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RE: Lifespan of water pump

I carry spare water pump and converter among other parts, I will change them out when these items fail, my philosophy is if it ain't broke no need to replace.
Sandia Man 01/25/22 08:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Pricing on used rv...bargaining etc

Whether purchasing a car or an RV from a dealer, they use similar tactics to make you believe you got a great deal, or a certain % off. The first question dealer will ask is if you have a trade in, that is where the game begins. If you are really focused on a particular rig gather as much info as possible about the unit including current market pricing, many buyers are woefully uninformed, be sure to know your vehicles towing limits if purchasing a towable RV. We have purchased 6 RVs in 3 decades of RVing, 3 new and 1 used from dealer lots. The other 2 used units including our current class A were purchased from private sellers, by far we got better prices, more time to view/inspect RV, and without out all the hassles of shopping on dealer's lot. With used motorized RVs maintenance of powertrain, chassis, and current condition of coach is more important than branding, get an inspection before buying.
Sandia Man 01/25/22 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: AC on winnebago vista 27pe or sunstar

I imagine there was an option for a second AC, many dealers in cooler climates will order them with just a single AC. There are a lot of variables involved making it difficult to state if a single unit will suffice in that particular rig, but we had a single AC in a 32' RV and it could keep up with 90+ degree although it would run pretty much non-stop during the heat of the day. I have seen many rigs over 30' with only a single AC, if you are often RVing in those temps you can add a second unit although RV AC units are a bit difficult to come by at the moment due to pandemic.
Sandia Man 01/25/22 11:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Insurance

We use USAA for all our insurance needs including our TTS & 5ers, but when we called to have our class A covered they put us on hold and connected us to Progressive. Thus far they have been very responsive to our needs and service has been on par with USAA, my DW takes care of our insurance policies and I can't recall why USAA didn't cover our motorized RV when they had no issues with our towable RVs. We had an issue where our auto park brake failed locking the driveshaft about 30 miles from home, we called Progressive and they did a great job finding a tow company to tow our 39'+ rig home where I could make the repairs, the entire time they kept in touch with calls and texts providing timely updates and to check progress of towing company service.
Sandia Man 01/25/22 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weekend Warrior ft4005

Our WW came with a packet of info with manuals for the equipment/appliances onboard. The WW owner's manual for the rig itself was not model specific, the info provided was extremely generic to say the least. Asking questions here on the forum and/or Youtube videos could shed more light than WW manual, although I believe it might be available somewhere online. They had Onan gennies and same AC units, appliances, and standard equipment found on most RVs of the day, manuals for these items can usually be found online, many forum members have links for this info. Good luck, hope you enjoy your WW as much as we have enjoyed ours.
Sandia Man 01/24/22 01:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Carhauler to RV

Yeah, just seen a couple of them last week at the campgrounds we were at. I am pretty handy myself with tools and such but I would stick with getting an 18' TT as what you have planned is much too confining for us to enjoy RVing in. Obviously, if you want to go for it, have fun building it, let us know how it goes along the way. As for RV pricing there are always deals to be had, market might soon be flooded with lightly used RVs hastily purchased due to covid-19.
Sandia Man 01/21/22 09:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Am I over the Max 5fer length?

I wouldn't worry about it as it pertains to state laws, if anything there might be an additional fee when registering it which is no biggie. There are so many RVs 40' and longer everywhere you go, the extra few feet is unnoticeable to most casual observers. IF LEO has nothing better to do than pull over slightly longer than average RVs I want to live there as obviously crime is not a factor in the area. The only real concern would be going to older state and federal parks as big rig spaces are not overly abundant, any RV parks (private or public) created in the last decade or so should have plenty of sites for longer rigs. A few commercial parks recently built locally every site can handle 40' and above with ease, big rigs are ever popular with so many on the roads RV parks are designed for them nowadays.
Sandia Man 01/19/22 08:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Custer State Park. 175 site new camp proposal

Glad to hear it is a state park and not a new private park, which we work very hard to avoid and reluctantly only utilize if there is no other choice in an area we want to visit.
Sandia Man 01/19/22 07:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Storing With or Without Full Gas Tank

If fuel is fresh a month or so there is no need for much concern, for over a couple of months add a bit of fuel stabilizer for peace of mind. Although it is rare we go more than a month, there has been a couple of times we went 3 months without RVing, I was more worried about chassis battery than fuel degradation issues. I do attempt to fill before getting home after a trip, nothing to do with fuel freshness, just to save the hassle before leaving on our next trip.
Sandia Man 01/11/22 11:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anybody LOVE their Onan Microlite 2800 ?

No experience with that Onan version, our experience with their 4000 and 5500 models has been very good. A bit of annual maintenance and Seafoam when adding fuel has kept our units running well. There are portable inverter gennies that that might be an option in that price range on sale at Samsclub or Costco occasionally, if Onan 2800 is indeed running well under significant load and it meets your requirements, you could get it knowing there will be costs pertaining to upkeep and possible future repair. Both types (portable & onboard) are not difficult to maintain and repair, the Onan is imbedded into the RV that makes it challenging.
Sandia Man 01/10/22 12:33pm Tech Issues
RE: How to turn off interior lights while driving

RVs have light switches near entry door, with class A rigs there is normally a bank of them, they should be labeled but they could have worn off or faded. The switch that turns lights off as well as refrigerator is battery disconnect, leave that on and try each switch individually. Some are hard to identify as they are for steps, patio, and storage bay lights, hard to notice during the day or if you are not outside. One of these switches will be dedicated to your overhead lights, there should also be a secondary overhead light switch in bedroom area as well. We have always had TTs, 5ers, and toyhaulers and the owners manuals provided by manufacturer were abysmally generic. Not sure if this is customary among builders of class A rigs, but the owner's manual provided by Monaco is around 350 pages, I have yet to read it all but it covered every interior switch in detail. I know it was quite a learning curve for us when we first got our class A, in due time we were able to figure everything out. Here's hoping you have as much fun as we are having, my DW was losing interest in the RV lifestyle, she is enjoying it now more than ever.
Sandia Man 01/06/22 05:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Retiring from the RV world

Well you could certainly try, many of the used class A rigs we saw from private sellers had a toad option, we have our own preferred toad and were not interested which did not come as a surprise to most sellers, all had no problem selling rig independently. As for throwing in tools and/or other RV related items, again commonplace for most of the used class A rigs we viewed, we've been RVing for decades and already had 90% of the stuff. For the savvy, nothing trumps condition of chassis, powertrain, and roof when shopping for used class A rigs. Although there are undoubtedly buyers out there that might be starting out with a used class A, the vast majority of those looking to purchase in that category have at least some experience in the lifestyle, throwing in RV related goodies may not impress them much. Good luck, hope you find someone to purchase both rig and toad, anything is possible, particularly if properly priced for current market conditions. Whether it is wise to hold out for a buyer willing to acquire both only time will time will tell, let us know how it transpires.
Sandia Man 01/04/22 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1994 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 30CB

We just went through this about a year ago, having TTs and 5ers during our 3 decades of RVing we decided to go with a motorized RV. Other than tires every 4-5 years, our TTs and 5ers required minimal maintenance and repair, a poor choice in a used class A or class C could cost 10s of thousands of dollars to bring them to where they are reliable enough to take down the interstate. We took over a year shopping for our current class A, looking and driving over 30 rigs to get a feel for what chassis and drivetrain would suit our needs best. Our diligence paid off and we got a low mileage, well cared for class A that we have already put 15K miles and 30 plus trips over the last 16 months. My DW had lost interest, much to my delight she is reinvigorated and enjoying RVing again.
Sandia Man 01/03/22 08:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Searching for the new motorhome

Well, to answer your last question first, there are no perfect RVs, floorplans, or chassis, even custom built rigs we are bound to find something amiss. It appears you're headed to a larger more capable class C, but since you posted in class A forum here's one in favor of going with this category. My next door neighbor is a Jeeper as well, he has went through a variety of class C rigs and just was never satisfied overall. Finally, he went with a smaller 30'-32' Fleetwood class A diesel pusher and now has all the power and space he and his wife wanted with a ride they were more comfortable with. He is an EE and follows the maintenance schedule with exacting standards, he only laments the cost of diesel maintenance and upkeep which he has performed dutifully by the dealership.
Sandia Man 12/22/21 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The RV Demand Continues

A substantial amount of journalism (if you can call it that) these days is exaggerated, we have had plenty of RVs on dealer lots in our neck of the woods and deals can be had if you don't fall for the hype. Whether it is low or high demand scenario for RVS, there are simply built as fast as HUMANLY possible. Top tier or entry level, only the materials change, they are pushed through assembly and out the door with little regard to quality. No need to hurry, take your time and do the research once you have determined the type of RV and the floorplans that would serve your needs best. There are no perfect RVS, floorplans are pretty similar across the board among RV manufacturers, unfortunately branding is no guarantee of quality. A quick look online and you will find every brand and tier level has issues, no RV manufacturer is immune to this scenario.
Sandia Man 12/14/21 03:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Plugged in or out

We do as well, we use our rig so frequently that we are fully charged and fridge is always at operating temps for quick getaways. We have smart converters and inverter chargers that incorporate multiphase charging routines to keep our 12 volt reserves happy and healthy, average 8 years with our golfcart batteries before replacement.
Sandia Man 12/09/21 05:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: For those with no bathroom access during travel mode.

We have had access on all our rigs but I would not hesitate to deploy a slide as needed, do the same whenever we are overnighting at truck stops, Walmarts, rest areas, and casinos. Never gave it much thought as a deal breaker, using bathroom while underway or on the way is sporadic at best, not a determining factor for us when purchasing a rig. Like anything in life, if it matters to you that is the only thing that counts, enjoy your new RV.
Sandia Man 12/09/21 04:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ref freezes everything

I had to replace a few thermistors on our Dometic fridges over the years for that same issue, on a couple of occasions we installed adjustable thermistors which worked out well. Haven't had that issue on our Norcold fridge, over 90% of our RVing over 3 decades has been with a Dometic fridge onboard.
Sandia Man 12/03/21 09:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Good replacement shower valve?

I usually went to CW to look at shower or sink faucets, they have a decent selection although pricing is a bit higher than online sources. Amazon of course has them much cheaper, but I wanted to see them in person before ordering, then read the reviews to determine which to buy. For our galley faucet we installed a residential kitchen faucet from Amazon, much better than stock and sprayer flow was significantly stronger. Unfortunately, RV shower faucet quality is a fraction of residential versions, we've been pretty lucky overall only having to replace leaking shower faucets twice on various rigs over 3 decades of RVing.
Sandia Man 11/30/21 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: suggestions for a better shower head????

A gallon a minute is pretty good IMO for a showerhead, no wonder our Oxygenics has proven a water saver for us. We shower daily without exception, twice if we are swimming in river, lake, or ocean, great to know we are using just a couple of gallons if even that much since it is rare we run showerhead more than 2 minutes total. We have been RVing for 3 decades and boondocking is easily our favorite method, all the stock showerheads in the various rigs were changed out for Oxygenics versions, we noticed a significant reduction in FW usage compared to stock, a more invigorating stream was an added bonus.
Sandia Man 11/29/21 12:11pm General RVing Issues
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