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RE: Camper Tie-down Pros/Cons

UPDATE: Got the camper home, minimal scuffs/scratches. Parking her at a job site for now and going to start winter-proofing next week once I get done with the hardest parts of this job. Back to my original question re:tie-downs. I priced out the frame mounts at forklift and they have two options. Steel & aluminum. Steel is around $850 for front & back. Aluminum is around $1150 for the pair. They are marketing the aluminum as Rust-proof but I believe my chassis is also steel. The plows here in CO use Mag-chloride, not salt. Is it that big of a difference between the two materials? I had been gun-ho to get the aluminum bc I tend to buy and cry one time, but I'm tempted to go with the cheaper option in this case as I might upgrade within a year or two. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. ~Corbo You're probably assuming that rock salt is worse than Mag-chloride; it's not. Rock salt washes off the road, vehicles, etc, easier, so it's detrimental effect is minimized easier. Mag-chloride (liquid deicers) stick better, hence why we use them, and in the end is why it does more damage. It's a trade off..safer roads vs the cost of the damage. I wouldn't get to hung up on the details. $300 difference; get the one you can afford to like and want.
Reality Check 08/15/23 06:16am Truck Campers
RE: Largest Lithium AMP Hour Battery - 2023 Arctic Fox 865

Fwiw, rough roads don’t blow out LP pilot lights. Unless you happen to be going really really fast on them… Rough as in offroad, no where near level with, side to side rocking gi.e.oing over small to medium size rocks and ledges, etc. Still won't be the cause. A strong gust of wind, sure, but LP could care less about motion.
Reality Check 04/19/23 08:32am Truck Campers
RE: Just curious

Why wouldn't you? Is water in a plastic bottle somehow better than water in a plastic tank? One baths in the RV Water, washes dishes in the RV water, brushes their teeth with the RV water, cooks with the RV water. What's the difference?
Reality Check 04/12/23 08:24pm Truck Campers
RE: F550 Upfitting cost estimates?

Ride is fine loaded . Its not bad unloaded if roads are decent. Good to know! So on a different note, when traveling with the camper aboard, what has been your practice when approaching the various truck scales?? Many thanks, 3 tons Ditto what zb39 states; never pulled into an open scale. I'll argue all day long we're an RV. Confident in that and I'll take the discussion if it ever comes up. Includes that gawd awful state California. Bypass includes when we cross the pads and get flagged in...just skip it. We're just over 19k on the truck, hover around 28k total with the trailer.
Reality Check 04/07/23 10:17pm Truck Campers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

**** buddy, a tough day for sure. Yes, glad it wasn't worse. An extra prayer for you today..this is that part of life that kinda sucks. I'll keep in touch.
Reality Check 03/06/23 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: Truck to fit camper

We are looking to potentially buy a Host Tahoe SB. This TC is specifically for a Short Bed so I was wondering which 3500/350 non dually will fit the bill. Host says it would weigh a little over 4k with the options plus our own "stuff". I would like to add a I know many of the 3500/350 have 11500 GVWR but I am not sure what the real weights of these trucks are. I would think it will have to be a gasser to have the weight capacity although I really would like it to be a diesel if there is one that will work. Does anyone know which truck may have the available weight capacity for this? Thanks You want a drw Ram 3500 . The stopping power isn't the same between a drw and a srw . Rubber alone you have 6 tires vs 4 . I own a turbocharged gmt400 chevy with 383 h/c/i a 89 w350 ram 5.9 diesel drw a compound charged 5.9 01 ram 2500 diesel srw and a 08 6.7 diesel ram 3500 drw.with air suspension You want a common rail ram. I've owned allot of trucks in my life. Towed allot . The best setup for what you want is a drw ram with cummins engine preferable the common rail but even a 12v with air suspension is a great truck. You can feel the difference between a srw and a drw . In my opinion a diesel is a must. lol
Reality Check 03/03/23 08:13am Truck Campers
RE: Modified flatbed for C&C

I guess I'm not really understanding the problem. Pictures? Fuel lines are easy to move. Jacks should clear regardless. Worst case, rear of the camper (anything past the 8' mark) might have a section/part that is lower (i.e. our wings hang down about 1/2" lower than the bottom of the camper). Just put the camper on a mat, or plywood, etc, to raise it up a bit. I'm not following why the narrowing at the rear? Deck at the back would work great..we use to have a pull out deck that stored under part of the flatbed on another truck.
Reality Check 02/12/23 04:12pm Truck Campers
RE: F450 Lariat Ultimate package?

Don't have a clue about the package and ordering, but I'm assuming you do realize that the 450 pickup and the 450/550 chassis class our not remotely close to being similar? Another thought; $50 a month? Hard to believe that the deciding factor...more to the story I'm guessing.
Reality Check 01/30/23 11:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping off the truck

I'll go with the over thinking thought. Doesn't take much, and good gravel should be enough regardless. But use a small chunk of wood, like a 2x6, if your slightly concerned. Just going from a stock 5" diameter leg pad to a 10" piece of 2x6 cuts 1500 lb load from about 115psi to 27psi.
Reality Check 01/05/23 01:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Levelling blocks for camper on driveway with 2 degree grade

And it’s hard to explain without sounding like a total self absorbed douche. And harder for folks who may not have the applicable background to fully understand, and even harder to believe someone’s qualifications or lack thereof on the internet. What is also difficult for some is to glean what is good or bad intel or pick up on someone’s knowledge level or lack thereof. So to be fair some of my comments come off as being rude or sarcastic but it’s sometimes hard to watch the same bad info being presented. And I would prefer to look like an @ss to those that don’t believe me than watch someone being mislead. Happy new years and happy campin to the OP in his new camper! And there you go..^^^ explained in layman's terms how looking like an azz doesn't mean I/we 'is' one. It's entertaining to read this forum. Been on it for a couple of weeks now, and keep coming back for more punishment. There are many responders on here over the years that have a depth of knowledge in certain areas (mechanical, structural, electrical, operations, IT, and even pest control, etc) that are shut down and just give up responding because of the backlash from those that are ill informed or just plain wrong. I've had many a discussion with folks about the frustration when it's obvious that answers are just dumb. My response is always, keep trying. The best any can do is try and articulate their response/answer, and hope the OP and others can weed there way through the noise. There really is a huge amount of good info on here...but man oh man, one must be able to read between the lines. Which brings us to the human part; sometimes it's just so dang frustrating to see folks who don't realize their limits act/write like they don't have any. Soooo, they get called on it and the caller looks like an azz. Lol, hurt feelings on the internet.
Reality Check 12/31/22 09:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Best used truck campers for ~4400lbs payload SRW 1T 8' F-350

The best used camper is the one that is for sale, is close enough that you're willing to drive to get it, in a condition that you find acceptable, at a price that you find acceptable. Otherwise you're just limiting yourself to what could be a potentially futile search for one or two specific models that may not meet the above criteria. *** this *** +1 - Mark0. I don't agree with that. I won't buy a camper just because its close, in good shape and on sale, but rather one that works for me with the layout is what matters to me. I would drive farther and spend a little more to get one with a floor plan that I want instead of settling for one that is going to annoy me for years to come. I don;t chace a spicif modle but rather floor plan and storage compartment setup. I started out looking at one and saying thats what I want and have since found 4 other brands that have models that are simular so now I am waiting for one of 5 to be on sale when I am ready to upgrade in the fall. Steve LOL, soooo, you actually do agree with mkirsch. He didn't say if had to be close... just close enough that you'd go get it.
Reality Check 12/21/22 08:40am Truck Campers
RE: Ordering F-350 7.3 CCLB SRW - how big of camper can I get?

Please disregard, upon re-read, me confusion at play… 3 tons You've been around long enough, benefit of the doubt went to you. Cheers, lol, nothing like being human
Reality Check 12/11/22 12:53am Truck Campers
RE: Ordering F-350 7.3 CCLB SRW - how big of camper can I get?

Well, per my recollection that’s kinda funny - kinda like the pot calling the kettle black - lol! Please explain. Yea, there's a joke there somewhere.. I'm not catching on
Reality Check 12/10/22 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: A new adventure for me.

Hopefully this job pays mega bank, because I can't imagine having to live in a truck camper on the job site. I do it for up to 16 days at a time. It's actually quite relaxing. No commute. Wake up, make coffee and breakfast, pull on the work clothes and you are there when you walk out the door. Lunch you have a full kitchen and private bathroom, end of the day you walk to the parking area go in the camper crack a beer, shower and have dinner and kick back. ^^^ and that right there is a slice of Heaven. lol, sounds like camping, minus go "hiking, fishing" and return home. Work camping is actually quite relaxing; one is focused, can't worry about the stuff at 'home'.. Don't want to do it full time, but, it is good for the soul.
Reality Check 12/05/22 09:05pm Truck Campers
RE: A new adventure for me.

Nicely done. Good to hear from you too!!
Reality Check 11/23/22 08:03am Truck Campers
RE: 36" Hitch Extension for 2" Receiver - Are they Made?

Curious to how much weight the Supertruss adds with the extension over stock hitch? (and therefore decreases your "legal" camper carrying capacity?) it must be significant. It's beefy, but not that heavy. If someone is that close on capacity, they have other issues. And towing anything probably shouldn't be on the menu. After some net searching, I estimate that for my application, the hitch itself would add about 30 pounds over the stock hitch. A 36" extension adds about 70 pounds. If towing a 3500 pound trailer, there should be about 350 pounds of tongue weight. All the above reduce the carrying capacity you can put in the bed (your camper). If you have a 4500 or 5500 series truck, it probably won't be a factor. If you have a 2500 or 3500 series truck, you should take notice.. Really, wow!! Soooo.... after all that investigation effort, you basically made my point for me. It adds a 100 pounds. Got it. Which is probably what Grit Dog was referring to. That makes it productive. As for the alignment, I doubt that the holes are drilled wrong; as has been pointed out, the two tubes are independent and move. Happens often, even after install. That's what a hammer is for. Give it a whack, it'll line up. Lot's of good info on this forum, different ways for people to forward their opinions, gotta roll with it and keep it light hearted.
Reality Check 10/29/22 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: 36" Hitch Extension for 2" Receiver - Are they Made?

Curious to how much weight the Supertruss adds with the extension over stock hitch? (and therefore decreases your "legal" camper carrying capacity?) it must be significant. It's beefy, but not that heavy. If someone is that close on capacity, they have other issues. And towing anything probably shouldn't be on the menu.
Reality Check 10/19/22 07:02pm Truck Campers
RE: 36" Hitch Extension for 2" Receiver - Are they Made?

How can this be solved? What others done with this dilemma? Spend more money than he was planning. Unless the trailer is tiny, tiny and super light tongue weight...36" out is massive for 2" only. Super hitch is where just about everyone ends up...even those of us that weld and fabricate.
Reality Check 10/16/22 07:06pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Pulled the POS Galley hatch and fan that comes in a Lance 1062 and installed a 900 CFM 4 speed maxxfan in its place. Still fish they had installed a hood with a descent fan instead of a crappy roof vent original https://tinyurl.com/2p8h8vuj width=600 replacement https://tinyurl.com/5ed5e2am width=600 https://tinyurl.com/4fbupb9a width=600 NICE ^^^^^^^^^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reality Check 10/15/22 11:53am Truck Campers
RE: We knew it was coming...

Best Thread Ever...! lmao
Reality Check 10/08/22 07:31pm Truck Campers
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