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RE: Which Mail Service do you use?

The USPS does a horrible job of forwarding mail. When I sold my house and took off as a full timer, I put in a forwarding request. Instead the mail just piled up at the old address. I went to the post office three times and complained with limited success. The post office does not have an automated system. They seem to rely on the mail handlers to do this by memory. In a few months we will be taking off for an extended trip. I am not sure what to do. We will have mail forwarded to my daughter's address and we will still need to find someone to check the mailbox on a regular basis. It would have been great if they had delivered to our mailbox instead. They just flat out disposed of mail that they should not have. Things like my homeowners' insurance bill and renewal cards for my credit card. Had to call Chase and get the card number changed and new cards sent to the RV park where we were staying. We were supposed to get 2 months of magazines forwarded but got none. Things that did get forwarded would take up to 10 days or so to arrive. Looking at the date on the new address sticker, you could see that it sat around at the Post Office for up to a week before they printed the new address sticker and sent it on. All in all, just horrible service.
STBRetired 05/25/19 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Keyless vehicles

Ford supplies a key inside each fob and there is a cap on the driver's side door handle that you can pop off to unlock the door. Not sure what GM, FCA or the imports do, but I would surely believe they have a similar arraignment. My towed has a charge line that goes to the MH so I could charge the battery through that. Not heavy enough to jump start, but more than adequate to power the electric locks.
STBRetired 05/25/19 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Clear As Glass Ice Cubes?

Guess I will need to give that a try when I get back from the next trip.
STBRetired 05/23/19 09:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Help! HVAC system not working at all

Check the plug which connects to the resistor pack. Ford had a problem for a while (don't remember which years but it was there in 02) where water would get into the back side of the plug and corrode all the connections where the wires are crimped on. Only way to see it was to use a paperclip to pop the connectors out of the plastic plug. They sell replacement plugs at most auto parts stores. Not saying that this is your issue, but is worth a look.
STBRetired 05/23/19 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Checking Generator oil question

My 5500 Onan behaves exactly like Mr. Steve's. Both my 4000 Onans show way overfull when you initially pull the dipstick. Maybe because the 5500 has an oil pump and the 4000s are splash lubed?
STBRetired 05/23/19 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Which Mail Service do you use?

We snowbird and used to use the temporary forward from USPS to get our mail. Every year there was something important that we did not receive because USPS messed up. We now use the Escapees mail forwarding service year round. Did a permanent change to that address (in TX as that is where we will most likely domicile when we go full time next year) and now we get everything that matters, and have them dispose of the junk mail.
STBRetired 05/23/19 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Checking Generator oil question

The second one. Trapped air in the chamber where the dipstick is could prevent the oil from coming completely up to the true level on the dipstick. Removing the dipstick allows the oil to come up to its true level.
STBRetired 05/22/19 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Would be interesting to see how much installing the windows degrades the performance of the insulation. Just anecdotal, not scientific data-driven answer. The windows most likely have a much lower R value than the insulation you put in the walls and ceiling. No matter what, it will be a great improvement over where you started.
STBRetired 05/20/19 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

We use bottled water (gallons) for coffee to get consistent taste. Everything else comes out of the tap. Have a .5 micron filter (the 10 inch ones) on the incoming water. Only had an issue once in an Iowa campground. Water plugged the filter in a single day with some kind of brown sludge. Used what we had in the fresh tank then left.
STBRetired 05/19/19 07:20am General RVing Issues

Sounds like the converter is no longer charging your batteries. You should see close to 13.2V or possibly more at the batteries when the TT is plugged into shore power. Check the circuit breaker for the converter and the fuses on the converter itself.
STBRetired 05/18/19 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Adding a dedicated RV power plug. What would you do?

I installed the 50A connection so that I don't have to use a dogbone adapter with the 50A plug on my MH. The 50/30/20 lets any of my friends "camp" in my driveway if they come for a visit. I also use the 20A for various power tools when working outside on that side of the house. I ran the #6 wire to support the 50A, but only have a 40A breaker in the main panel as I had one laying around.
STBRetired 05/16/19 07:38pm Tech Issues
RE: N. WI to Akron, OH. Chicago?

You might want to consider I-39 to US-24 to Fort Wayne. US-30 has LOTS of traffic and stoplights. While US-24 is longer mileage-wise, it is through mostly rural areas and a few small towns.
STBRetired 05/16/19 08:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Kia Soul as a dinghy

The 2016 through 2019 Kia Soul front wheel drive manual transmission models are all listed as 4 down towable in the FMCA towing guides. Have the salesman check with the parts department and see if the part numbers for a complete transmission are the same for a 2019 and 2020 Soul. If they are, then the 2020 should be 4 down towable. Sometimes the manufacturer will no longer recommend a vehicle for recreational towing for other than mechanical reasons. Towed miles do not appear on the odometer, but they still cause wear on parts of the driveline. Things like wheel and axle bearings and steering components still are being used while towing even though the miles don't show up. If I tow 10,000 miles per year, the 3/36,000 warrantee on those components just turned into 3/66,000 since the 30,000 towed miles are "invisible" to the dealer.
STBRetired 05/12/19 08:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: Continuing portal trouble.....and an easy fix.

...... the ACTUAL SERVER, which I assume might be "forums.goodsamclub.com since it seems to be immune to the periodic and continuous problems that the other portals have. ........ Since it appears to me that forums.goodsamclub.com is the most stable access portal to this site, that is the one I use. One thing to consider. The owner of this site might not be the owner of the domains where the other portals are and thus would not be able to update their DNS entries.
STBRetired 05/12/19 08:19am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Window gasket shrinkage

After it shrinks enough, it may pull out of the corners and start to leak. Replacement is not an inexpensive operation as the rubber extrusions cost from $2 to $8 per foot and there are a lot of feet of gasket around each window. Just did mine earlier this year as developed a leak in one of the non-opening windows on the passenger's side of the front. It took 3 different types of gasket and about $350 to replace them all. Nice side benefit. I did not realize how much air leakage there was around some of the windows. Had some annoying wind noise go away and it is more comfortable sitting near the windows in extreme weather
STBRetired 05/12/19 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Well it was a lot of work...

..... I still have the other half to do, and the wife’s Explorer. Otherwise I would love to wash and wax everyone’s RV! Make you a deal. Since you would love to wash and way my RV, I will wash and wax your wife's Explorer for you.
STBRetired 05/11/19 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Car dollies

Daveb1256, don't let them discourage you. When we first started out, we had a dolly because we could not tow our car 4-down. Yes, it can be cumbersome to deal with at times, but unless you change campsites every day, you are not dealing with it every day. Just at arrival and departure. We had a Master Tow dolly so I have no first hand knowledge of the ACME but I have seen a fairly large number of them in campgrounds so they must be popular. I suggest you try to find a used one. When it comes time to replace your Elantra, find something that can be towed 4-down if you are still RVing.That is what we did and 4-down is much simpler that dollies.
STBRetired 05/08/19 07:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Have fun in Kentucky. Might be able to pick up an almost Kentucky Derby winning racehorse cheap. Has a tendency to bump into things, though.
STBRetired 05/08/19 07:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Not too shabby for a baby chain saw. Looks like it might be handy for cutting up firewood while camping. Dead stuff on the ground, not live trees.
STBRetired 05/03/19 07:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Replacing the rubber gasket materials on the 10 windows on my MH cost just over $300 in materials. I did not remove the glass so I don't know how much VHB it would have required, but I know that the tape is not exactly inexpensive. It only took 3 days to do the work. I did not keep track of the hours, but there were plenty of breaks for food and beverages and talking to fellow campers during those 3 days. I sincerely hope that your Chemlink method works well. I had a windshield replacement in my 87 Mustang and they did it with some black goo that looked similar to the M-1. It held up with no leaks for 10 years so there is definitely a precedent for the method you are using. I used to have a gas chain saw with a 12" bar that is used to limb trees back in the days when I used to climb them (like 30 years ago). Now I just put the whole thing on the ground and deal with the mess. That was a Homelite saw which held up surprisingly well. Ended up putting a 14" bar on it and giving it to a neighbor.
STBRetired 05/02/19 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
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