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RE: Post your door sticker for your TC hauler ... and weight

Grey shirts don't hand out weight slips (well, unless you get a ticket I guess..) but hey, I know how to write down numbers. Got a note in the truck from a past excursion.. I'm guessing Snowmobile trailer. Front:_______5040 Rear:______12,620 Truck:_____________17,660 Trailer:______7720 Combined:__________25,380 AF 1150, no more than one or two (dozen???) bottles of wine and maybe some Crown. Wife, invisible dog, and always full tanks of water.. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/prioronetime/IMG_20160825_155026_zpsvxzridtu.jpg
Reality Check 08/25/16 05:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Better TC hauler- F350 or F450??

The F350 is generally rated for a larger payload than the F450 but the F450 is prepped to tow much more. That is my understanding. ^^^^^ Basically. OP is comparing p/u's... If he wants carrying capacity, he needs to look at the chassis version.
Reality Check 08/23/16 07:56pm Truck Campers
RE: talk to me about built-in LP gennies...

Great thread, lot's of good thoughts and ides. But for some reason, the term 'up tight' keeps cracking me up.. Jeeze folks, lighten up on the sensitivity.
Reality Check 08/17/16 05:49pm Truck Campers

Only haul what you know how to use and are willing to do/use.... Example...I'm not going to drop a tranny or change brakes (well...there was this one time...) so I don't carry every tool for every problem. For that, I carry AMEX and a cell phone. Every vehicle I have has a 6 in 1, probably a pair of strippers and roll of wire, tape, etc. Camper carry's small set of sockets through 1/2" drive, combo's, jack, BFH, tester, drill and bits, screws, zip ties, more elec tape. Steering, brake, tranny and engine oil, lube of several types, graphite, window fluid, brake cleaner (always...!! mans best friend) and lot's of rags. Tow chains, tire chains, tire cables, ratchet straps (lg and sm) and lot's of blocks of wood. Yea, that's probably most of the 'tools'. The rest is all the important stuff. Gas cans, genny, air lines, jumper's, triangles, fishing pole (the emergency one in case I forget my other ones) extra tie downs (derringers), hatchet, more wood, picnic table screen, tent spikes and stuff, tarps (for laying in the snow/wet). And always, always, leave extra room for when you stop at the store and buy more stuff. Got to have room to get it home.
Reality Check 08/15/16 06:50pm Truck Campers
RE: TC + extended hitch

Information is good, but don't muddy the waters with to much. Nothing complicated about a Superhitch, or any of them. It's bolts and steel. You want to keep it simple? The advice is pretty much going to be what you already know. Put the standard Superhitch in and don't worry about it. Second set of advice is going to center around getting a small extension (buy a 24" and cut it to what you want..) and using what you have, because the set up you are talking about is fairly light weight.
Reality Check 08/15/16 05:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Do You Use Centering Blocks/Devices?

I have seen a description of V shaped blocks to guide the camper into position. I would think twice about using something like that. The jacks and brackets are not designed to have a strong force pushing sideways. I would be concerned about tearing the brackets from the camper or bending the brackets or jacks. We're only talking about an inch of movement, at most. My camper will easily "wiggle" an inch in any direction sitting on the jacks. Please explain this "wiggle" business. I notice a very little wiggle when the camper is raised really high. Mostly I notice some movement if I do not lower all the jacks at exactly the same rate. What wiggles? My jacks don't seem to bend, flex, or wiggle. Certainly the brackets don't bend, flex or wiggle. Nor do the sides of my camper. I would guess you are bending the wooden frame of your camper. That may not be a great idea. So they mean sway... don't let semantics get in the way. Campers sway/wiggle/move. Steel moves, flexes, bends. Parts give and slop back and forth. Give the designers credit, these things can take quite a bit of juggling/swaying/bumping/wiggling without any damage. As stated; push on a camper that's up in the air...it "moves" a lot. I'm sure some would shudder watching me slide into ours. Get it close and ram it home. I have zero clearance between my rails on the bed and the plates added on the camper; steel on steel as it slides into position. Without a doubt, I'm never as lined up as perfect can be which translates to pushing it one way or the other regardless. 20/30+ loads and unloads a year and I'm fairly confident it's all still good.
Reality Check 08/03/16 11:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Air ride!

LMAO... where do folks come up with this stuff? Makes great reading for sure.
Reality Check 07/30/16 03:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Air ride!

Pretty cool, I love my airbags, just never thought about ditching the springs all together. What PSI do you run them at? I don't have the automatic setup yet. Running static pressure until then, 35 psi empty, 90 with 4300 lbs camper gets the bags at nominal height. Of course you can't just ditch the springs as the air bags have no location control at all. The link system keeps the pinion angle pretty much constant, not allowing any axle wrap, and the air bags seem to transmit less noise than the springs though that is a more subtle difference. Ahhhh.... I understand. I wouldn't imagine setting up a sensor would be very difficult. The valve's are fairly inexpensive ($100??). I'm thinking I'm not fully understanding your system..."you can't just ditch the springs.." ???
Reality Check 07/28/16 09:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Air ride!

Pretty cool, I love my airbags, just never thought about ditching the springs all together. What PSI do you run them at? It's automatic.. adjusts air as needed for the load. No pressure gauge needed and I actually don't know what the 'average' psi is. I think my safety is 125. If my system is empty, the truck rises up fairly soon after starting so I'll guess that it's riding on pretty low pressure most of the time, even loaded.
Reality Check 07/28/16 04:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Air ride!

Have you tried to simulate the bags loosing air with the camper on yet? Curious how drivable it would still be with the safety straps and how long they would hold? With the bags dumped, the truck sits on the rails. Hard as a rock. You can drive it, but it's rough on the truck and you. I dump the bags to drop trailers and when loading/unloading the camper. One of the great benefits. Chance of a bag failure is probable a bit less than the chance of a spring failing. Sure, it can happen, but not something one is going to worry about.
Reality Check 07/28/16 07:37am Truck Campers
RE: Air ride!

Nicely done... You'll never look back. I'm amazed at all the efforts/money/discussions about 'solving' the suspension issues...and yet, air is almost completely ignored. Just the empty vs loaded part pays huge. Anyone that's driven a sprung 450/550 empty knows the downside to the beef. Air solves that problem. Add to the smoothness empty, that my headlights are always correctly aimed regardless of my weight, my tow package, anything...and life is just better. Welcome to the bright side....
Reality Check 07/27/16 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Audience at the dump station

Wow, your husband is a good guy. Kids gotta learn about poo at some point. Am I the only one who gags while dumping? Just thinking about all that poo in the slinky tube just about makes me puke, but someone has to do it. Especially after a long trip and everything is full. Probably not.. but it always cracks me up watching people dump. Gloves and all... holding the pipes with two fingers.. then using the same gloves to wrap up the water hose, shut the water valve off, etc. The funniest part seems to be those that are the most obsessed with keeping the poo away are the worst cross contamination violators. God gave us soap and water. Works wonders. All makes great entertainment though.
Reality Check 07/05/16 12:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic FOX MODEL 1150?

What year? Love ours.
Reality Check 07/03/16 10:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Don't remove camper from truck ARGH!!

Let's actually think about this... obviously, I've changed my mind. It's still open for discussion. .... ...... With that old stereotype came beat-up old pieces of **** that were probably abandoned, caught fire or fell and broke up, while they were off the truck..... .... When checking in, some campgrounds go out of their way making it very clear about not removing the camper..... Trying to "reason" with anyone seems impossible these days...... What is their reasoning by telling you no? I'm curious. Over the years, I've read (haven't really 'heard' this anywhere) that these regulations are/were put into place in case of 'emergency', or because someone might abandon the camper. Reading some of the what if's in this thread and others, makes me want to point out the obvious. Seriously, if someone wants to abandon or dump an RV, do you really think they're going to bother registering for a site, pay a fee, and leave it there? as opposed to driving up the nearest fire road and dumping it? Dirt bags are lazy and cheap. Cheap would mean not paying additional fees. Fear of getting caught would lead most to not want to be seen (registering....driving another vehicle with a plate on it...etc). It boggles one's mind with the 'what if's' that people come up with. Need to get out of a camp ground in a hurry because of an emergency....that's another wild one. Like all the RVer's are quick with hooking up their trailers, etc, but TC's are slow. First, clearly not true...I spent many moments wasting away time watching good people spend inordinate amount of time hooking up trailers. Dear God, shoot me now. And then the flip is, if it's that big a hurry... you're all going to leave it there anyhow. What, it makes a difference if a 5ver burns up as opposed to a TC? WTH?? This stuff cracks me up. Especially when ones undies get all wadded up because others just don't see their point of view. You're right, most of us don't see it. And there's a reason. We think it's stupid. Happy TCing... on or off :B :p :S
Reality Check 06/20/16 06:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Don't remove camper from truck ARGH!!

I had mine off twice in the last 11 days and both in CA, one was a state park in the Redwoods. It's got a plate, I pay insurance and it has a title. I'd call it an RV eith that. If other states don't agree, I'll kindly not use those facilities (we boondock mostly, not a camp ground kind of family) or visit those states IF...it became a problem. Just like my TC covers my truck plate...it's legal in my state and my TC is plated. I knkw for a fact our state doesn't (or shoukdn't) give tickets to vehicles that donlt require a front plate....if they are complying with the original states regulations. I'm buying a boat and plan to take my TC off often. Will also do in any place I visit. You rebel you...
Reality Check 06/19/16 10:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Don't remove camper from truck ARGH!!

Ignorance is bliss!!! lol, and once again, the authority has spoken. Seriously, we need to rethink this. Why even discuss it, as there is a chance that he's correct..
Reality Check 06/19/16 04:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Don't remove camper from truck ARGH!!

Many campgrounds BAN removal of a TC from the truck and more are or are being required to by state or local laws etc. More and more common! A TC is not and actual RV as defined by most state etc laws/rules/codes because it has NO wheels or capability of rolling on roads or being moved quickly or reasonably if need be for any reason. Once an TC is removed from the truck, it becomes a stationary planted structure that's not removable by towing and doesn't meet state or local codes. I know for a fact that the axles and wheels must be left on any and all RV units and a current license/registration must be attached in Michigan when in any CG or public land as I was on the board of directors for 9 years for a very large RV CG and Resort and the state laws were enforced and fines issued for non-conformance by the county sheriff. Seen it many times! Sometimes a warning was given first to comply within X time or the warning would become a citation and the CG got a copy. Simply put, a TC off the truck/carrying vehicle not being on the owners property, a dealer's property, a repair facility, licensed storage facility, etc is deemed to be an abandoned item and NOT an RV because it is NOT a VEHICLE! Just a structure! Also, so many old or dilapidated/broken jack systems etc TC's have been abandoned in CG's and/or on state or federal land usually with the serial no. identifications having been removed or totally obliterated to prevent owner identification. Many states didn't or don't issue required titles or registration for TC's. Then the CG owner or local Gov or state or federal Gov has to pay the cost for removal after going thru the long process of getting full authority or court approval to do so. In a CG, this renders the campsite space unusable and an eyesore until removal is actually done. AS a constant TC owner for over 50 years now and on our 7th TC, I fully agree with not allowing a TC to be removed in a CG or on public land as it's only an RV when on the carrying vehicle. A ~100 sq ft box with no wheels simply sitting on the ground can not be classified as an RV nor an occupiable living structure by humans in any U.S. state I'm aware of. Doesn't meet the codes and check yours! Well then, I think this answers everything. Discussion over. Except for.... in some places it is a licensed vehicle. It's an "eyesore" in who's opinion? Please... nanny state revisited and nothing is black and white, even if one wishes it to be.
Reality Check 06/19/16 10:02am Truck Campers
RE: Don't remove camper from truck ARGH!!

I'm not understanding why you need to take the TC off, but if you always do, seems like a trailer would be a better choice. If that isn't possible, then a different campground. I don't think education applies since the campground obviously knows they come off, but just doesn't want people to do it there. We almost always remove ours in the 'other than snow' months. Drop the camper...easier in and out for us and better for launching the boat. Sometimes we'll hit the water twice in the same day, or two or even three different bodies of water in the same trip. So much easier without camper. And 9 times out of 10, we're way faster dropping and hooking than the average trailer. We had a couple of campgrounds that said no.. Last one was down at Odell. Specific campground restrictions said no removing; us and three others did anyhow. Not sure the reasoning and no, we won't be back.
Reality Check 06/18/16 07:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Out of state delivery

Mentioned uship is just net broker with no insurance and no liability. It is your obligation to check who will bid on your transport and select reputable carriers from hillbillies who drive 1981 F250. Chances are that when F250 breaks - you will have to collect the camper from the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. This is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Can anybody reccomend a shipper? I think his point is, do your homework on Uship. It works; we use it often, but you have to do your homework...which takes all of about 2 minutes. Lowest bidder is not always what you are looking for. Shippers have ratings, easy to read, and listings of what they offer (insurance, MC #'s, etc). It's competitive and the prices are low. It's always a debate for me whether to use it or make a road trip out of it. I've shipped campers, trailers, heavy equipment etc., on it.
Reality Check 06/02/16 09:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Jacks, ground pressure and pads

by "legs"... do you mean "jacks"? I guess.. jacks sit on top of the legs. Kinda one and the same.
Reality Check 06/01/16 09:41am Truck Campers
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