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RE: Making A Warmer Truck Camper Bed

I tried Reflectix to seal off some of the vents and windows. It is almost worthless. The R value of Reflectix is 1.0. Fabric covers and window shades are a lot more attractive and perhaps even more effective. Fortunately my Northstar was built with European windows which are double layer with a layer of air sealed between the layers. They are fairly effective especially if I close the shades which traps another layer of air. If you have single layer windows, I recommend heavy fabric curtains. Do not cover any vents. You need to use them and exhaust fans whenever you generate a lot of moisture such as using the shower or cooking. Its not the r value your using it for, but think of like an emergency blanket, it keeps the heat in. By reflecting it. Conversely, in warm temps it can keep the heat out. Yes, shades and blinds can help also. They add more of an r factor especially if you create an air pocket like you do.
Sjm9911 01/11/22 07:19am Truck Campers
RE: Making A Warmer Truck Camper Bed

Cut reflexdex for the windows also( like the pop up people do). But looks like a good install. Should help a lot.
Sjm9911 01/10/22 07:46am Truck Campers
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

I am reserving my comment. But will laugh inside quietly. And maybe a little out loud also.
Sjm9911 01/02/22 09:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need help to buy Rv Trayler

You may want to look into gap insurance. If its the same as on a car, if totalled, you dont pay the extra. Example, on a car, you loose 10k by driving it off the lot. If it gets totalled the second day you own it, insurace pays you 10k less for what your into it. You still need to buy a new car, but you still owe the 10k for the last one to the lender , so add 10k to your 2nd new car payments. With gap insurance you dont owe that extra 10k. Something to think about.
Sjm9911 01/02/22 05:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Barker sewage tank mounted

Good luck with it, I wish I got a better one. I think I have a camco one, used 1 time. Got for a trip last minute and was the only one I could get. Those are supost to be top on the line. I have a 15 or so gallon one when I had the pop up. It was well used and never a problem. Add some paper plates into the mix, hopefully a confet statuon for showers, and depending on how long your stay is, dump some gray in the black tank. Lol. You'll get it. Good luck with it!
Sjm9911 12/31/21 06:55pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need a new propane detector

Please dont get the kidda one if you plan on battery power. Its a battery back up mostly and they drain the battery fast. So it will not last if you are not conected to shore power constantly. For your home get it, its a great detector.
Sjm9911 12/31/21 06:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tandem axle vs single

Like said above, single axel is harder to back up as it responds much quicker. Dule axels are also more stable when set up then single ones. Other then that and being able to use a ramp to change a tire and stability when parked, there isnt much diffrence.
Sjm9911 12/26/21 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where to look for used RV's?

Dont use offer up. Full of scams. I used let go for both my current campers, but after offer up bought them out I dont even look at the site anymore. Craigslist is probably the best bet for people selling local, but I haven't bought stuff off of there in a while eaither. Good luck.
Sjm9911 12/19/21 09:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Stop using AIOW please!

Lol, this is funny. If you people are so obsessed with grammer, and spelling stuff out. Find a English language fourm. There are reasons for acronyms, one being typing on a phone. Its easier, as you dont have a large area. That also is the reason you see spelling errors. Hard to go back and re-read, and if you get interrupted, there isnt usally a save option. People are diffrent, if you dont like how they communicate, don't read it or block them. Its really not that hard. My spelling is a combo of fat finger typing on a phone and dyslexia. And , truth be told, i could care less what people think of my grammer and spelling or not spelling out on a site thats supose to be fun and entertaining. This isnt for a grade, or to hand in a monthly report at work. Have fun, and dont get all woked up for what really amounts to nothing in this day and age. Enjoy life.
Sjm9911 12/19/21 08:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Wheel Pattern for 2006 Open Road 5th Wheel

Do you have the clearance and with for the tires your putting on? I dont know anything about 5th wheels, but on some of the smaller campers bigger tires creates an issue. People have to use spacers, if they can fit the tire on. And sometimes the bouncing will cause a tire that looks like it has clearace on it to rub. So , i would make sure before buying stuff.
Sjm9911 12/10/21 02:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Plugged in or out

I leave my TT pluged in. Its winterized, and I toggle the battery disconect on and off every so often so they dont overcharged. We get snow here also, a little less then PA, but it can be bad. I dont use it in the winter, but i may need to get something from it , check it, or in an emergency use it. We loose power a bit where I live and its easier to just hook the generator up to the camper and stay there. This is mostly in the summer, but who knows what can or will happen. Yes I could always run a line over if needed, but much easier to just change plugs in the garage.
Sjm9911 12/10/21 09:01am Beginning RVing
RE: For those with no bathroom access during travel mode.

In before times I would say not a problem. But now, it would be a deal breaker. Depending on the state and where you are some places are still closed. This past november while going to Florida from NJ some fast food places off the hyways had drive through only, so no access to there bathrooms or food as we couldn't use the drive through. Addtionally, there were other places that had the store open , but bathrooms closed due to covid. While this isnt always the case, it adds time and inconvenience to a stop. The ability to have your own bathroom and food would avoid this. The main rest areas , truck stops , were open. But not all areas/states have them. Plus sommetimes they are too far away to be useful.
Sjm9911 12/10/21 06:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

Please understand the vast majority of participants here, myself included, tow almost exclusively with heavy duty pickup trucks. Their opinions of smaller vehicle tow capabilities are tempered by what they currently use to tow. They will tell you WHAT THEY WOULD NOT DO, not necessarily what can/should not be done. see my profile, i've been here a long time. Someone on rv.net knows the answers to my questions. I thought about posting in the popup forum but then i figured i'd find people here who had graduated from a minivan to a real TV. None of the towing guides mention any sort of tow package for the odyssey. They all just say "3500 lb" And a lot people say it's a really great TV for a minivan. My hunch is that the 3500 lb limit is more about handling than about the power train. I posted the info, and its in the owners manual. I know like 4 people that tow with the odyssey. And depending on the year, it says it needs the cooler. The people that tow with them are on the pop up site. You can ask there, but will get the same answer. Or you can just look up the old threads on it. It can be a great tow vehicle for the right pop up. Have fun.
Sjm9911 12/06/21 05:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

https://letstowthat.com/honda-odyssey-towing-capacities/ Looked it up for you, you need the trans cooler etc for the 3500 lb capacity. Check the vehical per the chart.
Sjm9911 12/06/21 03:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

You would need a break controller and most have upgraded cooling systems added. Addtionally, bump stops or air bags to correct the sag. And ot depends on the weight of the pop up. Go lighter and not with the 3500 lb ones. Lots tow with them, but with the added mods listed.
Sjm9911 12/06/21 09:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: KOA Installing EV Chargers

Brown outs happen when demand exceads supply. Yes, in theory its not a burden. But as people and componies switch to solar without the storage capacity, you have less voltage avalable at night. Couple that with a heat wave and eceryone required to have e vehicals by a certain date, and fazing out of fossil fule electricity, coupled with the draw of the e vehicals , it could be a disaster. Its not just one thing that drives this, its a myriad of things. Untill they have stable and ample supply of energy at night they will continue, as they allready are to rely on fossil fules.
Sjm9911 12/05/21 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: 6.6 GM. Gas

That works too! Lol. But I am serious about the millage,14.2 average over the last 400 miles. So, I do half highway and half city. Thats dictated by where I live. If the site was easier to post a pic, i would. The towing was averaged, over the last disney trip. So, 1200? Miles each way. It will also depend on the driver and if you ride the brakes I guess. But its a real figure. As close as I can tell. So I'm wondering here. I don't use the dashboard computer to get my mileage. I take the miles driven, divided by the fuel used in gallons. How do you guys calculate your actual mileage? For me, i use the dash, i have a 36 gallon tank. I was at e, but not at the get fule now light, my truck took 36 gallons. So its hard to tell what you used also. Both are just rough gauges in my opinion. I will say, the truck gets about the same as my 2012 sierra, and I think both were better then my 2014 JKU.
Sjm9911 12/05/21 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: KOA Installing EV Chargers

I think hes talking about cal having to not shudder the natural gas power plants that were supost to go offline. This is because the alternative fules can't keep up with demand. Texas was a diffrent thing entirely. They cut voltage off to the back up power plants as they were not put on the essential power list. There are way more reasons then those. So not overloaded per say, just bad planning. Disclamer, i dont live in eaother state. And , staying closer to the ev thread point , i have sceen people rent campsites just to charge there EV for a day at a state park. And this place was crowded, so they had to reserve way in advance. I thought it was strange for a car to just park and plug in for the day and night. Maybe they had a camper elsewhere in the campground, but I didnt see the people to ask.
Sjm9911 12/05/21 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: need help, lost keys

Just checked again, it looks like the fobs are way cheaper Now, like 75 $ see if you can get a place to clone it.
Sjm9911 12/05/21 05:18am Tech Issues
RE: need help, lost keys

I dont know how the new ones work( i should get a 3rd) . But on the old ones you could make a 3rd if you had 2 fobs. If not they say they have to reboot the computer and program both. Some places said they could clone the first fob, a little cheaper. But it would only work as the orginal one and not give presets or alow you to make a 3rd. The new ones with the keys inside are more money. I think I looked when i bought the truck and the fob alone with a blank key and unprogramed was like 320.
Sjm9911 12/05/21 05:07am Tech Issues
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