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RE: 6 Volt RV batteries

In your search for 6V GOLF CART batteries don't forget to check the prices at the local BATTERIES PLUS STORE... They are around the same price as COSTCO and SAMS CLUB and you don't have to be a member of the store... I got my 4EA DURACELL SLIGC110 215AH GOLF CART Batteries there for $84.99 EACH. The store took my old 12VDC INTERSTATE batteries for cores charge... Very happy with my purchase there... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 09/10/19 05:52am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Circuit Breakers

I matched up some 120VAC Circuit Breakers in my WFCO Power Distribution Center from LOWES... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 09/06/19 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Do all campers have a switch to amplify antenna?

Most all of the RV TRAILER will have what is called a TV WALL PLATE that looks like this... https://i.imgur.com/4FEl1Zr.jpg height=300 Google image Most everyone will refer to this as the booster amplifier for their BATWING Antenna. This is really just a switch unit that send DC VOLTAGE up to the RV ANTENNA that has a BOOSTER AMPLIFIER built-in to their roof mounted antenna. When the light is 'ON' on this panel then the CABLE TV INPUTS to the trailer is muted... https://i.imgur.com/Z6cip80.jpg height=300 Google image This is available from AMAZON... Like others have said you may have to look around where this TV WALL PLATE is installed... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 09/04/19 05:38am Travel Trailers
RE: OTA television while traveling?

We use this BATWING Antenna setup on the side of our off-road POPUP... We pick up many channels... I can't remember not ever picking up something haha... I can reach thru the window flap and hand rotate the antenna... Camping up on SKYLINE DRIVE or the BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY we get a whole bunch of station but a lot are same channels from different towns... https://i.imgur.com/eqaVpto.jpg height=300 Roy's image This breaks down into a couple of pieces and is stored inside the area between the two pushed in tent beds when in travel mode... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/31/19 06:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Want to add a cig charger inside-ideas?

I have one of these what I call a 12VDC Charge station's on both ends of my POPUP trailer. These are made by BLUE SEA and available from AMAZON... Not expensive to order... https://i.imgur.com/ytF8C7o.jpg height=300 https://i.imgur.com/XiWU3GN.jpg height=300 Google images I like to have an ON-OFF Switch for these... Many different layouts available from AMAZON BLUE SEA Panels. These modules are round so you have mount these panels Horizontal or Vertical... I am always hooking up to 12VDC so I have an additional 12VDC SUB Panel with fuses installed in my POPUP (AMAZON) just perfect for adding things like this... https://i.imgur.com/26e2tOf.jpg height=300 Google image I am not a fan of tapping into other 12VDC wiring... Like to go directly to a 12VDC circuit or perhaps having additional studs near the battery for more 12VDC connections. https://i.imgur.com/SfzfNBh.jpg height=300 Google image Not fun blowing a fuse when out off-grid somewhere and no ffuses available haha... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/30/19 02:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: fb/cell phone notifications

All of my FB postings shows up on my Active Internet server... I always have my inter on and showing main page here on my consoles... When I get a posting from my friends on FB I get a a notification message from facebook over my internet email connection saying "so and so recently posted a status"... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/28/19 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Converter

I replaced my ELIXIR 30A on my new 2008 Starcraft RT14 Popup righ after I got it with the WFCO 8900 Series Power Distrbution panel but use a Progressive Dynamics PD9260C Converter/Charger unit in place of the WF8945 unit that came with the panel... This gives me 1 Large spot for the main 120VAC Breaker and 8 half slots for smaller 120VAC breakers. It also give me eleven 12vDC Fuse positions and two REVERSE POLARITY fuses. All of this supports my larger battery bank and has worked very well for me since late 2008... It was not a big job effort changing out the ELIXIR unit as most all of the wiring was already in place. I did have to make to Converter Hole larger to fit the WF8900 series Power Distribution unit... Of course some of the wiring was not long enough and had to change out a couple of runs on both the 120VAc and 12VDC sides... Now it looks like these photos from Google images... All of the RATS NEST wiring behind the ELIXIR 30A unit is all neat now. No more large yellow twist connectors holding every thing together.. https://i.imgur.com/8l1vnHH.jpg height=300 https://i.imgur.com/lEV0pIM.jpg height=300 I abandoned the WF-8945 Convert/charger unit in place and mounted my PD9260C Converter/charger stand alone on the inside of a cabinet wall closer to my batteries bank... I can use either converter/charger by turning ON-OFF the circuit breaker for converter I want to use. Good back up I guess... The PD9260C unit would work in place of the WF8945 unit … I just hated to throw out sometime brand new haha Might be a plan B item for me later on... A good move on my part... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/28/19 06:42am Tech Issues
RE: Slight smell where the LP Gas cylinders are located normal?

This was one of my draw backs for fifth wheel trailers... My two propane tanks are directly under my front bed overhang haha... I would most definitely inspect for where the leak smell is coming from... Doesn't sound normal to me... The little things sneak up on you in the middle of the night haha... Then they are not little anymore... I have the same problem on my POPUP layout... I have two big tanks under the front tent bed setup... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/27/19 05:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Surface and Terminal Mount Fuse Blocks

I like anything made by BLUE SEA... I don't like to put more than two ring terminals on a stud bolt... If you are planning on having several rig terminal connections then a Blue sea Terminal Strip would be the thing to use as well so that no more than two ring terminals are used on one stud connection... https://i.imgur.com/9QvKvpv.gif height=300 Google image Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/25/19 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: site problem

The RV NET is on several servers... I switch to the GOODSAMCLUB Portal when the RV NET portal starts acting up... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/25/19 08:54am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Is this forum dead?

I'm glad someone else is a MOD.. Don't think I would be a very good MOD... It's one of those Darned if you do or Darned if you don't things haha... My world is POPUP trailers and Tent Camping but I also got a fifth wheel trailer and thought we would do some traveling so I never really stop monitoring the bigger trailer threads... I am really a RV CAMPER not a RV TRAVELER... Most threads is about batteries anyway haha... I still get some good info being here... I monitor this forum, JAYCO forum, and POPUP PORTAL forum. Used to visit the STARCRAFT Forum for the POPUPS but that really 'WAS' a dead forum for sure... Finally gave up on it... I kinda have been on the brink here for a couple of seasons with my POPUP ventures and just now getting back into the camping groove again... My camping stories are probably pretty well known by everyone now haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/24/19 10:01pm Workamping Forum
RE: Windows 10 Update - Frozen at Downloading 100%

My main laptop computer got updated on Tues and the other one I use for social media only came in on Wed. All went smooth on both units... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/15/19 10:45am Technology Corner
RE: neat little solar light

Those are neat... I have two or three ideas where I can use these here at the house and camping... Thanks for the post... Roy Ken
RoyB 08/13/19 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: A/C on 116 volts?

Good point on the GREEN SAFE marking alittle above what the spec is. I still like seeing he GREEN marking zone being visible... I also have the digital version here on my social media console here which is probably more accurate than the analog scale version... It is reading 115VAC this morning... Usually around the 120VAC reading... Looks like this from AMAZON https://i.imgur.com/sLT1dOi.jpg height=250 The point here was getting a readout inside the trailer to observe your AC VOLTAGE on a regular basis... Even if it is a VOM with the test leads pushed into the AC SOCKET and meter hanging on a nail haha... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/09/19 06:57am Tech Issues
RE: A/C on 116 volts?

I have one of these RV120VAC VOLTMETER (AMAZON) installed in one of my AC receptacles to alow me to watch the AC VOLTAGE all the time... This has the GREEN SCALE on it for easy viewing... https://i.imgur.com/mrQup2A.jpg height=300 Google image Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/09/19 05:39am Tech Issues
RE: Light switch

My older 5th wheel has the OUTSIDE SCARE lights switch installed in a strange place... Might flip the switches with someone outside watching the scare lights. https://i.imgur.com/fVrPu7N.jpg height=300 google image If you contact the mfg please provide them with your trailer VIN number which will identify your exact trailer... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/09/19 05:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chrome vs IE vs Edge

Try this one and import your IE over to it. I believe IE will die in January. It is very fast compared to IE. It reminds me of Mozilla when it came out. Have you tried the BRAVE yet... I use IE, EDGE, and Firefox here... Been running into slowdowns here of late... Might be time to try something different... I'm also using ADBLOCKER UTILMATE... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/07/19 09:40am Technology Corner
RE: Miles per day.

I like to think we are not RV Travelers but RV Campers. What we want to do when we are in travel mode is to arrive at an overnight location before dark usually in the 4PM to 5PM time frame. We want to get setup for the night stay in an unhurried frame of time... Eat a casual meal, check in with the kids, etc... Watch a little TV especially for the upcoming Weather for the next day of driving. For us this usually means 300 to 350 miles driven hopefully less than a 8 hour drive period... Most of our trips have been on the East side of the US which is probably more hectic than the long lonesome roadways out in the Western part of the US. Our trips seem to duplicate themselves it seems... Head for Myrtle Beach and come back via Gatlinburg TN haha... Done this so many times the same gas stations get used and some of the folks there remember us haha... Sometimes we have been known to drive to the Arkansaw/Texas state line to enjoy a WHAT-A-BURGER meal haha... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/05/19 07:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is there a safe place to stay in Tucumcari?

Wow - there is a town name out of the past haha... used to make runs from Wichita Falls to Phoenix using I40 or sometimes going more south using I20/I10 heading for Cruces... The stretch of I10 bordering Mexico always had a lot of foot traffic - never wanted to pull off at rest areas... Always loved the mountains and views along I40 the best... We would always make it to Flagstaff somehow to spend the night... In the winters months the truckers on I40 would say "Ok Boys we're going ice skating now" Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/04/19 05:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Inverter Use

What we do is place two milk cartons frozen with fresh water inside the fridge... Then when we get a hundred miles out from destination will operate the fridge on 12VDC... All of freezer items are kept in the 5-day ICE CHEST starting out full of ice. Our meats are kept in a plastic container with a lid sitting on top of the ice... We try hard not to open the ice chest during the trip... Once setup at the camp site truck bed is parked in the shade. Our truck also has the folding panels secured bed cover... Again keeping the ice chest closed all the times makes it work better... The two frozen milk cartons becomes source for cold fresh water to drink... https://i.imgur.com/7GOHiav.jpg height=300 Roy's image Our fridge does not have the freezer section so we depend on the ice chest to keep frozen food... ICE is the first thing we run out of on our trips... Can get a good three days then have to find some ice... This routine works out pretty good for us over the years... Most of our camping is OFF-ROAD within 200 miles or so of home base Heading back to a camp store every three days works out ok for us anyway... Can restock the meats and keep mommabear happy with her needs haha... I like my ice cream bars daily... My setup includes what I call my duty 600W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. This is always on and I have two heavy duty extension cords with multi-tap ends run to a couple of places inside the trailer along the back side of a cabinet top... Being pure sine wave we can plug into to with anything we have aboard and not worry about the infamous blue smoke associated with the Modified sine wave inverters... Like said above this has been our setup routine for many years since 2009... It does take some PLAN B Planning haha... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45
RoyB 08/02/19 06:13am Travel Trailers
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