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RE: Question for Host & AF camper owners.

on my AF1150, you can squeeze past the bathroom and get in, but you'd better be skinny:) Different versions of skinny I guess.. I'm not skinny by any definition and I have no problem getting in the opening, loading items (grocery's, etc) hitting the head, grabbing a drink, without opening the slide.
Reality Check 04/29/16 09:44am Truck Campers
RE: Turn signal, brake light question

Look in the fuse box under the hood driver's side fender well for a separate fuse for trailer/camper connector. Verify in the owner's manual if you have one. Some earlier Fords had them under the dash. ^^^^ This.. There are two fuse boxes; the one under the hood on your year truck has the trailer fuses in it. It's in the manual. I think the turn/brakes are in position F and G.
Reality Check 04/27/16 09:47pm Truck Campers
RE: My $7,200 TC door.... Lots of pics.

$7200 for a little frame work and a thin metal garage door, did you get bids or maybe try doing it yourself, seems high but maybe I am wrong or just to cheap.. Cheap or frugal. End result is the same.
Reality Check 04/21/16 10:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Opinions from 4x4 dually owners on tires

I'm reading responses for duals... And on edit... find that I missed the title. But think that he's meaning he has a SRW with wide tires??? That would be some awkward spacers.
Reality Check 04/15/16 03:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Trek of the Americas review

2+ years later for the TR/review, there just has to be more to the story/saga??? Just more curious now.
Reality Check 04/05/16 02:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Caption This!!

"I told you it would fit" "Whad ya' mean how do I get in?" "It's all about the covered porch" "Kids ride in back" "Hun, go through the living room and make me a samich"
Reality Check 04/05/16 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Found this ridiculous photo on CL.. Yikes!

Dear Lord, I agree; color clash is painful.
Reality Check 04/05/16 02:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Would you buy a flatbed for your TC?

Would you buy a flatbed for your TC? Yep... Well, actually, no. I'd build one. Again. Needs, wants and ideas change constantly. This one will go another few years or something. lol.... BK calls it right; "suitcase". And you will fill it.
Reality Check 04/03/16 11:06pm Truck Campers
RE: So what did you do to your Truck Camper today?

Installed a new slide topper on our 1150. Ordered it a couple of months ago, just been to busy (playing too). Last night was a nice evening, so... Took two hours. 20 min gathering tools, caulking, ladders and unwrapping the package. 20 min reading the instructions and 10 min determining that the instructions were way to complicated. Got it on, easy peasy. Glad to get it done. We camp all year; this should slow the intrusion of crappy stuff (can't say c r a p on this site) inside and ease the work load of cleaning the top off.
Reality Check 03/31/16 10:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Center of gravity?

In all seriousness, 3.5" is the absolute maximum. Seriously.
Reality Check 03/01/16 10:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Passcard for Canada?

I don't know what a passcard is, but in adjoining states we can get in/back with an enhanced driver's license. Keep in mind that it's generally easier to get into Canada unless you have a DUI than getting back into the US. Interesting how different experiences lead us.. I've always found it way smoother coming home. When I'm heading north, I'm a visitor requesting the opportunity to visit. I understand the game. But upon returning, I'm coming home. This is my home. I'm not asking, and there isn't any doubt where I'm heading or whether I'll get there. Longest I've been spoken with coming back in is a long minute, and that's with 3 or 4 unrelated guys in the truck. Just find the different perspective's intriguing.... I find the comments about getting a passport 'in case' to be smart planning. One never knows what will happen.
Reality Check 02/24/16 05:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Passcard for Canada?

Canadian border site US border site It's always a bit different than what is written. Options exist (lic with birth cert, etc), but the reality is, they want a passport. I travel across with ever changing groups, often several times a year, in addition to simple crossings with the wife. It's always made clear of what they 'want'. Enhanced lic's work ok... but preference is...
Reality Check 02/24/16 02:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Size Matter? Generator Compartments & Front Windows

Subject of gen's has been beaten to death.. some good reading. Link to thread Another link And one more Front window? Don't miss it. View was great, but then we don't lay in bed once awake so moot point. Warmer in the winter, less condensation to deal with not having it.
Reality Check 02/24/16 07:27am Truck Campers
RE: F450 Lance Combo in Portland

I like the idea of air ride rear suspension! I suspect it's bags...as in add on. Air is the bomb for sure, but I would think he would be bragging and more detailed if it was actually an air system. If it ever said "air suspension", they've corrected it. It now says "Truck is equipped with airbags". With all the other high-dollar changes that were made to the truck, I'm surprised it doesn't have air suspension. :):) Agreed... would seem the logical step for the quality he was after. I think many don't know about or the difference between. I'd like to see what he's putting together 'next'...
Reality Check 02/22/16 02:20pm Truck Campers
RE: F450 Lance Combo in Portland

I like the idea of air ride rear suspension! I suspect it's bags...as in add on. Air is the bomb for sure, but I would think he would be bragging and more detailed if it was actually an air system.
Reality Check 02/22/16 08:34am Truck Campers
RE: Do you remove your camper from the truck while camping?

Winter camping, in the snow, no. Lot's of reasons not to, including having to deal with changing snow level in the parking areas for reloading. That, and once we arrive, we're sledding or visiting and the truck stays. Rest of the time... more than one night and you bet. It's off. We love the easier access (ours is pretty tall), love the freedom of not having to raise the jacks/re-level each time we head out. We very often will fish two different body's of water in the same day, or go sight see somewhere. It's so easy to take off and put back, I can't imagine not.
Reality Check 02/15/16 08:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Move up to enclosed trailer

I tow enclosed snowmachine trailers, both two and four placed trailers. Go with the 8.5' width. While someone can prove scientifically the narrower trailer will give you better mileage, you'll never notice it. And make sure the trailer is tall enough to handle a taller machine with light bars incase your next one is taller. As far as which brand, they all make models from entry trailers that you probably don't want to very good ones. Bill ^^^^ Bill pretty much got it. Currently have Pace, Mirage, Wells and Haulmark. 6x12, 8x14, 8x16 and 8x28. Seriously, couldn't care less which one is behind the camper; truck doesn't care. Trailer brand..? it's a box on an axle. There's differences, but it's not a Chevy to Rolls amount. Mostly preference on little details and looks. All these years later and I really don't have a preference.
Reality Check 02/04/16 11:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Drop camper to launch boat?

... Camera's are a bad idea for backing other than checking for kids. Backing accidents happen because folks aren't watching their mirrors. If your watching the camera, you're not watching the sides of the truck. ...I disagree with this. There are many reasons for backing accidents. The greater your ability see behind you the less likely you are to have an accident. I use my camera and side mirrors. With the TC loaded, the camera replaces my rear view mirror. The camera provides a wide view, whereas the side mirrors only show one side. Wayne I think I didn't write clearly.. I agree, used in conjunction with. But in reading peoples descriptions and watching people back in life, I see where it's all they use. Just look at the kook at the supermarket backing up out of his parking spot....looking at the little screen. See it consistently, always dangerous.
Reality Check 02/03/16 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Drop camper to launch boat?

We fish... alot. Our non-winter camping trips are mostly fishing with the boat. If we're staying more than one night, the camper comes off. With that, backing with a boat and a camper on is only a small difference. On a long boat launch, because our current boat is narrower, I just have to weave a bit more. There's a trick to backing straight up with a trailer you can't see. Try backing an air compressor with a short wheel base that is 3' narrower than your rig...down a city block. Camera's are a bad idea for backing other than checking for kids. Backing accidents happen because folks aren't watching their mirrors. If your watching the camera, you're not watching the sides of the truck. The weave is light and controlled....it's how one keeps track of where the trailer is and brings it in straight when needed (at the water). Camper on an incline? It's not going to tip over. It's a boat ramp, not a cliff.
Reality Check 02/03/16 02:02am Truck Campers
RE: Weight distribution hitch questions

We can talk forever, but without getting on tape measure we are not going anywhere. I will visit dealer in next couple of weeks anyway, so I will ask question then. With hitch it is easy. The combination hitches come with 8000lb ratings, going to 12,000lb with 2 5/16 balls. The one on the picture sure doesn't look like 2 5/16" Just becouse someone did monkey job, doesn't make it doable, or usable in common sense. Insufferable... http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/prioronetime/Pintle_zps5tqryzny.jpg http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/prioronetime/Capture%203_zpsoqzf26hp.jpg http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/prioronetime/Capture2_zps1ejuftcp.jpg Yep... But then, what do I know. You've already told me I have 'limited knowledge'. Get out of your box Kayteg... I have safety chains bigger than that on my single axle utility trailer that I haul two 900 pound garden tractors on. You ever been DOT'd w/that rig? ^^^^ Seriously, when is the last time a grey shirt "DOT'd" an RV? Do you even know anything about what you're asking? Can you tell me the difference between a Level 1, 2 or 3 inspection? Did you read anything further or just look at a picture? Tell me this: what size chains does one actually need on a 3000# trailer (garden tractor trailer) to be legal.
Reality Check 01/17/16 10:37am Truck Campers
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