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RE: Does your slide interfere with any operation.....

Bathroom, bedroom, fridge, HDTV, and sinks our all readily usable, although they are scarcely utilized while underway. From what is depicted on tv and movies you would think a group of people can just eat, drink, and party while roaring down the highway at interstate speeds. Yes, occasionally my DW will use the bathroom and get snacks and drinks as we travel down the road, she is rarely out of her belted seat for more than 10 minutes at a time.
Sandia Man 10/30/21 11:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO, 30 Amp

Ours is also the 50 amp version and has performed well over the last year, would purchase again without hesitation. Along with realtime data from our rig's EMS, the additional data provided by this device to my smartphone gives us a more complete picture of energy usage, although for the most part I rarely pay much attention to the detailed information.
Sandia Man 10/30/21 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Albuquerque Rv campground?

Like any metropolitan area no RV park is by all he major attractions, reviews on Google maps are pretty accurate for RV parks in ABQ. There are a couple of casino RV parks, one on I-40 and the other off I-25, all the parks mentioned above are good although how rural they are will depend on your viewpoint. The majority of RV parks are situated along the interstates, again a decent drive is involved to get to most attractions. What we normally do is check an area for things we like to do and use google maps to see available RV parks within a half hour drive, with sky shots and 360 degree views we don't have any surprises when we arrive. Have fun in the Duke city, it will be a bit chilly in mid-December, but as long as there is sunshine the days are nice.
Sandia Man 10/28/21 05:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Safety steer

We added a steering stabilizer and it does help with the issues mentioned above, a good place to start with all the mods that can be done to improve handling. Takes a few tries to get it just right, worth the effort once centered and tracking straight.
Sandia Man 10/28/21 04:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New motor home blues…

I doubt this is solely attributed to Thor's acquisition of Tiffin, lack of quality is an issue across all manufacturers that has plagued the industry for decades. I always hear buy this or that brand, like it actually matters in terms of amazing quality and workmanship. Several companies that I have worked at have been acquired, we just continued to do our jobs like always, any real changes were couple of years in the making. Sorry to hear of your new RV misfortunes, following along over these past few months I always knew that this scenario would come about, more so since the complexity of issues that can occur in this category of RV seem boundless. It is rare indeed for any type of RV to be issue free during first couple of years of ownership, hopefully they will get all the kinks out soon and you can thoroughly enjoy your beautiful RV.
Sandia Man 10/28/21 09:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: And Another Battery Question

Not sure if you have an issue, too many variables but temp and altitude are not factors in this scenario. I don't fret minor DC voltage fluctuations, and I don't always rely solely on what our solar charge controller, EMS, or my multimeter indicates as it pertains to battery health at any given moment in time. I find it prudent to have a genny when RVing off the grid, along with our fast charging smart converter I know I can restore amphours into our 12 volt reserves should the need arise. Not parking under trees, RVing in cloudy weather, or just barely using our rig's amenities to eek by are things we have long had to worry about.
Sandia Man 10/27/21 12:29pm Tech Issues
RE: genny conundrum

Like the others have stated, it would seem a no brainer to go with a pair of 2K watt gennies under the conditions outlined in the OP. Best thing is most often only one genny is needed at a time, but having 4K watts is nice when you want to run other devices along with the RV AC unit.
Sandia Man 10/27/21 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please help with solar and electrical questions...

I would go for the larger fridge as well, whether to have them install the over-priced solar and battery setup is your choice. Might be wise to have it done aftermarket using better components, a pair of 6 volt golfcart batteries, and more than likely end up with additional wattage for what they are charging. Most factory installed systems tend to utilize less than ideal equipment and wiring. For best results when RVing off the power grid is to have a quiet inverter genny along with a fast charging smart converter for times when solar can't keep up. Congrats on your new rig, welcome to the RV lifestyle.
Sandia Man 10/27/21 09:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to sell the coach

You will gain the most resale value if you sell it yourself, if you don't want to hassle with it many dealers offer consignment if you find trade in value too low. In decent shape, RVs are still selling pretty briskly, appropriately priced it will no doubt go quickly. Good luck on selling your old rig, and congrats on your new Winnebago, may it be all you wish for and more.
Sandia Man 10/25/21 08:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Safety question

For oil and filter changes on engine and Allison tranny I can squeeze under without using jacks, most times just drive front tires up on jack pads for added space. I don't change tires on our rig and certainly would not consider relying solely on our coach's power gear jacks for doing service work where rig tires were not firmly on the ground. Sure, it adds extra time to the job but the proper set up for safety reasons allows me to do the task effectively, I don't like being in a hurry due to safety concerns.
Sandia Man 10/21/21 10:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar sale

We love our Renogy solar panels and portable suitcase, great when RVing out in the open, sky is clear and temps are nice. We can power all our audio/video equipment among other AC/DC devices without cranking up the genny. The main downfall is when sky is clear but temps are extreme, they can't power ACs or space heaters, we don't hesitate to power up the Onan and all is well again. One button simplicity and we can enjoy our rig as if plugged in, we use it only during hours allowed. If I feel like not hearing gennies being utilized at the campground, I would camp where their usage is prohibited, not an issue for us as we haven't left home for a couple of decades without a genny onboard. Anywhere we stop we have full usage of all the amenities our rig provides, makes for stressless (most importantly DW is happy) RVing no matter the weather mother nature is currently dispensing. We enjoy peace and quiet as well, that's why we prefer hookups during inclement weather.
Sandia Man 10/19/21 11:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Finally !!!

We did the same last year after a couple of years of research and driving everything in our state to figure out which chassis we wanted. We had to drive 1K miles to TX while covid was raging through the lone star state first summer of pandemic, it was strange as every town appeared deserted. Could not find anyone willing to inspect rig due to covid ravaging the country late July 2020, owners were wonderful and allowed us to stay 3 nights on their ranch where we tested both house and chassis functionality. I found alternator faulty and they had a mobile mechanic replace it. Owners were just getting too old (he was 85, DW was 81) to use it, their kids in their 50s and 60s were fearful for them and finally convinced their Dad to sell it. We searched high and low throughout the country, everything we saw was snapped up immediately, great people they had no issue waiting for us. We got the powertrain we desired and only 19K miles, needed some new rubber as well due to age, but it got us home no issues during a record setting TX heatwave. Took our time heading back home and enjoyed a couple of TX state parks as our state had closed our state parks indefinitely. Glad to hear you are back in the game, hope you have many wonderful adventures in your new coach. We have had TTs, 5ers, and toyhaulers over 3 decades of RVing, frankly my DW was losing interest. She is reinvigorated and we are having the time of our lives, just us, kids grown, doing it our way.
Sandia Man 10/17/21 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Let’s hear your best MPG and driving style ?

Actually, I wouldn't know, whether car, truck, or when RVing, just never felt the need to track mpg. All our vehicles including motorhome have mpg tracking feature along with the couple of scangauge 2 modules mounted in our HD truck and class A. While I monitor other pertinent powertrain parameters, unless I see a significant change in fuel demand it is rare indeed for me to consider mpg, just pull up to the pump and open my wallet. Driving habits are typical, when RVing I stay within 5mph of posted speed limit, with daily driving I roll at 5 mph above speed limit.
Sandia Man 10/15/21 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My wife is gonna kill me, please help

Just take it apart and visually inspect it if you have already plugged it into a reliable outlet in your home, remove from power source before disassembly. Otherwise just chuck it in the trash and get a better quality unit from Wallys or Amazon delivered in 2-3 days, after 10 years of bouncing around it may be a safety hazard anyway. With colder temps upon us I recently had to get our electric space heaters ready, had to replace our decades old space heater as it would not turn on as well. Didn't see anything visually wrong, control board probably took a hit and quickly tossed it and picked up a vastly better version.
Sandia Man 10/14/21 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Any 80mph PLUS - class Aers still on here ?

I normally stay within 5mph of speed limit, too many ups and downs in our neck of the woods to just drop it in cruise 100% of the time. On our last trip my DW had an appointment and left in our toad while I drove our rig home, I drove around 70mph and she drove 80+mph, a three hour drive for me and she arrived home just about 20 minutes earlier. She was somewhat shocked to see me arrive so soon as she was still getting ready for her appointment. A storm was blowing through it was pretty windy that day, sure driving 80mph would have got me home a tiny bit faster, driving a 40' long, 12.5' tall square box through turbulent gusts funneled by valleys, canyons, and mountain passes is certainly less impactful at 70mph. Pretty much 99% of the time I drive according to current weather and road conditions, I have no chip on my shoulder or ax to grind if I have to pass someone or when I get passed.
Sandia Man 10/13/21 02:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HOW did you choose your Class A ? ....

First and foremost, thorough research (nearly 2 years) and driving as many class a rigs as we could in our state. After viewing/driving a couple dozen coaches we were able to zone in and fine tune our search knowing which chassis and powertrain we were most interested in purchasing. RVing for 3 decades we obviously understand floorplan is important, more so for towable RVs, we have had TTs, 5ers, and toyhaulers, but this was our first incursion into motorized RVs. IMO, with used class a rigs, floorplan takes a close second to upkeep of powertrain and chassis by previous owners. Our diligence finally paid off, we had the inside track to a low mileage, well kept Monaco in neighboring TX, owners were in their 80's and willing to wait for us to view it first. Our purchase occurred late July the first summer of the pandemic, TX was a hotbed for the virus as it roared through our country. Not an issue, we simply followed CDC guidelines, downside we could not find anyone willing to do inspection. Owners were great and allowed us to stay 3 days in rig, I was able to drive and test house and chassis systems. We even enjoyed a couple of TX state parks, NM closed all state parks indefinitely.
Sandia Man 10/13/21 12:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Upgrade

We have always purchased and manually set up the same antenna mounted at home when RVing, been doing it for over a couple of decades with both Directv and Dish. Took longer to get antenna out of basement storage and unravel coax than actually locking in satellites, all in all maybe 10 minutes to access all the channels on two vip receivers without restrictions or delay. Our current rig is a class a and the previous owner threw in a couple of King tailgator pro 2 domes, one for Dish and the other for Directv. Having heard generally bad things about automated sat. acquiring domes I continued to bring along our manually set up antenna. Heard domes were slow and often had problems attaining all satellites among other minor issues. Never worried about my manual satellite setup at a campground, didn't want our King tailgator growing legs and walking off. I purchased a roof mount that allowed easy removal of dome should trees or other obstruction require repositioning to acquire satellites. Saving space on storing dome, tripod, and excess coax were other positives to look forward to with roof mounted system. To my surprise the King tailgator has performed flawlessly, easily attaining satellites without issue, even when RVing in a dense ponderosa pine forest. Have never had a reason to unclip from roof mount and reposition, it is always ready to go by the time we finish setting up rig upon arrival. Like any dome it is slower than residential antenna, couple of seconds if channel is on another satellite. Can't speak on any other brand of automated satellite acquiring domes, again I never thought they were reliable enough to purchase from all that I've heard. We primarily do most of our RVing in the mountain west and SW regions of the country and never had reason to use eastern arc, we are satisfied with King tailgator performance and can always use manual setup if needed for eastern arc.
Sandia Man 10/04/21 01:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Which old motorhome to buy

There are always some well built, older class A rigs on the market, just have to be diligent in locating one before it gets sold. We first spent many months driving a variety of class a rigs in our state to figure which drivetrain, chassis, and floorplan would suit our needs best. Once we knew what we wanted we stayed on course and searched the country, most were in FL, TX, and AZ as snowbirds would sell their rigs and stay permanently. Was quite a challenge as these units didn't last long on the market, not living in these states we couldn't close the deal fast enough. Finally, we found a rig in TX and the private owners were willing to wait for us to look at it first. This was while covid was raging though TX July 2020, could not find anyone willing to do an inspection. Thankfully, we stayed 3 nights on their ranch, we were able to drive and test all systems thoroughly.
Sandia Man 09/29/21 01:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Predator 3500 vs 2 Champion 2500

Over a dozen Champion 3400 dual fuel gennies currently available on Amazon. We have the earlier 3100 version and after 5 years it still performs marvelously. We got the remote start unit which mimics our onboard Onan with one button on/off simplicity. Starts our RV AC with ease and at elevations over 9K', a real workhorse we have nearly 500 hours on our unit.
Sandia Man 09/22/21 02:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Steering stabilizers

Steering stabilizers work well but they are just one of many options to improve handling on Class A rigs. After installing one on our rig they do help with passing trucks and high winds, we also found that it reduces driver fatigue by keeping our rig centered, having to constantly move the steering wheel slightly to stay straight can take quite a toll physically and mentally after a few hours on the road.
Sandia Man 09/22/21 12:43pm Class A Motorhomes
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