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RE: Truck Camper Disposal?

Does anyone know where there's a landfill in WA state that will take a camper? I once went to great effort to crush one into pieces and take it to the local transfer station and had a very hard time getting them to accept it. The other potential issue is I have no title for it. The one I want to dump is one I bought in 1999, the owner was somewhat of an aquaintance so I disobeyed Rule Number One and took it with his word that he'd get the title to me. Well it's 17 years later and I'm still waiting! If I can't properly dispose of it, I could always just abandon it and let the consequences fall on him, the last known registered owner. I'm trying to be nice, but... Rabanco/Republic (whatever they call themselves this month). 3rd/Lander.. boats, RV's, no problem.
Reality Check 09/15/16 07:13am Truck Campers
RE: Less Graphics-Before and After

I actually enjoy many of the graphics.. But I really like the way you selectively removed yours. Has some character but looks much cleaner and smoother. Nicely done sir.. RC
Reality Check 09/10/16 07:37pm Truck Campers
RE: So My Neighbor Shot a BB At My Camper...

after reading thru this thread, I wonder if those who say he's an old man, just forgetaboutit would actually say the same thing if it happened to their RV. bumpy I sure the hell would let it go. What's your point in punishing the "old man"? ryoung Yep^^^^^^^ There is no point.. that's the point that some just don't get. What if... What if..... What if....... Seriously, what if he didn't have a good neighbor that he liked? What if it was him..his dad... his grandfather.... you? Be thankful some of you don't live in a glass house. It's a material possession....
Reality Check 09/07/16 10:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Are Your Decals Ugly?

Cover it all up with a Monster decal... It'll give you 10 extra HP and 20 extra sq ft of floor space too.
Reality Check 09/07/16 10:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Gone Dry

BTW: RC, we have run across dry casinos in ND, but our camper has not run dry (even when we don't pull the sag wagon with us). Bend has 22 micro breweries and I don't think we'll have time to visit all of them. You the man.... planning ahead and being prepared. Sign of true wisdom....... :p
Reality Check 09/06/16 07:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Dually Chains?

OK, I get it, it's just me. But I read these threads (they come up fairly often) and I just don't understand some of the thinking. What is the big deal about throwing on a set of cables or chains? (skip the arguments about which is better, etc.. I carry both and they both have their place in life). Face it, very few get "off road"...which means you're usually on a plowed, slick surface (we're talking western WA/OR here it appears). I get it; anyone can drive in dry stuff...or should be able to. So most all terrain/all season tires will be a good start. But when it's slippery...and it's not hard to figure out when it is, I have to ask....what goes through one's mind? All of a sudden everyone 'else' is an idiot and can't drive, but...? Anyhow, what's the hangup?? It's about 10 min for us to throw two sets, another 5 or 10 to throw on a drag set. You're driving a 20, 40, 60, or more thousand dollar rig, with a 10, 20, 40, or more thousand dollar camper, maybe towing a trailer worth..??? filled with stuff worth..?? Which brings me to the other question.. What's the hangup with drag chains? Getting going is only half the problem. If you go up a hill, chances are you're going to go down. And down is more of a problem than up for sure. Yet, I read here, listen to folks often that just poo-poo the idea. What's keeping you out of the ditch when you're off camber, trying to stop and the trailer can't track? Seriously, think about it. It doesn't have to be "that bad"... just another day with snow. Funniest part of some of these threads is all the answers from folks, all the wisdom and advice, followed by...."I don't actually have much experience in this...." Just asking.. cracks me up sometimes, but hey, makes great reading.
Reality Check 09/06/16 07:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Gone Dry

LMAO.. I read your title and thought... "he's more experienced than that. How the hell could he not have packed enough alcohol for a camping trip....?"
Reality Check 09/05/16 09:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Dually Chains?

Spend the winter in the mountains.. with trailer. Have CDL and drive 105k rigs...still. Retired LEO. Past DOT experience. So with all that, take all this with a grain of salt. It is the internet of course. True story on the 10k/chains required. Reality is, WSP does not enforce it on RV rigs. Note all the trailers and p/u's heading over in 4x with no iron strapped on when 'chains required'. I speak with a bit of experience on this. Still have a few friends that work/worked the passes. Duals...? don't bother with the doubles. PITA, not required, and, did I say they are a PITA? Cables or chains both work. I do carry drag chains for the trailer. Getting going isn't the problem... having a trailer pass you while stopping is the problem. It makes a bad day worse. Happy Labor Day all.. NOW, it's time to go camping.
Reality Check 09/05/16 09:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Are You Truck Camping This Labor Day?

Went last weekend for 5 days (best kind of weekend...longer). And going out the week after.. Does that count????:C With others on this.... we stay home on the holiday weekends.
Reality Check 09/02/16 11:06am Truck Campers
RE: So My Neighbor Shot a BB At My Camper...

In this case you've just made an old man's life miserable for a momentary lapse of judgement which did limited harm. This time....... You can't send a person up the river for something they may or may not do in the future, regardless of their age. Who is sending anyone up the river? :h I think the implication of your comment "this time..." leads some to believe that you mean next time it might be worse. I think his comment was well thought out and stated. Was food for thought about your comment, nothing more.
Reality Check 09/01/16 07:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Which Sikaflex?

Reality Check 08/31/16 06:13pm Truck Campers
RE: It pays to have a good fabricator locally ...

I'd recommend replacing those curved hitch pins with straight ones. The curved ones will eventually start to wallow out the hole in the hitch as the pin slides back and forth. Would you mind expanding on this? Exactly which pins do you recommend for this application...or in general? Thanks! I'm sure it can happen, but not sure it's a problem I'd worry about. I have at least one hitch that has moved between two trucks. Without a doubt, it has over 200k tow miles on it (on the actual hitch). Current truck has easily 80k+ tow miles on it. Always had curved pins in it. I dare say most all of ours our 'curved' and I can't see any wear that is problematic on any of them. Something to think about I guess... but now that I thought about it, I'm not going to again.
Reality Check 08/31/16 05:22pm Truck Campers
RE: So My Neighbor Shot a BB At My Camper...

Dear lord... File reports, file liens, take away his gun (a 'BB gun'). Don't even get me going on one's constitutional rights. Not an option. OP already said he's going to cover it with an awning. What's the difference between drilling a hole (which will be several for an awning anyhow) and caulking the screw and putting some extra sika in this one? He's 92 for God's sake. Not an excuse by any means, but a huge difference between you 50, 60, 70, etc somethings and 90+. Count your blessings, pay one forward, patch the **** thing and go have a drink with him. Call the popo...? what a joke.
Reality Check 08/30/16 09:36pm Truck Campers
RE: It pays to have a good fabricator locally ...

Interesting but isn't that just a knockoff of a Superhitch? Why not just buy a Superhitch? Because I saved about $400.00 dollars and I didn't have to lay under the truck doing the install. Somebody is giving their work away. You got all those parts AND the welding for under $600 bucks?? Wow, that's a good deal. Nice looking work, as it should be. Just the Superhitch from Torklift is like $600. I think the truss is close to $500 itself. He saved "about $400"... you've priced the stuff out at just over $1000. Was I not close enough for discussion purposes?
Reality Check 08/30/16 07:49pm Truck Campers
RE: It pays to have a good fabricator locally ...

Interesting but isn't that just a knockoff of a Superhitch? Why not just buy a Superhitch? Because I saved about $400.00 dollars and I didn't have to lay under the truck doing the install. Somebody is giving their work away. You got all those parts AND the welding for under $600 bucks?? Wow, that's a good deal. Nice looking work, as it should be.
Reality Check 08/30/16 06:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Post your door sticker for your TC hauler ... and weight

Grey shirts don't hand out weight slips (well, unless you get a ticket I guess..) but hey, I know how to write down numbers. Got a note in the truck from a past excursion.. I'm guessing Snowmobile trailer. Front:_______5040 Rear:______12,620 Truck:_____________17,660 Trailer:______7720 Combined:__________25,380 AF 1150, no more than one or two (dozen???) bottles of wine and maybe some Crown. Wife, invisible dog, and always full tanks of water.. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/prioronetime/IMG_20160825_155026_zpsvxzridtu.jpg
Reality Check 08/25/16 05:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Better TC hauler- F350 or F450??

The F350 is generally rated for a larger payload than the F450 but the F450 is prepped to tow much more. That is my understanding. ^^^^^ Basically. OP is comparing p/u's... If he wants carrying capacity, he needs to look at the chassis version.
Reality Check 08/23/16 07:56pm Truck Campers
RE: talk to me about built-in LP gennies...

Great thread, lot's of good thoughts and ides. But for some reason, the term 'up tight' keeps cracking me up.. Jeeze folks, lighten up on the sensitivity.
Reality Check 08/17/16 05:49pm Truck Campers

Only haul what you know how to use and are willing to do/use.... Example...I'm not going to drop a tranny or change brakes (well...there was this one time...) so I don't carry every tool for every problem. For that, I carry AMEX and a cell phone. Every vehicle I have has a 6 in 1, probably a pair of strippers and roll of wire, tape, etc. Camper carry's small set of sockets through 1/2" drive, combo's, jack, BFH, tester, drill and bits, screws, zip ties, more elec tape. Steering, brake, tranny and engine oil, lube of several types, graphite, window fluid, brake cleaner (always...!! mans best friend) and lot's of rags. Tow chains, tire chains, tire cables, ratchet straps (lg and sm) and lot's of blocks of wood. Yea, that's probably most of the 'tools'. The rest is all the important stuff. Gas cans, genny, air lines, jumper's, triangles, fishing pole (the emergency one in case I forget my other ones) extra tie downs (derringers), hatchet, more wood, picnic table screen, tent spikes and stuff, tarps (for laying in the snow/wet). And always, always, leave extra room for when you stop at the store and buy more stuff. Got to have room to get it home.
Reality Check 08/15/16 06:50pm Truck Campers
RE: TC + extended hitch

Information is good, but don't muddy the waters with to much. Nothing complicated about a Superhitch, or any of them. It's bolts and steel. You want to keep it simple? The advice is pretty much going to be what you already know. Put the standard Superhitch in and don't worry about it. Second set of advice is going to center around getting a small extension (buy a 24" and cut it to what you want..) and using what you have, because the set up you are talking about is fairly light weight.
Reality Check 08/15/16 05:01pm Truck Campers
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