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RE: How to clean battery acid spill

Any type of a caustic solution will neutralize the acid. Some people say to use baking soda. Sorry but that is BAD advice. "Caustic solutions" often are corrosive too. And they are more dangerous to work with. And when combined with acid, they can produce toxic fumes. THAT is why most people recommend baking soda.
Sam Spade 08/24/19 07:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: shutting down generator with air conditioner running

The cooling fans on my inverter are AC motors. Turn off the inverter, and you turn off the cooling. That is why it caught on fire. Wait a sec. here........... Isn't the inverter supposed to produce AC power ? Why would the cooling fans NOT be powered by the inverter itself ? Am I missing something here ??
Sam Spade 08/24/19 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: shutting down generator with air conditioner running

When you start the genset your ATS delays switching over until the genset is stable. I leave my genset running when fueling just like the millions of reefer trucks do. Not everybody HAS an automatic transfer switch. And the generator on a refer semi is at least 20 feet from the fuel tanks, which take diesel fuel, which is nowhere near as volatile as gasoline.
Sam Spade 08/22/19 10:31am Tech Issues
RE: shutting down generator with air conditioner running

Just trying to determine if it's worth the extra effort to get up and shut down the air conditioning before killing the generator. :B YES. Going both ways. Shutting OFF.....the gen is very HOT from running. Immediately chopping the air flow over the engine might make it WAY hotter than it is supposed to be. It is always recommended that you start the gen a minute or two before applying a heavy load......especially when cold. You will be better off in the long run by doing it "right".
Sam Spade 08/22/19 10:28am Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

I have a fridge and freezer in the house, plus the RV fridge, all on GFCI circuits with zero trips in 10+ years. You are lucky. Every house I have owned since GFI came into common use....about 5 of them.....has been prone to tripping the GFI outlets during thunderstorms (think power surges). I would never put one on a seldom used freezer......nor would I ever put one on a sump pump, even though the electrical code requires it. That second one requires you to be VERY careful when you wade into the water if the sump pump ever does fail.
Sam Spade 08/22/19 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

Would it be fair to suggest that the safety ground system is a waste of copper when all circuits are GFCI protected? NO. For the GFI to work, that unintended part of the device that is now "hot" needs to shed it's power to ground by some means other than the neutral wire. If there is no ground "wire" present, that path is likely to be through something else dangerous......like a human hand.
Sam Spade 08/22/19 10:18am Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

Can you imagine having your whole house protected by one 5 mA GFCI. Why do we think a single 5mA GFCI is going to cope with an entire RV sub system. Just saying. Because it WILL. It is common practice to use a single GFI in buildings to feed/protect multiple outlets, even in different rooms, sometimes on different sides of the house. I absolutely HATE having it wired that way. It is a royal pain to have to search out the tripped GFI when it is in the other end of the house......or in the garage.
Sam Spade 08/21/19 11:09am Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

In truth. The GFCI is NOT there to protect YOU. It is there to protect the circuits. That by doing it's job, it also protects you, is just a bonus Absolutely wrong. Most of the devices don't care where the current goes OUTSIDE the working parts of the device. Human beings certainly care though. GFCI is a safety device. Circuit breakers are equipment protection.
Sam Spade 08/21/19 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar Kit

What? My 200W Zamp Solar suitcase (2-100w panels) pumps out 11.4 amps in ideal conditions. Oops. Shouldn't post when I'm tired. I will go back and fix that......if the system will let me. Sorry.
Sam Spade 08/21/19 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar Kit

Get a look at the "manual" that comes with the kit. Some panels and controllers are made to be "chained" with a single controller and some are not. Note: Since there are some losses involved, a 100 watt panel likely will produce only about .7 amps at 12 volts. EDIT: As several nice folks have pointed out, the above note is WAY off base. Please disregard.
Sam Spade 08/20/19 02:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

The GFI doesn’t rely on a ground, instead it will interrupt power where only a small potential exist between the hot and neutral sides of the receptacle... What exactly does that mean ? A GFCI detects a DIFFERENCE in current flow between the hot and neutral wires. That is, all the current going IN is not coming back OUT on the neutral like it should.....but presumably is finding it's own ground elsewhere. So....operation with a 2 wire device is a bit iffy. If the bowl of water it was dropped into is not grounded, then the detector likely wouldn't trip until a persons hand supplied a foreign ground....and maybe not then.
Sam Spade 08/20/19 02:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery or no battery????????

And....if there ever is a power failure at the campground, it will be nice to have lights, etc. while the power is OFF. Also some charger/converters don't operate correctly without a battery present.
Sam Spade 08/19/19 07:20am Tech Issues
RE: Camping on my lot against zoning law

Well this "discussion" is going to be pretty worthless. Not knowing WHAT small town or county you live IN......nobody will be able to give you a good answer. I suggest that you contact the municipal or county zoning office......and don't put much stock in ANY answer you get here.
Sam Spade 08/18/19 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you store your power supply extension cord

I don't want to just throw it into a storage booth. Is there not room in the same "booth" where your attached cord resides ? Then.....where do you put the bucket ?? I think I would lay it in a compartment in a figure 8 pattern like my main cord does. Weight is not a factor when you snake it in a few feet at a time.
Sam Spade 08/18/19 07:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Replaced my house batteries...

Advantage AGM less likely to cause corrosion, Less (not zero) maintenance. What maintenance ?? Unless you count LOOKING at them and maybe being sure the cables are tight. A properly functioning AGM should cause ZERO corrosion.
Sam Spade 08/18/19 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Replaced my house batteries...

Charging requirements are not the same for AGM and wet cell batteries. While that is true, AGMs will perform quite adequately using the settings for a conventional wet cell and most people won't notice the difference. You mentioned having to top up the batteries often. If that was indeed true, you really NEED to check the charging voltage coming from your converter/charger, especially after the batteries are fully charged. Your charger might be defective.
Sam Spade 08/17/19 04:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trickle charger for batteries

You need a voltmeter. To check the charging voltage under various conditions. This sounds very much like your converter/charger has failed. A more sophisticated one should solve the problem.....but if it is only off by a little bit.....you can certainly unplug the shore power cord and manually connect an automatic smart battery maintainer instead while it is in "storage". You do NOT want anything that is labeled as a "trickle charger". P.S. Although somewhat more expensive, AGM batteries are usually a better choice as they are maintenance free. And finally, if you have a 12 V power socket available that is connected to the house batteries, I find that having a digital voltmeter plugged in there allows you to monitor the situation, more or less continuously.
Sam Spade 08/15/19 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I 75 thru Atlanta

Atlanta traffic is insane and getting worse every day. Newsflash: Traffic EVERYWHERE is pretty insane and getting worse every day. We need some politicians who will look to the FUTURE instead of dwelling on the past.
Sam Spade 08/14/19 02:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fuel cleaner/additive for Onan generator

Any fuel system cleaner that is good for the big gas engine will also be good for the little one. SeaFaom is NOT a good cleaner; it was designed as a fuel stabilizer. Gumout and Berrymans B12 Chemtool are the best cleaners on the market. Assuming that your big engine is fuel injected, Techron would be good for routine use too. It is best to use fuel system cleaners with half a tank of gas during a trip when you can run the gen too......because putting the right amount into a tank that is 40 gallons or more can get to be kind of expensive.
Sam Spade 08/13/19 07:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Onan Marquis 7000 - No Output Power

Should be a breaker on the generator itself - check to see if it's tripped. This. And I assume you have checked to be sure that the cord is firmly plugged into the gen outlet ?? I have had good dealings with the Onan/Cummins dealer in my area.
Sam Spade 08/12/19 02:20pm Class A Motorhomes
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