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RE: Not solar again ?

I think Solar Panels is a best way to generate free energy. Where are you getting free solar panels? Solar can be a great option but it's not free. the prices I see panels going for now its the cheepest option with no after expence. so one time install and done, and it was cheeper than buying a genny (about 1/2 the cost of a honda 1000). ) noise, no gas to add and it works from sun up to sun down with out others complaining.. if you dont need to run an AC I realy dont see the need for a genny anymore. Steve
StirCrazy 12/04/21 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: physical size of solar panels

Thanks for the useful info. The photo reveals the size and number of solar panels to produce 500 watts but not the weight of a panel or total weight of all the panels on the RV roof. I hear solar panels are very heavy???? its realy quite useless when you think about it. they are all based off one size of solar panel (100 watts) which is real in efficient when you think about it . a 100 watt solar panel is aproximatly about 47 x 21.3 x 1.4 inches, the 325 watt solar panel I put on my camper is 66.90 x 39.10 x 1.38 in, so much more efficient space wise and cost as I dont need the fittings to combine panels, or the extra mounting branckets and such.. also my panel is only 42 lbs so no they are not heavy I think the 100 watt ones are about 15lbs. thereis also the difference that the 100watt panels are 12V and the larger ones are 24V so the efficiency comes into play also. what I recomend is people get up on there units with a tapemeasure and see how big the open spots are, what I did was make a cardboard cut out the size of the largest panel I was looking at and went up there and layed it around to see how stuff would fit. if it doesnt you can trim it down to the next size down and try again. going with one or two larger panels over 6 smaller ones is usaly much cheeper, less holes in the roof, and more efficent. Steve
StirCrazy 12/04/21 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch

The ATS has two inputs normally marked LINE and GENERATOR Two types of ATS One is a relay race (Whatever is first is only) But I doubt that's how yours works... More likely GENERATOR controls it. If there is power on the GENERATOR input. than that is used. NOTE: DO NOT SWITCH UNDER LOAD Turn off all loads before plugging in or turn off main breaker so there is no 120 volt load when you plug in. I have to disagree. Most likely if there is power on the line then it is used. When line power is not there then it will switch to the Gen position. There should be instructions with the switch that will tell you how it works. I have to agree with wa8yxm. I have never seen one with LINE priority that wasn't mis-wired. Every one that I have ever seen, wired as the instructions call for, when the generator starts, the ATS switches to it regardless of what the shore power line has. don't know if thats miswired or just the way the person wants it set up. I don't understand why you would want your generator to take over from your shore power, but I dont know anyone with generators either. every Transfer switch I have seen is a set up to supply power from an inverter or from shore power and you need to stack another to add a input from genny or shore power that gets sent to a second one that choses between one of thoes and the inverter, unless there making a three input that I haven't seen yet. but for me I would want the shore power to be the ultimate pripority, then the genny, if neither one of thoes is hooked up then the second ATS will automaticly pick the inverter. now this could all be me just not knowing the reason why you would want a generator to have priority but I dont see a reason for it off the hand.
StirCrazy 12/04/21 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: Trouble finding alcohol free RV antifreeze this season?

I just looked up the chemical compatability of Propylene glycol and rubber, it is listed as satasfactory. I have no issues using it im units, and neither do thougsands of rv dealers and service departments, its actualy recomended in my owners manual. Chances are that those rubber seals are actually made of Santoprene. Alcohol has little effect on it. no its pure rubber that the compatability chart is for, and you have to remember Propylene glycol is a modified alcohol so the properties arn't the same as ethanol alcohol which everyone seems to use when looking up compataibilities. now if the seals are made out of somthing different then thats even better. like I said my camper has had rv antifreeze in it every year since 1991 and seals are all still good. Steve
StirCrazy 12/04/21 09:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble finding alcohol free RV antifreeze this season?

I just looked up the chemical compatability of Propylene glycol and rubber, it is listed as satasfactory. I have no issues using it im units, and neither do thougsands of rv dealers and service departments, its actualy recomended in my owners manual. Steve
StirCrazy 12/01/21 06:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Puck system & hitch questions

I saw this to late, when I bought my new ford it didnt have the puck system in it , but it was a kit you could buy and have installed. I got it up here 400ish bucks, and the spots for the holes that need to be drilled are marked out in the box already, so I drilled the holes out and then when I went to remove the box bolts I broke few bits, so I took it to ford and had them finish the install. I would do it all over again if I bought a new truck that didnt have it as the puck system is so much nicer than having rails in the box. Steve
StirCrazy 11/30/21 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

$50 is cheap? We definitely have different definitions. :) that same one is probably 150 up here. I thiught it was a good deal, and ya I do concider 50 cheep for a quality tool.
StirCrazy 11/27/21 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

here is a cheep option that covers pretty much everything you would ever need in a rv. multimeter
StirCrazy 11/26/21 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: Converting Honda generator to propane

^AmeriGas claims that they fill theirs to 17 pounds. Even so, underfilling exchange tanks is a bum deal - particularly since there's not a lot of energy capacity in a 20 pound tank to begin with. I dont know about the US but in canada they can only fill them to 80% of there capacity so 16#s in a 20lb bottle is full. this allows for expansion when it gets hot and concidering the BTU valuse of propane is twice that of natural gass, there is a fair amount of energy in that bottle. Steve
StirCrazy 11/25/21 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 cold temp cut off 23F or 32F?

personaly I think 32 was chosen because of lack of knowledge and a carry over from other Li chemistry. Two of the largest manufacturers, EVE and CATL, give 0c as the minimum to charge. Ignore factory specifications at your own risk. I just went and checked because they were the ones that used to be listed at -5C and there was a big discusion about it on here. seems there page has changed since I ordered my cells. oh well no biggy mine would never be subjected to charging at cold temps anyways but ya it is interesting for the OP now. I wonder if he can post a screen shot of all the settings. Steve
StirCrazy 11/23/21 05:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Rv awning -- does it pencil out?

Well bless your heart StirCrazy... 325 watts @ 12 volts = 27 amps. (The worksheet calculates 300 watts = 25 amps) My Honda generator produces 133 amps (this has not changed). Yes the table may be a decade old, but that does not change the accuracy of the breakeven results...5.4 years if the generator is used 1954 days. How many years do you calculate as your breakeven number? fills my battery every day I use an average of 80 - 100 AH and I didnt have to but a generator which is 2400 bucks up gere for a honda 2000. watching the amp outputs when I first put it on I could average about 168 AH replaced a day, on a real sunny day close to 200AH and on a rainy day that is dense overcast about 60AH. I also dont have to bring gas, no maintenance.. I would say I broke even the first camping trip where I could use my inverter freely and didnt have to worry about the batteries, but that was just a satasfaction thing, in reality well befor a year... my batteries are full by say 12 to 2pm at the laitest and the rest of the day there doing there equalization or offsetting any other 12V use so they are still at 100% when it gets dark I think a comparason like this is realy kinda silly, they dont compare. if your buying a generator it is more of a incase thing, or a I want to run my AC thing and I cn get that. I wouldnt turn down a built in genny in my next camper, but I would probabmy never use it inless I was camping in another heat wave and needed the AC. if you buying solar it because you dont want to carry fuel, load/unload a genny, have noise, or think about it. trying to pass things off using pricing that is way way out to lunch just to make it sound better or justify why you have a genny is just as ignorant in my opinion. use real numbers and real stats. if you take your rv converter size thats the most charging you can get, take the more strictor campground generator policys for how much you can run it and get proper pricing and comparesons then I'll buy it but its hard to put a paid off pricing on anything. I guess with my solar, I could look at how many times I was boon docking instead of being plugged in to calculate it if thats the case it paid for its self in about 15 nights, or 1/4 of my camping year this year as this was the first summer I realy used it.
StirCrazy 11/22/21 05:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 cold temp cut off 23F or 32F?

I've seen some manufacturers say it is ok down to 24 but no experts. They say 32. and who are these experts and what makes them that? youtube? personaly I think 32 was chosen because of lack of knowledge and a carry over from other Li chemistry. also since the LFP only gave them a extra 5 degrees C , and who realy camps when its 0 (sarcasm, but its how assembliers/branders would probably think) why change it. and if they leave it at 0 degrees C that gives them a 5 degree buffer for warenty claims.. win win win.. Steve
StirCrazy 11/22/21 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 cold temp cut off 23F or 32F?

23F is -5C, which is the lowest cold weather charging temp listed by the Prismatic cell manufactures, so thats not the brands limit thats the actual cell manufctures limit. most rebranders/assemblers would put that to 32F to give them self a bit more protection from warenty claims. Steve
StirCrazy 11/22/21 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Highway Thru Hell floods 2021

Like other questionable areas around the world, why would anyone in their right mind live at the bottom of a drained lake. Not the first time this has happened either. its quite interesting, I was wondering the same thing and looked into the history. it was basicly a very very large, very shallow lake, more of a swamp, mosquitos and all that stuff. it was easy to build a "dam/spillway" from the sumas river to the fraser to divert the water and install a dyke and pump station to maintain it once they put the flow back to normal. the reason for doing it asind from getting rid of the "swamp" was that it would give them much needed rich farmland they despratly needed.
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Anti sway question.

sway control devices are nothing but a compensation for a imporperly loaded trailer. yes I like some of the saftey features being built into trucks now days but as it was mentioned before that is for regaining controle once the sway starts in an atempt to minimize the risk to life if it has gone to far. the best way to prevent sway id to load the trailer properly with 10 to 15% (for conventional tow) of the total trailers weight on the ball. if your hitch is rated for 1000 lbs you dont need a equalizer to tow 700lbs, it wont help with sway much, but it may make the ride a little more confertable by reducing the forward/backwards rocking of the truck and trailer every time you hit a bump or dip in the road. in 39 years of towing I only ever had sway once and it was my own fault as I had less weight in the front to make it easier to load on the truck (front jack was broken) after that trip the jack got fixed and it was always loaded properly.
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:36am Towing
RE: Solar Rv awning -- does it pencil out?

Here is a link to Solar vs Honda financial breakeven analysis that will help determine which source of power is cost effective. This analysis indicates for the Honda 2000, it will take about 5.5 year breakeven, or around 1954 days of usage. https://i.imgur.com/n7H8oRwl.jpg https://www.nroa2003.com/download/Miscellaneous/Cost_of_Solar_vs_Honda.xls Of course the breakeven analysis for carbon emissions is a different story all together. At what point does the accumulated emissions from the generator's manufacture and operation match that of the solar panel emissions? If we take a page from the BEV's breakeven analysis, then it probably is several years away for heavy RV users and probably never for the occasional weekender. thats kinda of a outdated table, must be from the 90's. I did a complet 325 watt system for 600 cdn, probably would have been about 3-400 down there if that. also you would never be able to charge your batteries enough to totaly recover from a 60AH draw in any offical campground up here as you limited to to hours of generator use in the morning and 1 to 2 at night in most places. some will give you and extra hour here to there, some say no generators period, and more are going that way. the other thing they have in that graph is the unrealistic charge rate from the generators, if you have a 45 amp converter in your rv, all your getting is 45 amps and that is if everything else is turned off and dependent on the stat of charge of the battery. if a flooded battery is down 60 amps its you can assume probably 4 to 8 hours of charge to get to 100% depending on the equalization phase and how much actualy amprage your 45amp converter is actualy sending to the generator.
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Rv awning -- does it pencil out?

$10 per watt is on the high side. Pass. ya the very very high side, its only about 0.60/watt up here and probably cheeped down there. Steve
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: Fraserway RV Abbotsford - Massive fire, 100's of RVs

It appears that the lot flooded originally; it is on a flood plain so likely no flood insurance. But they likely had fire insurance........ maybe they didnt have overlan flood insurance but did have fire insurance....:B
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: bypassing the battery

on edit: IN THE ABSENCE OF A RED WARNING STICKER STATING OTHERWISE If the RV is plugged in, the battery can be removed. All systems (both 12v and 120v) will work. And yes a few items might be connected direct to the battery in addition to the main cables. These items need to be connected to the main cables to function. not even then, if your power center doesn't have dc filtering you should not run with out a battery as the 12V coming out will be all over the board and it is hard on lights, the sterio and anything else 12V light the furnace and water pump.. even older ones like what my truck camper came with were even worse, no warning sticker on them either.. Most newer ones should be ok, althought with the track record I, and friends have had with WFCO converters I wouldn't.
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: bypassing the battery

I am still wondering the answer from the first question asked, if your leaving it pluged in why do you want to remove the battery? My last set uf batteries lasted me 14 years being pluged in year round, the only time they wernt pluged in was when we were camping ... if you have a less than ideal converter, just make sure you check water levels, if it is a battery that you can, and top them up once a mont. I check mine every 3 months and a couple days before each trip. Steve
StirCrazy 11/22/21 09:02am Travel Trailers
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