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RE: Planning summer 2022 trip to Alaska Fly/Rent

If you like reading trip reports, ours was written up here. -Speak By the way - if you do click on my link to read the trip report, it is a daily journal. At the bottom of each page is a link to the next day. The link is a rectangle with a -> on it and the title of the next day's entry -Speak
SpeakEasy 11/01/21 07:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Planning summer 2022 trip to Alaska Fly/Rent

You are definitely on the right track with your planning so far. In 2014 Mrs. S. and I celebrated our 40th anniversary with a similar trip: flew to Anchorage, rented a class C for 10 days, toured around, had a great time. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. We rented from ABC Motorhomes in Anchorage. If you like reading trip reports, ours was written up here. If you read it, you'll get a lot of insights into what a trip like this can offer. -Speak
SpeakEasy 11/01/21 07:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: U.S. 20 across New York

Thanks for the responses. We'll be in a rental car on this trip, not an RV, so it looks like 20 might be interesting and not too challenging. We're thinking that the Finger Lakes region would be most interesting & picturesque, are we right? Any opinions on the drive along the south shore of Lake Ontario? I'm sitting on the western shore of Cayuga Lake right now, looking out at the sparkling-diamond morning-sunshine on the lake. I grew up in the Finger Lakes, and hope to be here until I die. Sailing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, powerboating - can't find a better place for all of this. If you're not able to get out on one of the lakes, there are a ton of family-run wineries that are producing award-winning wines. The Rieslings are notable. On weekends, you can almost always find a local chicken barbecue fund-raiser at a fire hall or church. (The barbecue sauce they all use is the same - a vinegar-based sauce that was developed at Cornell University back in the mid 1950's, I think.) Route 20 will take you through the town I live in - Canandaigua - where you'll find a lot of small shops and some art galleries on Main Street. (You'll have to get off route 20 to go down Main Street.) Further east, the village of Skaneatelas has lots of those too. Again - right on route 20. Back to the west, outside Buffalo, the town of East Aurora would be an interesting stop. I'm not sure it's right on route 20, but it can't be far off it if it's not. If you go there, Vidler's is an interesting stop. It's an old fashioned "department" store - like what you might have seen in the 1950's. The drive along Lake Ontario between the Buffalo and Rochester area was in pretty bad shape the last time I drove it (about 2 or 3 years ago). That road is the Lake Ontario Parkway, if I remember correctly. I doubt it has been repaved since then. I've lived here so long, and love it so much, I've considered writing a travel book for the region. So, if you'd like to PM me for more ideas, feel free. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/29/21 07:19am Roads and Routes
RE: U.S. 20 across New York

If you are looking for slow, route 20 will provide it for you. Most of the time it is 2-lane, and it goes through a lot of small towns where you'll see plenty of 35MPH speed limits. It is not a road that has been updated and modernized to speed traffic along. I avoid it whenever I can, but living here, it is pretty much impossible to avoid it. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/27/21 07:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Upper New York Fall Trip

Ok. Thank you. We normally go to door county in Wisconsin but wanted to try something different. It doesn’t have to be upper New York. Pa or OH works too. We just want highs in the 60s. For example in Wisconsin we have a few small towns to shop. A small cute zoo. Fruit picking etc. kinda looking for places that are like that. We are coming from Nashville TN. Will probably visit harpers ferry WV on the way home. There's definitely you-pick apples that time of year here in God's Country. Many, many small towns. Is history your thing? Try Seneca Falls for women's history. Rochester (city - not small town) for photographic history at the Eastman House. Tons of history at small towns all along the Erie Canal. It's probably too late to get a campsite at Letchworth or Watkins Glen that time of year. Try Sampson State Park. Lots of sites, and less well-known than the other two. Centrally-located in the Finger Lakes too. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/26/21 10:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Armchair Quarterbacks Unite! Stupid Stuff We've all Done...

But to play along: At a campground, the owner decided to help us back into our site. He's standing right next to my window, blocking the view in the mirrors and of the DW. He then proceeds to back me over a hump...5th wheel proceeds to meet truck bed rail. Another time, we were parked and hanging out working and the park was helping someone into the pull thru site next to ours, the worker proceeded to direct them such that the trailer drug along the side of a tree scratching it up. To make matters worse, 3 days later, the worker helped another guy come in and did the exact same thing. We no longer accept assistance from park workers. We camped at a campground in Alabama where the owner INSISTED on guiding us into our site. It was a VERY tight fit, and I went along with it. (Didn't have much choice.) Mrs. S. and I have our system, and we do fine with it. Well, he's guiding me in and he's within earshot of me in the driver's seat. I'm backing up (slowly), and he kept saying (louder and louder), “You’re Good!” Interpreting this to mean I was heading in the right direction, I kept going. He kept getting louder, until he finally bellowed “STOP!!!” I stopped. He told me he wasn’t sure I was going to stop. I thought, “Hm. I stopped as soon as you told me to stop.” Later, as I was reflecting on it, I realized he was probably using the words, “You’re good” to mean “Stop.” Weird. With my normal partner she tells me to stop when she wants me to stop. I’m just glad he finally figured out the correct way to use the English language to get me to stop. It wouldn’t have been pretty to back into the huge tree that was back there. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/14/21 04:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Armchair Quarterbacks Unite! Stupid Stuff We've all Done...

OP - You're not getting much of what you asked for here, are you? I'll play. Although I wish I didn't ever have to 'fess up to this. It was on one of our very first trips with our very first "RV." A popup. I parked it. I detached. But it wasn't exactly in the spot I wanted it to be. I tried picking up the tongue to move it, but it was too heavy to lift. I asked my wife and two daughters to stand on the back bumper to lighten the tongue so I could move it. They innocently complied. Now I could pick up the tongue. But the trailer started to roll backward toward a 5- or 6-foot drop. Yeah. It's rolling backward; loved ones are standing on the back bumper; it's heading for a drop off. I quickly dropped the tongue, and luckily it stopped rolling. I still have nightmarish thoughts thinking of that trailer rolling over one or more of my girls. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/14/21 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: Spiders

This stuff worked on the spiders in my basement. -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/08/21 03:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Brake Problem

Yes, that wheel with the loose bolt is suspect. That's the first place I'd be looking for a short. Get your multi-meter out and happy hunting! -Speak
SpeakEasy 06/03/21 07:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Rhode Island trip

Mystic Seaport isn't too far away. It's in Connecticut. It's a restored whaling village, and the last time I was there (about 15 years ago) it was excellent. History. When we were camped at Fisherman's Memorial we stumbled into an opportunity to get on a ferry boat tour to Block Island. It was a fund-raiser or something, and it was a half-day cruise that included a meal and some time on the island, as well as a complete boat ride to and around the island and then back to port. Lots of fun. Of course Newport, but you already mentioned that. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/30/21 06:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Update: Geico claimed TT as total loss. Based on the suggestion from you guys, I consider that good news for me. My purchase is 20k, they offer $18,700, how does that sound? My expection is they will replace a new one or the 20k purchase price, since my policy does appear to be premium. Um, if they are offering $18,700, then that's what they will "give" you when they cut a check. Not $20K, and not a new trailer. Just a check for $18,700 which you will most likely use to shop for a replacement trailer. If that sounds good to you, then that's the end of the story. If you want more from them, then sharpen up your negotiating skills. And good luck to you. When my truck was totaled, the insurance company made me an offer that I wasn't really too thrilled with. It was about 90% of what I eventually spent on a replacement truck. I didn't try to negotiate, because at that point I was tired of riding the emotional roller coaster and just wanted to be done with it. It's up to you how you proceed at this point. I would think that $18,700 would be sounding pretty good to you right about now. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/30/21 06:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Walkens Glenn

I live in the Finger Lakes, so I rarely use campgrounds in this area. However, lots of people have had good things to say about Clute Park, right down near the lake. If it were me, I'd want to be near the lake. But really, it all depends on what you're looking for. What are you interested in doing in the Finger Lakes? Maybe I can give you some tips. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/28/21 02:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Years ago my daughter backed her car into my popup causing SIGNIFICANT damage. The insurance company (GEICO) did NOT total it. After repairs, which looked good, we had all sorts of unanticipated problems for years and years down the road. Trailers are surprising in terms of how they respond to various stresses and strains going down the road. My advice - if they are willing to total it, accept it and move on. Get a new trailer. You'll never know what hidden problems you will have avoided, but know that they could be significant. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/28/21 02:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heavy duty hitch extension??

I can't show you the math, but I can tell you that extending your hitch length has an enormous effect on tongue weight. Think of a lever and the leverage effect. I think the physics of it is sort of the reverse of a weight-distribution system. I'm sure some of the engineers on this forum can jump in here and explain mathematically what it is that I'm referring to. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/26/21 06:36am Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: Our Southwest Excursion

Ho w to I get to the rest of the story? I can only see the first page. On each day's entry there is a link at the bottom of the page to take you to the next day. (There's also a link to allow you to go back to the previous day). They may not "look" like links, but they are. They are the titles for each of the day's entries. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/21/21 03:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Report: Our Southwest Excursion

I love RV travel blogs. Glad you shared it. We took a long trip with our kids 12 years ago that I blogged about so family could follow along. I still enjoy going back to read it...good memories. I’m sure you’ll do the same many years down the road. BTW, I’m originally from WNY. Been in TN for 18 years but my wife and I began our family in Orchard Park, after growing up in Chautauqua Co. Asking for my wife, who grew up in Cheektowaga - Are you a Bills fan? She finds Bills fans everywhere we go! Quite a fellowship! -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/16/21 01:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Report: Our Southwest Excursion

I read your entire blog about this trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Felt like I was right there with you! Thanks for sharing! Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. That's my goal as a writer - to capture the reader and bring them along. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/16/21 12:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Adding travel time to Google maps

I'm also a 50MPH average kind of guy. Almost always works well to give a fairly accurate eta. Google maps eta drives me nuts. Even though I know they are way off, it still drives me nuts that they say I'm going to get there at such-and-such a time. At times when I've not been towing I've experimented to see if it is even possible to meet their eta expectations by driving the speed limit. Couldn't do it. I suspect that their eta is calculated by using data from other drivers, whom we all know mostly exceed the speed limit all the time. I don't think you can meet google maps eta without speeding. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/16/21 07:01am Roads and Routes
Trip Report: Our Southwest Excursion

Mrs. S. and I have been on the road for a few weeks now, traveling from western NY to the "Mighty Five" Utah national parks and back. I thought forum members might enjoy reading about our adventures and seeing some of our best pics. I've been documenting it all in my blog, continualsunsets. The last time I posted a link here I got a nasty comment about trying to use the forum to generate traffic and generate income. That was an unnecessary comment, because I am not using the blog as a source of income. It is not monetized (at least not by me; there are probably ads from wordpress affiliates, but I have nothing to do with them.) If you are interested in reading our adventures, I'd love to have you along for the ride. Here's the link to the first day of the trip. If you are likely to feel offended by being drawn into what you'll think is a money-grubbing attempt on my part to increase my blog's traffic, by all means, do not click on the link. Happy Travels! -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/16/21 06:49am Roads and Routes
RE: Yellowstone Next Week - Freezing Temps Concern

A couple weeks ago we experienced several nights below freezing in our travel trailer in Arizona and Utah. The coldest night was 24 degrees. Had absolutely no problems. The only thing I did to prevent problems was to remove the outside shower head from its hose and bring it inside. The valves for the outside shower were still vulnerable, but there wasn't much I could do for them other than keep the bathroom cabinet door open and the bathroom door open to allow warmer air to access the areas closest to the outside shower. Temps around 30? Nothing to worry about. -Speak
SpeakEasy 05/16/21 06:01am General RVing Issues
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