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Are you a Songbird or Snowbird?

So are you wondering what is a "SONGBIRD"? We all know and love our Snowbirds, who live manlily up North and begin a migration to the South about Memorial day May 5th and stay anywhere from 2-weeks to 6-Months each year. This is to enjoy a warmer-weather change after snowfalls have melted away. Fewer in Numbers is the Songbirds which migrate North to escape the SUN, heat humidity, rainstorms, Hurrican season, for cooler temperatures. The lines are not well defined, but each seems to enjoy their times away to collet thoughts and a smile before returning to the snow-packed days inside as the other prefers shorter winters. So who are you? A Snowbird or Songbird? and have you changed your migration times over the last 10-years or so? How many miles do you drive or fly for the special time away and what if anything would you change? This total migration takes place from California to North Carolina is a long line. During the winter CA, AZ, NM, and parts of Texas will see an influx of RV'ers parking and RV Parks filling. Then States like Florida, Georgia, Alabama will see Condominiums and beach area homes traded for time away. So do you drive or fly, bring your RV, or for a time trade your Home for a parked trailer? Please I welcome your thoughts and ideas as you explore Drives and Dives and how this virus has upset the yearly migration and your life?
Songbirds 06/21/20 06:11am RV Lifestyle
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

I'm not sure what you need so much water for. But there is a thing that looks like a long tube on top of the MH VAN that come in 2-sizes and a hose that swings down for taking a shower and the water is hot. I'm not the size. I just did a simple search and I think if you type Portable water tanks you will find more than a few ideas listed.
Songbirds 06/20/20 04:04pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Class B for 3 adults?

YES, Here this is for THREE ADULTS the COACHMEN GALLERIA Model 24T Galleria 24T Just pan down the page when the link opens and view the four floorplans and you will see the three Captain Chairs
Songbirds 06/20/20 03:40pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
How to Block Text & Calls on the Iphone.

The iPhone is a nice tool to have and can provide a wealth of information. You can set it up for almost any emergency as I have reported on in another post. Today I would like to share something new I have learned about stopping the crazy rings, by TEXT or an unwanted local neighbor wanting to make you a deal from some island operation. HAHA. First, let's address Blocking unwanted calls. The RING looks like a local call and you step out of a meeting to take the call. It's nothing and you want to stop these disruptive calls. HOW TO SETUP THE BLOCK, 1. GO INTO SETTINGS and CLICK ON "DO NOT DISTURB" Now you can set up a scheduled time when you want to BLOCK and you will soon learn there are many OPTIONS to BLOCKING A CALL. 2. ALLOW CALLS FROM ALL CONTACTS. Now anyone not on your contacts list can call, but your phone will not ring. At a time of your choosing, you can go into your RECENT calls and review them. Now when you find a number, with NO MESSAGE. tip the little "I" on the right nest to the number and a contact screen will appear. PAN down to the bottom and select "BLOCK THIS CALLER" HOW TO BLOCK A TEXTED MESSAGE This tip is for iPhones only. 1. So the TEXT message arrives in MESSAGES and you click to VIEW. The iPhone Rings and shows a TEXT message "654-67" and a message unwanted by you. Now the number will appear something like the one shown above or you will see all ten numbers. 2. LOOK Close on the second screen at the number on top and to the right, you will see a little arrow something like. "645-67>" This little arrow is the key to stopping the ring. 3. Now I have BIG hands but even I could click on that little arrow >. Once you do three little ICONS will appear under the Number. Look close at the "I" for (INFO) on the right and click. 4. Now, this next screen will let you do two things. TURN OFF AUDIO alerts. Or click next to the name or NUMBER another little > arrow. This will take you to a CONTACT screen. 5. Once on the contact screen of the NUMBER or CALLER. PAN Down to the bottom and click on "BLOCK THIS CALLER" Please let me know if this has changed your life. haha joking or let me know you like or did not like Thanks.
Songbirds 06/19/20 04:48am Around the Campfire
Okay How many RV'ers here use CB-Radio's?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30097412
Songbirds 06/18/20 05:20pm Around the Campfire
Okay How many RV'ers here use CB-Radio's?

While waiting on my wife I struck up a conversation with a fellow RV'er. During our exchange, he began telling me of his dependence on his CB-Radio while SHOPPING, Appointments, pickups, and other uses. I informed him I had not used a CB radio in over 50-years. So my idea was a radio with a long cord and a mic. NO, he informed they are walkie Talke radios. He was carrying his own in his pocket about 3"-high, about 2"-wide. I was captivated by some of his stories and our conversations about CB-Radio's many uses. I think he was a midline, In our old Class A Winnebago Tour we had 4-handheld radios and in the years we had that RV, I never took one out of its holder near the front door. I also learned the range with the small one was the same as I had with the one under the dash about 5-miles, back in what 1974. So how many RV'ers here use CB-Radios today in place of a cellphone and for what if you have a phone? The best recommendations you have about them if you have any. I'm thinking with all this flu and virus it could come in handy to have a set. Your thoughts, please?
Songbirds 06/18/20 05:20pm RV Lifestyle
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

It was a pleasure to read Mumkim's response to this. There are so many RVers who don't understand the real difference between a Class B and a Class C......and that there is no such thing as a Class B+ . I was one of them and having read MUNKIN post about the RVIA. I want to learn more. Everything falls into place knowing this. Having checked out the site it's not free, so I can not post the site information. Thanks for everyone's help.
Songbirds 06/18/20 01:06pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Well, I have learned one thing during this pandemic...

I use the Solumbra "Face Guard" As I wear Glasses and Hearing device on the side of my head called a POST or Abutment.
Songbirds 06/18/20 08:00am Around the Campfire
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

WOW, the BEST answer to my question and I did learn a few things. OUTSTANDING MUMKIN. DID not know there was a standard set by RVIA. Don't you just love sales folks who will do anything for the SELL? EVEN make up a vehicle CLASS. This may be why SALES folks and myself do not get along very well. SNAKE OIL SALES I call it. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback.
Songbirds 06/18/20 07:45am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What "NAME" can you call that Class B?

It appears you may not be up to speed on the new Class B power systems. And I'm sure you fully read what I posted above? and know you can now RUN A/C parked for 8 to 10-hours, with no shore power. I re-read my post wondering how you only took away "GENERATOR" from the post as that was not the question, I had asked? I thought I made the point very clear. What about this WITHOUT A CLASS B GENERATOR, IN THE VAN, WHAT WOULD YOU NAME THE VAN power system?
Songbirds 06/18/20 07:37am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Class Bs with Twin Beds other than the Travato 59K

YES, Now I'm sure you know by now there is a WET Bath and DRY bath?WET Bath and DRY bath? A dry bath is like what you have at home. A wet Bath you take a shower with sink, toilet bowl all getting wet. Winnebago may have a new model, but they have been building for years so I'm only saying that should not run you away. Here is one of the three models you may like from Leisure Vans, Coachmen. Now I know you are in search of a USED VAN under 60K. But you won't find any used VAN Floorplans. Leisure Vans CoachmenRV This one you may like as they have more Class B models to view. Find what you like search dealers lots for used ones. Thur Industries Class B
Songbirds 06/18/20 06:04am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Leveling the B

I would love to hear some feedback on Leveling JACKS for a Class B Van. KNOWN TYPES OF LEVELING JACKSKNOWN TYPES OF LEVELING JACKS 1). There is a manual hard plastic fitting under the tire? 2). Is REAR only leveling JACKS? 3). Auto and NONE auto-leveling Jacks? 4). Electrical 4-point leveling systems?
Songbirds 06/18/20 05:41am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
My pet peeve on Class B Plus

I can understand calling a Class B a plus when it is a VAN with popping out sidewalls. Now a normal parking space sizes. For parallel parking spaces, the standard width is 7.9 feet or 2.4 meters while the standard length is 20 feet or 6.1 meters. They are usually marked 6.9 feet to 7.9 feet or 2.1 meters to 2.4 meters wide. Inclusive of the entry and exit maneuvering, the standard length ranges from 22 feet to 26 feet or 6.7 meters to 7.9 meters.For parallel parking spaces, the standard width is 7.9 feet or 2.4 meters while the standard length is 20 feet or 6.1 meters. They are usually marked 6.9 feet to 7.9 feet or 2.1 meters to 2.4 meters wide. Inclusive of the entry and exit maneuvering, the standard length ranges from 22 feet to 26 feet or 6.7 meters to 7.9 meters. Standard sizes of Parking Spaces. So how can you call any van over 25'-foot long a Class B? I have seen 30' long Class B+. I'm sorry there should be a standard for what is a true class B+. Now you may be asking yourself why would it matter? I could post 100s of pictures of vehicles "TRYING" to make their oversized RV fit into a normal parking space, I'm sorry this is just wrong to me. I can tell most of the parking spaces has a standard 26'foot long. But someone will come along and claim there RV is a Class B. But taking a closer look will show it's 30'-foot long and you tell them this is a CLass B PLUS Not a Class B and they still don't get or understand what is normal or standard, even if it BLOCKS you in for 2-hours longer than you wanted to stay in your space. All my life I have seen bad actors who put up a little fight will get there way every time at first. At some point a law, the rule is changed to affect everyone, Just because this one person wanted to park and BLOCK everyone in. I'm sorry this Class B "plus" is just wrong, as a 30'long RV is a class C and anything wider than 7'-the foot is a Class C in my book. We need reform of RV Classifications and if we do not do it. At some point, it will be done for us and without any feedback and from folks who have no idea what RV means. I feel better now thanks for letting me vent.
Songbirds 06/18/20 05:16am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
What "NAME" can you call that Class B?

Class Bs, do keep changing, and soon if not already we will see a fully four seasoned Class B van. My question is very straight forward and asks a simple question. A class Bs have a Generator and I'm not referring to the one under the hood. With class Bs rolling off the line to up-fitters who make them MH can also change vehicle model year. (So not a backyard up-fitter) And not a class B with a generator? and not fully electrical, What can you call the difference between a Motorhome Class B with a fully operational Generator and a Class B Motorhome with NO Generator (The UNDERHOOD Alternator "Generator" is not included) So what would you call/NAME a Class B with no Generator and not fully electrical Class B? :h
Songbirds 06/18/20 04:35am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

I notice most class B's have small FW tanks and very little storage. For those that dry camp how do you carry extra water? Also are there any class B's made with a slide and some kind of basement storage? A class B is essentially a modified van chassis.....so no under storage to speak of and certainly no slide. The next step would be a small class C which would be a manufactured coach body placed on a CUTAWAY van chassis. Here is a 2016 model with all that your asking for but is a class B+ Here is a link. 2016 Renegade good luck
Songbirds 06/08/20 01:48pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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