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RE: Wildfires and Boon Docking

Also, think about your escape routes. Hint, you need more than one road out because the fire may not start until you get there. ;) Teanaway; exactly why we were talking about it. Lots of good camping spots are up valleys...one road/hwy in. Often, like Teanaway, there are several roads up and over/out, but you have to know about them and have more than one option. I don't run around thinking scared all time (although, I don't take baths anymore...to many deaths in the bathtubs). But giving pause once in awhile and acting prudently is not a bad idea either.
Reality Check 07/06/15 04:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Wildfires and Boon Docking

Before setting out to remote destinations, you may want to check this website for current wildfire activity. It's going to be a dry and hot year out west: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/ Great link... 11 and counting in this 'wet' state. Wife and I talked about it this weekend. We were camping up Teanaway; bikes into the hills, hiking. Dry, so very dry, especially for this early. We discussed about escapes, how to, general ideas, when and how fast. Yes; I'd bag the camper in a heart beat and jump on the bikes if need be. Freakishly fast sometimes. Thanks for the link.
Reality Check 07/06/15 11:50am Truck Campers
RE: You Know Your A Redneck When...

*You're Maybe I have a little redneck blood in me, because I'm confused about this correction. You're is a contraction for you are, whereas your is possessive. That being said, it's time for a beer....I've thought too much!:) I hate bullies.... and to correct a strangers speach is arrogant and another type of bulling someone We have had some good people that have made real contributions to the forum quit posting after being embarressed... If a kind person would feel the need to correct someone they'ed send a PM.... ... a jerk would want to prove they are superior by calling someone out in public... someone they don't know is even better... I always take up for the victim... BTW... I don't think that I've ever heard a redneck correct a strangers verbal mistake... in print either You offer good reading... with much to ponder. On the surface, purely from the stand point of "if you don't have something nice to say...." you of course make great sense. But on the other hand..... One of the problems we of the 'not so young generation' see is the effects of "just let it be". Not sure I'm liking where that is turning out either. Case in point; when some self centered person is talking on the phone in line at the grocery store, not paying attention, etc, do you roll your eyes and not say anything, think it's ok and just MYOB, or point out the rudeness (politely is a good idea)? Is peer pressure always a bad idea? Our manners a bad idea? Which brings me to the point of your statement: I agree it's a fine line when offering up a correction. On the one hand, it's a public forum. On the other, are we so thin skinned we think we know it all and can't handle a polite helping hand? How many times have we all read someone's post that rambles without any punctuation and completely ignored what they were trying to say...because it was too painful to get through? Are you a fan of throwing spelling out the door just because someone might get their feelings hurt? I suggest that is one of the problems we have in our schools now. How's that working? Still, I agree a lot with your post. Not sure where the perfect line is. But I do offer that the 'correction' offered was about as quiet and polite as it can be, minus as you offer, a PM. Yet, by publicly offering up the assistance, many others can (and hopefully) will learn from it. Not a bad trade off perhaps. Thought for the day: I'm a blessed man; my wife said yes and made it so.
Reality Check 07/05/15 05:52pm Truck Campers
RE: I've come over to the dark side ;)

The dark side is when you run your batteries down and realize for the first time that you do not have isolation between tow vehicle and camper. LMAO..... Doh..!
Reality Check 06/29/15 09:36pm Truck Campers
RE: I've come over to the dark side ;)

Oh good Lord, the seriousness of it all.. "Dark Side"... I got it, it's funny. Suppose it is a younger generation thing; I mean, it was 1977. What's the chance of someone seeing that dang movie "Star Wars" when they were only 30 or 40... sheesh. Rhode Island... lol, is that still a State? I missed the miss on your map. Welcome, again. We are the 'Dark Side', and we have cookies too.. (that's probably something else we'll have to explain to the crew... good grief). :)
Reality Check 06/29/15 03:36pm Truck Campers
RE: I've come over to the dark side ;)

Just have to know... what do you have against North Dakota?? Bet you'll have less headaches and more fun now.... welcome.
Reality Check 06/28/15 11:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Uncomfortable toilet seat

Kind of a crappy subject....
Reality Check 06/19/15 10:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Hydralic Auto-levelers

... Went past one on I 10 couple of weeks ago the trucks front wheels almost off the ground and the trailer hitch spraying sparks. lmao....
Reality Check 06/10/15 08:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Hydralic Auto-levelers

... Instead of a traditional leveling system with rams that push down into the ground, what about a suspension adjustment? ... I think for a TC airbags with in-cab compressor would be a better choice for leveling for a lot less $. I'm with bedlam on this...I don't expend too much energy trying to level...drive the truck around until we are close and call it a day... ^^^^ getting the unit stable off the suspension is the idea. The little add on air bags don't level in inches. And these systems have 14", 18", even 24" of travel. They can tuck way up beyond your lowest hanging parts and still reach the ground and do the job. I'm also envisioning a situation where someone uses the truck levelers and then puts the camper jacks down for added side to side support. A leveler failure later and the camper jacks are trying to hold the truck off the ground. ^^^ suppose, anything is possible. But hell, I made it out of the shower today. I'm a risk taker. I suggest that more often than not, we'd level off and go to bed. Wouldn't even worry about the camper jacks. Think how stable the camper is, locked onto your bed, with no suspension in play. Then again, in my younger years, a rockin' camper and.... never mind. If you need to level your TC while driving then air bags are the answer...that said it should set level on its own or very close to it. Mine does and so do most of the friends I have that have a TC. If you are talking static setup, the you have or should have 4 electric legs to raise, lower and level you rig when camped. I think you missed the point... And I'll argue, most campers do not sit level. Count 'em going down the road, pointing into the sky, lighting up the telephone poles and pissing off the drivers having to look at the lights in their rear view mirrors... No, most do not sit level. But again, that wasn't the subject. They're not for everyone, that's for sure. We camp in the winter, in areas where I have more than a few times, blocked up one side of the truck 12-14", just to get close. It's a hassle, especially in the snow. I envision pulling up, smiling at the wife, and hitting the button as it raises the unit off the ground. It's on the burner, still pondering it. Thought for the day: Words have meaning, that's why we use them.
Reality Check 06/10/15 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Hydralic Auto-levelers

Just off the top of my head, most TC's are already over weight. We already have remote control jacks, just unhook the turnbuckles and you can level to your heart's content. Simply seems like something that isn't needed since TC's have such short wheel bases compared to the 'Big Boys'. lol, since when is "needed" a requirement..? I've been looking at either HWH Corp's or Bigfoot's units. For winter camping, for us, they'd be the ticket. There's also Equalizer Systems, Lippert and Power Gear to look at. And I think 4k is more realistic for an installed system.
Reality Check 06/10/15 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: Manual jacks?

Jump in here late in the game.. Had manuals and used a cordless gun too. Loved it. In fact, when we got the AF, I complained that the remotes were slooooooow. Fact is, I could run around and raise the thing faster..but probably not as fast as I thought. It's just that when you're doing something, time goes by quicker. That being said, it wasn't a big deal. I've watched folks, and they raise the thing 1", run to the other side, raise it 2", run back, raise it another inch or two... good God, kills me to watch. It's not that technical nor should it be that slow. BUT, I do like the remotes now... especially for loading it back on the truck. I can run them from the drivers seat. But for just getting a camper up and down, they are quick, it's easy and I never had a problem with them. BTW, most campers will raise with three. The back is pretty rigid and lighter, and you could ignore one and get away with it. A 25% savings in time there... Thought for the day: my doctor said that red wine is good for me. Said something about exercise too. "More the better". I think he was referring to the wine...
Reality Check 06/07/15 11:21pm Truck Campers
RE: RV vs Wheeled Vehicle

On a slightly different track, I've had some grief (and ripoff tickets) from Bay Area parking lots that insist that my truck/TC, my daily driver, is an RV - never mind that the DMV registration clearly says pickup truck. The only signage in the lots prohibits oversized vehicles, which is not the case. Apparently they can make their own rules and good luck with fighting their opinion. I'm assuming you're talking about private lots (most parking lots). It's their land. In defense of private business, they're trying to protect and maximize their profits, which is their right for taking the risks. And no, I don't always like the decisions. But God gave me two feet, and I can always walk away from something that I deem unfair, wrong, irritating, or whatever. I often park need to park our work trucks in downtown lots; most often, we buy two spots, park diagonally in both, and are left alone. But I'll tell you I feel lucky that they do, because it still screws up many of the lots...they're designed for 5' wide go-karts, again, to maximize their return. No complaints here; it's our choice to drive what we do. And private property rights trump what "I want". I guess the same goes for camp grounds. Decisions like what the OP ran into stem from attitude, how busy they are, past experiences, perceptions, physical layout, etc. Private lots, pretty much not open to argument. Discussion perhaps. State, Federal, etc, usually not such an issue and I believe more accommodating with less interpretation, and open to argument if there are not clear definitions/rules laid out. Thought for the day: It finally happened, I blew a 19.5 tire. And now I sit and contemplate how lucky we are with the qualities of the new rubber compared to 20 years + years ago. Time for 6 new ones I think...
Reality Check 06/03/15 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Our custom true flatbed truck camper build thread

That is just so damn cool.... Wow.
Reality Check 05/26/15 09:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Wolf Creek 850 roll over story

SAME THING IS HAPPENING ON MY 2012 WOLFCREEK 850 LB I HAVE CALLED NORTHWOOD ABOUT FIXING IT AND THEY SAID ITS UP TO MY DEALER.WELL MY DEALER DIDNT BUILD THE CAMPER,GOT THE RUN AROUND FOR THE 7TH TIME .NORTHWOOD IS JUNK TELL EVERY 1 TO BEWARE.MINE IS NOT SAFE TO HAUL.AND NOT PAID FOR YET UNREAL DONT KNOW WHAT TODO. Please, stop the yelling... Ok, so did you take it to the dealer yet? I dare say, when my new trucks have warranty work needed, I don't take them to Detroit. "insert joke here" Thought for the day: Breath in.... breath out.... repeat as needed. Edited because I hurt someones feelings.
Reality Check 05/26/15 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper edge protection and really quick loading/unloading

so the screws are going into the aluminum frame? Yes My worry with guides has always been the possible side forces exerted on the jacks while they are in their extended length..................................... Just to be clear, I don't ram the thing home at 10 mph. But it does jostle it a bit, but I dare say no more sway than when it's up on jacks and people are walking around in it. .............BTW: We rolled through your area yesterday and are now on the dry side of the mountains. One of the great parts of living here; 25 min and we're on top heading to that wonderland. Hope you have a great weekend. I think we're going to grab lawn chairs on Monday afternoon and pull up a cooler of drinks, sitting on the overpass in NB here watching the circus return from the 3 day. LOL, at the mess at Exit 31 for the massive 'last' stop as the city folks headed to the 'mountains'.
Reality Check 05/23/15 02:38pm Truck Campers
RE: tow jeep

........... To ignore the OP's question/s is simply hijacking his thread. To guess without knowing, without stating it is a guess is giving misinformation............. Wayne lol, ya don't say... Love this forum, lot's of good info here. But dear lord, it is so full of narcissistic folks (not always a bad thing) who only want an excuse to post pic's of their stuff and tell people about what they want to do...without every actually comprehending the OP's question. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/prioronetime/Them%20thingys/stirthepot.gif BTW, a well stated response Wayne (your first post).
Reality Check 05/23/15 09:11am Truck Campers
RE: Camper edge protection and really quick loading/unloading

when you attached them with the final screws, what were you screwing into? I love the idea and compliment you on the great work, but before I try it, I just worry about what those screws are going into? thanks A quick phone call to Northwood confirmed what I thought; frame rail (tubing) runs along the bottom edges. After a quick explanation of what I was wanting to do, it was a real quick 'go ahead, no problem' response. RC...I am with 2009...what are the screws going into??? And I don't see unless you really cleaned it up any sealant squishing out of the screw holes..I do see the black along the top edge. Doing the rebuild on my TC I cannot get over how much "GOO" is used..it just makes me feel something is missing on your build very nice build. That certainly is a good solution to your flatbed. Those guides are sweet! I wasn't concerned about filling every hole with goop. Water runs down hill, looks for the easiest route, and the thing doesn't sit in a bath tub. And it's not screwed into wood. I understand you're initial thinking, but the chance of water wanting to follow the screw past the friction of the threads instead of following gravity for a free fall to the bottom of the rail didn't strike me as probable. So, I didn't worry about it. Thanks for the nice words.
Reality Check 05/23/15 08:48am Truck Campers
RE: Camper edge protection and really quick loading/unloading

I don't use physical guides on my truck deck but use the center line reference method to get the camper loaded evenly on the truck. Except for blocking in the front against the headache rack, I have not needed anything else. Does your camper sit on a mat? Mine sits on 3/4" horse stall mats and does not shift. lol, well I didn't 'need' anything else either. But this was a way to massively increase the speed with which to load. And no mats either; the thing doesn't move once in. Sits on the steel bed (which, btw, I'm not a huge fan of. I like wood infilled flatbeds a whole lot better, but I built this bed for the TC and sleds, for another truck, and the steel serves a needed purpose). We TCer's spend a lot of money on these things, and most try and keep them 'nice'. Hence, even if one is fairly comfortable and capable, loading is a slow process just out of the act of being careful. I assure you, this has made an already fairly comfortable task for me, a whole lot easier and faster.
Reality Check 05/21/15 11:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper edge protection and really quick loading/unloading

North Bend? Washington? Oregon? Nebraska? Ohio? Pardon my CDO. That's OCD alphabetically...Like it should be! WA, as in Wershington..
Reality Check 05/20/15 08:28am Truck Campers
RE: Trailer Tongue Extension (Pictures)

I'm wondering if I should install a 2" ball to the extension so the stock coupler could attach to it. If nothing else it would hold the extension in place while I install the hitch pins. I would simply weld it to the top of the square tubing as I wouldn't have a way of holding the nut inside the tube. What say the fort??? Don't see the need. Have you got it so the front could lay on the ground, slide the rear pin in, then pivot up the front for the second pin? Might need to shave/angle the rear of the tube for that (for the pivot). Shear on two 5/8" pins is massive... but then I'm no engineer. But Torklift I think have a few look at their stuff, and 2 pins seems to be adequate for their loads...
Reality Check 05/19/15 08:07pm Truck Campers
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