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RE: Overweight???

Unknown. Rig is in Sig. lol.. Fat people hate looking at the scale :) Went over the scales this weekend actually. Camper is pretty much not loaded after reorganizing it. Was time to rotate the food and wine, etc. In the winter we tow a trailer with a 1000# tongue weight; so minus that, we were 16,500. And of course, everyone has the 'perfect' setup. As you will.
Reality Check 04/21/14 12:17am Truck Campers
RE: Running propane furnace using camper batterys

We dry camp often, and it's never been a problem, even long days keeping the place warm. But honestly, at night we just shut it off. Wife and I keep each other warm :B
Reality Check 04/16/14 07:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Do many campgrounds discriminate against TC's...?

Not sure what you searched on but this subject comes up frequently. Yes there are RV parks that "discriminate" against truck campers. Not "many" by any stretch of the imagination, though. A few, maybe some, but not "many." If you come across one, just move on to the next campground. Good or bad, it's private enterprise at its finest. It's how someone wants to run their business, and how its run is none of your business. Well said.. There are a couple of practical reasons why a campground owner would choose to exclude TCs: 1. Liability from jack failure/tipover with camper off the truck. 2. Removal/disposal of abandoned units. With a wheeled unit, all you need is a tractor or wheel loader and a chain to drag it away. A TC requires a heavy duty pickup truck, and are a pain to load for someone who doesn't do it regularly. That's assuming it isn't some rot box whose jacks have collapsed. Now they've got a REAL mess to clean up. Most campgrounds have some sort of wheel loader or tractor, but in my travels, campground pickup trucks are either old 1/2 tons, or have service bodies on them, and are generally loaded to the gills with maintenance junk. Some campgrounds don't have pickups at all. Their service vehicles are UTVs. You're just not going to get very far dragging a TC with a wheel loader. I've been told that these are BS reasons before, but when you realize how big of a cheapskate the typical campground owner is, you'll understand that anything they don't have to spend money on is a bonus. TC's aren't that common so they figure they're not losing a whole lot of business. LMAO... I've been pondering how to dispose of our old TC.
Reality Check 04/09/14 03:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Nice! but don't need it...

Old-Biscuit, skipro made a good point. You could have used a better choice of words. Wayne Disagree; it's a forum, and it's full of opinions and that's what makes it interesting. He's not the only one that doesn't think it's a very good deal either. What's with getting all sensitive about a different view? He wasn't rude, he didn't call anyone names. Just made an observational guess, which is fairly common around here...even on technical stuff. As for choice of words being better, what with calling out one, but letting the quick bite about the wife slide? Now that was cold....just saying. As is often said, lighten up Francis... (in reference to the OP)
Reality Check 03/31/14 11:08pm Truck Campers
RE: How much drop should you have?

Ours = zero. Reality is, most have some. Is yours acceptable? Put it this way; would you want to drive at your oncoming headlights? Can you see the road like you're supposed to? There's your answer.
Reality Check 03/30/14 09:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camping in Seattle???????

Short stay... long stay? Travel each day in the rig or other option (rental car, public transpo...what were you thinking)? There's a few RV grounds east of Seattle 15min. And maybe a couple of other options....
Reality Check 03/24/14 10:17pm Truck Campers
RE: any truck......

Got everything I need in my current TC hauler. F450 King Ranch, power everything, did some mods to make the engine last longer. I agree with mick mck get more truck than you need and you will never need more truck. haha... yep. F550 4x4 with Air-ride. Cause it doesn't always have a load, but now it's at least always smooth. And more important than all of these threads about 'can I carry', and clearly maxed out anyways, is..... Can you stop? Crew cab; because I like my friends. Flat bed, 'cause p/u beds suck.
Reality Check 03/24/14 07:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Would you buy a truck on ebay?

Buyer beware??? I find it interesting that the nay sayers don't offer up anything other than "I think..." Dear Lord, of course bad things can happen. So can bad things happen from buying from the dealer down the street, the want ads in the paper (they still exist???) or your neighbor down the street. Bought our last F550 off an ad on ebay; ended up finding it listed locally, worked the phones for about 5 minutes and solidified the deal for less money. Flew down, looked, paid, and came home. Chances of finding what I wanted....at home: nada to zero. (search 550, auto, 4x and air suspension and let me know how you do). Purchased a Peterbilt off ebay a couple years ago too.. The net works (you all tend to trust this forum...so what's the difference?). Trust but verify...in everything. It's a great medium (ebay, etc) for locating what you want.
Reality Check 02/28/14 08:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Parking TC in Chicago?

"Thanks RC...." Joe lol, forced edit it appears. Sad. No thanks needed Joe, but you're welcome just the same. Yep, some folks are just a bit uptight and can't see anything other than the way they 'think' it should be. So it goes. I've have been to many a dinner party, and for that matter, been involved in lot's and lot's of forum threads, both started and butting in. The conversations that evolve, well, they do just that; they evolve. What do people think? reading 4 pages of the same answers and ideas is interesting? FFS, shoot me then. Still want to visit Chicago, driving or flying. Wouldn't hesitate to drive there. Hey OP, take pitures!
Reality Check 02/24/14 07:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Another SRW no more ...

In 08 They killed it with turning radius, they're amazing from 08-on. Don't know the specifics but 08 is the year. '07 and on.... coil springs. The turning radius is unreal on our 550's Actually 05 is when they went with coil springs. IMO 05-07 doesn't turn much better than a 99-04 leaf front suspension, but definitely better. My 02 is terrible at turning, but won't give up my 7.3. and having no truck payment. Whatever they did in 08 is what led to an incredible turning radius. This is my experience with Super Duty's. I have owned and driven a lot of Super Duty's at work. Curious about a difference between the chassis and p/u's then (from the years you mention as not being much different). Our '07 550's turning radius is insane. The newer ones aren't any sharper than our older ones (the '07's). Don't know about he 450 p/u's; no use for them. Our the '08's you refer to on the p/u side? Curious, thanks.
Reality Check 02/22/14 09:33am Truck Campers
RE: Parking TC in Chicago?

I am STUNNED to hear that Chicago is not safe. I was under the impression that most privately-held guns were illegal there, so I assumed it was a peaceful, brotherly-loving paradise. Huh. :) Joe Nothing silly there; I think Mr. Joe is just pointing out the obvious to those that need a little help seeing a big picture. Kinda like mood lighting: it doesn't detract from the main picture and focus, but it highlights the issue fairly well. Good old conversation. Call it enlightenment. Call it a detour focus session. Call it sarcastic instruction. But don't ever call a Constitutional right 'silly'. Wife and I have been trying to get to Chicago for years. Lot to see there. Sounds like some savvy advice in this thread too.
Reality Check 02/21/14 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Another SRW no more ...

In 08 They killed it with turning radius, they're amazing from 08-on. Don't know the specifics but 08 is the year. '07 and on.... coil springs. The turning radius is unreal on our 550's
Reality Check 02/17/14 08:00am Truck Campers
RE: Question about welding on hitch

I've been welding on trucks and equipment for over 30 years... and the answer is; don't worry about it. Worse thing that happens is torched glove from shielding glass from an arc...
Reality Check 11/05/13 06:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Why are Truck Campers so poorly made?

wow... 3k in materials?? Good luck on that. It's market driven folks. We all get what we pay for. Add more regulations and the costs just goes up. Put it this way; if they really are such a rip off, there's an opening in the market then. Anyone (of us or whoever) can start a company, build it better and cheaper, and voila! you'll corner the market. It really is that simple. The masses will flock to your product, because it's better quality, better workmanship, lower cost and let's just add for kicks, on time. But then, if it was that easy, how come so many in the business closed doors in the past? They should have had loads of profits sitting around to carry them through. Makes one wonder. If business was so easy, we'd all be in it, and rich, and fat and more stupid. Not defending shoddy workmanship, but is it shoddy if we're not willing to pay for a better product? As one says regularly, 'you can't have it both ways'. Sure they're expensive...compared to???? Are they a rip off?? It's a free market folks.
Reality Check 10/08/13 07:24am Truck Campers
RE: 2014 F450 has a LOWER TC rating than an F350???

The F-450 is a F-350 modified for towing greater loads, hence the lower gears and heavier weight of the truck which reduces payload capacity. The F-550 is the step up platform if load capacity is what you are after. And further... f450 pick ups are not the same as the cc models. Brakes. Pulling is one thing, but stopping is what matters. F450/f550 cc units; tow more, stop better.
Reality Check 09/27/13 08:58pm Truck Campers
RE: TC weight and truck capacity

Oh boy....here we go.... "And they're off....!!":S:R:B
Reality Check 09/24/13 12:36pm Truck Campers
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