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RE: Diesel Brothers

What would the air in our cities be like if everyone who wanted to deleted the emission controls from their vehicles? I imagine it would be something like Manila 15 years ago. The air burned your eyes. (I don’t know what the air in Manila is like today) I believe those who think everyone should be free to modify their vehicles in any manner possible are not thinking things all the way through. Sure, one polluter here and there doesn’t have a big impact. But it’s asinine to think the installed emission control systems aren’t needed. Maybe the answer is to have statewide lotteries that a few could win and get a free pass to blast whatever they want out their exhaust pipes. If you limit it to a few dozen per state maybe the impact could be kept reasonable.
Sport45 03/24/20 11:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Motorcraft 10W30, 5W40, Rotella or Mobil 1 for 6.7

2WD Fords still have serviceable front wheel bearings. I don’t know if GM and Ram have the same.
Sport45 03/03/20 06:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Who can be the last poster?

It’s been a while since I was last here...
Sport45 09/19/19 10:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Song Post - Part Three

She’s Gone Gone Gone - Lefty Frizzell
Sport45 09/19/19 10:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/members/austincobra-albums-ecoboost-picture60378-torquecurves.jpg Area under the torque curve is what most drivers notice. The green line shows how much torque is available under about 4500rpm than any other compared engine. I haven't ever had an engine with a turbo so I'd like to know how they work. First of all that's a very impressive torque curve for the Eco Boost. I wish my 6.2 had one like that. When it's running 2,000 rpms would the amount of torque shown be with the turbo running? Does the turbo start running at a certain rpm or at a certain level of throttle position? If the turbo isn't running at 2,000 rpms would the torque be less? Just wanting to understand a little more. Yes the turbo is spinning. Keep in mind when you review charts such as this one the data is taken at wide open throttle. You don’t make that much torque with any of the engines when you’re just loafing along. What the chart depicts is the most torque the engine is capable of producing through its rpm band.
Sport45 09/04/19 09:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: broken springs

What brand are those springs, thats a strange part number. The part number looks suspect to me too. A quick google search came up empty. Makes me wonder if it’s only the label that’s made in the USA.
Sport45 08/28/19 01:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bearings and bad decisions......

I used them yearly on my old Komfort. No issues whatsoever. No grease leaking past the seals and, when I =did= replace the bearings, mechanic said I could have used the old ones, no problem. IIRC, they =were= Timkens as OEM, but I went ahead and replaced them anyway. Lyle I never suggest replacing good bearings. When you do, you are subjecting yourself to an “infant mortality” type failure. Good bearings will keep on being good until they are overloaded or allowed to run dry. Even the best new bearing has some small chance of a manufacturing defect that could lead to early failure.
Sport45 08/28/19 01:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cleaned out the Radiator today.

I wonder what it looked like before the cleaning? :)
Sport45 08/01/19 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Time to kill the Cat

Happy travels!
Sport45 07/31/19 11:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weighing Fifth Wheel at CAT Scale with Weigh My Truck App

Great info!
Sport45 07/25/19 02:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: hitch question

Thinking back, I think I have only had two different hitches, a hi jacker and now a reese 16k. I think I liked the hi jacker better. It seemed better built and simpler. It had the bar that slid across the king pin locking it in place. The reese seems less sturdy and has two jaws that come around the king pin locking it in place. I tried the following. Close the jaws. No matter where the lever is, the lock towing, or the other two positions you can go to the back of the truck and open the jaws with a shovel handle, (I used). This just doesn't seem right. By the way this hitch came with the 5er from a pp sale. I no longer had the hi jacker. So I have no manual or experience with this hitch. and the "lock positions" does that apply only to the sliding part and has nothing to do with the jaws?? Not to sure about this hitch although there are millions out there I'm sure. I bet if you look at the Reese 16k you’ll find the jaws pivot behind the opening. They open, as you found, when the king pin pushes into them. When you tow the pin is pulling back on the jaws wedging them closed. Pushing them ope with a shovel handle doesn’t tell you anything except you can push them open with a shovel. Did you try it with the arm pinned closed?
Sport45 07/24/19 04:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Saw my first 2020 GMC HD camping this weekend

Looks like a gasser? Interesting and nicer then the Chevy in my opinion. Anyway looking to hear an owner report! Do the gas engines get hood scoops for 2020? I’ve preferred the looks of the GMC over the Chevy for some time. The lights on the fenders would take some getting used to.
Sport45 07/06/19 01:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why 4.1 axle?

Personally, I think the 4.10 ratio is perfect for you. When I had my V-10 F-250 it had 3.73 gears and I always wished it had 4.30 when towing. Ford didn’t offer a 4.10 ratio which I always thought would be a perfect compromise between towing and not.
Sport45 06/14/19 10:13am Tow Vehicles

When I get a tailgater that I want to get rid of, I touch the slow down button on the cruise control. Sometimes I have to slow down 3 or 4 mph but they always get tired of going slower and they pass me. This works for me as well.
Sport45 06/07/19 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What are your yearly registration costs for your truck?

$51 in NM for a 08 Chevy 2500 diesel- but free to 100% disabled Vets like me. Thanks for your service and sacrifice! I’m glad you made it home.
Sport45 05/30/19 04:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Michelin tire question

I don’t see any 15” XPS Ribs listed on the Michelin site. That was probably why Lynnmor asked the question. Do you have a line on 15” tires? XPS Ribs
Sport45 05/30/19 04:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chevy DEF system failure

My 03 has none of that garbage, not even a cat. I have to test it once a year because of its age at the cost of $75 per test. Funny how it comes back with ZERO emissions, count e’m ZERO. Now don’t make me have to go out in the rain and get the report out of my glove box and copy it so I have to post it. But, I will. :B If you can smell or see the exhaust it has emissions.
Sport45 05/28/19 07:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy DEF system failure

Removing emissions systems can also lead to problems when it’s time to trade in. Many dealers won’t take them since the emissions systems have to be restored before they can legally sell them. This is Federal, not state or local law.
Sport45 05/25/19 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: We don't need no stinkin 4X4 honey !

I can get stuck way better with 4wd! That:B I can attest to that. Although I got stuck because I did not have it in 4wd until I was already slowed down to a crawl because I forgot to turn off traction control. https://i.postimg.cc/8zdZjB8X/Truck-stuck-1.jpg height=575 width=900 ShinerBock, wow this truck has traction control and I did not think to turn it off. This truck is very different than the F150 it replaced and I am obviously still learning... Thx ! My wager would be you’d have been stuck whether you turned traction control off or not. When the bottom drops out you just don’t go very far pushing mud in front of your axles.
Sport45 05/25/19 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy DEF system failure

and these and other problems with add on epa stuff is why I drive a gaser. used to love the old 7.3 Your gasser has plenty of “add on epa stuff” too. The tech has just been refined enough over the years that we don’t notice it as much now. In the 70’s I happily removed the cat and replaced it with a “test pipe”. I wouldn’t even consider doing something like that today. I do wonder though how our Edge EcoBoost would drive with no cares about NOX and other emissions. I bet it would be fun. :) Diesel Exhaust Fluid is not being phased out or going anywhere. It is here to stay and so are the issues with it. The issues with DEF are slowly going away. Each new year model seems to have less emissions related troubles than previous models. I believe diesel emissions technology now is where gasoline emissions tech was in the mid-eighties.
Sport45 05/24/19 06:40am Tow Vehicles
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