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RE: Class Bs with Twin Beds other than the Travato 59K

All Three Class Bs, by Coachmen Not sure where you are but here are some new and used on this site. in OHIO Shafer RV Then you have General RV In reviewing your post, Coachmen RV Class Bs models all have twin beds. However, theNEW MODEL BEYOND-22RB shows a FULL WET REAR BATH.
Songbirds 11/26/19 07:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Welcome to Florida all RV visitors I hope you enjoy the link and find the right RV Park for your family. Camp Florida "RV PARKS throughout Florida
Songbirds 11/13/19 07:33pm Snowbirds
RE: Buying a Class B, not in my city or STATE. Ideas?

Buying from an OUT of state RV Dealer is nothing like driving into a local in-state RV Dealer. I can see how anyone would think that but this has been nothing at all like the past 18-RVs I've owned or converted. WAY SO MUCH DIFFERENT. First, it's not just finding any RV Dealer, but one you can work with fairly. Travel arrangements. Hotel or Motel Stays Finding Places to eat and shop while all come together. Rent-A-Car for some or the Dealer can help with traveling which is nice. Meeting new people and making new friends. WAITING MONTH AFTER MONTH. All the above and inspections Money transfers with out of state Banks. LOT MORE TRUST is required. Working out the options and getting updates on the unit ordered. Were not their YET
Songbirds 11/13/19 06:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dream Dinette

Having never seen one before I went online to look for some pictures and I hope this helps you if not post a reply and I see if I cant find the Book or Manual for you. When you click it should take you to BING Images and Hopefully you will find yours. Class C, Dream Dinette
Songbirds 11/13/19 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Campground Theft

I did a POLICE RIDE ALONG where they caught the guy. Stilling and arrested him and took him to jail. He seemed like a nice looking well-dressed young man and no drug problems on his arrest records, just a theft. He was in his mid 20's and because of all the priors if found guilty in court he was looking at 10 to 15 years. High-value stuff. He had nine prior convictions. You would have not known it to look at him. The nice-looking guy you would welcome into your home as your daughter's boyfriend hoping this was the guy. He was the GUY completely blow my mind how bad he was to take stuff.No sad story, no song to be sing or dance numbers to play. He was very cool clam and did not say much. You would have thought he was an undercover officer in the back seat of the patrol car. Sorry I just don't know what makes a guy do that for nothing more than to take something from another person. Anything he took had to be over 1000 dollars or he would not take it. So you would think he had some control overdoing or not doing the crimes, MR. CRAZY THEFT He even had a date waiting in his car who was not his wife. yep, Mr. Crazy.
Songbirds 11/13/19 08:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Dog Attack

Dogs have been in my family most of my life and served as a former Military Working Dog Handler. A lot of people should not have a dog just as some should not have children. Once a DOG is off-leash or the owner has lost control you have what is called a loose Dog and the owner is still just as responsible for whatever happens. Many folks have service dogs, but in truth, many so-called service dogs are not true service dogs. I love the fact that there are many new careers for Dogs today. Trained or Service Dog as they have a JOB. What I'm going to say now most of you don't want to know. NEVER, NEVER NEVER touch or pet a DOG that is not your own dog. Now if you must touch a Dog ask the person if they are the owner? Ask them how long they have had the dog? the longer they have had the Dog the more aware they should be of the Dog's reactions to strangers. If you must touch another dog ASK also if it is Okay to pet there dog? If yes, Look at the dog's ears as they work just like a horse (EARS DOWN AND BACK NOT GOOD) Dogs are natural protectors for the one who feeds them. They are PROTECTIVE of all things belonging to the owner. NEVER PET a strange dog inside a vehicle as they will protect even many non-biters. NEVER in the back of a PICKUP TRUCK. If more than one dog together never pets them as some dogs can be protective of jealous of the other's affections. Let the dog hear your voice and the owners try not to make baby talk with a dog that may be in dog years older than you are. NOW YOU HAVE THE OKAY TO PET the Dog, so what do you do? make a fist as this will protect your fingers, Hold the back of your hand just close enough for the DOG to small the back of your hand and only one person at a time. If the dog does snap there is not much for them to bite onto the back of your hand. Remember dogs are pack animals and they will protect the pack and humans can be part of the pack. A female dog can be as protective as a mother bear over her cubs. NOW if your say in an RV Park walking and a dog is loose running or walking about the park and coming closer. If you have time to get out of the way without running do so. Otherwise, STAND STILL STANDING UP and Cross your arms doing this will protect your hands. If you are the owner of a loose dog and it won't return to you. lay down on the ground as in most cases when the dogs see this, there is a good possibility they will return to you while you are down. "This is pack behaver" But they have to see you lay down. All dogs will bite if provoked. Try not to give them any reason to bite you! I love all dogs, but I don't pet any dog without having known the owner and Dog. Be SAFE and DON'T Pet strange DOGS unless trained and have a good reason to do so. "Is that a sweet dog, YES you are, you're a good boy, what a good dog, you're so sweet." Are the first words before a problem.
Songbirds 11/13/19 05:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Buying a Class B, not in my city or STATE. Ideas?

As of today we still don't have a CLASS B, From the time of this posting as you know, we were looking for some helpful tips and information on buying out of our state. As you can not buy directly from an Up-Fitter, I did ask them who was close and they provided the information. We then made contact with an RV Dealer in that state, Who then, in turn, sent us a PRICE SHEET. Kind of a wish list of available options. We returned the wish list along with a holding fee. Now we wait. In August 2019 we learned that Mercedes-Benz would be making 20.000 MB-Sprinter vans for AMAZON. Sept, Oct came a went and we called them up fitters and learned that they would be getting an allotment of some 2020 MB Sprinter Vans and a new price sheet wishlist was completed and returned to the dealer as now were looking and waiting for a 2020 model. The last word is now it looks like Jan or February for a NEW Class B MB-Sprinter VAN 4500 Camper 170"-Wheel Base. Auto sliding door, So now we wait.
Songbirds 11/13/19 04:12am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
2020 MB Sprinter Van Video info

Here is a link I found with some new updated MB Van updates for 2020 VAN: MBVANS.com 2020-info for this forum.
Songbirds 10/26/19 06:24am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
You might be an RV if?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29977637
Songbirds 10/02/19 06:35am Around the Campfire
You might be an RV if?

Here is some HUMOR we can all play along, by adding to the phrase. Most of us may know the funny comedian Jeff Foxworthy, and his famous lines of "you might be a Red Neck if?" This one is for fun and every RV'er can play along by adding a line. So finish the following line, You might be an RV if? If you have a Towed following you down the road. So before you Answer add the phrase "You might be an RV if" and then your ANSWER, to your post below.
Songbirds 10/02/19 06:35am RV Lifestyle
RE: RV MAX LOADS & Weights Calculator

I don’t have anything like that now on towingplanner.com but if you want to give a list of fields and how they relate, I can probably get something put together. ---------------------- I was wondering if the following weights in your Towingplanner would be helpful to Trailer haulers, as well as Class A, B. and C owners. Water Weight = A gallon of water 8. Pounds ____ + Total Capacity ______ = Total Water Weight =_______ Diesel Weight = A gallon of Diesel 7. Pounds _______ + Total Capacity _______=Total Weight =______ A U.S. gallon contains 3.79 liters. Therefore, a gallon of diesel fuel weighs 3.2245 kilograms, or 7.1089 pounds. Gas Weight = A gallon of Gas 6. Pounds ___ + total Capacity____= Total Gas Weight _________ As the above was the only thing I did not find checking over your site. Trust me I will be using and recommending your site.
Songbirds 09/15/19 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: RV MAX LOADS & Weights Calculator

First thanks for the website link, truly OUTSTANDING, but appears to only address Trailers and NOT Motorhomes. But then I could have missed something as I think on the site PAYLOAD ESTIMATE seems to address what I'm searching for. I will need to work with it a bit as to my RV GVWR, CCC and so on. But truly thank You as you look like you have nailed it all down. Thank you so much.:)
Songbirds 09/14/19 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV MAX LOADS & Weights Calculator

I am searching for an EXCEL Website or EXCEL File for RV'ers. No matter, if you have a Class A, B, C, or Trailer, at any time. A person hitting the roads should do some Calculations. So I'm asking is there a website to input the numbers: Vehicle curb weights, Fuel, Passenger weights, Holding water, GVWR, GCWR, UVW, etc. This is to understand the max load of the RV, before hitting the road? Would anyone know of an RV Calculator for working all of this prior to a trip?
Songbirds 09/13/19 08:30pm General RVing Issues
RV MAX LOADS & Weights Calculator

I am searching for an EXCEL Website or EXCEL File for RV'ers. No matter, if you have a Class A, B, C, or Trailer, at any time. A person hitting the roads should do some Calculations. So I'm asking is there a website to input the numbers: Vehicle curb weights, Fuel, Passenger weights, Holding water, GVWR, GCWR, UVW, etc. This is to understand the max load of the RV, before hitting the road? Would anyone know of an RV Calculator for working all of this prior to a trip?
Songbirds 09/13/19 08:28pm General RVing Issues
A small Trailer for complete outdoor living

A small Camping Trailer, NEW Idea for complete outdoor living. In this link, you will view a short Video and Drawing art photos of the news Vastsport Trailer. Vansport VAST Camping Trailer
Songbirds 06/25/19 06:40am Folding Trailers
News on MB Sprinter Motorhome Vans

June 10, 2019- Westfalia James Cook Is A Sprinter Camper With Slide-Out Bed. This link will show you many other Sprinter Van MOTORHOME stories.:C Mercedes-Benz News
Songbirds 06/25/19 06:16am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
2020 Class B's starting to show up

The FIRST 2020-Class B, I've seen this year. Here attached is a 2020 Coachmen Galleria Model post on YouTube. This is the FIRST full 2020 Class B I have seen. So to anyone waiting take a look at what is rolling onto a sale Lots. 2020 Coachmen Galleria 24Q Would like to know what you know about NEW 2020 FULL COMPLETE Models are showing up in locations around the country. Thanks as I look forward to your feedback.
Songbirds 06/23/19 05:29am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
How to Set up a two person TENT.

Here I was all of 14 or 15 years old and doing my first tent set up. Having camped with my family prior, I was not new to camping as we had a trailer. But the Boy Scouts and Young Marines tent set up was new for me at that time back in 1963 or 64. Here is a YOUTUBE Link for setting up a tent for two. How to PUT UP a TENT
Songbirds 06/10/19 08:02pm Tent Camping
RE: Both AC's quit.

I'm wondering if at some point the A/C units came on at the same time? This would create a power surge and can blow one of both FUSES. Replace after checking them an offset temp so as to prevent coming on at the same time again.
Songbirds 06/08/19 12:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting rid of campfire smoke odor

what about the following suggestion, Air Out, wash what you can and Tough Odor Matchup The following may be helping a bowl of Vinegar as it airs out. Neutralize Skunk Odors This may be helpful showing 8-tips for removing Odors.Removing Odors from RV Works for us or should I say, my wife as I'm just walking odor, but she loves me. Stink and all.
Songbirds 06/08/19 11:58am Beginning RVing
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