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RE: Historic WWII Classic Aircraft Flyover DC Capital Friday!

Politico has a 20 some picture slide show of this. It kept crashing my iPad in three different browsers I don't know why. Link seems OK on Firefox on a PC. Heavy pictures if you are on a slow connection. http://www.politico.com/gallery/2015/05/world-war-ii-planes-fly-over-d-c-/002209-031606.html?slide=0
RedRollingRoadblock 05/10/15 08:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Red Bluff to Fortuna CA on 36?

In one word "NO." It is a windy and narrow road. At some parts it is single lane. If you got a motorcycle go for it. Used ( still is?) a ex-CHP that said it was not patrolled after a ways out of Red Bluff. Nice views though.
RedRollingRoadblock 02/18/15 03:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: Universal Studios Hollywood

If you are wanting to stay at Anaheim RV village on Ball rd. it's closedAnaheim RV Resort on W. Midway. Thanks.
RedRollingRoadblock 02/01/15 07:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Universal Studios Hollywood

Anyone parked at Universal Studios for the day? They say that they have RV parking area, for an extra fee of course. I figure if they have bus parking I should be able to get my 31' class C in fine. Just kind of wondering about what to expect when I get there. We plan on spending the day at the Studios then head to Anaheim RV and visit the Mouse for the rest of the week.
RedRollingRoadblock 02/01/15 04:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: LED Tail Lights

The Bargman #84 are also on Amazon. Good lights, plus they don't fill with water. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002UC17GW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
RedRollingRoadblock 01/19/15 10:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 55 amp Converter

Randy recommend the PowerMax 55 amp to me to replace my WF-8955. Don't remember why, but he did. It was a direct bolt in replacment. The 55 amp one has been replaced by the 60 amp one. http://www.bestconverter.com/PowerMax-PM4B-60-60-Amp-4-Stage-ConverterCharger_p_413.html#.VKccf-e9KSM I am using it on two Trojan T-105's. And I am a happy camper.
RedRollingRoadblock 01/02/15 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Big truck gets stuck in Zion tunnel; driver blames GPS

After being on the road for the last 35 years driving a semi coast to coast I would put money on it that the guy was from some other country and didn't understand what he was getting into. With all the very little English speaking , very little english understanding drivers I have seen lately it doesn't surprise me even a little bit. Now days it's a couple weeks training and you've got the job.....These trucking Co. today just want ...Meat in the seat !!You got it right. Never did see any company name with this. And would be interesting to know more details.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/26/14 07:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: thor palazzo

I will throw this out also. I was really hot to buy a Palazzo, till we went and looked. We were both very surprised at the seemly lack of quality control on just the interior fit and finish. Quickly struck that one off the list. We looked at several other brands and were even less impressed. When we finally got up into the $350-400k range it seemed like things were getting better. Then after reading mastercraft's post I knew we dodged a very large bullet. Wife finally said our C class was just fine, we both like it and we will keep it till the wheels fall off. And we will.
RedRollingRoadblock 12/25/14 07:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black friday sales

I don't care what price it is, I'm not 'camping out' as some are doing already. I refuse to go shopping on Thanksgiving day. I heard some stores were being fined for not opening on Thursday. Here is the story about stores being fined. http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/new-york-mall-will-fine-stores-if-they-dont-open-thanksgiving Black Friday has traditionally been a shopping day the day after Thanksgiving. But as retailers seek a way to boost their profits, many are extending their sales to Thanksgiving day itself, forcing employees to work on a national holiday traditionally reserved for spending time with family. One mall in Central New York is taking this to the next level, actually fining stores if they refuse to open on Thanksgiving. Walden Galleria Mall in Buffalo, New York has told retailers that they will face some form of fine for not opening at 6pm that day. “We’re just stuck following the rules, because if we didn’t, we’d be fined by the mall and being a small company, that’s substantial to us. We can’t just pay that. We have to stay open,” said Shaun Deutsch, manager of Tee Shirt University store, to the local news. “It’s been a lot different this year trying to find people to work. It’s not been easy. I’ve been forced to schedule myself because I can’t find anyone else, really, to help me out.”
RedRollingRoadblock 11/16/14 07:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Scamming Seniors

So why did you waste the cop's time if you weren't going to follow through?
RedRollingRoadblock 11/13/14 10:14am Around the Campfire
RE: No power to fridge outlet.

Go to the non-working outlets. Open them up and check for loose/broken/burned wires. If everything is good in the first one you check go to the next malfunctioning one and do the same. Some where you have a faulty connection. Over time a wire has loosened up from its connection. My bet is the connection is a stab-in type and the wire was cut to short and over stretched on the install.
RedRollingRoadblock 11/10/14 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Question for current or retired truckers

Been driving trucks since 4/71. I have spent the majority of my time in the NW and rarely have a beef about the drivers of RV's. I see more stupid bone headed moves by truck drivers (me included) than RV's. Far too many of the truck drivers have this "I am more important than you attitude" and try to intimidate a smaller vehicle or less experienced driver. As far as the light flashing, thanks but no thanks. There is nothing worse than getting a mirror of high beams when I come back over. Most of us know where our trailers are at. And on a four plus lane it is really not needed. If you dim you lights I will say thanks, but high beams not so much. But remember everyone thinks they are the perfect driver.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/24/14 12:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for info on Trojan BT-105 Batteries

This is the reply that I got from Trojan. Not sure what took so long but stuff happens. Quote: We apologize for the late response: Trojan Response: Trojan makes a "Black Box" 6V golf cart battery which is rated at 210Ah. This battery is non-maroon and is made for Trojan partners based on their specifications for their private label brands. These batteries are made in the same facility, on the same production line as the maroon battery. The maroon T-105 will have a rating of 225Ah and not 210Ah. This battery will be similar to the T-605 which has a 210Ah rating. The manufacturing quality is the same, but performance will be below the T-105. End Quote
RedRollingRoadblock 10/20/14 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator 110 question

Well I fall in the antenna up group. Solved that by giving the TV to DD.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/20/14 08:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator 110 question

My funniest bonehead was when I decided to clean my black tank. I dropped a bunch of laundry detergent in the tank and used a sprayer wand to agitate it. Then I proceeded to fill the tank. I was standing right under the vent pipe and a guy walked up and we started talking. I forgot all about the water pouring in to the toilet! Next thing I know brownish soap suds start dropping on my head! The other guy's jaw dropped! I looked up and soap suds are pouring out the vent stack. I ran inside and stopped the water just at the edge of the rim of the bowl! Did not help that I had a head full of brownish soap suds and the other guy could not stop laughing.The visual I got from reading this had tears running down my face. Thanks for a good laugh!
RedRollingRoadblock 10/20/14 08:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: just hard to get a RV dealer to take your money

OP Here....... Its home all is OK No other money changed hands except some accessories we bought. Rest of deal went better than 1st halve by a long shot.... Glad it finally worked out. Are you going to name the dealer or keep us all in suspense?
RedRollingRoadblock 10/18/14 11:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Battery losing charge

And if you have any questions about which converter to get http://www.bestconverter.com will promptly answer your e-mail. He was most helpful and saved me a few bucks and labor.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/15/14 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: Cummins ISC 350hp Valve Adjustment Schedule

Valve Adjustment 150,000 Miles, 5000 Hours, or 4 Years http://www.diesel-service-parts.com/cummins-isc.html
RedRollingRoadblock 10/15/14 06:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weird Wired Power Pedestal

OK. Looked again and as I said there is a 50 amp double pole breaker and a single 15 amp and single 30 amp. One 30 amp outlet. No sign of ever being a 50 amp outlet. As DrewE and beemerphile1 said both the 50 and 30, or 15, have to be turned on. Since the 50 is a double pole I have no idea if the 30 is wired into one and the 50 to the other. Plus I really don't care. There is 115 volts at the 30 amp outlet, and also the 15. Took a quick look at three other pedestals and all were same setup. I had just never seen this before. I do agree that lots of 30 amp outlets show signs of overheat and burnt contacts that is why I carry a 50 to 30 dogbone.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/13/14 12:01pm Tech Issues
Weird Wired Power Pedestal

Upon hooking up to electric I turned all breakers off, plugged in my 30 amp cord and turned on the breaker marked "30." Went for a walk, etc. Couple of hours later wife went to turn on microwave and it had no power. I went to the power pedestal and reset 30 amp breaker with no results. Thinking I had confused the 20 amp with the 30 amp tried that. Nothing. Unplugged cord and reinserted, again nothing. Scratching my head I try above steps again thinking I must be overlooking the obvious. Nothing. Then I flip the 50 amp DOUBLE pole breaker. Bingo. Why I did that I don't know, out of frustration I guess. Whoa I think. Someone screwed up big time. Remember this is a 30 RV. I look again to see if I missed something. Did a second look in disbelieve there is NO fifty amp outlet in the pedestal. Now I am getting a little nervous thinking I am going to see the smoke of burning electrical equipment that was only meant for 115 volts. Pulled the cord out and checked for the proper voltage, everything good except there is a 50 amp breaker instead of a 30. Going to check a couple of empty sites in the morning to see what the have in the pedestal. The DW just asked what I wanted for Christmas I said "Progressive Industries EMSHW30C Surge Protector, it is in the Amazon wish list." "There is also a transfer switch in there too." The explain what they are. Maybe if I am real good... Beachside State Park, Oregon site 82. I wonder how many others have plugged into this site and never questioned its power setup? Sending a e-mail to the park system in the morning after I check a few other sites.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/12/14 09:02pm Tech Issues
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