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RE: Travelling is not getting easier

Have no plans to RV across our northern or southern borders in the next couple of years anyway so I won't speak on those regions. As for this country, primarily mountain west and southwest regions, we have continued to do plenty of RVing following CDC guidelines. Traveled 1K miles to purchase our current rig late last July while Covid was roaring through our great country. Again, no issues, DW is an RN and wearing a mask and sanitizing hands is normal practice for her. All our DDs are nurses as well, there was zero change in their lives, still working diligently as the virus poses a significant problem for the unvaccinated. Latest figures have 99% of covid deaths currently occurring to those who were not vaccinated, whether they chose or were not able to get vaccinated due to availablity in their particular area. So many were able to just sit home and continue to work, for those who keep our lives going they still had to work to bring us the goods and services we depend on. If those brave souls can go to work everyday why would we sit home when simply following CDC guidelines allows us to enjoy RVing the same as any other year. Other than private RV parks our state was effectively closed down, we primarily boondocked last year. We love state parks and went to neighboring TX and AZ to enjoy that type of RVing.
Sandia Man 07/30/21 12:28pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: solar question

Solar is no doubt part of a multi-pronged solution for successfully RVing off the grid, we use all our rig's amenities as if plugged into shorepower when off the grid, as such generator use is key to being 100% self-contained. Having no constraints while RVing off the grid makes every where you park a destination, never too hot or too cold, whether parked in direct sun or totally shaded, or simply have 12 volt reserves that are waning, press a single button and all is well. For us sitting in the dark using the sparsest amount of 12 volt power to get by when we just payed dearly for fuel to go RVing certainly doesn't endear us to this endeavor. We have monitors for both AC and DC voltages, actual current draws, and consumption rates among other details, go to know but again no reason for alarm when you have the ability to power your entire RV and replenish your 12 volt reserves by pressing a single switch from the interior of rig.
Sandia Man 07/30/21 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: Tow vehicle tire size not to spec

The difference is too small to be significant, choosing either size tire will yield practically the same results whether towing or MPG wise. Every truck we have owned in the past I have always went up a tire size when replacing stock tires, never noticed much of a change in towing dynamics, minor as they are overall.
Sandia Man 07/30/21 08:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

Well, without investing in any of the aforementioned items my only guess is possibly charging your single battery with your vehicle daily to keep it from going dead by the third day. When RVing off the grid it is all about replenishing consumed amphours back into your 12 volt reserves, takes a multi-pronged solution to be able to use your RV as if plugged into shorepower.
Sandia Man 07/29/21 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toilet Tissue...

We have always used whatever TP we have in our house, we buy the big box of POM 2-ply from Samsclub. Everybody has their methods and their reasoning behind them, similar to what chemical or concoction they use for their black tanks, for either issue the solution is using plenty of water. When RVing in the summer we use the cheapest deodorizing chemical from Walmart without regard to brand, rest of the year just H2O. We backflush every time we dump, at least once a year we use a tank wand to get the nitty gritty off the sides and bottom of tank, not much TP is stuck inside.
Sandia Man 07/28/21 04:07pm Truck Campers
RE: 5th Weel vs. TT - Length Off Tow Rig

There are some variables involved but you will be at least a couple feet or so longer over all, from your previous OP are you planning to upgrade your megacab to handle the heayy pin weight as you stated payload was very limited?
Sandia Man 07/25/21 11:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boondocking Water Question

When we apply the shutoff on our Oxygenics it reduces flow to barely a trickle, maybe a couple of cups worth of water per shower, not a biggie for us when boondocking or dry camping. No need for another showerhead if you enjoy your current model, just add a shutoff valve available pretty much any hardware store. I like the trickle on our unit as it keeps water temp steady, we have installed shutoff valves in the past and get a momentary blast of cold water every time we turned flow back on.
Sandia Man 07/24/21 04:41pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Fuel for Gassers

We pretty much use the cheapest unleaded fuel available at the pump wherever we happen to be, sometimes 85 octane at high elevations, mostly 86 is what we normally pump in our neck of the woods. We do occasionally add octane booster to a tankful, and it sure does have a positive influence on the miles to empty info from dash display, although from our experience it is wishful thinking on the ECUs part, just a minimal power boost noted. We have plenty of power and we do traverse many inclines to get to where we are going, which is routinely at high elevations where gassers lose significant power. Now, if we had any performance issues we would get premium, thus far our 40' Monaco gasser is taking the hills using plain ole regular. For our sports cars we use premium as they just flat out perform better, our SUVs, full-size vans, and HD trucks all get regular unleaded.
Sandia Man 07/24/21 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: september trip

We don't plan every campground when we have a flexible schedule, although we will reserve state and COE parks ahead of time as they are among our favorite destinations. Private parks are normally our last choice, having gaps where we can wing it allows us time to search for more ideal settings to RV. Even with pandemic still lingering we can find availability in a private RV park a few hours before we arrive. Kids back to school, summer heat dissipating, less crowding in tourist areas, sure sounds like a great time of RVing ahead.
Sandia Man 07/22/21 01:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fuel Mileage on 8.1 Workhorse

It depends, 7-8 mpg is the average, 5-6mpg in the mountains at elevation, 9-11mpg on the flatlands near sea level. Been using gassers for 3 decades of RVing and have never cared to actually calculate mpg, our current Class A has the 8.1L with Allison 2100 on W24 chassis, it has no problem traversing the many inclines we have here in the mountain west region. Both DIC on our Monaco and our Scangauge2 report MPG tallies which I have very little interest in, we love RVing and don't fret the costs to partake in this beloved endeavor.
Sandia Man 07/22/21 09:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for info on Insurance

Have had USAA for over 30 years covering our homes, all cars, trucks, vans, and towable (TTs & 5ers) RVs. Our current RV is a Class A and when we called USAA for coverage they transferred us to Progressive. Thus far Progressive has responded very well to service requests and prices are very competitive too boot. Heard they jack prices up after a few years, just received our insurance bill for our second year of coverage and it up a about 70$, we did add towing for $5 more monthly.
Sandia Man 07/21/21 12:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Life Forum going belly up?

Just received the latest issue of RV mag, nowhere near as interesting as TL, so many ads and articles geared at selling over-priced products. Used to spend an hour or two reading through TL, this recent incarnation rarely has my attention for more than 10 minutes before going into the recycle bin. Enjoy the forum and will continue to be a goodsam member, no way are we paying for the RV mag once our subscription expires in the fall.
Sandia Man 07/20/21 11:32am Good Sam Club
RE: Grand Design Travel Trailer RV Transcend Xplor 240ML

We have looked at them at RV shows in the past, Transcend is in their entry level category. Grand Design does attempt to manufacture a decent RV, but just like any mass produced rig, they are all hastily built leading to flaws, some more laden than others. After floorplan, with whatever brand you purchase, picking the right dealer that is known for service after the sale is paramount due to the warranty work that nearly every new RV will require. Good luck on your search, hope you find the perfect rig for your needs.
Sandia Man 07/19/21 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Video of VW Beetle 5th wheel

An oldie but a goodie for sure, seen it way back when predating when I joined this forum over a dozen years ago. Not exactly a barn burner going down the highway, rear tires probably need replacing twice as often as the fronts. This is certainly one of those situations where it is not advisable to carry freshwater, or much else for that matter. Still pretty cool overall, being able to spin around under the rig's overhang is crazy.
Sandia Man 07/19/21 02:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream Nest battery, fridge, solar question?

They have a compressor if it gets as cold as indicated, looks like draw is below 50AH a day, you could feasible get 3 days from a pair of batteries. I think 4 days would be pushing it and harmful to batteries, a solar suitcase can easily be deployed to help keep up with demand. When off the grid we have solar, a fast charging converter, and most importantly, for true self-containment, we have both Onan and portable Champion inverter gennies. We figure why take a chance, we can camp anywhere, anytime, and under extreme weather conditions.
Sandia Man 07/12/21 01:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: 255 30m 22.5 tires

We went with Toyos as well, neighbor turned me on to them as his set have 8 years and 30K miles, no signs of cracking and very little wear. We found them here locally for under $400, good quality, smooth and quiet on the interstate.
Sandia Man 07/12/21 10:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where to mount a TV?

I have mounted flatscreen tvs to sides of cabinets with swivel articulating arm and still be able to access cabinet. Did the same for a cabinet where a tube tv had been installed, except mounted swing arm within cabinet and it layed perfectly flush. In both cases, while going down the road we simple popped it off arm removing a single thumb knob and laid it on the bed or couch.
Sandia Man 07/12/21 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: Need Generator Help for New Sabre 36BHQ Owners....

Just 2 choices really, an onboard Onan 5500 or choose from a slew of portable generators that need to be a more than 5K watts whether using one or combining a pair, 6K watts would be better for running both ACs at higher elevations. Last 2 rigs we made sure to have onboard gennies, simply the easiest to utilize and with proper maintenance will last for decades and many thousands of hours. We also have a Champion Inverter portable for running one AC at a time.
Sandia Man 07/12/21 10:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Size Matters???

We are at the point after 3 decades of RVing with various sizes and classes of RVs, add to that it is now mostly just my DW and I, we went big as we are planning to do extended stays. Appears your new truck is stout enough to handle whatever size rig as even the largest 5ers are being built lighter than ever before. It is by far our roomiest RV ever @ 40', and yes it might be difficult to get into some of the older RV sites, but we have done so much of that type of camping with our kids it is time to relax and enjoy the spaciousness. We kept our previous RV anyway for those type of trips, although it has been sitting idle for awhile.
Sandia Man 07/10/21 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can morbidly obese person use a travel trailer?

Flooring and bedframe can be reinforced should he enjoy the lifestyle, if he can possibly get to walkaround inside before his maiden voyage things can be shored up. I've been to dozens of RV shows and there are plenty of large men perusing TTs, maybe not 450lbs but easily 350lbs, not sure if just a 100lbs more is catastrophic unless TT is low end junk. Most steps on TTs give way to pretty much any weight placed on them, easy to just use a solid step or upgrade to quality swing out stairs. Anyway, it could be sold and put toward a quality unit if he decides to pursue RVing.
Sandia Man 07/09/21 11:59am Travel Trailers
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