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RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

Why isn’t a 2x4 two by four inches? They are if you buy them rough cut from a mill or from the Amish
RobWNY 08/24/19 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

I got a little secret for y'all. Out here on the road it doesn't matter what brand, color, model, etc. If it starts consistently, runs well, meets your needs...you got a good one. It's true for generators, tools, trucks, RV's and so much more in life. The need to defend a brand simply because it is our choice is nuts. There are plenty of post about Honda's breaking down or being cold blooded to start. My buddies brand new Honda 2200 lasted just months before it needed a shop. He is kicking himself for not getting the unit this thread is about not just because of the difference in price but because he hates refilling his multiple times a day. My little Sportsman 800 was a one pull wonder for 2 1/2 years until I let someone give me bad gas. It was my fault for not going and getting fresh gas, not the generator's. It ran my 5000 BTU A/C for 5 hours on it's half a gallon gas tank. It's performance until then showed me that getting a Sportsman 2200 was not a risk. So instead of jumping to arms whenever a new product is introduced, wish it well. We need the Honda's of the world to be pushed to compete. Honda needs to step up their game with new products and better pricing because these new companies will meet peoples needs and have been for a while. I agree 100% with your comments. Many people on this forum are flush with cash so they overpay for just about everything they purchase. Why? because they can and they mistakenly think that if it costs more, it's better. That's not case in many instances. Good for them that their financial situation is in fantastic shape. I wish them all nothing but the best but for the rest of us that want a product that does the same job at a more reasonable price, I'm right there with ya in most cases. As an example...I used to do electrical work on the side. I once was hired to install a couple of light fixtures in one of the bathrooms of a very well off couple. They paid me handsomely but insisted I use their old light bulbs. The next day, they called to say that one of the lights didn't work. So I went back to their house and they paid me for an hours labor for my time to drive there and change the bulb. True Story!
RobWNY 08/24/19 07:34am Tech Issues
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

no customer support, service, or parts availability. Whenever any small problem develops, you will have to fix it yourself. Whenever any big problem develops that you cannot fix yourself, you will just have to throw this one in the trash. "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." Are you referring to the generator or RV's? LOL
RobWNY 08/23/19 11:03pm Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel Insurance questions

I'm in the process of changing my auto and homeowners insurance from Allstate to Travelers. I had my agent check on my RV insurance too which I have through Progressive and she ran it through Safeco and Foremost. They were both higher but everyone's situation is different.
RobWNY 08/23/19 12:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative to Jensen AV receiver?

If you're referring to the units found in Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels, I agree. Total junk. I don't know what they put in Class A's, B's and C's. If you do find something, plan on needing to modify the opening to have a decent fit and finish. You'll also need to plan on running new speaker wires because they use a common ground in RV's and the wiring is a mess to say the least. Where the grounds are located and whether they are all connected is a mystery. Likely within the rats nest of wires found hidden somewhere in your RV. So you'll have positive and negative sets of speaker wires at the back of the Jensen unit but by the time they reach the speakers you'll have something different. They might not even be the same color wires like in my RV. Somehow they work with the original POS Jensen but not all the speakers work with better units and I've tried three different units and I can't figure it out. A close friend of mine who is an electrical engineer can't figure it out either! I didn't want to run all new wiring through the walls and ceiling so I just gave up and use my phone and good bluetooth speakers for music. For DVD's and Television I put up with the lousy sound. Good luck to you!
RobWNY 08/23/19 06:20am Technology Corner
RE: Standby Sams

The program might have been something to consider in the past but not in today's world. I'm sure 99.9% of the members were wonderful decent people but that .1% is what would worry me. At least when you call a business for help, you can check reviews and take other precautions before calling them and get some sort of feeling whether they are reputable or not. That's not to say you can't have a problem in that situation as well but I would feel more comfortable than calling some random person that signed up to help that you know nothing about.
RobWNY 08/22/19 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar Kit

Get a look at the "manual" that comes with the kit. Some panels and controllers are made to be "chained" with a single controller and some are not. Note: Since there are some losses involved, a 100 watt panel likely will produce only about .7 amps at 12 volts. Barely enough to float a fully charged large battery. Two together will get you about 1.5 amps IN FULL SUN, which still really isn't much. What? My 200W Zamp Solar suitcase (2-100w panels) pumps out 11.4 amps in ideal conditions. Most of the time, I pump in 7amps to 9amps More than enough to replace the 50-60 amp hours I use over a 24hr period. Hard to believe the Harborfreight solar kits are that bad!
RobWNY 08/20/19 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you store your power supply extension cord

Our 50A cord is a Bohemith and 45 ft. long. It won't fit in a bucket, wheel well, Milk Crate or Laundry Basket so I use the mid-size one of these sold at the Orange Big Box Store. It leaves enough room inside to store a regular 20A extension cord, Surge protector and a couple of towels to wipe the cords off if they get muddy. https://i.imgur.com/6DU0cNXl.jpg
RobWNY 08/18/19 10:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Hershey Pa rv show

Also, be aware of the RV's that have "Sold" signs on them but are still open for people to go through. This past Spring, I was at an RV show in Syracuse NY at the end of the last day and watched more than one dealer rip off the "SOLD" signs and throw them away. Nothing more than a tactic to make people think they were offering great deals and sold several at the show. The RV's that have truly sold will be locked up tight so people can't inadvertently cause any interior damage to them.
RobWNY 08/18/19 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Slide seal protectant

Which 303 product is reccomended? Looking on Amazon there's 303 Rubber seal protectant.....303 UV Protectant for vinyl, rubber, plastic, tires and finished leather.....303 Aerospace protectant-UV protectant for Boats and Patio furniture and 303 Marine and Recreation Multi Surface cleaner.
RobWNY 08/18/19 10:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My RV fire extinguisher was made by First Alert.
RobWNY 08/18/19 09:39am General RVing Issues
RE: SUV for Towing

I have a neighbor that tows a 3000LB Single Axle Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 with a Ford Edge and a friend that tows the same trailer with a Chevy Traverse. Both say they tow their trailers just fine.
RobWNY 08/17/19 09:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Level on sloped campsites. How? Unique to 5er's

If connected to the truck and the jacks were fully retracted including having the pads anchored in the first hole rather than the third hole, how many inches is it to the ground? This is just my preference but when I'm traveling, I have my jacks and pads fully retracted. I estimate how high or low I'll need to have the nose once unhooked and put the lego blocks (in my case lynx levelers) under the pads as high as I need to before lowering the jacks to make contact to raise or lower the nose. Sometimes I have to pull the pins to lower the pads and sometimes I don't. If you did that, you could raise your nose approximately 13 inches from where the trailer is while connected to the truck if needed.
RobWNY 08/17/19 09:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Level on sloped campsites. How? Unique to 5er's

I guess I don't understand what your issue is. You've explained how you're nose is too low but in the pictures you look nose high. So if that's an illusion, and your nose is too low, first, you have your front jacks pads extended to the third hole. Put them all the way in and you gain a couple of inches there or extend them out depending on the situation. You have several inches of travel with the motor and the pin locations for the pad give you several more inches. You just have to find what combination works on every site. If sloped too much one way or the other, I would get a different site. In most cases I use lynx levelers under my front landing gear. I've had a dozen on each side at a couple of sites. They not only get me level and when my jacks aren't extended very much, they sturdy the trailer.
RobWNY 08/17/19 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Towing a Fifth Wheel

First of all, there is no comparison between a diesel and a gas engine when towing. That's not what you asked. there also isn't much of a comparison between a GM 6.0 and a Hemi 6.4 I've owned both, I've towed with both and the Hemi is head and shoulders better than the GM 6.0 With that being said, I tow a 34' fifth wheel with a Ram 3500 with the 6.4 Hemi. It has done everything I've asked of it and other than the engine roars when going up hill, it's just fine. After a few hundred miles you can smell that the engine has been working but that's true with any gas engine pulling that kind of weight. A 6.4 Hemi will tow your 5th wheel just fine.
RobWNY 08/15/19 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ways to Save on Fuel at Pilot Flying J

If you use the Pilot/Flying J credit card for Gas and also swipe the Good Sam Loyalty card do you get .05 cents off total or .10 cents off each gallon?
RobWNY 08/14/19 03:30pm Good Sam Club
RE: Another Newbie Question about Brands

What exactly do you mean by "Well Built"? You certainly will find brands that have good customer service with good floor plans to suit your needs in that price range but if you mean solid hardwood cabinetry, excellent Fit and Finish, etc. you'll be hard pressed to find that in a 5th wheel with a price point of $40k-$42k. My $57k 34 foot 5th wheel is considered entry level. It has "ok" fit and finish but the cabinetry is all veneer particle board frames with 1/2" plywood drawer boxes and 3/16" plywood sides. The dinette table is the same veneered particle board. The chairs however are real hardwood. Not what I would call "Well Built". The solid surface counter tops are really just molded plastic. To get a real nice quality 5th wheel you'll likely have to spend more than $40k-$42k. or you'll have to sacrifice some quality.
RobWNY 08/13/19 02:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Confessions of an RV Salesman

I guess I have to wonder why any RV salesman would be confessing to the world why he does what he does. Seems counterproductive.
RobWNY 08/12/19 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for Traveling with Other Couples

We haven't gone on a long trip with friends but we do go camping for 3-4 days at a time with them 5 or 6 times each summer. The trick is to make sure each day you and your spouse do your own thing for a few hours. Even if it's just eating breakfast by yourselves, taking a nap, watching TV, going for a hike etc. Spending every waking minute with anyone puts a strain on the relationship. Your friends will want to do the same thing once they get a feel for things. Also, remember that it's better to bite your tongue than to say something that will hurt your friendship because when the trip is over, what irritated you on the trip will be forgotten quickly but what's said while irritated will be hard to forget. Life's too short. Enjoy each other and have a great time!
RobWNY 08/12/19 12:53pm RV Lifestyle
RE: snowbirding

No way would we be going into Florida other than the panhandle Why not? We're planning on snowbirding in Florida this coming winter. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on why Florida is bad?
RobWNY 08/11/19 08:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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