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RE: Are there no experts that sell trucks?

Usually I deal with the "Fleet Manager". They seem to be better informed. That's the only person one should talk to if one needs information.
RichieC 04/16/14 05:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hermosillo RV Park

We enjoyed spending the winter on the Pacific coast south of Mazatlan for 4 winters ending in 2010. The increasing violence around Mazatlan was one of the factors that ended our Mexican snowbirding. If it's a fact that the RV crowd is getting older. . . 2010 is four year old information. Yes, we are all getting older, not just the RV crowd. And there is a new crop of RV'ers coming. . .which is why one sees the RV sales figures on the upswing. You can predict the future?
RichieC 04/10/14 10:25am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hermosillo RV Park

I certainly do not see any great increase in the number of RV travelers. None of the people mentioned are hungry to RV in Mexico. They are moving to Mexico and flying in on junkets. This will probably never change. The generation that is retiring will want more than just a place to park. Not many RV parks in Mexico will meet their requirements. Even though the # of RV spaces has decreased there were still vacancies this past season. High CG prices, expensive fuel and tolls, hassles at the border, crazy Aduana rules and now insurance that is slow to pay does not help. Visiting in a caravan where they do everything but dump your tanks is not like traveling by yourself! Moisheh I respectfully disagree. We are still in recovery mode. The economy is improving. The RV sales chart: Recreational Vehicle Industry Report shows the story. RV sales have quadrupled since December 2008 - (5,600 units manufactured the month of December 2008) and (30,500 units manufactured in the month of June 2013) Those are monthly manufacturing numbers. The implications for the RV service industry should be clear. Mexico's participation will depend greatly on its public perception of security. The good people of Mexico have suffered greatly from the drug trade and government corruption. When those problems are suppressed and and international public relations improve, and they are, you will see ground level improvements overall.
RichieC 04/10/14 07:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hermosillo RV Park

Another sign of the down ward trend of the RV parks.. This could reverse quite quickly. With the rapidly growing number of retirees and Mexico's improving security and economy, large numbers of Canadians, Americans and Europeans hunger for travel to Mexico. As I understand it, one caravan company has pretty much sold out the fall/winter - winter/fall caravans for 2014/15
RichieC 04/09/14 07:17am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: storing trailer in Mexico

You might get a wider response by posting this question in one of the other forum here on rv.net. That said, a heavy canvas tarp will require at least two people. I can get a blue plastic tarp over my camper by myself using nylon line attached at each corner and the middle. And an extendable pole (used for window washing) to prod the tarp up and over into place. With a heavy canvas you'll probably need two step ladders and two people.
RichieC 04/05/14 11:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Biodiesel being used

I noticed that the Flying J I visited last week had posted on the pump that it contains 20% biodiesel. I don't think its a problem but has anyone experienced problems such as hard starting or other? I bought a tank full in Nogales before heading south into Mexico. There was no difference whatsoever in anything.
RichieC 04/04/14 03:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are LED Marker Lights Better Than Incandescent Markers?

We went thru a lot of this when I was working for the state and we converted traffic signals over to LED bulbs: - If done properly, they last far longer. Of course, if you buy cheap garbage or don't install them properly that doesn't work so well. - LED's generally don't burn out but they gradually put out less light. This is both good and bad. It's good in that you can sneak by until you get around to changing them but bad in that it's not easy to tell when you need to change them. With an incandesent, it's working or it's not. - LED light is different not better or worse. It generally puts out a very specific portion of the spectrum. The red or orange lense covers should be purely for show as the LED puts out light of the correct color. Incandesants put out which white light and the colored lense filters it to result in a particular color. - If you can get your brake lights converted over, that is actually a safety benefit (I'm shocked all new cars aren't LED already because of this). When you apply power to a circuit, it takes almost 0.5 seconds for the incandesant filiment to heat up enough that it is putting out visible light. An LED is typically on the order of 0.1 seconds. So from the time you hit the brake pedal until the light comes on, the LED will come on around 0.4 seconds sooner. At 60mph, that is around 35' less stopping distance and even if you do have a crash, the impact is at a lower speed by 5-10mph. Unless you are one of those guys who's rig is lit up like a christmas tree, the reason to go LED running lights is for when the engine is off. The alternator will have no problem keeping up with the normal compliment of running lights while charging the battery. If you run them with the engine off, the LED's will take a small fraction of the power incandesants require. Boat trailers are a specialty situation where the rapid cooling related to dunking hot incandesants in the water shaters the bulbs. LED has only a slight warming and is generally immune to this issue. Impressive. Thank you.
RichieC 04/03/14 07:34am Truck Campers
RE: Ideas on camping spots? Picking up my 2015 wolf creek in May

Looks like I will be getting the first run of 2015 wolf creek 850's and pretty pumped on picking it up in early may. I am getting it fully loaded. I am told the pricing is going up for all 2015 models and all slots for the run in may are already sold out! The Wolf creek line and arctic fox line are doing quite well. I will be driving from san diego to apache camping center in Portland to pick it up. We plan on camping and hanging out in the area for awhile and am curious if anyone has any recommendations for remote camping spots. We are wanting to explore the coast and forests and we have never been to Oregon and Washington. We are planning on approx 2 weeks. Thanks for any suggestions :) Focus on the Oregon coast while you're there. Start the coast route at Fort Stevens State Park and go south on Hwy 101 - this is, in my opinion, equal or better than the California Hwy 1 route. Follow 101 south to Crescent City, California and visit the Redwood National Park. I'm guessing that if you drive hard to/from San Diego to Portland, you'll lose four days just doing windshield time. Then you spend one day getting the camper and situating yourself that evening. That leaves you nine days to enjoy 363 miles of the nations best coast line.
RichieC 04/01/14 07:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Nice! but don't need it...

The dealer has a backroom shop with experienced fixer-upper guys. They can take a POS and make it look good. Buyer beware.
RichieC 04/01/14 07:49am Truck Campers
RE: Camping in the rain

Side awning extended - campfire burning outside the drip line - camp chairs set up - what more can one ask.
RichieC 04/01/14 07:45am Truck Campers
RE: Long Time Mexico Traveler Passes On

Thanks all for the kind words. We are still heartbroken. We are on the Wal Mart lot in Ft. Morgan,co. Went into the store and almost got out the water dish for Sally! Although we had always said we would not have another kitty I am sure that will change. I know there are shelter cats who deserve some loving and we have lots to give. Moisheh I almost suggested that. One has to remember that it is a twenty year commitment. On the other hand, when you see the ghost of a shadow where he/she use to be. . .it's hard.
RichieC 03/31/14 09:02pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Wolf Creek 850 roll over story

A superior method of tie down construction was developed and used in the SnowRiver campers. A single flat steel plate tiedown approximately five feet long was attached to the length of the camper frame on each side. http://www.eaglecapowners.com/oddsnends/tiedown.jpg Those with better memories and search skills might find the photo of the truck and SnowRiver camper that rolled over and the camper was still attached to the camper. The tiedown construction used in Woof Creek, Lance, Arctic Fox and others is antiquated. SnowRiver was ahead of it's time.
RichieC 03/31/14 08:41am Truck Campers
RE: Long Time Mexico Traveler Passes On

Pets often become family members. They trust and depend on us much as a child would. Their passage is not without grieving. Our travel buddy: http://www.familybynet.net/kitties/sleepy2.jpg
RichieC 03/30/14 03:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fender well storage box?

There must be a blow-molded HDPE storage box alternative out there on the market that would be about 1/3rd the weight of this metal box There is such a box for batteries. I purchased this one mail order from an outfit in Oregon almost ten years ago - sorry, don't remember the vendor's company name. An industrial battery supply house in Tacoma told me about the box. HDPE http://www.eaglecapowners.com/campergallery/gallery/General_Interest/batterybox1.JPG
RichieC 03/29/14 07:19am Truck Campers
RE: RVing in Central America

I thought cassette toilets, according to their websites, could just be dumped in a toilet. I know that one would have to use discretion when choosing a place, like maybe a rest stop, public toilet, pit toilet, etc. We have been thinking about putting in a cassette toilet. They can. I was hoping that the original poster would respond with their first hand experience that they offered. But after the biggoted:Not a chance in the world I'd take a risk and go to Central America. comment, they probably won't bother.
RichieC 03/28/14 06:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RVing in Central America

Hi There all your Rvers I wanted to put a post on here about going south with your RV. When we started to plan our trip to Central America I found little information on here with the exception of Mexico. Now that we have nearly completed our trip and covered 8 countries in Cental America, we would like to share our experience with you. If amyone out there is thinking of Rving down here please feel free to ask us a question. The main thing once you leave Mexico and head south is your vehicle , we stored our large 5th wheel and purchased a Lance truck camper soley for this trip as a small RV is needed down here. Look forward to hearing from you. Julea & Alan Yes. What are you using for black tank disposal? I've heard that a black tank "cassette" disposal is the preferred process in central / south America. I've also heard that the big tour coaches with built-in bathrooms have black tank disposal sites. Have you used any of those disposal sites?
RichieC 03/28/14 11:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Truck Camper input required?

. . .I had the same decision to make a year and a half ago. Ordered an AF1150. We really liked the layout and the quality. 8800 miles later no regrets. . . . You're hauling that on a Ford 6.0 gasser as I recall. When you have a chance, could you report on the performance, economy, problems, changes that you'd make regarding that gas engine after having used it for several thousand camper miles?
RichieC 03/27/14 07:29am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camping in Seattle???????

IIRC we camped near Bremerton, drove to one of the many open parking lots and took the ferry into Seattle. Mind you this was MANY years ago and things may have changed now. When we left Washington 7 years ago, we lived in Manchester, Wa. They have agreat quiet state park. There used to be a foot ferry you could catch in Port orchard that would take you across the sound to Bremerton, then we would catch the ferry into downtown Seattle. From there you have access to almost all the downtownSeattle sites. You can walk to the Pikes place market! pier 41 market, the Space Needle, the science center, the aquarium, Ivars Fish and chips, etc, etc. living in Machester, we didn't want to fight the traffic either, and we could plan the day around the ferry schedules, and still have a great day! Garry in Kodiak, AK Excellent suggestion!
RichieC 03/26/14 07:59am Truck Campers
RE: Buying EC1160 - having weight anxiety ...

boiler...how do you like your new EC? Awesome so far! . . .Only issues I can even complain a little about so far are the seals on the bottom of the slides are a joke - . . There's a cure for that! 3tons did a brilliant mod and posted it on the EC owners forum. Definitely worth a look at: Curing slide out drafts
RichieC 03/25/14 09:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Blockade

Why is this even an issue? Demonstrators have occasionally blocked entire downtown sections of Mexico for days and hold rallies on the zocalo. The only thing THIRD WORLD about Mexico, are some of its visitors... We had flown into Mexico City. We picked up a taxi at the airport. As the taxi approached downtown Mexico City he was blocked by barricades. The driver could not deliver us to our downtown hotel. He did the best he could, got us into metro downtown and dropped us off. So there we were, bewildered tourists toting luggage and looking lost in downtown Mexico City. A mob of marchers blocked our path to our hotel. Massive protest marches had closed the streets. Every ten minutes or so a cannon shot (probably a sail boat starter cannon) fired off, echoing through the tall buildings. I studied the faces of the marchers as they passed. And realized that these were mom's, dad's and regular working folk. They were people that I would probably enjoy meeting and might even march with them given the opportunity. I pulled out my camera and took a few photos, told my wife to get ready, and when a break appeared between the parading marches, we towed our luggage across the street and down to our hotel. http://www.familybynet.net/oddsnends/mexico/mexicocity007.jpg
RichieC 03/25/14 02:54pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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