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RE: Letting diesel rv sit for 3 months

Regarding the question on your generator, Cummins Onan recommends running their generators under load for 30 minutes every month, if not in regular use.
SuperBus 12/15/19 06:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: used Ventana, good, bad, ugly?

I realize this is an older thread but figured I'd add my two cents anyhow. Within my family we've owned close to ten Newmars. Regardless of age or model, they've all been exceptional. As mentioned above, and supported by my own experience, they are built differently and if maintained will last as long as you care to own them.
SuperBus 11/18/19 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: More campers than parks

The same issue is prevalent here in Michigan. The summer season is obviously the worst, and the fall is surprisingly busy too. This isn't an issue everywhere of course with some parts much harder to get into than others. Getting a site in Ludington State Park for example is similar to getting tickets to a popular concert. Once the 6 month window opens, just start clicking and take what you get, if you get something. It took a friend of ours two years to get in. As also posted in this thread, I too think it may be a mid term issue. RV'ing is very popular currently, more so than it has been in many years. If there is indeed an economic "slow-down" around the corner, many people will reconsider this lifestyle and its requisite expenditures.
SuperBus 10/31/19 11:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter Storage - Cover at Home or Store at Indoor Facillity?

You could also look into buying one or two enclosed car trailers to store the classic cars in for this winter. Then when you are done with the trailers, you can sell them. Spot on. We purchased a 24' ATC car hauler earlier this year, and one of the cars is going in there. The other will go into my garage, as was also suggested.
SuperBus 10/29/19 09:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter Storage - Cover at Home or Store at Indoor Facillity?

I vote for building your own garage for it. Winter isn't here yet, I'd say you'd still have time to get a pole building up before the snow falls. Time find a contractor or get building it yourself. BTW, ours is in a heated garage and its awesome. We haven't winterized since 2001. OP stated he lives in a suburban area and can't build his own barn. You missed where he posted; My father might have space in his barn, but then we'd need to find new homes for two co-owned classic vehicles, which would be easier to do I guess, but would just move the problem to those vehicles from the bus. Long term (i.e. next year) I may build another barn on his property to solve this issue, so I guess I need only be concerned with one season of the coach being under a cover. With that noted, I still content there is time to get a pole barn up and weather tight this year. Well, after some discussion this morning, we have decided to find the two classics a new winter home and get the bus in the existing barn for this winter. Once the thaw is out, I'll start putting poles in the ground for a bus only garage. Seems like the verdict is still out on the covers. I will probably get one made anyhow, as its possible I'll need to pull the bus out a week here and there while we fiddle with a multitude of other projects this winter, and I am sure I will have other temporary uses for it in the future, when having it in the new barn isn't reasonable for whatever reason.
SuperBus 10/27/19 12:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter Storage - Cover at Home or Store at Indoor Facillity?

I think your best bet is to drive it to Florida and stay with it during the Michigan winter! I like the sound of that. Unfortunately, I still work (and will be for a while yet) so here in Michigan it will stay :(
SuperBus 10/26/19 07:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter Storage - Cover at Home or Store at Indoor Facillity?

I guess putting in your own barn isn’t an option? We did but it is for a 24’ Sprinter so the door is only 12’ tall and the barn 30’ deep. I use to keep our Country Coach under a cover in a windy area and it had a soft underside and never hurt the coach, but there were always things jutting from the coach trying to wear spots of the cover. My CC was a 36 and that was a bit of a chore to handle the cover, I’m not sure a 45 would be much fun to put on, off and store. Dave Dave, if there was an award for a fast and useful response, you'd win it! Unfortunately no, I do not have my own barn available. I live in a suburban area and don't have the room available to build an appropriately sized barn. My father might have space in his barn, but then we'd need to find new homes for two co-owned classic vehicles, which would be easier to do I guess, but would just move the problem to those vehicles from the bus. Long term (i.e. next year) I may build another barn on his property to solve this issue, so I guess I need only be concerned with one season of the coach being under a cover.
SuperBus 10/26/19 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
Winter Storage - Cover at Home or Store at Indoor Facillity?

I recently dropped my coach off at a local indoor storage facility - a first for me. In past years I had a barn of a friend available but he has moved and I no longer have that option. A few days have passed and I feel very uneasy about it being more or less completely in the hands of the site owner. It has nothing to do with the owner in particular, just the fact that it is his building, the facility is subject to his maintenance and upkeep and his security choices - all that which determines whether or not my coach comes out the way it went in at the end of March 2020. To further intensify my unease, he mentioned he might need it moved in a few weeks when the last of his customers bring their coaches in, and said "I think I could move it"; its a 45' London Aire. I told him to call me and I'll be there in a heartbeat to move it myself. When parking it he didn't instill to much confidence based on how he directed me into the rather tight space. I'm pretty sure he was trying to tear a mirror off a Mountain Aire with the back of my bus. Thank goodness my sister was there to direct me in too. Then he talked of fire due to bad battery tenders at other automotive storage facilities. Yikes. My only other viable option is to get a cover made and keep it outdoors this winter. It would be subject to snow and wind and everything else Michigan has to offer in our 6 month "season" of winter. I am not thrilled about this option either as it means I'll have to monitor the cover, clean the occasional 12" of snow of the roof, etc. I am also concerned about the wind cycling the cover on the exterior - potentially inducing scratching. Due to a run in with a palm leaf/branch in Naples, I have some scratches to buff/compound out anyway next year, so maybe this isn't a huge deal as long as the cover wouldn't do a number on my finish. Due to my coach's length, I would need to do something like this: https://www.rvcovers.com/collections/custom-rv-covers/products/custom-sunbrella-rv-covers?variant=16651675336773 Once again I have written a novella, my apologies. Anyhow, I am interested in the opinions and better yet experiences of anyone who has used a cover. I need to pull my bus from the indoor facility by Monday if I chose to do so, before it gets buried behind several other coaches that are coming in after the weekend. Thanks! I did search the forum and only found this result. I hope I can get a bit more feedback than this poor guy... https://forums.goodsamclub.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/29979437.cfm
SuperBus 10/26/19 06:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pickle on My Entry Door Grab Handle

SuperBus, I have the solution; I will take one for the team and trade our mint 1 owner Kountry Star for your London Aire. And seeing as I'm such a team player, I won't even charge you for the swap. Please let me know how you'd like to move ahead with this and we'll make it happen. :B :B :B Am I helpful? :h Can he keep the pickle???....:W....Dennis Bruce, I'd recommend before we finalize the trade you closely inspect the paint and chrome in the area of the grab handle - there could be some damage due to the vinegar exposure! With regards to the pickle, I almost felt bad for them. It was a horrible pickle, at least by my preference. I like them crisp - this one was soggy and pale. So needless to say it was thrown off into the nearby brush for a less scrutinous creature.
SuperBus 10/15/19 10:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pickle on My Entry Door Grab Handle

It could have simply been a game of "how close can I get to their motorhome with them inside and not noticing". The pickle tells you that someone made it all the way to your RV door without you noticing. Or there is this: Pickles on Highway Maybe you are on to something! I didn't catch if there were Missouri plates on any nearby vehicles. After they broke camp they left the empty pickle jar. We ended up taking it to a recycling bin in the park - I am sure they meant to do that themselves and just forgot. I must also say this thread ended up being pretty entertaining. I have a feeling it will turn into an ongoing joke within my circle of fellow campers.
SuperBus 10/15/19 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
Pickle on My Entry Door Grab Handle

I wasn't sure which section of the forum was "correct" for this topic, but this section seems to be a good fit. I'm curious if someone can help me understand a recent experience in a state campground. The morning after our first night there I went outside to enjoy some coffee. As I started to head back in to warm up my cup, I noticed there was a pickle on top of the bottom bracket for my grab handle! I promptly removed it and later did a bit of Google searching trying to understand what that was all about. The first few search results when pieced together seemed to indicate it has to do with an ugly motorhome. Apparently there is an infamous green motorhome referred to as the Pickle, and then there were some results for Ugly RV contests. I have a 45' London Aire, which I think is safe to say is not ugly to the majority of people. However, when we pulled in Friday night I could over hear a lot of comments from several sites - but I'm not sure what they were saying. It could be that they didn't appreciate our rig for one reason or another. We were with three other families and we were on one end of the group. Out site was next to one of the few empty sites that night, and on the other side of that was a large group of tents. We did have the heat pumps running at night, which aren't really loud, but do emit some level of noise. Later Saturday, my kids did spy an empty pickle jar in the empty site, awfully close to one of the tents. That might have been completely coincidental. Anyway, I am curious if anyone else has had this experience or knows someone who has? I'd also be interested in your thoughts if it was indeed meant to indicate someone really disliked the appearance of our coach or was it more of a sign that we weren't appreciated in general. Perhaps it was just a couple of kids being silly. Other than the fact it was just an inconsiderate thing to do, I'm not bothered by it, more so curious as to why.
SuperBus 10/14/19 10:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 Years with a Older Class A

Many just defer needed maintenance and upgrades for the next owner! My personal experience is that the above is true more than anything else. Initial quality, ongoing maintenance (or lack thereof), and duty cycle/usage define the costs over time. Most everything I have had to replace would be considered regular replacement items (batteries for example). In this case I have an all electric coach and the batteries were well beyond the point of replacement when I purchased the unit. This was absolutely a deferred item by the previous owner as the cost was not insignificant. I think it is very important to consider motorhomes are both vehicles and homes, with the problems and maintenance of both with the complications and disadvantages of something that moves, built at relatively low volumes (which increases cost saving pressure for the manufacturer), and most things need to be downsized from their residential counterparts which also has a unique set of challenges. This just sets up the situation that we all know - owning a class A is not an inexpensive venture.
SuperBus 10/11/19 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lesson Learned / Tech Tip - Kwikee Step Motor Replacement

Gee that's how mine is installed (Factory and how I did it too) I have the tools to reach in and straighten the cotter pin. Then pull them out EVEN with the steps retracted.. I did this.. Twice. Last time I used a hairpin instead of a cotter (This is easier to pull since it is a spring) Tool used.. Long pair of needle nose pliers Long forceps and as I recall a long screwdriver Works One other thign.. there are photos of my original motor. the one everybody told me to buy and the one that fits. That's great, glad (and jealous) yours is that accessible. I didn't take the time to measure but the opening as you know is no taller than the motor is, and hardly any wider. I have an extensive tool collection and would consider myself to be highly competent - it just wasn't going to happen on without cutting it out.
SuperBus 10/09/19 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
Lesson Learned / Tech Tip - Kwikee Step Motor Replacement

After spending longer than I'd have liked trying to follow Lippert's recommendation on removing the failed motor on my steps to no avail, I thought I'd share what should have been obvious to me from the get go. My situation was as follows. The motor had been replaced back in 2015 by an RV mechanic. What I did not know was that he had inserted the clevis pin that connects the linkage to the step shaft from the front of the coach meaning the cotter pin was towards the back of the coach. This is an issue only if your motor fails with the steps retracted. This was the case recently for me. With the steps retracted it is essentially impossible to reach the cotter pin to remove it which is of course necessary to remove the clevis pin which must be done to get the steps out of the way so the old motor can be removed. I had to call Lippert to find the right replacement motor as the options are numerous and I didn't want to risk getting the wrong motor based on what Amazon's search engine thought I should get. While discussing with their representatives (who are otherwise awesome at their job) I asked them how to get the clevis pin out for my situation. They said "Oh, just use some pliers". I tried 10 different pliers, including 16" double higned bent nose pliers and could not get to the cotter removed. I called it a night. With a clearer mind the next morning I attached a cut of wheel to a 36" flexshaft connected to my dremel. I cut the head off the clevis and drove the pin out with a drift. Took all of 5 minutes. Why I tried to tinker with the old pin I have no clue. Again, it seems obvious but often many of us get blinders on trying to do things a certain way when the path is already laid before us. Consider the head of the pin will be very hot, so if you have carpet on your stair treads you'll want to remove it or protect it from the falling red hot head which will otherwise melt your carpet. I just thought I'd share this with anyone who gets down the recommended path and loses sight of considering other options. Lastly, don't forget to install the new celvis pin (1/4 x 2, by the way) with the head towards the back of the coach so you can access the cotter the next time the motor fails.
SuperBus 10/08/19 10:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

I like yellow. Dewalt drill has served well. Be careful that the torque does not sprain your wrist. From a safety stand-point, I would say use an impact. You won't get a sudden reaction torque that could hurt you as you may(will) with a regular drill/driver. If the jacks are of good quality (i.e. acme screw) you'd be hard pressed to damage them, unless the load rating was exceeded by lifting more than you could normally muster using the hand crank.
SuperBus 10/04/19 11:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Where is everyone getting their wiper blades?

I recently had to replace my wide saddle blades (DYNAs) and was looking at $45 each through Newmar, and about $60/pair on Amazon. Using Google, I stumbled across a bus supply store about 20 minutes from my office and got them for $40 shipped (didn't have time to get there before I needed them). Unityparts.com is the website for anyone who is interested. I recall they had a number of sizes - and no drilling once received!
SuperBus 10/04/19 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Experiences with Products/Services of HeatMyRV.com?

John Carrillo is one of the top Aqua Hot techs in the USA. Nothing more is needed. Thanks! Aligns with my impression. Significant may not refer to the size of the task, could be the cost. In this case its the latter. Most repairs for anything could be considered insignificant if you consider they only require four basic things - Time, Money, Know-how, Tools!
SuperBus 09/27/19 10:30am Tech Issues
Experiences with Products/Services of HeatMyRV.com?

My AquaHot system is in need of some significant service/repair (when is an AH service/repair not significant? ). I have done some research and spoke with some local people, Aqua Hot directly, and one of the more famous experts on the systems. I am inclined for several reasons to use the required products and services from John Carillo at HeatMyRV.com. I figure it isn't a bad idea to utilize the wide knowledge of this forum's members to see what experiences any of you may have had with their services/products before I spend some significant money. My initial impression of the company, gained through correspondence and phone conversations, is very positive. Thanks!
SuperBus 09/25/19 05:24pm Tech Issues
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