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RE: Field Walk

Predators hear our 2 dogs before they get close to the sheep; their first line of defense is barking to discourage predators. These dogs stand between the sheep and perceived threats. Wendy had experience killing coyotes before we got her. When threatened the sheep flock up making it easier for the dogs to provide protection. I do remember your comments about Wendy's past. :-) I have friends who just got a livestock doggie. He is a cross between Wendy/Sam. Big, big pup. He's their second dog, and so far seem to be a good team. Dale
Scottiemom 03/30/20 04:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: Bigfoot Hydrolic Jacks - Electrical Connection HELP!

We have the Bigfoot System on our Phaeton. On our controller is a phone number you can call ANYTIME. They are a family owned company and pride themselves on their service. That phone, after hours, will ring into one of their homes and someone will answer. Trust me, I've tried it an it works. Dale
Scottiemom 03/30/20 04:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Install new cab over curtain in a Bigfoot TC, HOW?

We have a B+ and to block out the light, I used a tension rod across the cab then used a heavy fabric for my curtain. Don't know if that would work for you, but it didn't required any screws, etc. When we went to Alaska, I bought us sleep masks. They were very light weight and we got used to them quickly. They worked well. Dale
Scottiemom 03/25/20 04:59am Truck Campers
RE: Field Walk

Loved the video. It just is amazing that 2 dogs can protect those sheep from predators. I guess when they see the dogs, they don't want to mess with them. Dale
Scottiemom 03/23/20 08:19am RV Pet Stop
RE: class a motorhome tires

I am wanting to replace my tires, size 275R7022.5 with Toyo tires. where would I find them in Indiana? Also, does anyone have any experience with Firestone MH tires? We buy tires for our Tiffin Phaeton at Sam's Tirein Bristol. Not to be confused with Sam's Club. Small reputable dealer. We just bought a whole new set of MIchelins there in August (our second set from them). They accept the FMCA plan as well, saving about $50 per tire. I believe they sell the Toyo tire as well. We have friends who have those and swear by them. We have just always run Michelins and are very happy with them. Sam's may do Firestones as well, I am not certain. Very efficient, good quality workmanship. They are located on SR120 just east of town You won't be disappointed with them. We go ahead of time and remind them we want newly produced tires, make an appointment, talk about how to do the FMCA discount thingy, then show up for the appointment Dale.
Scottiemom 03/19/20 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bounder with Atwood jacks

Our Atwoods finally gave out last summer. After replacing all of them at least once and a couple of them twice ($750 each), two broke at once. We started looking. Yes, Atwood sold out to Lippert, and Lippert does not make or support the Atwoods. We could only find used jacks at businesses who took them off coaches and replaced them with a different system. We didn't want to put used back on. Then we were told it was likely our controller that had gone bad. We could actually find that on line, but a new controller and 2 used jacks was not the way we thought we should go. We had a BigFoot system put at their factory in White Pigeon, Michigan. It was about $5800, but we full time and use our coach every day, so we bit the bullet. We are extremely happy with the system. They are quick, reliable and the customer service is second to none. It is a family-owned company and their service line rings into one of their homes after hours. Dale
Scottiemom 03/15/20 04:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I included Duchess with us when Butterscotch was put to sleep. She is normally very afraid at the vet's office, but that day she was 100% focused on Butterscotch. She was on the table with her and kept her muzzle in Butterscotch's face until she breathed her last. After a few minutes, she indicated she wanted down and she was ready to leave. She grieved for Butterscotch after that, but she knew she was sick. I feel like she may not have understood everything, but she knew Butterscotch was not coming home. I did this because when I had Bailey put down I didn't take Neal. Neal was handicapped and also had seizures. Bailey was a loner, although he tolerated Neal, but I never knew how much Neal relied on Bailey. We almost lost him as he just really went off the deep end. Physically he was sick and it took a long time to get him back on track physically, but he never got over losing his best friend. He did not understand where he went and kept looking for his "lost" friend. It was terrible to watch. So I decided after that, I would include the other dog(s) so they would "know." Just something to think about. Dale
Scottiemom 03/12/20 05:05am RV Pet Stop
RE: Snowbird parks and Coronavirus

It is the fear of something new that we have no experience with that has people sacred. Add to that the problem with senior citizens who have health issues (and most of us over 70 have some health issue) and it becomes a concern. Yes, a lot of it is ignorance on the part of most people. But my husband is having bypass surgery next Monday so you can be sure that we will be staying in this week just to make sure that he isn't exposed to ANYTHING (this is also a high flu season in Arizona) that would interfere with his recovery. Best wishes for your husband, Barb. You need to be diligent. Last week I had to make a whirlwind trip back to Indiana as my mother was in the hospital. She had been in the week before for an infection. While she was there, my sister was outraged with one nurse who was visibly sick. Her nose was raw and red, she was coughing and had laryngitis. My sister told her she needed to wear a mask. She said she was fine and refused to don a mask. She got down right in Mom's face. They released Mom and later that night she developed wheeazing and other respiratory problems so my sister took her back to the ER. The surprised doctor asked if she had been around any sick people. Sis said YES, the one nurse. Mom ended up staying another week while they cleared all that up. A complaint was made to the "Joint Commission" by my niece who is a nurse practitioner. So the next day the CEO from the hospital showed up asking questions. My sister was home sick (imagine that) so I filled him in on all things related to this nurse, who happened to be working on the floor that day. I told him she was NOT to set foot in Mom's room. We considered her the source of Mom's secondary respiratory infection as well as my sister's. Interestingly, once that nurse was off shift, another nurse went to her work station and disinfected everything she had touched. As I told the CEO, all she had to do was wear a mask. I mean, she shouldn't have been there anyway, but if a patient's family thinks you should wear a mask, better do it. Thankfully my 95-year old Mom recovered and is doing well at home now. Hopefully nothing like that will happen in a cardiac unit, but we must be our own advocates. Dale
Scottiemom 03/10/20 04:43am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Praying for a good result, Richard. Dale
Scottiemom 03/09/20 04:32pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Sam

Very handsome dog. Is the pup a Great Dane as well? Do you still have him?
Scottiemom 03/08/20 05:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Sorry I didn't mean to scare everyone. But at 95, anything can happen. So thankful our prayers were answered and Mom is back home doing well. Dale
Scottiemom 03/08/20 05:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Last Saturday we left Baton Rouge and drove the motorhome to Theodore, Alabama, and left her in Payne's RV park. We have visited them before and they were very accommodating about us leaving her there for a week or more. Since the car was packed with all manor of stuff we dragged out of the Texas place to take to Florida, we unloaded the car and put it all in the motorhome. Then we got our suitcases out and loaded them with clothes and everything else we would need for a trip to Indiana. My Mom (almost 95) was in the hospital and my sister was fearful things were not going well. We drove from near Mobile to Warsaw, Indiana in 2 days, one night on the road and I visited Mom that day. She was doing better. One of my sister's dogs has "scratched" her arm. He "mouthed" her, not a bite. But it tore the skin every so slightly. My sister had cleaned it and bandaged it and didn't look at it for 2 days. . . . she got cellulitis in it. So they had her in the hospital for a few days. One of the nurses tending to her was sick and my sister asked her to wear a mask when in the room and around Mom. She refused. Mom came home from the hospital, arm healed, but went back into the ER that night with respiratory problems and flu like symptoms. That was when she got worse. So we drove up and were there 5 nights. I actually got to bring her home Thursday. By this time my sister was sick from that same nurse. We did raise a stink about it and the CEO of the hospital came to pay us a visit. I wasn't kind to that nurse. All she had to do was wear a mask, but instead she infected both my mom and sister with the same respiratory illness. Both are better now. Mom is doing well and Nita is much better. So yesterday we started back to Alabama. We arrived about 4:30 today. We had eaten an early supper which was good to do because now everything is put away and we are relaxing at 6 p.m. Thank goodness Mom is a strong fiesty 95-year old. She is 4'10" and only about 88 pounds. Wouldn't think she could fight much off, but she is a fighter. She lives in her own park model in my sister's woods, just down the lane from each other. So all is well once again and we resume our journey to our Florida home tomorrow. God bless everyone! Dale
Scottiemom 03/07/20 05:03pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Lovely tribute to Murphy. Hoping your days get better and your memories strong. Dale
Scottiemom 03/02/20 06:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

I'm not unsympathetic to people down on their luck. But if that was me and I was in a campground for any period of time, it would be clean, neat and tidy. Not trashed up with garbage and the like. I wouldn't be making messes for someone else to clean up. Truth be told, I would be out looking for work, walking if I had to. Dale
Scottiemom 02/24/20 06:28am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I'm so sorry Burch. I still mourn my dogs, all of them. Always think I could have done more for them. Dale
Scottiemom 02/24/20 06:14am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dogs with jobs

Lee and I walked pass Wendy curled up in the grass on our way out to the flock. Wendy was “off the clock”; she did lift her head looked at me with sleepy eyes and gave me a moan. :-)
Scottiemom 02/23/20 07:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Dogs with jobs

We find it easier to deal with new lambs after dark if the flock is in the barnyard. A daily job is to bring the flock off the field into the barnyard before dark. Forgive my poor filming ability but here is Lee moving the flock. Working dogs are just amazing. Love seeing them doing their job. Enjoyed seeing Sam. Where was Wendy? I don't think I saw her in the video. Sam looks like such a happy dog. . . so does Lee for that matter! Great job! DAle
Scottiemom 02/23/20 05:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

In a Florida park we regularly frequent, they had a problem with homeless. The park's rules were loosely written. Eventually there was a murder and another death, so the county (county park) rewrote the rules for all their parks. They still allow 180 days in the winter months, but only for RV's. If you have a tent, it's 14 days. Also, you MUST have a tent. No more tarps thrown over picnic tables, etc. They put pads on all the sites so you MUST park/setup on the pad. You cannot bring all your worldly goods and lay them on the ground covered by a tarp. They are enforcing the number of people per site, which is reasonable. Noise rules which were always in effect are now enforced as well as pet policies. It's a much better place to camp now. Anyone can camp, however, all must obey the rules. Dale
Scottiemom 02/22/20 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Dinghy Towing guide

I will second the Ford Flex. We bought a slightly used one a few years ago and absolutely love it. My mom is 95 and she will go with me anytime over my sister's Traverse and now Jeep Grand Cherokee. She says the Flex is so much easier to get in/out of and the ride is fantastic compared to the other two. When we were looking, we looked at a Cadillac SUV and quickly crossed it off the list due to the ride being terrible. Same for the Honda CRV. The Flex is easy to tow and has quite the load capacity. It carries an unmounted tire in the back (3rd row seating down) for our 40' Tiffin. The Flex may not look as sporty, but when I want sporty, I pull the Mazda Miata out of the garage and put the top down. Zoom ,Zoom! Dale
Scottiemom 02/21/20 05:47am Dinghy Towing
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Burch, I am so sorry to hear about Murphy. She had a wonderful life with you and knew how much her humans loved her. She loved you as much as well. Dale
Scottiemom 02/21/20 05:29am RV Pet Stop
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