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RE: First big trip - Newbie questions

Why own an RV if you can't use it if you want to? Full tanks everytime..60 gallons.
Reality Check 06/20/22 03:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices?

Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices? nope... just finished a bit over 8 weeks. Cut short to return for a funeral service. It is what it is. I've read through this thread, and there is great wisdom scattered about. Life is short, every day's a gift, and waiting for the perfect time is a losing proposition.. Camp on.
Reality Check 06/11/22 10:29pm Truck Campers
RE: TC and MPG

lol, just finished 8 weeks; came home early for reasons other than fuel. Averaged 7.4 mpg. I run a bit heavy, but even truck and camper alone, I'm in the 9's on a good day. We all despise paying for the high fuel costs, but it's what my neighbors wanted apparently. In the big picture, it's a bump. The rest of inflation added on is the elephant in the room.
Reality Check 06/11/22 10:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 5500 with Flatbed and Torklift Super Hitch question

On the Facebook group for Host owners, there was someone that made custom vertical plates for the SuperHitch and cut out the the receiver from their CM flat bed. Fit for the new Ram's does take some additional drilling into existing Torklift plates since they do not have an updated product. I had considered doing something similar with a CM bed, but I wasn't able to find an upfitter that had done this before, and none of them were willing to attempt it. I talked to at least a half dozen different upfitters that sold CM beds about this. I could have ordered a CM bed without the hitch, but it was a nine month wait. Wow.. Sad, but maybe has something to do with CM's requirements for their installers. Option, have the bed installed and just find a fab shop that will install the hitch afterword. There are a lot of private shops that do great work in this world. I have made many beds in the past, purchased many utility beds, but don't know anything about their product.
Reality Check 05/18/22 09:53am Truck Campers
RE: Ram 5500 with Flatbed and Torklift Super Hitch question

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and roll my eyes at your "upfitter". They won't install the hitch because they can't figure our a work around.? Offense intended, that's the job of an "upfitter", to make it all work. Installing a flatbed is not rocket science and doesn't fall under the heading of engineering genius needed. As Bedlam noted, very common for some fab work needed to get a Superhitch installed. Trading or sharing a bolt hole just isn't a game stopper. I'd find another fab shop.
Reality Check 05/18/22 08:54am Truck Campers
RE: Slide out to non slide

Wife and I have always thought highly of the 865. Pretty sure we'd choose it over the 990's. On top of the issues you brought up, the 865 is more open, brighter, better view from the inside which is what draws us to it. Been filed away in our minds for future possibilities for sure.
Reality Check 05/04/22 07:44am Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: Bisbee, AZ. BLM Boondocking & Pit Mine

The history and side streets of Bisbee are fascinating. Town center has turned a bit strange, but always worth the see. If I recall correctly, the town has burned to the ground 3 times?? In agreement with more to see in New Mexico for sure. Thanks for the TR!!
Reality Check 05/02/22 05:29pm Truck Campers
RE: 2021 Northern Lite 10-2 Le wet bath

Not most of the time. On trips where we don't unload (single nights) I usually just dump the suspension and use leveling blocks on the front only to force a twist for side to side. The rear is then sitting on the rails..and that's pretty solid. Close works for us, as long as my head is not downhill while sleeping.
Reality Check 03/20/22 05:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: 9 weeks of aimless wandering

Nice long trip. Interestingly, it's never long enough.. But we always look forward to coming home. Then planning and working on getting things ready for the next excursion. Had about 4 months total last year. Hoping for a bit more this year. Memories galore. Thanks for sharing! It's my pleasure. Serious question to everyone: I debate myself on the longer TR's. Prefer more detail broken into sections? less chat, or more stories? Putting a few days or couple of weeks together is pretty straightforward, but wandering trips are a different breed for me. Curious, and thanks for reading.
Reality Check 03/20/22 03:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: 9 weeks of aimless wandering

great report, makes me want to load p and go!! BTW how tall is your rig? 13' 4" Go... always, load and go. Life is to short to ponder "I should have"
Reality Check 03/20/22 02:58pm Truck Campers
Trip Report: 9 weeks of aimless wandering

Wife and I took a little trip, 9 weeks, last summer. Have had a few since then, so I’m really behind on completing the trip reports. My bad… I debated breaking this up into sections, and adding more written detail. My end thought was not to bore all with a diatribe of details that they don’t care about, but to be able to convey the overall expanse and diversity of the trip with a few musings. Open to thoughts and questions for sure. We were planning on taking off in April. A couple of work items got in the way, jobs delayed, and the customers were worth taking care of. We waited and took off at the end of May. Stopped and weighed in Oregon as we headed into the Umatilla Forest. What a beautiful area. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/JrhVWr.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/hTPV1V.jpg Headed down through Utah into Payson area to see friends. A little north Rim of the Grand Canyon, then a family visit, then a visit with more friends, then…changing refrigerators in the trailer. Sort of criss crossed Arizona in the process. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/IwWhBs.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/KoZ2vk.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/gMlH8r.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/l68zpU.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/0Ky09d.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/o4M5tX.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/rXh4Ht.jpg We had bought a new Norcold for the support trailer. It started acting up..which is worth another thread in its own right. Let’s just say Norcold customer service and warranty are useless. Spent a few days on the shipping and replacement, about $3000, and I still own a piece of useless junk. And it was 118 degrees when we switched it out..rebuilding the cabinet to fit the new one in. Good times… A few weeks into the trip, we left the rig and flew home for a wedding..what a surprise to see our Washington weather, lol.. the wedding was fantastic, stopped and saw the Grandbaby (what? Hey, it had been a few weeks, what can I say). https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/TXrVgB.jpg Heat was wearing us out as neither of us wants to listen to the AC all night, and sleeping was getting thin. We headed to cooler temps.. New Mexico via meandering, Silver City area (forest fire over yonder), a forced detour because of our height, to Deming and a night at City of Rocks. Things you find when you have to make a turn you weren’t planning on. That led to Lake Valley historic town…and just awesome sights everywhere. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/wHERV5.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/Fo7TYs.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/4MPIfx.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/SbbnqD.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/bGOEzr.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/VSg0AE.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/HYB77V.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/tGpmIw.jpg And finally…. 9000ft and 69 degrees. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/XQP3pp.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/H3Kk1a.jpg We hiked…I can assure you the air is thin at 11,000’. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/MO2w22.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/K6X0qT.jpg Stayed 3 nights, totally refreshed and relaxed. Headed down and back west to White Sands, a BLM camp site (we actually PAID for camping..yuck). Then to El Paso for family and down to Big Bend. BTW, not crowded in the summer. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/VWSABu.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/BiXtXf.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/j7QcbY.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/m6kJKh.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/skRcYE.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/cusve4.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/sVkk8X.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/swoPeR.jpg Back tracked a bit and stopped at Carlsbad Caverns; wife had never been. Probably the best trip I’ve had there, probably because of the company. But man, has it changed since my first visits. I remember the personal guided tours, similar to what used to happen at Alcatraz and other similar parks. I took our son there when he was about 16..was almost a let down with the changes, so this trip brought a bit of the magic back. From there, headed northeast to friends in Arkansas. What a fantastic time hanging out on Beaver Lake and having docktails and stories! https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/Q1yyTJ.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/BgDexS.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/5pcSjl.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/3n4djH.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/39oVXn.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/GfrMn3.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/XeNa3m.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/C1GHQw.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/knJXL1.jpg Left there, wandered towards Dodge City via crooked back roads, then to Hutchinson. Wow.. what an awesome, incredible museum; Cosmosphere. Don’t miss it, if you are even slightly interested in flight, space, war or American History. It was exhausting. We have been planning another trip back with the grandkids and parents…going to make it happen. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/3n4djH.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/hxBTJT.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/99oYm8.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/9FP5pj.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/jsRYfW.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/e6ALfp.jpg Up into Nebraska, lunch with friends, another museum (got in an argument with the security guard), and then to hometown for my wife’s parents. They grew up across from each other; just stopped to see the homes. One was a railroad car..it’s gone, been replaced with an actual house. While we were standing outside, a neighbor came up to talk. Hour later, lots of stories, as they knew the families. The husband asked me if we were here to see the Golden Spike. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about. A couple of miles or less, was the world’s largest rail yard. Now I know. Learned all about hump yards and sorting cars, quantities, maintenance processes, really cool. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/7JYtb9.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/UozmQH.jpg Then onto the Bad Lands, Rushmore, Norbeck Scenic hwy, twice, Crazy Horse, Custer and seriously awesome off grid camping. NO… we did not take the camper on the Norbeck drive. It is a classic, don’t miss ride. And of course, the worlds smartest cashier; note the tip jar they stuck out. They weren’t picking sides, they were capitalists! Brilliant. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/VSI50I.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/qYB1Bv.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/lZtqlQ.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/DqZR4d.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/RX15Po.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/3gUMov.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/drIqVH.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/r6Owwv.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/3vmcdr.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/j3Yhdn.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/vGtpEi.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/76S3uN.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/96l94D.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/8NHD34.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/5YgVKI.jpg A concert in the parking lot in Sturgis, then to the actual center of the USA, movie set for Encounters of the Third Kind, then to the Big Horns and a ride down the ‘alternate’ 14. LOL, same basic mileage, not the same drive. It is steep. With the engine brake on and in first gear, I was still gaining speed going downhill. Piece of cake, but cocky would get one in trouble pretty fast. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/924/Gb1aVG.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/elM1Qb.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/v7tpiR.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/yxKFqc.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/923/OfFYZx.jpg We wandered back again through Yellowstone, then to Virginia City, then a slight beeline to Silverwood to meet up with friends for a couple of nights. I’m done with roller coasters for another year. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/cczShO.jpg Backtracking again, headed to friends in Maupin area, and then…truck lost the turbo. Made it about 10 miles on the morning we left..turned around and burdened the friendship by leaving the truck and trailer. Wife and I jumped on the KLR motorcycle and drove to Troutdale area where I left her with our kids and a grandbaby. I shot home, next morning, took a p/u and tilt trailer and a little lumber, went back to Maupin. Unloaded the camper, got the truck loaded (no…it doesn’t really fit..have to raise the front wheels on blocks to get past the fenders, and a couple of other tricks). Stopped at a scale on Mt Hood out of curiosity, as I knew it was close and I had three or four more scales to cross on the way home depending on what was open. Scaled out nicely, as in barely, but legal. Truck is heavy even without the camper. Picked the wife up, drove home. Turbo was replaced two days later, and we returned to Maupin for another night with friends, a concert at the park, and then home. Someone once said to me something to the effect that “wow, you saw a lot, now you can check that off your list”. Reality is, everytime we go, anywhere, it only brings to our attention where we want to spend more time and areas that we didn’t know about that were just right ‘there’. The list gets bigger..not smaller. Truck campers are awesome! In 9 weeks, we only went 8000 miles. About 1500 was on interstate. Everything else was on back roads, secondary or less. We only paid for camping at five areas. Previously mentioned BLM near White Sands, Big Bend for the electricity (AC!!), Silverwood…a parking lot, City of Rocks because it was a fluke, and a private camp spot up near Disney (Grand Lake) because we wanted to scout the area, dump, do laundry and liked the owner after stopping to dump only. Happy travels all.. List of some of the places we hit: Umatilla NF, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs, Titan Missile Museum, Gila NF, City of Rocks SP, Lake Valley ghost town, Valley of Fires NP, Smokey the Bear NP, Sierra Blanca in the Lincoln NF, White Sands NP, Big Bend NP, Carlsbad NP, Ozark area from AK into OK, Grand Lake, Cosmosphere Museum, Santa Fe Trail, Dodge City Museum, Dane G Hansen Museum, Golden Spike Tower, Samuel R McKelvie NF, Sand Hills, Badlands NP, Black Hills, Mt Rushmore, Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, Crazy Horse Museum, Custer SP, and both the popular Center of the US, National Monument, and the real center of the US, cow pasture, Devil's Tower NP, Bighorn NF, Yellowstone NP, Silverwood Theme Park. After getting home, I put together another book…a photo album if you will, for us. I wrote in the pages, the following, and looking back, it sums up a lot of what the trip brought to us: “We camped almost always off grid, side of the road or in someone's front yard. Best camp sites in the world are free. We hiked some, once to 11,000 ft (at Ski Apache...there is no oxygen up there, I assure you) stepped in Mexico without a passport, ate great steak and fish the entire time, drank every bottle of wine we brought, met some incredible people (Joe in Windom...you take the cake buddy!) found that middle America still has their act together, and realized for the umpteenth time, there is beauty everywhere. This is an amazing country.” "With no plans other than Arkansas, we wandered. Detours and passerby's brought sites to our attention that we'd have never known about (Golden Spike Tower and City of Rocks were awesome!) and hot weather changed our course and created more stories (Coyotes at night in Sierra Blanco...so COOL!). Reading books brought new ideas (gotta see and stand at the center of the USA!). We discussed politics, children, the past and all those pioneers, animals, geography and the stunning world we live in. We experienced 'docktails' and the Darwin Theory and the amazing luck of some people. And we saw the most beautiful cemeteries...over and over again, and beautiful lawns and endless mowing. And then the constant ingenuity and determination of the people of this country, the awesome power and restraint that has been shown and the unbelievable reality that hard work and honesty pay off in huge dividends, and trump evil and laziness every time."
Reality Check 03/19/22 11:44am Truck Campers
RE: Gas prices.

Does any one think the gas prices will create more campsite cancellations/openings? People backing out of and or changing to destinations closer to home. Result will probably look more like a swap. People who cancel reservations/change their mind for travel farther away, will fill the spots closer to home that are opened up....by people canceling from farther away. A little simplistic, but every action creates opportunity. A balance of some sorts results.
Reality Check 03/10/22 05:58pm RV Lifestyle
RE: How To Tear Off Your Truck Camper Jack Made Easy

...... Time to drop this whole thing. Using 'Trump numbers' and Trump logic only works with those like-minded. lol, that just turned south and took a nose dive. Where did that come from?? Disagree; OP laid it all out there so each, and everyone of us, could self reflect and ponder life. Our choices, actions and consequences. No one has to be like minded and agree...otherwise, we'd all live in dumps like Seattle..if I understand your logic. Great thread! Thanks for the eye opener OP! Somebody is upset that I understand that if real research was done the numbers I put out might be proven to be "Alternative Facts" But I don't think there is any question, most people do not hit pipes. Now the OP has said he is responsible for the damage. I take the post as a reminder that snot can happen. But a large percentage of people seem to think property owners should not only provide a service, but also make sure the RVers can't damage their rig. Not necessarily 'can't' damage their rig, but perhaps have less of a chance of doing so. Much like a low-hanging large tree limb in an RV park site -- whose responsibility?? The RV owner's to try to gingerly negotiate his positioning on the site, or the park's owners to simply be responsible enough to trim the tree? Same concept. Keeping up here.... Since you asked a question; it's the driver's responsibility. Ultimately, it's the driver who is responsible to check surroundings. Ever wonder why most professional drivers (truck, cops, maintenance vehicles, etc) most always back into a parking spot? It's safer. Same as the cone concept. Same as knowing our height and reading signs. Same as checking for limbs on things that grow. We can hope for, wish for, want, more signs to assist us, but that doesn't transfer the responsibility.
Reality Check 03/06/22 08:28am Truck Campers
RE: GRK fasteners for camper jack bracket re-install

GRK's are great for super holding power in home renovation and construction. But in order to be effective they need something very solid to fasten into. You won't find that in a 2X2 spruce camper framework... Not sure that really answers/helps the OP out. Whether he uses a generic lag bolt or the asked about GRK fasteners, he's screwing them into the same wood. His question centers around whether they are comparable; fastener to fastener. I'm no engineer.. the shear qualities are available online. But in a nut shell, I'm pretty sure they are adequate. I think they have more shear and a bit less pull out power. Which I think would be just fine.
Reality Check 03/05/22 08:39pm Truck Campers
RE: How To Tear Off Your Truck Camper Jack Made Easy

...... Time to drop this whole thing. Using 'Trump numbers' and Trump logic only works with those like-minded. lol, that just turned south and took a nose dive. Where did that come from?? Disagree; OP laid it all out there so each, and everyone of us, could self reflect and ponder life. Our choices, actions and consequences. No one has to be like minded and agree...otherwise, we'd all live in dumps like Seattle..if I understand your logic. Great thread! Thanks for the eye opener OP!
Reality Check 03/05/22 04:18pm Truck Campers
RE: How To Tear Off Your Truck Camper Jack Made Easy

I think it has more to do with the color of the cones and the fact that it indicates to oncoming traffic that the vehicle is parked and not moving Nope.. it is policy, as JRscooby stated. Has little to nothing to do with other traffic. You ever see van or pickup setting with cones by the corners? Do you imagine somebody thinks it is easier to see the cone than the vehicle, so people won't run into the van? No. It is because it has been proven if a driver walks around their vehicle before they get in they are much less likely to hit something when they start to move. Bummer this happened, and has been said....every....single.....one of us has had 'awchit' moments and screwed something up. Hate to see it. And I'm on the side of..could always wish something had been better marked, etc, but in the end, I own it 100%. Bollards are a pain, always imperfect, and there for a reason. No different than curbs. How many cars have torn off their front spoiler because the curb was just a bit to tall, or whatever. Are we supposed to nerf/flag those too? No, it's on us, the driver.
Reality Check 03/05/22 09:24am Truck Campers
RE: Right truck and camper setup for a northern Alaskan winter

Agree with Jim.. a bit rough on the eyes. Break it up and more folks will chime in.
Reality Check 02/24/22 07:36am Truck Campers
RE: Chassis Cab Ride Quality

People are saying it's not that bad in the same manner as they say IPAs are delicious. They take a sip, and immediately you can see the desperate look in their eyes. Their throat quivers as they try to suppress the gag reflex. Their eyes begin to water. Then their lip twitches and their face begins to turn a shade of red. With some effort they swallow, and with a breathless "AHHHHH!" they claim it's the most tastiest thing they have ever tasted ever. The ride is not that bad because if you admitted to yourself it rides like it has square wheels, you would begin to hate the vehicle and ultimately begin to hate the whole camping experience. Lol, I shouldn't have sugar coated everything with the word "brutal". Just so we're all on the same page...an empty flatbed (a few truck boxes or not) does ride rough. No thanks. I made a couple of trips with the current truck prior to the air and new bed, towing a trailer that was 10k, with a 2400# tongue weight, and I had a #3000 block of concrete in the back strapped on. Drivers seat wasn't so bad..wasn't great...but the passengers needed a kidney transplant when we got home. Should have poured the block heavier... https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/640x480q90/922/ohJBCS.jpg
Reality Check 02/22/22 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Chassis Cab Ride Quality

Empty 450/550's are brutal. Air suspensions solve that for the most part. A typical loaded truck (sprung) will be super smooth on the rear (unbelievable what can sit on the outside of the rack...like a partial pop can at the rear...and make it 40 miles home. But the drivers area will have a much more 'jarring' ride. i.e. don't try to write something on a pad...it will look like you have Parkinson's or drank to much coffee. It's not a bad ride, but it's not plush. Just isn't much weight on the front typically, and add the wheel style (19.5's) and the result resonates more. With stock springs, when loaded, they ride firmer than a 350/3500. But that's partly because most of those are maxed out/overloaded. We're over 19000 solo, usually 27, 28000 when pulling our trailer. Run the numbers, but I bet you'll find that the 450/4500 would have less room to wiggle. I know very few folks who end up weighing less than they thought, carrying less than they think they will, finding that they 'over did it'... I haven't had a 450 since about 1996...everything since, and now (have three currently) is 550. It's about the spring pack..rest of the truck is pretty much the same.
Reality Check 02/21/22 06:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Cabover on an SUV

Can that possibly be legal? I sure would not want to be driving behind it on a windy day. Got to ask; what makes one think it's not 'legal'? Strange? Different? sure, but....
Reality Check 02/15/22 11:47am Truck Campers
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