have seen and most of the portables cannot exceed 2 lpm. Talk to the doctor about liquid oxygen... Doesn't need electricity, can deliver as much as needed and the tanks weight is about equal to a concentrator...
RayJayco 12/18/19 06:58am Tech Issues
Class A and Taco Bell Drive Thru

I am hoping that this wasn't any of our members making a "run for the border"! Wrong way and got stuck. A bit too much to drink... At least no one was hurt! What not to do in an rv
RayJayco 12/09/19 06:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: It is no wonder

Try putting the site in the safe zone (How depends on which browser that you are using), not deleting the site cookie, not logging out, just closing the browser... Many different options. If you need more info, just let us know.
RayJayco 12/06/19 05:57am General RVing Issues
RE: The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe

You guys have it all wrong as I have been there...Yes to the end... We couldn't have done it without the fuel additive and air tabs on the boat... We were cruising at a good clip, following seas, tooted the horn for the passing lane as we went by the RV. Friendly folks waving at us and they politely moved over to the right to allow us around them. Too fast and the captain didn't change the brake fluid so we couldn't stop as we approached what could only be described as an infinity pool ending. We were all hoping to die as our grandfather did in his sleep and not screaming and crying like the passengers in his car, however some did lose control of bodily functions (yes, it was me...) Thought that we were goners! It was actually like a conveyor belt! Yes, we found the short cut to the Orient! When we arrived back stateside, we had only used 1/2 tank of fuel! This was no doubt due to the fuel additive and air tabs!
RayJayco 11/20/19 04:13am Around the Campfire
RE: Sewer drain is lower than the dump drain.

I've been at sites where the sewer tap is high, but never higher than the bottom of the tanks. The stuff still flows, and if what's sitting in the slinky is an issue just drain the hose hand over hand or build a bridge. Bingo, just like a p-trap, as long as the bottom of tank is higher than cleanout... Just be careful when disconnecting the hose and remember to elevate the end when you disconnect so contents of the hose drains...
RayJayco 11/01/19 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Catcher frames/lands the pitch

It's not where the ball lands in the glove, it's how/if/when the ball goes over the plate. Just 'rubbing' across the edge is a strike. I haven't seen an umpire call a strike per the rules, knees to bottom of letters as it is more like belt to bottom of the letters. For automated calling to be effective and accurate at least 5 cameras would be required: 1 behind the plate(move be movable due to umpires positioning), 1 behind the pitcher, 1 over the plate looking down and 1 opposite the batter (each side for left or right handed batter). Without 3 dimensions, the calls would not be accurate.
RayJayco 10/31/19 07:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Cigarrette Addiction

I know at least a half dozen people that developed cancer after quitting smoking.
RayJayco 09/27/19 06:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Phone/email question

IMAP is Instant Messaging Protocol. When phones are used for email and you use POP3, when an attachment is received, no other message will be able to be received until the attachment is fully downloaded... With IMAP, you get all of the emails and only DL the attachments that you want to see, avoiding a 'log jamb'...
RayJayco 08/23/19 09:27am Technology Corner
RE: Lightning and what it can do

Cars with metal roofs are reasonably safe from lightning due to the faraday cage effect, however motorcycles and convertibles are not. Plenty of info on this, is available online. This should get you started; https://www.weather.gov/safety/lightning-cars https://www.weather.gov/safety/lightning-myths http://www.lightningsafety.com/nlsi_lls.html Be sure to look around those sites as they have some great info. NOAA had some great links, however they seem to have removed them. Be safe!
RayJayco 06/11/19 05:22am Around the Campfire
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