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RE: LR E tow vehicle tire comparison

I hvve been running Firestone Trans Force tires on the rear of my F250. Gonna put on new before hitting the road this winter. Any recommendations on more highly rated tires for the rears. Highway tread only.Tire dealer quoted me these for my 2013 Ram 3500 Cooper Discoverer HT3 for a few reasons. The first one is that it is a great tire for highway and city driving but it also does a great job at providing more traction on dirt and gavel roads. The other benefit to this tire is that it has been given a certificate for being rated for Mud and Snow which is perfect for the weather that we are going to be finding ourselves in here very soon. And the final benefit that I think you will find about this tire is that it is a commercial rated tire which means that it is a strong durable tire perfect for pulling a trailer. Can't say either way but I think I might go this route for mine.
SweetLou 10/05/20 09:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Assistance for 2019 Subaru Outback Fuse needed

I think the fuse is in distribution box. There is a wiring harness in my Outback under the rear floor. See these pics for some good clues. I purchased one one of those harnesses and plugged in there. I keep the wiring under the floor when not towing. When I connect the trailer, I just run through the hatch door between weatherstripping. Found the fuse and it blew a 10 amp mini so thanks for the help
SweetLou 09/16/20 07:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Assistance for 2019 Subaru Outback Fuse needed

It worked previously before I changed all the wiring and old trailer lights to LED. Needs better ground. I think fuse will be alright when I get back into it.
SweetLou 09/15/20 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Assistance for 2019 Subaru Outback Fuse needed

Thank you for the assist. I have been rewiring the small utility trailer I have and touched the ground to something hot while the testing the turn light while running lights were on. The trailer lights all went off, but the car lights and brake lights all work fine. Trying to isolate the fuse
SweetLou 09/15/20 08:08am Tow Vehicles
Assistance for 2019 Subaru Outback Fuse needed

Does anyone know where the fuse that the 4 pin connector gets power from is located on a 2019 Subaru Outback?
SweetLou 09/14/20 05:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Teaching Your Spouse How to Pull a Trailer

I enjoyed most of these posts and took in some good advice. It will be a challenge for sure but I just wanted to find out how some of you were able to do this with your spouse. Good news is we are in a remote area and can do this with out issue. The test is with other cars around. Here we go!!!
SweetLou 09/03/20 09:39am Towing
Teaching Your Spouse How to Pull a Trailer

First let me say that this is really intended to find out your teaching methods for anyone, not just a spouse. Problem is there is a bit of sensitivity issues that get in the way with a spouse. I have a Subaru Outback with the CVT, and 4 cyl. The shifting paddles in manual mode is on the steering wheel. The trailer is enclosed and weighs about 500 lbs empty. Only going to load it to a combined total of 1,200lbs. The trailer is short, 4x6 and you cannot see it in the side mirrors while pulling which is not a bad thing. So, the question is, how do you go about teaching your wife how to pull a trailer and how to back it up with out ending up in a divorce?
SweetLou 09/02/20 09:26am Towing
RE: monitoring tire temp

I am old school and use common sense. I examine my tires before the trip, during every stop and after trip. I use the IR for bearing check as well. I stop every 1 1/2 hrs on the road to stretch and check, but mainly to stretch. I usually have my dogs and they need attention as well. If you are properly inflated for the load, and you have maintained your tire's age etc, no issues. Now if they are **** tires, all bets are off. Had my GY Marathon tire on my cargo trailer lay down on me but enough said about them here before.
SweetLou 08/26/20 07:56am Towing
RE: GVWR over 10k on new truck, need commercial plates?

Ask Massachusetts DMV. However, when dealer registers the truck it will or won’t register as commercial. My half ton in California is “commercial.” No option and no more fibbing to our DMV to save on fees. All trucks in CA are Commercial down to the smallest. If it can haul a trash bag they consider it potentially used for commercial business. Sad State
SweetLou 08/23/20 08:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Poor Tire Install

I had small tires on a small trailer which I changed out. I kept one as a spare but it wouldn't seat on the bead and it would be flat in a week. I wanted an inner tube put in for a spare tire. I bought my size online. I went to my local Pep Boys in Indio CA. and I had bought all 6 of my Michelin for my Dually there because they had a great sale at the time so I went back to have them put the tube in this tire for me. After waiting 15 min, they said they can't install this. I asked why? They stated no one there knew how to do that. I said you told me when I got the tires for my truck that you had mechanics there with 30 yrs experience. They never had a bicycle? I said you don't inspire confidence for my Truck tires at all. I got another tire shop to install it, however it is for a spare and will work well if needed. Don't go to Pep Boys Indio CA.
SweetLou 08/18/20 06:55am Towing
RE: Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

The experience of many members has been that the Andersen hitch is better for lower weight trailers as it seems to have a problem transferring the weight with heavier tongue weights. If you want to duplicate the great towing you are used to with the 5th wheel then you need to bite the bullet and get a Hensley "Arrow" hitch. I towed with the Hensley for many years and never once had a sway event or even close to one. They are, hands down, the best towing hitch money can buy. Although they are about three times the cost of a "normal" hitch they are worth every penny spent in towing comfort, piece of mind, and safety. Sorry to say but you are towing a long, heavy trailer and the Andersen is not going to cut the mustard. You need a better hitch for that combination. Yes, your thinking is flawed in that the weight lost off the front axle of the two vehicle is the major reason for steering issues and sway control. The WD hitch restores that weight and, along with several other issues, the control of the trailer is restored. Barney Could you give us a ball park cost for that hitch? I am considering going to a TT myself at some point
SweetLou 08/06/20 09:18am Towing
RE: Tire choice

I had coopers before on my truck and 5er and 40% separated over 2 years. Coopers were good on my Grand Marquis though years back
SweetLou 07/27/20 06:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advance on Travel Trailer

Backing up a shorter wheel base is more challenging, however it just means you make small corrections faster. You will get use to it.
SweetLou 07/25/20 07:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Durable tire recommendation

Go to Discount Tire and tell them to price GY ENDURANCE in your size and load range. Weight wise if you are on the edge I would go up in load range. Example "D" to "E". The ENDURANCE has been on the market for over 3 years now and not a single tire failure that was the tires fault. Oh if it matters to you they are Made in USA unlike most trailer tires that are made in Communist China!!! https://i.imgur.com/UPtGFatl.jpg I agree with you. I had a tire blow that was 4 yr manufacture date and 3 yr on trailer. It separated just before the filling station. It was a GY Marathon. Bought one GY Endurance 10 ply next day to keep moving. 3 more before this trailer hits the road again. Just put on the other 3 GY Endurance tires the other day. I saw that inventory was starting to get back ordered. I didn't want to take chances for my ride back South with out them.
SweetLou 07/22/20 08:14am Towing
RE: Big truck dealer in Idaho?

Sadly, it is no longer a deal. I tried them when I ordered the truck in my signature. I did better here in Phoenix, straight up with no travel expenses. Factor in travel expenses and it wasn't even close. That is because Dave Smith is no linger owned by Dave Smith and they don't deal like they did before which was volume. Better to actually go to surrounding dealers or a couple of other big ones which I forget the names in Idaho. Someone here will give them
SweetLou 07/19/20 07:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with 4cyl Sorento?

just my .02cts, no 4 bang auto was made to be a tow truck. but thats just me. the engines not made for towing,, brakes not made for towing,,tranny not made for towing. ok I,m done.I feel much better So according to you all Subarus (4cyl) can't tow. Interesting. I wonder why I can?
SweetLou 07/15/20 08:38am Towing
RE: Battery replacements in 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 Diesel

I would buy mine at Costco since they take back bad stuff with no questioned asked. It happens to get bad batteries. Then just take them down to an independant mechanic and pay to have them installed. Less headache while you read a magazine. Then take the old ones to costco for the core charge reversed.
SweetLou 06/30/20 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Conversation with Goodyear about Marathon tires

Our recent to us 5er has 1 Endurance and 3 Marathons mounted. I am well aware of the issues with Marathons and they will be replaced shortly. 2 of them are early 2016 and the other is late 2015 manufacture. I don't know if they were intended to be an "upgrade" at some point. The unit is a 2014 so not original. It's a FR product, I can't imagine that they used them as OEM but maybe. I went out yesterday to get the DOTs and went on GY's website to see about any possible assistance. Their own website stated that the DOT numbers were not recognized as Goodyear products. I thought that was funny, so I called. No luck on the assistance, imagine that. I never stated that I had bought them nor was it asked. Another weird thing was that in several places max pressure is listed as 65 psi when the tires themselves clearly state 80 psi. I wonder how many blowouts that caused when someone let it get any lower than that. I was on a trip from Calif to Wash early April with my Wells Cargo trailer. Total weight was about 6500 lbs. I had the trailer built and it came with 5 marathons, one a spare. The trailer is 3 years old, and had about 4000 miles on it so the tires are new and stored covered when not in use. I had a tire separate about 500 mi into my trip North. Had to put the spare on and it turns out these tires are 4 year from manufacture date. I have no confidence on the others. In layton UT I purchased a GY Endurance 10 ply and put that on the ground and got to Wash. I will be buying the other 3 soon. Maybe the spare as well. I never called Gy on the issue because I just don't want to get my blood pressure up.
SweetLou 06/30/20 06:42am Towing
RE: Duramax won't prime.

I once had an '87 Ford 6.9 and when I had priming issues, I put an electric fuel pump on it so I didn't have to crank the motor. Got fuel to the pump and off we went.
SweetLou 06/12/20 09:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice - tires again

Just one example of my US Made items I am HAPPY to pay more for! My feet are comfortable from day one!!! https://i.imgur.com/M6KSJScl.jpg I was sold on them also however the quality went downhill. I switched to Timberlines and got the same comfort and about the same life but cheaper
SweetLou 06/05/20 05:59am Tow Vehicles
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