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RE: Mini trim pot to big potentiometer

Gotta ask: WHY are you doing this ? Most of the time, a pot mounted like that is indeed used as "trim" pot that is intended to be set once and then never touched again......unless some service is done on the board.
Sam Spade 01/22/20 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Cargo light replacement bulb

A bulb that is a LOT brighter might not be the best solution......IF it is positioned so that it shines in your eyes. A little shield of some kind might be more effective, or both together.
Sam Spade 01/18/20 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually Valve Stems

BTW, I'm one of those 5% who DO rotate tires! I don't remove all of them - I just lift the desired axles, Do you really put enough miles on in a 5 year span to put enough wear on them to mean that rotating will actually accomplish anything useful ?? For the vast majority of people, the answer to that is a resounding NO......and the tires will be replaced on AGE and not mileage or wear. In which case, rotating is just a waste of time and money. P.S. How do you do a complete rotation without "removing all of them" ??
Sam Spade 01/16/20 07:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dually Valve Stems

For those with the stems in the rim, how do you handle tire rotation? An RV owner who rotates his tires ????? I didn't think such an animal existed. Really folks.....for the 95% or so of owners who do NOT rotate their tires.....just put a short, straight stem on your outside dual and be done with it. Simple, cheap and easy.
Sam Spade 01/15/20 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dually Valve Stems

In my experience, the only ones that are a real pain are the outside ones with the stems pointing towards the BACK of the wheel pair. That is a convention copied from tractor-trailers so that any wheel/tire can be used in any position......and one spare can be used for ALL of them. On an RV that is ridiculous. I have mine modified with a short, straight stem on the two outside tires. That eliminates about 90% of the problem. So, then you can not switch that wheel to the inside of a pair. So what......BIG DEAL. I can't see a good reason that you would NEED to do that anytime. K.I.S.S. P.S. My "truck" tire shop thought that was an unusual request. I told them "IF you can tell me any good reason that is NOT a good idea, then I will leave them alone." They changed them out......and agreed it was a good idea for an RV. P.S.S. Before that I tried valve stem "extensions" and they CAUSED tires to go flat twice before I threw them away.
Sam Spade 01/14/20 09:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New House Batteries, Converter Beeping?

Faster if I keep storing the RV with everything all plugged in and the LP detector draining the batteries to kingdom come! So....now you KNOW that can be a problem.....so WHY would you do it again ?????? I don't think your problems are anywhere near being over. If you really did have 24 V feeding the 12 V devices, there may be more damage than just fuses.
Sam Spade 01/12/20 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: Issue with phone

AND turn OFF the Bluetooth on your phone and then turn it back ON and re-connect it to the radio (pair).
Sam Spade 01/09/20 07:25am Technology Corner
RE: Hey Y'all! Have a noob question!

The camper sits on 6000 acres and is in the middle of nowhere. In that case, all you really need is a big hole in the ground for "outhouse" use. :B But the barrel method that you propose will NOT be legal in any area that regulates septic use. It just won't.
Sam Spade 01/07/20 09:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Hey Y'all! Have a noob question!

It works like a standard septic only on a smaller scale. About what I expected. No it does NOT work the same. It is illegal and dangerous......especially if located anywhere near a well.
Sam Spade 01/06/20 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater INOP on electric

You need a multi-meter if you are going to do your own electrical work. Lacking that, "call a repair guy". Or pretend that it doesn't HAVE an electric option.
Sam Spade 01/05/20 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: Hey Y'all! Have a noob question!

But again...we plan on putting in a redneck septic when my Hip heals up and it wont be a big deal to dump ten gallons of lake water in the tank and pump it out with the macerator. Could you define "redneck septic" for us, please ??
Sam Spade 01/05/20 08:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Jensen 12v TV will not permit channel scan

Also, Jensen paper manuals are just half a page saying "they're going green" and to download the manual from their website. Not just them. That is the latest trend in "customer NO-service". It is especially frustrating with new routers, just for instance. "Installation and owners manual can be found HERE (where HERE is a URL). Well I bought this **** thing because my router failed......and until I get this new one going, I HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. DUH. Stupid.
Sam Spade 01/05/20 08:49am Technology Corner
RE: Hey Y'all! Have a noob question!

BTW fecal matter is water soluble. It will settle but it will also break down and break up. Part of it is.....but part of it is NOT. If you search on here and other similar forums, you will see that doing this wrong can easily result in a congealed mass forming in the tank.......which needs to be avoided at all costs.
Sam Spade 01/04/20 08:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Routing: Florida City area to Everglades/Flamingo

IIRC, not a lot of places to stop with a big rig along 41 if need be. Personally, I would take I-75 to US 27 and then south.
Sam Spade 01/03/20 08:49am Roads and Routes
RE: Florida 301 & Starke

Yes. The bypass is done. Has been for about 6 months.
Sam Spade 12/30/19 08:40am Roads and Routes
RE: 12v batteries reading 14.18v

It is my understanding that to get an accurate reading of batteries, they should be at rest for several hours first -- that is, not being charged, and no loads for several hours, then take a reading. THIS. IF.....you are plugged into shore power OR the gen is running OR you have a "self contained" model and the engine is running...... You are NOT reading the battery but ARE reading the charging voltage. To be reading the actual battery voltage, you must be sure that all the charging sources are OFF.....and have been off for at least a few minutes.
Sam Spade 12/28/19 05:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Jensen 12v TV will not permit channel scan

Before you do anything else, put a fresh battery in the remote. And.....some 12 V models don't operate good if the input voltage is above 14.3 or so. Mine won't come on if the voltage is too high.
Sam Spade 12/23/19 07:46am Technology Corner
RE: Possible weak battery, what to buy, 12 volt?

Should I get a marine battery or a deep cycle? Regardless of what type you get, it will last longer if you keep it as near as possible to fully charged ALL the time. It depends on your budget and your willingness to keep an eye on it. I splurged and got AGM deep cycles. About twice the cost but I NEVER have to touch them. That's worth the cost difference......for me. P.S. You should not be guessing about the battery. Get an inexpensive digital voltmeter and test it.
Sam Spade 12/23/19 07:41am Tech Issues
RE: Traveling southbound through Atlanta on I-75 in 5th wheel

But I believe that if you have more than 6 wheels you will be directed to the outer belt with the semis? And I believe NOT. I have done that route maybe a hundred times over 30 years or so.......and don't remember EVER seeing any signs indicting the downtown restrictions. That leads me to believe that it applies ONLY to commercial vehicles. And I would NEVER take an RV into a single lane HOV or EXPRESS lane where there is limited entrance and exit places. Just NOT a good idea. And I suspect not strictly legal either.
Sam Spade 12/22/19 08:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Flattest, warmest route to Las Vegas in January from NC

The GPS will be lost on the new segment as it can take 2 years for a update plus delays for map uploads. Well that depends on exactly what GPS you are using. The ones that are "built in" to the vehicles certainly will have delays like that.....and often cost more than a Garmin to DO the update. A Garmin with free map updates typically will have a much shorter delay, maybe 6 months for major changes. An "online" navigation app like Google is continuously updated and a major change MIGHT show up in a matter of weeks. Might.
Sam Spade 12/22/19 08:40am Roads and Routes
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