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RE: Winterizing

You need a compressor that you can regulate down to 35 psi. Why? PEX tubing and valves are rated for 160PSI of water @73F, I use 90 PSI of air which is much gentler and it works just fine. The tubing is rated at 160 PSI but the crimped and screwed-on connectors are not rated that high. At 90 PSI you can cause a connector to fail. Normal water pressure is between 45-60 PSI so there is no real need for 90 PSI.
Rover_Bill 09/16/19 11:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: What do you leave behind when gone for the day?

Before I got my TT, I would put an old lawn chair in the middle of my camping site entrance with a sign saying "This site is paid for and is occupied for today."
Rover_Bill 09/14/19 11:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water hook up

One additional point - Be sure your water pressure regulator is attached to the supply spigot end of your hose. The reduced pressure in the water hose will not require as tight a connection to prevent leakage.
Rover_Bill 09/14/19 10:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT storage out of state of residence

To the best of my knowledge, a TT needs to be registered with DMV ONLY if it is transported on the highways. You should be able to get a temporary (30-day?) permit from OK to transport the TT from the OK dealer to your OK storage place/campground. Once the TT is parked at a long-term campground in OK, it should be insured as a second home and not part of a moving vehicle. You should be able to get a simple low cost homeowner's policy to cover it. I doubt that your AZ homeowners policy could be extended to cover the TT while its in OK. In an case, check with your AZ homeowner insurance agent to be sure.
Rover_Bill 09/14/19 10:43pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: Looking for time/temp display that shows full time Dew Point

Dew Point temperature (wet-bulb temp) along with the air temperature (dry-bulb temp) is measured by a psychrometer. I'm not aware of any inexpensive devices that contain a psychrometer to display an accurate wet-bulb temp. An accurate Relative Humidity is derived from those wet/dry bulb reading. Many mechanical (analog) and electronic (digital) instruments only give a gross RH approximation. If that RH value is calculated back to a wet-bulb temp from those displays, the margin of error would be +/- 5 degrees (or more). That error makes a dew point temp display grossly inaccurate. Oregon Scientific sells a nice line of home weather instruments. THIS is the one I have in my trailer.
Rover_Bill 09/10/19 11:24pm Tech Issues
RE: AC/ Stabilizers/ F.Cap wax - need your thoughts

Mirror shine on my 4 yr old endcap using Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System. https://i.imgur.com/Xy5xJKcl.jpg
Rover_Bill 09/08/19 10:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Least mountainous route to Myrtle Beach

IMHO, the PA turnpike (I-76) is just as bad as the WV turnpike (I-77) and a much longer drive through mountains. If you want to avoid mountains by driving an extra half-day, head south to Birmingham, AL and then east to Myrtle Beach.
Rover_Bill 09/08/19 09:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Inverter Generators

When i clean the carb, and put excess ethanol gas in a pan, i clouds up in minutes when exposed to air. Back to the generators... Whats the deal with all of the different Yamaha part numbers? EF2000isV2. $850 Approx EF2000is EF2000i $550 approx The original Yamaha inverter generator for RV use was the EF2000is. It is now on sale (originally $900) because it is a closeout item being replaced by the improved Version 2 EF2000isV2. The V2 version outputs 2000 peak watts for a LONGER time than the original before going into overload. That extra peak time will allow many 13K A/C to startup and cycle. Yamaha also has a new EF2200iS inverter generator that comes equipped with a standard 30 amp RV plug (although a single generator will only output 2200 watts max). It's easily hooked up in parallel with another for a full 30 amp output. It only weighs 55# (like the EF2000isV2) and will run for 10 hours. All Yamaha inverter generators come with a fuel shutoff valve so that you run the carb dry before storage. No carb cleanout/drainage required.
Rover_Bill 09/08/19 12:05am Tech Issues
RE: Thunder Storms

Be sure you're not setup in a wash or dry creek bed. Get into your car/truck (and drive to the closest Walmart). :B
Rover_Bill 09/07/19 10:24pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Help with a batch file not concatinating it's logs

It's been a few years since I retired from programming. You may want to remove the %time functions from the file name but keep the time stamp within the file. Have one log file name per day or per hour.
Rover_Bill 09/03/19 10:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Surge power protector- hard wire or portable?

The main purpose of any surge protector (portable or hard wired) is to prevent EXCESSIVE voltage from entering the RV. They do that by routing excessive voltage from the hot line back to the ground wire (not neutral line) via metal oxide varistors (MOV) between the two lines. The MOVs are not damaged if a power surge event is mild, and they will continue to function and protect the RV by bypassing future excessive voltage events. If the surge is extreme (or above the MOV joule rating) the MOVs will be damaged. The MOVs in a hard wired box are replaceable, they are not replaceable in a portable unit. That's why I have mine hard wired. In either case after the power surge event (assuming the wiring is not physically damaged), power will still be routed to the RV but will not be protected from future surges. It's not like a fuse - once blown then no power until replaced. (At least in theory)
Rover_Bill 09/03/19 12:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Any To Do suggestions for the Pigeon Forge area?

Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg is recommended.
Rover_Bill 09/02/19 11:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Questions for RVers with DISH

I thought those portable satellite dishes were powered up the coax by the receiver, which means they are not even on until the receiver is on......?? The DISH Playmaker antenna is powered via the coax cable and DISH receiver. The G3 is external powered and can be set to work DISH, DIRECTV, or BELL receivers.
Rover_Bill 09/02/19 10:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite upgrades? How?

There is an upgrade for some Dish Playmaker antennas that will allow one eastern satellite to be received, see the website. This upgrade is only for Playmaker Gen 2 dishes made/purchased after Sept. 2017. I got mine in Mar. 2017. :(
Rover_Bill 08/30/19 11:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Storing generators when traveling?

..I don't know about the Yamaha but the Honda has a cap adjustment to illuminate any fumes and it works.... Yamaha 2000 generators have the same vapor sealing fuel caps as the Hondas.
Rover_Bill 08/30/19 10:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Camco EAZ-LIFT R6 TT Hitch

I haven't been able to find much actual info on the hitch, besides their terrible promotional videos. How does this bearing "push" anything? That's not how typical bearings work... Does it have some sort of ramp or cam built in? See this video at about about 1:54 and 3:40 minutes. Turning the on/off cam engages the leaf springs under the single ball shown in the bottom plate. The underside of the bar holders are slopped to work with the ball bearing and exert the resistance/push force. There are two cam's - one for each bar.
Rover_Bill 08/21/19 10:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camco EAZ-LIFT R6 TT Hitch

...The R6 hitch is still predominantly friction based, so you'd have to "turn it off" in wintry conditions.... EAZ-LIFT has two versions of their ReCurve hitches - R3 and R6. The R3 version is friction based. The tighter you screw down the clamp the more friction is exerted to keep the trailer from going out of alignment (and more friction to keep the trailer from RETURNING into alignment). You must manually totally loosen the screw clamp to turn off sway control. The R6 control uses two SPRING LOADED bearing for control - one under each bar. The bearings help resist the trailer from going out of alignment but once it is out of alignment (less than 10 degrees) the bearing actually help PUSH the trailer back into alignment. If the trailer is more than 10 degrees out of alignment (as when turning) the bearings are disengaged and there is no extra force on the hitch. You can manually engage one bearing for partial sway control, two bearings for full control, or leave both bearings disengaged for no control.
Rover_Bill 08/20/19 10:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Expert suggestions for cyber security

Consumer version VPN is next to junk. It only protects you from your PC to the VPN provider site. There is no protection other than HTTPS from the VPN site to your target website. VPN sites are crowded and will usually slow down your throughput.
Rover_Bill 08/20/19 12:54am Technology Corner
RE: Camco EAZ-LIFT R6 TT Hitch

I've had my ReCurve R6 with 1200# bars since 2016 and have over 20,000 miles towing. I LOVE it and highly recommend it! You can have perfect weight distribution if you take the time to set it up correctly. The sway control really does work and you don't have to worry about it when making tight turns and backing up at gas stations or into parking spots. The design of the bars gives you extra clearance where other WDH would drag. My major dislike is that you need a separate hex key to engage/disengage the TWO sway control dials. Order a few extra keys (I lost 2 already). Engaging the sway control is very easy when the TV and TT are perfectly aligned or more than 10 degrees out of alignment (i.e. turning). It's VERY VERY difficult when they are just slightly out of alignment. The R6 hitch is heavier then most other WDH. A HitchGrip helps installing/removing the hitch from/to the receiver.
Rover_Bill 08/20/19 12:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Best fit for family of six?

One thing that you and others failed to consider is the seasons during which you plan to make your cross country treks from Boise Idaho to upstate NY. It is EXTREMELY challenging to travel by any RV in the northern states from mid-Fall to early Summer. VERY FEW OPEN campgrounds, hazardous driving due to strong winds, flooded and/or icy roads, freezing temps at night - so no RV trips for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter visits. :( How many week long cross country trips do you plan to make during the four summer months - June, July, August, and September? My recommendation is that you consider renting a class-C for your SINGLE summer adventure trip and plan on flying/driving for all other visits. With your 30K budget, consider purchasing a durable, high MPG SUV for your trips that you and DW can easily drive. You'll get to your family faster and have more time to spend with them.
Rover_Bill 08/15/19 11:58pm Beginning RVing
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