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RE: Too Big/Pricey/Soon for Me

You can purchase a used Freightshaker or a Pete or a Sterling or any make for that matter of Class 7 or 8 single axle tractor with a mid range diesel and an automatic or a 10 speed road ranger for a song compared to a new pickup and that SA tractor will out pull, get better fuel mileage and run longer with less upkeep than any new pickup truck today. Any used truck dealer will have them or access to them and easy to modify for towing use too. I would expect to pay less than 20K for a nice unit and another 5 to set it up to tow. I used to bobtail everywhere and air ride makes that tolerable. air ride and a long wheelbase.
SidecarFlip 01/21/19 01:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: OUCH!... I hate when that happens (:

Mine is very close when I put the camper in. I'm of the school where I get in and out of the truck about 10 times and have my wife looking as well. Problem is, the wife is crappy with hand signals....lol
SidecarFlip 01/21/19 01:02pm Truck Campers
RE: 7.3 Ford coolant additive

Myself, I'm an Archoil fan and have been for years. I use their fuel additive in my truck and in my farm tractors too and I use their oil additive in the 7.3. Made a huge difference in starting the engine and I picked up some fuel mileage as well. Not enough to offset the additive cost but a bit. This last summer I had to replace the right side injector harness (the one that routes through the valve cover and fires the injectors and energizes the glo plugs) and did the left one as well. I was amazed how clean and free of any varnish or sludge the overhead was. Just as clean as when it came from the factory I suspect. I could see all the paint marks on the overhead and read with no issues the labels on the injectors. Was glad I have an OBS truck. A new body style truck would have entailed pulling the cab off the access the right valve cover. It was tight, but doable with some cussing on my part.
SidecarFlip 01/21/19 12:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rv show likes and dislikes

Finally, I refrain from going to RV shows because they stiff you on parking and then they stiff you to get in the door and then they stiff you again for a watered down Coke and a soggy pretzel. Not my thing.
SidecarFlip 01/20/19 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rv show likes and dislikes

If it's 'Lippert' it has to be junk and I have to agree, anything that comes out of the Hoosier, high end or low end is the same. Why I bought low end. I figured why should I pay a high dollar for Hoosier junk. besides, I'm handy with fixing the 'Amish' mistakes and believe me, there are plenty to fix on mine. I can tell stories (true) about Amish 'craftsmanship' but I'd probably get my comments deleted, so I won't. Suffice to say, junk is junk.
SidecarFlip 01/20/19 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Emergency Flashers Hyper-flashing

That's what I was going to say as well. That's what usually happens when 1 bulb is out to alert the driver to the problem. This can also happens if you tried to put an LED bulb where a standard bulb used to be. I was just considering replacing regular bulbs with LEDs How do you prevent this flashing then? By the load resistors from the LED light supplier. Super Bright sells them, where I got mine. An electronic flasher unit will also work with LED lights with no resistors. Your choice.
SidecarFlip 01/20/19 07:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Exit sign battery on TC temporary

Isn't an 'exit' sign battery an SLA?
SidecarFlip 01/20/19 07:34pm Truck Campers
RE: 7.3 Ford coolant additive

Sidecar is the DCA4 different then the above mentioned additive? I went with the American made Moog ball joints as well. DCA4 is potassium permagnate and di-ionized water and SCA additives. I think the FoMoCo additive is the same. I've used both, DCA4 in the past and now the FoMoCo additive. DCA4 is what you use in a big truck with conventional antifreeze. The new 'extended life' anti freeze for diesels has the SCA additives already in them but, and here is the big but... If you switch from conventional ethylene glycol (the green/gold) antifreeze to the SCA charged extended life diesel antifreeze, it's imperative that you flush every bit of the ethylene glycol conventional antifreeze out of the system which, entails pulling the drian plugs on each side of the block on a 7.3 (one located above the starter, the other under the oil cooler). If you don't get every bit of the conventional antifreeze out and add an SCA pre-charged diesel antifreeze, the residual conventional antifreeze will react with the pre-charged extended life and cause it to solidify into a gooey mess. I know someone that happened to and it wasn't pretty and expensive to repair. Why I stay with the conventional ethylene glycol a/f and add the additive. Only vehicle I own with conventional a/f anymore. Every other vehicle is extended life, gasoline and diesel. When I added the coolant filter (no I didn't buy the Diesel Site unit, I bought a less expensive one), they all do the same thing, they mount a filter and in my case I use a Baldwin filter, when I cut it open after 5,000 miles I was amazed at the amount of casting sand in the filter that has been circulating in my engine all these years.....They work, I can attest to that and I think that is why I had to replace the water pump last year, the sand ate up the seal. Hope that helps.
SidecarFlip 01/20/19 07:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Oldie Not Mine

Ain't no F150 Eco-Boost going to pull that land yacht. Too much $.
SidecarFlip 01/19/19 12:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Taking apart a stock internal Cummins 6.7L with 150k

Loos like a boat anchor to me......:B
SidecarFlip 01/19/19 12:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 7.3 Ford coolant additive

In 17 years I have never worried about the additive, just change the coolant on time with the right spec. Keep an eye on the plastic coolant recovery tank. I had to replace mine when it started to leak I had the front end rebuilt at 160,000 miles with all Moog parts with grease fittings. She is tight now. It may take a few hundred miles to break in the front end. There can be memory steering for awhile. Interesting. I've always used either the FoMoCo additive or DCA 4, not because of cavitation issues but because it keeps the cooling system clean. I did the king pin (I have a 350 4x4), with a Dana 609 full floating front axle. at 45K miles and canned the cheapo Ford junk. Moog for me too with zerks which get greased every oil change. I may forego the additive and just put a pre-charged coolant filter on next time. My 97 has less than 80K total miles on it and has never seen a Michigan winter. It sleeps in a heated garage all winter. Everyone wants to buy it, not for sale.
SidecarFlip 01/19/19 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tripping ol man winter

Fantastic. I appreciate the solitude you convey. Been on hunts out that way, always beautiful.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: BC snow tire regulation

It's not just the Coquihala, the new regs are province-wide on designated highways, most highways are designated. Their website though seems to say that EITHER tires with the "snowflake symbol" OR "M + S" tires are acceptable. See below. Clicky. I run Winterguard's year around (3 snowflakes) down here in Michigan. Noisy but great winter traction and in summer rain too. I love them.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 05:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Best Pop up for 2019 Ram 1500 or 2500

5 people and gear in a popup camper on a short bed truck? That sounds ambitious. Where do you want to travel, in what type of weather and for how long? Do all 5 need to sleep in the camper? Something like the Outfitter Juno might work. Not on a 1500. https://outfittermfg.com/campers/juno/ All for $45,000.00 USD.I can buy 4 Palomino's for that and have 3 spares for later....lol Pretty pricey for a pop up I'd say.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 05:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Pop up for 2019 Ram 1500 or 2500

Think I'd invest in a 5 person tent and a Coleman stove to cook on. You could carry all that in a 1/2 ton pickup with a short bed, no issue. Get a portable Loo for a bathroom.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 04:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Ok to leave the black water tank 1/2 full while in storage?

SidecarFlip 01/17/19 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: 7.3 Ford coolant additive

Thanks I'm adding a coolant filter and replacing the block heater so a good time to change the coolant as well. Don't forget a NEW recovery tank cap. I've read that the leading cause of failure with the 7.3 (other than jacking the horsepower up too much) is the loss of cooling system pressure and the resultant overheating. 6 bucks is cheap insurance. I replace mine every year.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 02:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 7.3 Ford coolant additive

Not sure, I have a 7.3 and I get mine from O'Riely's in pint bottles. Had to go out to the shop and grab one.. It's Motorcraft Diesel cooling system additive. It's ESN-M99B169A and they have it in stock for (I think) 6 bucks a bottle. You will need a Ph test kit to check the SCA level. I use a Fleetguard test kit myself. I have also used Cummins DCA-4 which is available at any heavy truck dealership but again you need to do a PH test on the coolant after adding and allowing it to circulate in the motor for a while. Not a problem with circulation on my 7.3 because I added an external spin on coolant filter so the coolant is always circulating even when the motor is cold and the T'stat hasn't opened. I added one bottle of the Ford additive this summer and checked the Ph and it was within spec. I just happened to buy 4 bottles at one time. The additive level wll drop with engine heat and cool cycles so it's not a one time add. I check mine every oil change. Finally, replace the coolant tank cap at least once a year. They fail in time and the cooling system looses pressure and you can develop hot spots in the block, a bad thing. Chap too. 6 bucks is a lot cheaper than a motor rebuild. Hope that helps. Better add that Ford also offers a test kit...328-2050-62291 or 328-20503R but the Fleetguard test kit is less expensive and does the same task. The Fleetguard kit will be available at any heavy truck dealership as well According to my bottle that I'm looking at, VC8 and the above numbers I listed are the same thing.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford electric pickup

For 52k in 1998 dollars I can see why they were not popular. Electric trucks could have been a new slur for Ford: Fix Or Rewire Daily. :) That is a good one and maybe true. Considering all the lowest bidder components that automakers use today.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Pop up for 2019 Ram 1500 or 2500

Your choices are limited at that weight point. The other point of caution is, the 1500 FCA trucks now have coil springs in the back and coils and TC's don't get along very well plus the coils are inboard mounted which will equate to excessive sway. Don't expect to get a fully loaded pop up TC in that weight range. Accessories add weight. My Palomino SS1500 which is optioned out, weighs 1980 empty 2400 ready to camp.
SidecarFlip 01/17/19 10:49am Truck Campers
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