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RE: What is the Passport America plan

It's better for the CG to get 50% for an empty site than $0.00 Good luck to you with a loss for a business plan
SDcampowneroperator 05/10/21 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the Passport America plan

Be very careful to see which sites in the camp are available for PA discount. PA camps also have the discretion to assign only certain sites for the discount. They may be already filled, poorly serviced, or nearly impossible to level in. GIMIC101 get you in, bait and switch Why would a quality camp give it away for less than cost?
SDcampowneroperator 05/09/21 09:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Foam Core Floor Repair. Epoxy?

Yes I have fixed a foam core floor in our 87 Award. I drilled from above and below just through the ply, then injected foam conpatible adhesive. Worked good, but we did have to refloor inside. You could try doing it by drilling up through the bottom ply and foam then injecting, wait to set then drill again only through the underside ply to inject again. A nozzle to make certain the adhesive goes up to the top, and does not spread into the lower area is something to consider. Test --- Try your adhesive on samples so you know amount and compatability. Cant have a adhesive that foam does nt like. Too much adhesive could cause the floor to swell. A flexible urethane minimal expansion foam should do. Small squirts, close together. Get some 1/4" ply, foam and experiment before you try it out on the camper.
SDcampowneroperator 05/09/21 08:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Engine Owners- I've a DUSTED engine, so cummins says

dusting causes loss of compression Has compression been tested?
SDcampowneroperator 05/09/21 08:19pm Tech Issues
RE: New Full Body Paint Job

Fantastic exterior upgrade. Looks brand new, up to date and with new roof and interior should be a viable unit for many years to come. We are in the same pickle- to replace cracked faded graphics or paint? Our 09 Carriage Cameo is looking aged. with over 50k miles on it the skirting has road chips, In this forum we did find a furum member supplier of new graphics exactly like factory to replace the old, and bought them. I am troubled to work on do the work to install them, or forgo them and paint. Trouble with that is the walls and skirting will still show age and fading. It will have new graphics, weathered between. You must have seen the same issue which confirmed your decision to do full body paint. Your Hitchhiker, our Carriage and many other units are built to last, their exterior apperance is not equal to the effects of age and road debris. Question 1 is cost, wheather its worthwhile to strip graphics and do such prep as can be done before, or getting the pros in the paint shop to do it. There is no question that upgrading what you and we have is lesser cost than a new unit. A $ xx paint job is lessthan a $ XXXX new unit that wont fair better some years done the road. Question 2 is how to evade the 10 year old unit police? Or are you- like us - avoid the places with age and type of unit who restrict unit age or class ?
SDcampowneroperator 05/06/21 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Air bags says it all to me, if you needed them to level the load,then your WDH is not set up right or your WD bars are not sized right. . Measure unloaded front and rear bumper height adjust until near equal front to rear loaded truck and trailer , thats the Weight distibution job. Air bags tells me your WD bars are not set up right. Done right your 1/2 ton can do the job fairly, LT tires and air bags ? might as well bought a 3/4 ton
SDcampowneroperator 05/04/21 10:08pm Towing
RE: Typical cost per mile to transport 5th Wheel

Horizon transport moved our 10000# firewood processor from Kentucky to SD, 1250 mi., 5 years ago for $1400. A buck a mile plus up front hook up fee. for a short move. I would expect about the same for the fee plus mileage.
SDcampowneroperator 05/01/21 05:35pm Towing
RE: rbw slideout parts ( orphan ) gears again

Doorside dinette 12' slide crown gear stripped due to 1/3 engagement of gear to rack. New$$$$ gear and rearrangment of it allowes full engagement. Its not fun or easy to shift the gear, spacers bushings. Off door side kitchen slide out stripped motor gear due to excessive clearance between it and the ring gear, made worse by loose tolerance in the bronze bushing into aluminum housing. Thats where epoxy filled filled and solidified the bushing. The gear, a 12 tooth 1.125" OD had clearance to go larger by .0025 without binding, so I reengineered the gear to 1.30, a 25 thous. radius increase. I consider myself a really handy guy, I have a welding shop. some machine tools. I debated these fixes for months to see how the crown gear could be aligned to full engagement, consulted rbw websites, and mobile repairmen. Their fix would land men on Mars. Pull off slides, new racks gears drives WTF! It came down to a DIY project with a few wrenches for door side, glue an a little welding on sprocket off side. Slides work well now.
SDcampowneroperator 04/27/21 09:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: I-25 in Colorado

I second Thoms advice. avoid Denver take secondary roads to Limon then north on 71. 71 is sometimes narrow, rough pavement in places, but also interesting. Its America outside the city. Is that boring to see the land, farms and ghost towns like Model? If it is perhaps you should rethink rv travel. You will travel the same speed, avoid all the construction and The horrendous traffic. Safer and just as fast.
SDcampowneroperator 04/24/21 07:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Corroded 7-pin no more

Corrosion and moisture can do strange things. Many moons ago, our TT was stored for winter in the back yard. , no power but battery. One wet snowy night the running lights came on powered off the battery! Went out and shook the wet snow out of the 7 pin to shut them off. Since then I try to remember to keep the plug high and spray it and truck socket with dielectric grease a couple times a year.
SDcampowneroperator 04/24/21 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Jack it bike rack

Tongue mount bike racks are a great idea, cant be a generic concept due to frame size and width, shape of TT front, location of propane tanks etc. I have custom built racks for several tts and 5er that covered all those issues of clearance and ease for up to 4 bicycles. using springs and nitrogen struts to lower the rack via a pull down 2 arm level frame. Challenge davem@swagman.net to show you the pics amd videos of our rack. Swagman is stuck on rear hitches.
SDcampowneroperator 04/19/21 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Park Reviews

campgroundreviews,com, formerly RVparkreviews.com was purchased about 8 years ago by Andy Robinowitz, web master of socialknowledge.com Andy changed the format and installed algorythyms to make older reviews less weighty on review # , to make RVparkreviews.com the leader, until about 3 years ago when he changed the name to campgroundreviews.com. Appropriately. This led to a battle with Mark Koep, webmaster of campgroundviews.com, I know both personally, and mediated the battle with the reasoning that they are not competitors and any confusion would lead each to the other. A verbal review with a photo view is the best combination . They compliment each other. Max
SDcampowneroperator 04/16/21 07:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you use for an outdoor ground cover?

One year when e had done extensive site rebuilds with blue grass sod, a camper unrolled their huge astroturf over the beautiful grass? When I aked why, she replied she didnt want her camper to get dirty with mower clippings. She left us a nasty review. I didnt mind, we didnt want people like her in our camp. Nature is a foreign concept to many. If you wish for a ground cover, get an open weave mat that lets water andlight through that does not hinder grass much and still gives you what you want. Do what you can to enjoy and preserve
SDcampowneroperator 04/15/21 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help! Hitch stuck in ball mount.

To unhook from a WDHitch, First chock the trailer wheels. 2- run the tongue jack down until it lifts the hitch some. Alittle if front of truck is off level low to trailer, more if front of truck is high to trailer. This relieves tension on the WD bars so they will release easily and safely. 3- remove / relieve tension on the WD bars 4- raise tongue jack to put the weight back on the truck 5 - Open coupler latch- may have to wiggle truck back and forth if truck is pushing back on the trailer. 6- run tongue jack down ( may have to use blocks to raise high enough) to lift trailer off truck tow ball. This serves 2 purposes, as tongue jacks have short stroke, and are weak at long extension. Reverse procedure to hook up. You cannot have the wrong size ball to cause binding. A 1/78" willfit in a 2" coupler, a 2" will not fit in a 1 7/8" coupler. No trailer ever designed and built for more than 2000# uses a 1 7/8 " Likewise, 2" balls and couplers are for the 2000- 5000# trailers. trailers over 5000# use a 2 5/16 " ball Never could you fit a 2 5/16" ball into a 2" coupling. OPs issue I think is a WD bar still applying down force on the ball. She wrote to the affect that one bar was still attached. That alone would not let her ( i read their profile) to raise the hitch high enough to separate truck from trailer, particularly if truck was in a front low orientation, blocks would be required to lift the trailer high enough. There are many makes and types of WD hitches, some leave bars on the truck, most are removable, but the principles of weight transfer, are the same as is hook up procedure. Good Luck, OP, its easy when you are experienced.
SDcampowneroperator 04/15/21 08:38pm Beginning RVing
RE: So different now

Take a different approach. Near cities and attractions are where the 'weekend' crowd in prime season whelmes camps. Adjust your plans to off prime visits in even the most desirable locations prime sites in desirable locations will be available at discounted rates on short notice. Find new developing private camps where the 'word' hasnt gotten out yet, Might not be much for facilities, grass young, construction of amenity ongoing but it will be welcoming $ reasonable and spacious. 6 rigs in an 60 site section. Mgmt gave us 2 sites for our mc trailer and truck parking. Told him I d water the grass both sites. We are in one like that now in Bandera, prime Tx hill country. have been using new camps for years in prime places and times.
SDcampowneroperator 04/13/21 07:55pm Full-time RVing
RE: Wow, 6 months wait for a Chevy-Tahoe

Mod, close thread it has gone way off topic What does ev units have to do with ice delivety dates?
SDcampowneroperator 04/10/21 08:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wow, 6 months wait for a Chevy-Tahoe

A week ago we ordered a 2021 GM 3500 SRW crew cab long box duramax. 6-7 weeks delivery. Not too bad. Did they ask you for deposit?. no deposit. dealer in Newcastle , wy. Ive bought from this salasman before. 22% off MSRP. cash sale , no trade. Our '07 classic lbz duramax will sell privately in days for 1/2 what we paid for it 14 years and 190k miles ago.
SDcampowneroperator 04/09/21 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wow, 6 months wait for a Chevy-Tahoe

A week ago we ordered a 2021 GM 3500 SRW crew cab long box duramax. 6-7 weeks delivery.
SDcampowneroperator 04/09/21 05:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 30 amps for 50 amp trailer

30a = 3600w. 50a = 12600 w potential Power mizering is a lesson we learned long ago. Turn fridge, furnace , cold water heater to propane. You now have most wattage available except for the small drain for lights tv and such. What this means is you can run 2 power hungry devices at a time, like 1a/c and hair dryer, Toaster and coffee pot, and so on. Not 3 . A/cs typically draw 12-15 a on start, run at 10-11a Thats yes you can run 2 a/cs on 30a IF you have reduced all other load. If an a/c runs at 12a usually less, thats 1500watts. 2 is 3000watts leaving 600 w for incidentals. just fine. You cant hurt anything just trip a breaker that reminds you you forgot to shut something off before you tirned on something else. Learn to proactively manage your load Many years on construction sites or on a friends back yard and we have run 1 a/c on 15 amp many times.
SDcampowneroperator 04/08/21 08:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Park Reviews

Good Sam account representatives visit every Good Sam park every year. They do not 'review', they ' rate' based upon the 10/10/10 point system which is divided into 3 sections, that evaluate camp amenity, facility and sites. Usually when they arrive in camp its unannounced, except for an email up to a week before that they will come soon. They drive and walk the camp and rate based upon their observations. When this is done they sit down with management, present their rating, proceed to listing and advertising. In our 19 years, there was no discussion allowed on their rating. It cant be bought or altered. One year after we had done extensive upgrades to all 3 categories our rating jumped 6 aggregate points. Within a week Ed and Jan Thierfelder, Good Sams Quality Assurance team checked in unannounced rated the camp, to verify our 9.5/10/9.5 . Reviews about the camp on the GS link are from guests. Ratings amd Reviews are apples and oranges apart. Opinions about rudeness or some other slight may be construed differently. Some want to be led by the hand, some are offended if help is extended. The customer is not always right, its why businesses have the right to refuse service. Consider the region. being a extensively well traveled westerner, I would not call the New Yorker rude for being what is percieved for NYC. A New Yorker might be put off by the graciousness in the south, thinking it, intrusive.
SDcampowneroperator 04/08/21 06:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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