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RE: Solar panel purpose on used motorhome

Thank you, everyone. Your comments pretty much confirm my assumption but I think I'll try the voltage tests that a couple of you described. Happy camping, all!
SteveWoz 11/17/19 03:31pm Tech Issues
Solar panel purpose on used motorhome

I purchased a used motorhome last winter and besides the fun of taking trips it has also been enjoyable to learn about the various systems and make numerous (of course) minor repairs and improvements. One thing I haven't spent any time learning about is the solar panel that was installed by a previous owner that I found installed on top of one of the AC units. I presume that the purpose of this panel is to keep the batteries topped off while in storage. Does that seem likely to you experts or could there be some other use for this? I suppose I could and should trace the wiring to wherever it leads but I haven't gotten around to that yet. Thanks in advance.
SteveWoz 11/17/19 05:42am Tech Issues
WiFi extender - Alfa Camp Pro 2 OR ANOTHER

I'm about to embark on a 3-week family motorhome trip and I'm considering purchasing a WiFi extender for the sanity it may preserve while traveling with a 17-year-old. First, I'm interested in opinions about whether this is a good investment. Second, I'm specifically looking at the Alfa Camp Pro 2 for about $135. Does anyone have any experience with this unit or CAN YOU RECOMMEND ANOTHER UNIT that isn't too much more expensive? Thanks in advance.
SteveWoz 07/03/19 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Trip Planning

Steve, I plan my trip using RV Trip Wizard. I find locations along the way that I will need to get fuel based on what I've entered for MPG calculations. I also find campground stops along the way if it's a long trip. Then I use Google maps to get a satellite view of every stop so I know I can get in and out of the fueling places. Once I'm pretty certain I have everything entered and I'm happy with things, I use Google maps and re-trace what I've done in RV Trip Wizard. When I'm ready to go on the trip, I will text myself the Google map and route and use that as my navigation. I do have a stand alone trucker GPS (Garmin 760LMT) and I would use it except I can't get the saved RV Trip Wizard to transfer to the unit using Base Camp. It's not user friendly so I use my phone as I said. For me, RV Trip Wizard and Google maps is just the easiest solution. But as I said in my other post, these are just tools and not perfect. For instance, recently we went on a short trip and ran into a low bridge that RV Trip Wizard didn't have listed. I notified their support and they added it now but if I wasn't paying attention it could have been an ugly outcome. Thanks again! Are you saying that you don't believe a stand alone GPS is necessary? Does Google maps on a phone work even without cell service? Is it possible to transfer the Trip Wizard file to a GPS or are you just having technical difficulties? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you wouldn't need to cross check fueling facilities if you used the Garmin, right? I hope you don't mind all these questions.
SteveWoz 06/22/19 07:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Planning

RV Parky, GS Trip Planner, Google Maps, Streets & Trips if you can find it. First 3 are free 4 is no longer in production but can be found eBay or Craig's list. Thanks for the reply, (Ed?). Same question to you: Do you recommend a stand-alone GPS or do you use your phone for navigation? Steve
SteveWoz 06/22/19 05:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Planning

I have and use RV Trip Wizard. It's a good program and worth the money. With that said, it's not perfect. Use it as just one of the tools you use to plan a trip and you'll be fine. Thanks for that info, Rob(?). Could I also ask, do you recommend a stand-alone GPS or do you use your phone for navigation?
SteveWoz 06/22/19 05:46pm Roads and Routes
Trip Planning

I'm thinking of springing for the $39 for RV Trip Wizard. Any opinions on it and/or other trip planning preferences? Thanks in advance.
SteveWoz 06/22/19 02:35pm Roads and Routes
RE: Michigan & The Great Lakes bound, July 2019

State parks along the Lake Michigan shoreline are likely to be difficult to get into, because this is the side with the nice sandy beaches and it's very popular. That said, if you show up looking for a campsite mid-day on Sun-Thur you might be able to stay a night or two. Elsewhere, it will be somewhat easier to find campsites on the spur of the moment but you should have one or two nearby alternate CGs in mind. Have a look online at Henry Fort Museum and Greenfield Village, if you don't mind dipping into the metro area. Frankenmuth has the world's largest year-round Christmas store, a brewery that serves good food as well as beer, and plenty of little shops to walk around in or restaurants to eat at. On the west side, Silver Lake SP has sand dunes you can drive around on (your vehicle or better yet rent a dune buggy there) plus a nice lighthouse to see. Ludington SP has a lighthouse you can walk to and a nice CG. Drive to the top of Sleeping Bear Dunes and get a good view of the lake far below. If you like canoeing or kayaking, consider going down any of the numerous rivers (rentals and transport available). Go to Mackinaw City and see, and hopefully find an excuse to drive across, the Mackinaw Bridge; there's also a little park and lighthouse on the shore there, many shops (buy fudge, caramel corn, souvenirs, etc.) Much more in the Upper Peninsula if you're thinking of going there. Thanks so much for the tips about finding sites and for the great recommendations. I will be sure to check some of those out.
SteveWoz 06/19/19 08:13am Roads and Routes
Michigan & The Great Lakes bound, July 2019

Hi Friends, I'm planning a 3-week motorhome trip for my family of three from our home in Connecticut to the Great Lakes region. None of us have ever spent time in that area but it looks like Michigan has a lot to offer in terms of beauty within a reasonable driving area. Without knowing that part of the country, I hesitate making advance reservations out of concern that we may limit our flexibility. My question to those who know Michigan and the other Great Lakes states, is it ill-advised to wing it in July? I do understand that finding a campground on weekends would be tough but how about during the week? Also, can you please name some must-see locations? Thank you in advance. Steve
SteveWoz 06/17/19 12:10pm Roads and Routes
Must I unhitch my tow dolly?

Total newbie question: Is there a problem leaving a tow dolly (with car still on it) hitched when leveling a motorhome and parking for the night?
SteveWoz 05/23/19 08:19pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Car dollies

I just bought the Acme dolly with surge brakes. It seems very well built. After setting up the tie down winches and getting the adjustable webbing right for our 2010 Nissan Altima (which you'd need to do for any tow dolly) I find it to be very easy to use. I really like the feature of being able to store it vertically. I can't see being able to do that with a heavier model. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
SteveWoz 05/10/19 08:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

Thanks everyone! That's good news! Follow up question: Where CAN you get a motorhome weighed in order to make sure ypur not over the GVWR, or do you just estimate how much all your stuff weighs?Thanks everione!
SteveWoz 05/08/19 04:17am Beginning RVing
So what's the deal with weight stations?

Do RVs have to get weighed?
SteveWoz 05/07/19 10:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Running the generator while driving

I know this is a redundant reply but yes - I do it all the time without issue. It's made to be run while in motion - or at any time for that matter. Perfect! Thanks!
SteveWoz 04/29/19 12:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: Running the generator while driving

Yes, you're fine. Bill Thanks, Bill!
SteveWoz 04/29/19 12:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: Running the generator while driving

Yes, we do it all the time when weather is hot. Thanks, "Catkins." I figured that's what people do but it's nice to have it confirmed.
SteveWoz 04/29/19 12:06pm Beginning RVing
Running the generator while driving

We just purchased our first motorhome after selling our beloved 5th wheel a few years ago. We're gearing up for our first trip in a few weeks. Since the whole built-in generator thing is new to me, I'm wondering if it's normal to run it while driving in order to keep the full interior cool on hot summer days. Thanks in advance.
SteveWoz 04/29/19 09:49am Beginning RVing
RE: Low overpasses, etc.

You're in CT, so stay off any road that ends in the word PARKWAY (like Merrit Parkway) and that goes for any state While that is generally good advice, you CAN drive on the New Jersey "Garden State Parkway" with your RV, BUT be sure to stay in the center lanes. A few of the arched overpasses have low height warning signs (10 or 11 ft?), but that might even be over the break-down lane. I've driven it many times in our 12' tall class A and never had a problem. But every other "Parkway" that I know of in the Northeast usually has signage something like "No Trucks or Buses" or "Low Clearance". Stay on the major highways and you'll be OK. IF you drive in the "boonies", and I can speak from experience in Western Massachusetts, DO NOT proceed down any road that doesn't look like it sees regular truck traffic. There are some roads in Western Mass in my GPS which were logging roads over a 100 years ago, and are unpassable unless you're on horseback or possibly an off-road 4WD Jeep. They start off looking like a normal, small road through a nice neighborhood, and then the pavement disappears, the trees start crowding in on the road and then it gets bad quickly after that. Fortunately, when I had this happen to me, I DID NOT drive the moho down that path because I could tell it was getting scary and I could turn around BEFORE the pavement disappeared. However, I did go back the next day in the minivan to check it out. No lie, I think the road went between this guy's house & his chicken coop, and about 200' after that there was a huge rock in the middle of the road. The road at this point was pretty rutted up and narrow. But the GPS thought we could make it! LOL I was lucky to get out of there in the minivan! My general rule is NOT to drive in such areas once it gets dark, but not so much for fear of bridges, but for fear of low branches. I'll drive all night on the highways without a problem, but if I have to travel on backroads to get to a campground, I try my best to arrive BEFORE it gets dark. Navigating a new campground in the dark is often no picnic either! LOL Good Luck, ~Rick Thanks so much, Rick. That's very helpful advice. Steve
SteveWoz 04/28/19 08:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Low overpasses, etc.

Thank you to everyone for these great ideas! I'll definitely be picking up a trucker's atlas.
SteveWoz 04/22/19 08:21am Beginning RVing
Low overpasses, etc.

I'm getting ready for the maiden trip with my wife's and my new 36' motorhome w/toad. What pre-trip measures do you take to ensure that you aren't going to end up in a difficult situation in terms of where your GPS leads you? I'm having disturbing visions of having to pull over because an overpass is too low and not being able to turn around. Thanks in advance! Steve
SteveWoz 04/22/19 05:34am Beginning RVing
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