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RE: DC current draw at rest, 2.3 amps with nothing on

Thanks all. I took the charging unit out and put on a bench to make testing easier. Found a questionable solder joint which I re-soldered. Applied battery power to the +- terminals, still 2.3 amps. No components burnt or any other visual indications. Current battery is a single marine deep discharge, powering lights, roof fan and a heater fan. Someday trailer will have a lithium in its place, maybe 2. Checking prices it looks like replacing the entire distribution panel with charger is just a few dollars more than the charger alone. I guess I will change the whole thing out for a Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini 60 Amp PD4060K unless there is a better option you might recommend. I like PD, and if that is discontinued it is a good upgrade. thats weird to have a high draw like that, how old is it? Steve
StirCrazy 09/13/21 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: white paper on SiO2 batteries

I'm still thinkin' SiO2 is a worthy option in the Canadian weather neglected rv sector.... yup it is if you camp below -17ish or consistant daytime highs below 0 longer than the capacity of your battery. but cost wise isn't the reason. I just priced out SI02 batteries here and to get the same capacity (usable) it is slightly more with SI02 (maybe thats the special BC price) if I do the rool my own (which it looks like I am) then SI02 becomes over 2 to 3 times the price for the same usable AH. I would also argue that if your willing to move your batteries into the living space (LFP have zero off gasing and can be mounted in any orentation) that you can camp at -40. but anything below -20C would require a heating pad to prewarm the batteries to -20 before starting the furnace, but once the furnace is going now issues. Steve
StirCrazy 09/11/21 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: white paper on SiO2 batteries

if you take the Li batteries specs right out of this comparison, I wont call it a white paper because it uses sales littiture as references in some cases. but it is a good comparison of agm, lead acid and Lead crystal. to bad they used a 20 year old Li tech in the comparison but thats the way to make the other stuff look better I guess. Steve
StirCrazy 09/10/21 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: VIDEO: Installing new 4400 pound 6+1 rear leaf springs

Im wondering why you decided to keep the air bags? nice video but I found it very hard to watch with two soundtracks. some times it better to get rid of the original sound if your going to do an after the fact nararation. Steve
StirCrazy 08/28/21 03:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Absorption fridge 2 way vs 3 way

Gathering info for a TC build and would like to hear from the experts. Planned usage is non-electrified campsites, primarily boondocking. 4th of July through Labor till we'll be hiding at home so shoulder seasons limit solar at times, due to shorter days, cloudy conditions, shaded campgrounds, and heavy energy use during offseason for heating is expected. For instance we have a weeks reservation in mid-October at Yellowstone for 6 nights in my current setup, a FWC Hawk. I will have propane on board and a propane fueled Honda 2200 if there is any hint of cold or heat(will have AC.) The build is specced out currently w an inverter and all the required components of a top notch solar system. (Of course seeing how the generator would be with us most of the time expense of an excellent solar system could be revisited as well.) My questions is would a 2 way fridge be the way to go given the inferior 12v performance in 3 way fridges considering my planned build and anticipated camping conditions? Thank you. I might be a little off but it apears to me you dont have a fridge and are looking to get one. if this is the case get a new auto strt 2 way. then you can leave it on propain when you are driving and if the flame blows out it will restart. I have a new one and a oldone. the old one is 3 way and it never gets used on 12V even though it does blow out once and a while. I just have to stop and relight it, but it beats the 16 amps it draws on 12V. the 5th wheel has a 2 way and lives on propain. Steve
StirCrazy 08/26/21 06:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vax Passports

The OP’s post is about vaccine passports in Canada, there is no HIPPA in Canada. It is still illegal in Canada to share a patient's medical status and data with others, in most cases. One exception is, for example, if you had advanced parkinsons disease. Then the doctor is required by law to let the government licensing office know, so that a mandatory driver's test can be administered. If you pass--you get to keep your license. Another would be if the patient had a deadly disease such as Ebola. yes but the tricky part is a shot is not a medical record. we have had "needle passports" since long before I was a child. you had to show them to the schools, you have to show them when going to some countries and so on. the major difference is that this "shot" is a preventitive nd not a sickness, so it is not concidered a "medical record" as a lot of people think. But the sticky part is, that there is a clause in the constitution that says you cannot force a medical treatment on some one and the lawyers and such need to decide if this is a medical treatment or as I said just a preventitive. either way this is why the digital pasoports are coming out as they are not forcing any treatment or denying essential services, only requiring you to have your shots for optional activities. Steve
StirCrazy 08/25/21 06:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 6 Volt Battery Winter Maintenance Advice?

theres another option. if you hve a good converter in the rv and you leave it pluged in, just leave the batteries set up as normal. I got 14 years out of my lst 6V batteries and they only time they wernt plugged in was when I was driving or camping with out services. Steve
StirCrazy 08/24/21 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing a 42 footer… What do you think?

This will NOT come into play with a 42' fiver..... There is NO WAY someone towing a 42' fiver will be over the 65' number.. this is very true. I have a 40' 5th and a 21 foot pick up (crewcab long box) and I come in at 56 to 57 feet long.
StirCrazy 08/22/21 08:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Betteries disconnected, wall monitor showing full charge.

Thanks for the replies guys. I turned off the breaker that the converter is connected to, and of course it shows zero, as the wall monitor is a 12 volt device, so it didn't work at all. Just because it is plugged into shore power doesn't mean it should show full charge should it? That makes it entirely useless for checking battery levels. Surely it should be showing the actual level of the batteries, whether or not I'm plugged in, shouldn't it? It's labeled "Batt Cond" after all... The batteries are disconnected in the first place because they were way below 12 volts. The converter is not charging them, and while the batteries were disconnected to charge on a trickle charger, I noticed the wall monitor still says full. That can't the intended behavior. Something must be miswired. was you battery disconect switch turned off? it is a battery moniter when you are runing the trailer on the batteries and not shore power it will show you the level of charge of the battery. so just using some aproximat numbers it had dumb lights that come on a spicific voltages so at 12.3 it might say 1/3, at 12.5 it might say 2/3 and at 12.8 it will say full. when your trailer is plugged in it is feeding the 12V side with 13.somthing for charging and such so the battery moniter sees that and shows full. check your actual voltage where the battery is installed on the two battery clamps. if it is showing 13+ V then throw the battery out and buy new ones as you cooked it at some point and a trickel charger isnt going to help. if you show zero voltage check to make sure you dont have a battery disconect like I listed above. if you do put your battery back in and turn that switch on to charge your battery back up. Steve
StirCrazy 08/14/21 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Love my truck and camper.

https://i.postimg.cc/MHRsdrcP/IMG-6170.jpg The perfect cruising speed for my truck & camper. MPG consistently over 10 mpg. I'm happy. :B how heavy is your camper? Im not happy if I am below 15mpg US. Steve
StirCrazy 08/13/21 07:25am Truck Campers
RE: Question about solar combiner box.

Pianotuna: it’s interesting to note that I’ve read that plain monocrystalline cells perform better under test conditions but recommendations for the best low light panels include both poly and mono types. So a lot to be said for the manufacturing. alot has to do with the actuyal design of the panel also. split cell mono panels give better low light preformace than non split cells, 24v panels have better low light preformance than 12V. also how many bypass diods are they using and so on. a mono panel should out preform a poly if they are built to the same specs, its when you start comparing cheep mono to quality poly panels that things get skewed. basickly poly panels are made from the reject wafers that were suposed to be mono panels, that why they need a larger size for the same output, are less efficent and so on. but weather its a poly or a mono if its sized properly they will both have the same result. Steve
StirCrazy 08/10/21 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Stick-house Smoke detector question

If your home has been built in the last 10 years in the U.S., chances are they are wired together to intercommunicate. This sort of wiring guarantees that if one alarm in the house goes off, they all go off. My view is the interconnection guarantees you will lose valuable time figuring out where the fire is. I've got 7 of them, and any one of them is easily heard throughout the house. thats why I installed the Nest ones when I did my reno, they tell you where it is. Steve
StirCrazy 08/08/21 06:33am Tech Issues
RE: Torklift tie down maintenance

if you want to use a mechanical wheel, get a brass one, it will take rust and pain off but is softer than the steel so it will wear instead of the steel. Steve
StirCrazy 08/08/21 06:28am Truck Campers
RE: Ultimate Solar RV????

nice unit, but the starting prices are a little out to unch in my opinion. if it was under say 100K for the pro I bet they would sell like hot cakes. Steve
StirCrazy 08/06/21 07:29am Travel Trailers
RE: BAttery replacement.

How often do you replace the fifth-wheel dual batteries. This will be the fourth yr for out camper. In previous campers I was never able to get more that 2 yrs before I replaced the original dealer batteries. What is the go to battery for a fifth-wheel? depends how much you discharge them and how well you maintain them. I have four 6V GC batteries and just finaly changed them after 14 years. last year they were showing some signs of needing to be changed so this year I did it. but I have a high quality charger, only normaly use about 30-40% of the capacity or less, top up with water 4 times a year and so on. also they were high quality batteries. I bought cheep ones to replace them so I am only expecting 5 to 8 years out of these ones, but I will be switching over to LiFePo4 well before then. Steve
StirCrazy 08/06/21 07:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about lowering unhitched 2 wheel travel trailer

Thank you for the feedback. I actually switched to using a cinder block because the blocks of wood I was using cracked. What do you guys think about using leveling blocks? This cinder block is solid, I did the throw test a few times before taking it. Either way, I feel kinda dumb for keeping the trailer propped up while using it now. The slight downward angle isn't that bad but more concerned now about doing damage to the tongue of the jack since it's on the side that I sleep on. Gonna make sure to lift my stabilizer jacks first then tomorrow will lower the trailer and hopefully enjoy a more level existence. Thanks guys. are you actualy using a cinder block or a concrete block, there is a big difference between the two. I use concrete blocks to put under the jacks to get my camper on and off the truck but I would never use a real cinder block. Steve
StirCrazy 08/05/21 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Wastewater Tote & Fresh Water Containers - Do you use them?

With the smaller holding tanks of the 2011 Outback 250RS (37 gal fresh and 30 gal each (Black and Gray), I was considering carrying a "Honey Wagon" tote for black and gray...... and freshwater containers (Ex. Igloo 5gal water containers) for carrying extra fresh water? Do any of you do this? My Outback 250RS is new to me (maiden voyage later this summer when it begins to cool down). We camp three adults (80% of time) and 4 the other 20%. We like state parks which usually do not have dumps at sites but do have a dump station within the park. We also stay at campgrounds with full hooks when available (wife's preference). Wife does not like using campground restrooms/showers, if they can be avoided. Also, if you have a model with rear slide out (ex. my Outback), how/where do you carry the tote? I already installed a BAL under frame spare tire carrier so no more room for another under frame carrier. Are they worth the hassle? Is the hassle equal to or less than breaking down RV and driving over to dump site? What do you do? Thanks! the part you left out is, how long you go camping for at one place? Steve
StirCrazy 08/05/21 09:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Replacement?

I'll agree with the testing of the batteries before you make a disision to buy new ones. a load test isn't jusrt a pass or fail, it shows you if there good, then has a range for week and a fail. so you can see when they are starting to not provide full cranking amps, which may be fine in the summer but for winter it may not be. I bought my own tester just so I could check batterys on my vehicles, and the wife and kids vehicles. a little pricy for the one I bought but it was worth it. it has helped me diagnose a whole bunch of things on vehicles that I thought were the battery and turned out to be something else. Steve
StirCrazy 08/04/21 06:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Keystone Montana 5er

New Montana experiencing multitude of problems. Anyone had to go back to mfg with there’s?? I’m not owner they are in low access point right now in WA state. Is it typical for dealers not willing to work on rig if they didn’t sell it? what kind of problems, and what are you basing this off of? Steve
StirCrazy 08/03/21 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

Hi all, The MPPT controller on my coach will deliver 14.6 volts in bulk mode which is fine. In fact it’s exactly what the specs on my GC2 house batteries call for. But when I turn on the engine and the system connects the coach and starter batteries together, the dashboard alternator light will illuminate, presumably because Ford thinks 14.6v is to high. Couple of questions. Do I care? As far as I know, 14.6v is not excessive and the condition should only last a couple of hours until the charger drops to absorbtion mode and a lower voltage. Or, is there an easy way to reprogram the light or turn it off completely? I’m monitoring all the batteries while I travel with an app constantly running on an old cell phone so I know what’s going on without an idiot light. I can change the profile of the charger to a different battery type and lower the voltage to 14.2v but I don’t wanna if I don’t have to. TIA, Eric what year is your coach? Steve
StirCrazy 08/02/21 05:47pm Tech Issues
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