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RE: Basics of Lithium conversion... I'm lost!

My lights will shine just as bright as yours. Actually they won't, as yours fully charged are over a half volt lower than mine fully charged. Our lights will be simpatico though when I'm down to 20% DOD, so there's that.
SV K 04/23/21 05:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Basics of Lithium conversion... I'm lost!

The OP left the room pages ago. Why anyone would listen to the opinions of people with no experience is beyond me. Kinda like asking the group of boys off to the side at a party, too scared to even talk to Mary-Lou, if she is a good dancer.
SV K 04/23/21 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Are lithium batteries worth the cost?

Is a Prevost worth the cost? Well…if all you can focus on is the price per square foot, probably not. Is a heated bathroom floor in an RV worth the cost? Not if you base it against a pair of Walmart slippers? Is a diesel pusher worth the cost? Not if you base it on miles per gallon only. Are new tires worth the cost? Not if you think all is great because your old tires are still round. Is an RV worth the cost? Not to someone who is content car camping. They have heat, light, add a bucket and they have a home built way stronger than your average RV. Are lithiums worth the cost? Apparently not. At least that’s what the guys who don’t have them say, and they should know.
SV K 04/22/21 07:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Lithium batteries and new solar charger

Hi Slownsy, As you have not purchased the controller yet why not run all the panels in series? I run 900w at 115v to a Victron 150/60 thru 12m of 10ga. Victron has a deep product line so I am sure once you get your volt tally you’ll be able to find the right controller. The ability to adjust via bluetooth is great(as long as you buy the Victron controller with that option or buy the bluetooth dongle to add to a non BT Victron). A nice option with the Victrons is the ability to set the Float Tail Amps, allowing me to set the Tail Amps to match my approx. hourly usage. Not really necessary, but nice nonetheless.
SV K 03/25/21 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

Our 50dn's have no problems in various coaches feeding 700amp, 1000amp and a 1200amp Lifepo4 batts using the stock controller. Outputs approx. constant 250amps till target voltage is hit and then drops to maintenance amps.
SV K 03/04/21 01:46pm Tech Issues
RE: 2004 Cat C7 Charging LifePo4 battery bank

Is your alternator air or oil cooled?
SV K 03/03/21 04:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Charge Solenoid Location on 2021 E-450

They are 1/2 the cost of Li. That is a false statement. Pre-packaged are available at the same cost. String your own cells together, add a BMS and the price can be less. Lots of options.
SV K 02/16/21 11:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

It can come out better for the LFPs by some amount. The next question is whether that amount is worth the Money for your own situation. The OP knows now he can get 135 - 115 = 20 more AH in his 3 hours of gen time if he swaps over to LFP. He might think that is worth whatever 200AH of LFP costs or not . ($1,500 ? Yipes!) Only he knows that. And now I understand BFL It is about the money. Certainly a very valid argument. Well I'll let you know that when I needed new batteries and knew nothing about nothing I was happy and ready to buy Leads. Because of the placement of my inverter/chargers the off gassing from Leads ruled them out. So then I was left with either Lifelines at roughly $3000 for 600 usable amps, yes I know they can go deeper, but that is what the Lifeline salesman suggested. A friend suggested looking at Lithiums. I asked around and all I ever heard on these forums was "eek" they catch fire and "oh my what a waste of money". Of course this wasn't from anyone who had them, except for one guy. I called him we spoke he explained his experiences and I took a chance and found some with 1000amps usable for $329 more than the Lifelines including BMS. You do the math. Well I later sold the bus to a friend and it is still charging up and down despite 7 years of full time use, close to 80,000 miles and 4 years of off-grid use. And they take those Batts up and down everyday they are off-grid. They sew, iron, insta-pot and even ran a hot-tub off those batts and they are still doing well. The best real world experience I encountered was at a rally with 10-12 very similar busses. Same marque, charge systems, generators and either Leads or AGM's. The year before I'd be right next to them charging a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours every night. Two years later with the lithiums and the same charge settings I only needed to charge 2 1/2hrs a day. You guys continue to debate why they don't charge faster and I'll just enjoy the magic reality that they do charge faster.
SV K 02/06/21 04:05pm Tech Issues
RE: LifePo4 Charge Performance

Hi BFL, No fight here either. I’l do my best to explain what I, as a layman, have seen, learned and experienced after 7 years of Lifepo4 ownership and use. If my terms and spellings are incorrect bear with me. As mentioned Lithium have extremely little internal resistance. Therefore Peukert’s Effect does not apply. Which results in almost every bit of amps fed to them being used. This is one of the reasons that common alternators can burn up. The average alternator does not sense any resistance and therefore outputs high amperage over a longer time than they are designed for. As I understand things a depleted Flooded Lead will accept a charge with little resistance, but as the SOC climbs the resistance continues to climb, hence the need for an absorb voltage with diminishing amperage over time to work with the climbing resistance. With lithium there is really no absorb. For example my solar controllers are currently set at 100amps charge rate, the coach takes about 15 and the remaining 85 go into the battery consistently without wavering in full sun until the target voltage is met. Once the target voltage is met it does technically go into absorb, yet all it really does is quickly drop the amps until the batt. voltage matches my programmed float voltage. This “absorb” lasts no longer than 5 minutes. The real world effect of all this is that the lithiums will charge up in shorter time. For example friends have a very similar coach drawing the same amperage and a similar solar array. My Po4’s are full by noon and theirs take several more hours to reach capacity. They were razzing me about my Lithium’s and how I had wasted money, well that was all good while the sun was shining for a week. Then the clouds moved in for several days and they couldn’t fill their Leads. We all laughed together the next day when they woke up and realized I had moved away. I told them, “I was tired of listening to their generator, so I left.” To each their own.
SV K 02/06/21 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter starts/runs for a few seconds then stops

Good info here and sensible approach to manage LFP’s with “conventional” chargers. Just wanted to add that unless you need those few extra amps there is no reason to fill the LFP to the top. That is one of their benefits, it is fine to partially fill an LFP. In fact, not taking them to 100% SOC will extend the charge cycles beyond their ratings. Nor do they require “X” voltage to charge. Set my controller to 13.8v yesterday and the LFP was very close to, if not full, by the time the charging stopped. After 7yrs. of using lithium I now view them as similar to a water tank. Doesn’t matter how fast or slow you fill them, nor how full it is as long as there is water in the tank you’ll be happy.
SV K 02/06/21 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: Is B-B charger for Lifepo4 lithium batteries needed?

When the battery maker for these (expensive) items says 14.6 to charge, they don't mean 14. Ignore them at your peril. However LI don't "like" to be taken to 100% state of charge. Apparently it reduces the (large) lifespan. Uh..no Just spoke with my retailer who has been involved with electrical vehicles and Lifepo4 for many years to verify my understanding before posting it. First my cells are rated at 3000 cycles from 100% to 20%SOC. That cycle count uses 14.6v as the top charge. Now let’s say I’d like to increase my cycles beyond the 3000. Then I can/should use 14.0v/14.1v/13.9v or an amount less than 14.6v as the top charge voltage. Additionally I can/should discharge to an amount around 30%SOC. There is no “Peril” there is no “don’t “”like””. Not sure what this has to do with B to B, but I have grown weary of erroneous statements and wanted to straighten this out.
SV K 02/04/21 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is B-B charger for Lifepo4 lithium batteries needed?

Sent PM
SV K 02/04/21 07:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is B-B charger for Lifepo4 lithium batteries needed?

Hello Groover, I’ve been running Lifepo4’s for 7 years and have helped friends install or been involved with the install of various other Lifepo4 systems for the last 6 years. Below will be the things we have learned in that time. In other words “real world experience” which is I think what you are after. The first argument for the B-B charger is that it helps prevent alternator burnout from overload. I am thinking that a class A with a significant house battery pack of any sort should be prepared for a heavy load and that this reason doesn't really apply to newer class A's. Besides being expensive the B-B charger reduces efficiency and impedes charging, at least up to the voltage that the alternator produces. On Coach #1- I installed Po4’s for the house and left the couple year old AGM’s for the chassis. Installed a Balmer programmable regulator to de-rate the “alternator” by half to avoid burnout. Set the “alternator” to the suggested charge profile for the Po4’s. All good. 7 years later both the AGM’s and the Po4’s are doing fine. Of note is that we played around will all types of various charge profiles and they all worked, additionally this coach has been used full time with over half of that time boondocking and they drive it 10k miles each year. Coaches #2 and #3- Same as coach #1. Doing fine. Coach #4- Used existing “alternator” controlled by 25yr. old original external controller. Doing fine 4 years later. BUT, these coaches, except for #3, all have oil cooled “alternators” or as my friend corrected me we actually have “generators”. The owner of this coach told me he just starts it up and the alt/gen pumps out 250amps, the PO4’s fill up and the current backs off. Coach #5- Used air-cooled alternator with original internal regulator. He installed dash mounted switch allowing him to turn alt. on and off manually every 15 minutes or so to avoid over heating it. Well, he forgot to turn it off once and the alt. did indeed burnout. Coach #6- Just finished Po’4 install and I am thinking I’ll go the DC-DC charger route. In the overall scheme of things it is not that large an expense and I like the simplicity. The second argument for the B-B charger is that the engine alternator will not fully charge the lithium battery. I don't expect that to be an issue very often and if it looks like it may be an issue I can always fire up the generator and use its charger to top of the lithium batteries. In the summer it will probably be running anyway plus the solar panels that I plan to install will have a controller that will allow a full charge. Hmmm…well they are plenty full for us. I have set various controllers to all types of voltages and they never fail to fill up the Po4’s. You guys got me thinking so I’ll set my solar to 14.0v today and see if it fills’m to the top. There is no need to fill Po4’s to the top though. The only “need” to do so is if you need those last few amps to get you thru till the next charge. Hope this helps.
SV K 02/04/21 07:24am Class A Motorhomes
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