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RE: So, Sorry for the same stupid topic again, but.. F350 vs 450

They're for different purposes... Just as the p/u and the chassis versions are different. The brakes are a HUGE difference...despite what people want to talk themselves into. But for carrying, between the p/u versions (350/450) very little. Just FYI...you can have a 'bed' put on a 450/550 chassis if it's carrying capacity you are shooting for.
Reality Check 08/27/15 09:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping in TC off truck

12'8" not including antenna...
Reality Check 08/25/15 10:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Re: Twisted Frame around slide out.

...if this is fixable or have I just totaled out my camper?.... Short answer: yes. Longer response, dude, that sucks. Of course just about anything is 'fixable'... but is the sum of the labor/parts more than the whole? Can't answer that one for you. Picture(s) would help of course. Tough day sir...
Reality Check 08/24/15 04:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Older TC/Trailer for sale in Minnesota

And you don't have to listen to the kids riding in back either...
Reality Check 08/22/15 06:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Volunteers needed in Washington State fire fighthing

its a great representation of what makes America great! When fellow American's answer the call for help in situations like this. I'll fight for life... not for property! So if your house were in close proximity to a major fire would you expect someone to help save it or just let the fire run thru the area? If the choice is my house or a firefighters life, easy, the house is insured. This is turning asinine. Sounds like some of you expect them to know when it's ok to fight and when they might get injured or die and they should just let it burn. Hell, just get rid of Fire departments then. Just not worth it, eh? It's life folks; good people do good things and sometimes it just doesn't turn out with a happy ending. God bless the ones fighting the fire, the hell with keyboard jockeys.
Reality Check 08/22/15 04:38pm Truck Campers
RE: License Plate issues

Sometimes I just shake my head...other times I just slap it...:S Why would you want your plate to be obscured?..:h These same people that ask these questions are the ones that bit$h the most when their trucks get stolen and the cops can't find them. In answer to your question, yes, I would and have stopped and depending on attitude you might get a ticket or a warning. Second stop for same violation becomes a misdemeanor. Same answer for those having the "Look at me, I run red lights" covering on their plates thinking the cameras can't pick them up....Dennis Shorts a little tight today? I'm with you though; sometimes I just shake my head. There was a lot of fish to fry during a shift, that's for sure. But license plate violations on an RV wasn't on the radar. Plate problem on a doper's car, perhaps an option away from the 'fruit of the poisonous tree' for the stop. To clarify; there is a difference between 'RV's' that those on this forum associate with and those that were pretty much abandoned prior but have become havens for the dredges in certain industrial areas, etc. i.e. live in shacks on wheels. For sure, any competent LEO can tell the difference. And should use said knowledge with good discretion. That said, no, I can't imagine stopping a typical RVer for this chicken poop violation. lol, different strokes for sure.
Reality Check 08/22/15 10:45am Truck Campers
RE: A Camper Window with a View 3

Reality Check 08/18/15 11:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Improving our brakes

Great subject.. almost never addressed. Let's face it, maxing out a truck in one area will most likely be pushing it's limits in others. Brakes on 250's/350's are the same size. Big enough to do the job under normal circumstances. But there isn't anything extra, and sure enough for emergency. Came back down from Waterville today on 2. Not notorious in the world of roads, but suffice to say it has it's own runaway ramp. Wife was asking about the sign at the top (trucks must check brakes prior to descent). We talked about air brakes a bit and so on. Then ended up getting behind a 3500 with a 2 dink horse trailer, crawling down at 35 mph. Even at that, he was probably pretty warm by the time he got to the bottom, and I ask, did he have enough left in the system to complete an emergency stop if he needed to? I was easily 50% heavier than him....and can assure you that stopping was not a problem. Jim nailed it; bigger is better. I read on this forum how folks are counting ounces. They travel without water to keep the weight off, then weigh their trucks with half tanks of fuel to make themselves feel better. Sure they can get down the road. Kind of like the guy who landscapes his yard, runs to the gravel pit and loads 2 yards of rock in his p/u and brags about how it works great....dragging the bumper all the way home. What happens when getting going isn't the problem? What are you going to do then? Food for thought, great subject.
Reality Check 08/18/15 10:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Not sure I like this

Exhaust temps run around 1200-1250 if I recall correctly. Tail pipe, you'd be lucky if you even saw 400 degress. Other than decals, it isn't going to hurt any metal. And tail pipes don't 'weld' themselves. Welding is over 2800 degrees. But tail pipes do rust/corrode. Other than aesthetics, I see no issue. **** designers; why can't they think of everything ahead of time. Gheesh.....
Reality Check 08/12/15 09:26am Truck Campers
RE: Mounting Kayak

If total width is over 8 ft. You could get a ticket. Also might get side swiped if on driver side on narrow two lane That photo looks horrible and the rig should and is not allowed on the roads. I have enough issue driving an 8' wide camper on multilane highways with trucks on both sides. You need to get a trailer to accommodate those kayaks. Comprehension does matter... The guy carry's them IN his camper until he gets to the beach..they're not hanging off the side of the truck going down the road.
Reality Check 08/08/15 08:42am Truck Campers
RE: Camping in TC off truck

.... I like the monkey story... that fits really well on this forum. The old "my brother was in Mississippi once and his cousin said...". Kind of like the water tank falling out of a camper once when it was off loaded. Great story that apparently affects all TC's, or all AF's or.... no matter what the actual facts were. Entertaining reading and still lots of good info....in between the lines at least. I agree with some of what you say but the AF990 is no urban legend. Check this post from a decade ago as an example. Thanks... just helps make my point. One story, on a now 15 year old unit, designed and built differently for sure, with a problem stemming from at the very least, not following the manufactures instructions (there's a whole 'nother discussion about whether one agrees with the design, requirements or plain old BS of the requirements so many claim). But that story leads to constant warnings about what to do, not do, the way it is, the way it should be, the wrongs of the world and in laws and why divorces happen, not to say the least of conspiracy theories regarding Starbucks and corporate America and our sell out to China and how come cats are stupid animals. All because a monkey repeated a story about a polka dotted 2000 AF 990 that had a tank fall out once. What were we talking about?
Reality Check 08/07/15 05:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping in TC off truck

Not that I agree with an ordinance or regulation that would restrict offloading a truck camper, but unfortunately TCs are technically considered residences by many jurisdictions. For instance, in California, wheeled RVs (Class A, B, and C self propelled RVs; travel trailers; 5th wheels) are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Truck Campers are licensed by the California Department of Housing and Community Development, which also licenses manufactured homes and floating homes. I think you're making a point that is often missed and in this discussion, gets confused in the debate. Laws, rules, regulations, etc, do vary. Interpretations of same is open to some discussion of course. But arguments often stray from the factual to the assumption (point being in this discussion, folks arguing the 'why it should be', i.e. "makes perfect sense"). It's a valid discussion of course, but as we all know, common sense isn't so sometimes. And there is a world of difference between written law, interpretation of said law and the understanding of why it came into existence. Laws, regulations, etc, are guidelines for the masses to do the right thing. That's why Officers have 'discretion'. Which leads me round about to my earlier comment about bureaucrats... "an official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people's needs." I like the monkey story... that fits really well on this forum. The old "my brother was in Mississippi once and his cousin said...". Kind of like the water tank falling out of a camper once when it was off loaded. Great story that apparently affects all TC's, or all AF's or.... no matter what the actual facts were. Entertaining reading and still lots of good info....in between the lines at least.
Reality Check 08/07/15 02:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Moving to Mass, Camper/Dually, Commercial License Required?

I don't want to be rude, but I am not looking for information about any other state than MA. I have read the online documentation, but it was not plainly clear. What is clear is that MA now considers any vehicle with a GVWR over 10,000 to be a commercial vehicle. That is contrary to the federal laws, but it is what it is. What is not clear in all of the online documentation is if a CDL is required due to the commercial registration. The stuff I read mostly referenced 26,000 and above, 15+ passenger and some other things. It was not clear that those operating 10K to 26K had to have the Class C license and in turn the medical certification. Doug Don't confuse 'commercial vehicle' definition with CDL requirements. A state can call a donkey a commercial vehicle....but it has no impact on driver licensing requirements. The link provided earlier by Mike is MA's DOL regurgitating CDL requirements. Simple answer, no... you don't need a CDL.
Reality Check 08/07/15 06:54am Truck Campers
RE: Camping in TC off truck

I suspect some former bureaucrats on this site. Lord help us.
Reality Check 08/06/15 07:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Moving to Mass, Camper/Dually, Commercial License Required?

Check with local DMV or better yet DOT station as there is lot of misinformation beside different laws in each state....... ....The law has so many variations that even DOT officers don't know each application. ^^^^ true dat. Best answer so far. Go to the source. OP asks for Massachusetts info, and all he gets is California and Arizona. Here's a link to Massachusetts DMV info. https://www.massrmv.com/rmv/license/2diflic.htm According to this, it looks like you will not need anything more than a Class D license, which according to this part https://www.massrmv.com/rmv/license/5classd.htm Is like a normal drivers license. Mike ^^^^lol, and Mike nails it. Specific question, wandering replies. BTW, weight does not trigger 'medical certificate'. CDL rules do. CDL is triggered by many things; buses, hazardous, air brakes, doubles/triples, etc, and weight...at 26k. And RV pretty much trumps those. But then there's California...lol, but you weren't asking about that screwed up state (don't get panties in a wad...Washington holds it's own trophy). And all this chat on the different threads about scales, commercial, CDL's, are mixing, confusing and messing up the information. Wow, Carnation to the east coast. LOL, I forever will know you as the couple where family was REALLY important. Bless the decision...
Reality Check 08/06/15 07:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping in TC off truck

Do you really think that if any type of camper is on fire someone is going to hook their truck to to move it? I really hate all the what ifs. That's a huge pet peeve....so something of a fluke happened one time somewhere and now all this rhetoric gets spread. I personally have never had anyone tell me I can't unload. I also never ask, I just do it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS. Seriously, some of the reasoning is just weird. ....Fire reference was more along the lines of a brush fire or something else, Flood? high winds, that would require evacuation. If the owner is off sight seeing. hiking, riding, exploring somewhere else away from camper they can't immediately hook it up.... ^^ so let me get this straight; the fifth wheel left while owners are off galavanting around town 'sight seeing', is somehow different? The Class A's who are off shopping in their toad are somehow different and ok? ....I'm done, this is getting out of hand here... ^^^ True dat As someone responsible for emergency management and hazard mitigation, it makes perfect sense... ^^^ I want a new leader ...because I could just drive away, and they would be stuck with disposal. NOW that made no sense, as of course I could do the same thing with a trailer, or 5th wheel!!... ^^^ you're not alone, but you are surrounded by some strange logic. To each their own. BTW... to all, thanks for the entertaining posts. It keeps this place interesting.
Reality Check 08/06/15 10:51am Truck Campers
RE: Camping in TC off truck

TT's, 5th wheels, MH's etc ALL have wheels under them and can be easily moved if needed to be for a reason. TC's on the other hand must have an adequate vehicle placed under them between the jacks after they are raised enough to move them if the TC owner's truck isn't present. Very common in many CG's or areas to NOT allow them to be taken off the truck when in a private CG or in/on public land/state parks/etc. Have owned a min of one TC constantly for the last 51 years and have found far more CG's etc that will not allow them to be taken off the truck than those which do allow them off! Makes very good sense! Doesn't even make bad sense.. I can load my camper and be gone quicker than most can get their trailers ready. No difference between wheels being under it or next to it...it's not ready to go until the rig is running and it's hooked. We take ours off for two nights or more... except in the winter in the snow. Another story. Never been told 'no'...
Reality Check 08/05/15 10:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Kids riding in the TC?

..... For California it says: "Passenger may ride in pickup camper........ Seat belts are required." lmao... bolt the seat belt to the 3/8" plywood seat, which is end screwed to the plywood floor, which is .... Oh yea, that'll work. And we paid some nincompoop to write that into law..
Reality Check 07/29/15 09:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Sooooo... Do you lock your door?

I live in Canada so the answer is no. lol... awesome. 216 people live in Canada. You're married to one, which makes 16 of them direct relatives. Second cousins and their off spring cover another 92. Co-workers between the two of you is another 15. 42 are in jail, leaving 49 people you need to worry about. At any given time, 12 of them are working at a Tim Horton's with 18 patrons visiting, drinking coffee. Six cops are enroute to Tim Horton's, and two just left. If you had a gun, you could easily defend yourself from the remaining 11 threats. I'd move. AWESOME response to a dumb answer....I love it....Dennisand you wonder why the world thinks of you the way they do.i'm officially done with this forum. West Virginia has 3 family names.... I moved and changed my name. ^^^^^^ Bawahahahah.... I'm thinking that I'm going to let the 'horney' nickname fall by the wayside. .... bcbouy, lighten up. I'm always amazed at how ones panties get all wadded up because someone doesn't agree with them, has a different sense of humor or doesn't see the other side of something. I've got some fantastic folks that I spend a lot of time with that live North...and they take the ribbing just as well as they can dish it out. Our differences are unique and create good humor within our already uptight world. eh?
Reality Check 07/27/15 08:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Sooooo... Do you lock your door?

I use both locks when goin down the road, as I've had the door pop open twice. That's what got me thinking.. Locked usually. After the locks froze up with two dogs inside wanting to relieve themselves, we adjusted the policy to account for weather. Policy adjustment...lol, probably a good one. I live in Canada so the answer is no. I live in the USA and the answer is no for me. What's your point? I don't leave anything in the camper that I'm not prepared to have stolen. Simple as that. lmao.... Better answer than my dumb answer. Traveling down the road in NV, car pulls along side and yells the back door is open. Yeah we lock the door when departing now. Side note, locked the door when I went fishing o'dark thirty while wife was inside sleeping. Somehow the prevented her from unlocking from inside, pissed wife when I got back. Check your lock operation. God, the things we learn the hard way... It's none of your business.... please knock before you try to make an entry.... better still, knock and step back 6 feet or so with your hands where we can see them. I'd never answer questions like that in a public forum. You could have simply not responded...But that's not your M.O. We don't all wear tin foil hats so it's really no big deal to answer a question. lmao...great response. Sleepy has lot's of good information and has almost as many opinions as I. But he should get more than one alias; perhaps Grumpy, and then put in for Happy (we all have to aim for something). Actually, I agree in spirit; I'm amazed at what folks post that is really private. My question here was literally about locking while driving down the road. Not to personal in my book, but alas, one can always decline to respond.
Reality Check 07/27/15 03:52pm Truck Campers
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